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ZYDECO HD Sound Sport Headset Bluetooth Headset Price in India ...

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Zydeco HD Sound Sport Bluetooth Headset Features

The elegant and exquisite bluetooth wireless headset with the light weight is comfortable to use with all compatible phones, in a more convenient and real handsfree state. Can answer calls.

  • With Mic:Yes
Zydeco HD Sound Sport Bluetooth Headset

Find the best deal on Zydeco HD Sound Sport Bluetooth Headset at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Zydeco HD Sound Sport Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹1,498 at Flipkart.
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Zydeco HD Sound Sport Bluetooth Headset Reviews from YouTube

Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphones - REVIEW
Bose Soundsport Wireless | Full Detailed Review in Hindi | Worth Rs 13,275 ?
Bose Soundsport Bluetooth Earphones for Sports | A Long Term Review
Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, 2 Years Later, Long Term Review
I have this headphones but everything is amazing except the battery life
Is it working properly with videos...does this have a lag?
Does this have wired mode to work without battery power?
My volume just wont work some one can help
Can we record voice through this?
Your Way of presentations of videos explanations great
Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the annoying ass twisting and bent wire I have in these headphones? First time I bought these (before they broke) the wire was fine and my parents one one and its fine. But after mine broke I bought another one and the wire is extremely fcked up from the shit packaging. So how do I fix this?
I have had three pairs of these and they just seem to die in 8months more or less. In short they are not reliable. Issue ranges from being totally dead , the flap for charge port breaks off , lot of distortion in one side. I love them but Bose needs to engineer then for reliability .
This earbud keeps fallen out of the ear and no charging case
These are the first nice earbuds/headphones that I have gotten, and they are amazing, so much better than other products that I've seen. My favorite thing is the directional sound capabilities. One thing I dont like is the voice that tells the battery and the connection.
Wrost material used... Not value for money...one year life only..
Sound quality is better on which one, SoundSport wireless or SoundSport free true wireless? Thanks
Within a year of use the the rubber becomes sticky and starts to disintegrate. Bose provides the best sound quality , but they are not built to last. In the last 2 years (2018 Mar onwards) , I bought 3bose products, Wired earphones, QC35II and Soundsport wireless. The wired one died, because the cable insulation disintegrated and bare conductor was visible, QC35II changed the ear pad foams thrice, now the faux leather on the headband is crumbling and looking ugly. Bose SoundSport Wireless , cable insulation is slowing crumbling . I paid abt 750$ (100$ for replacing bose earpads) for all three, that is a months salary for me in India. I also have a Senheisser HD599 which I'm using from 2017 without any issues.
I am not a I tech lover but needed good reviews to get my headphones and I have been researching for 3 weeks now. Thank you so much your reviews are really the best online and it helped me a lot to take my decision . Thank you so much
Te comento que tengo unos audfono como estos que mencionas, y pues no me salieron tan buenos, las gomas o cuerpo de goma de los audfonos se desprendieron y realmente es un problema ya que los controles fallan orle que dejan de coincidir con las partes dentro del sistema y eso que no los uso para correr solo para estar en casa
I really love these and have had them for years. I just lost them and wanted to rebuy but wanted to know, do these still hold up or should I get something better? I really don't care about truly wireless, because it will make me lose it even more.
There is this weird thing happened to my bose i was calling someone an they couldnt hear my voice i could hear them but they couldnt
The beginning was cringe.
Bhai meto 50 wale me khush hu
Is it working good with videos..does it have any lag?
Hi maine y blutooth lia h but 2hour hi betterty back-up hi h jabki 6 hr likha h
Ladai Ho gyi thi
Bhai ye ear phone mere pas bhi thi pr mere bhai NE tod de
Charging kaise kerna hai
I wish I have one pair
Wat other earphones u suggest ? In this price range. Pl tell
sirf buds milenge kya
Ye liya thaAb sahi se chal ni rha haiKuch fault aa gaya hai...Waste of money
Really worthy product
I m using form Dec 2016And its working Proper till now
Indians rock every where
Which other options are available...at this price point?
Don't trouble me
Bluetooth version kon sa h or kya ye gameing ke liye useful h
Boss..pehan ke dikha dete
Brother care karke rakho to kuch ni hota. I am using since last 1 years . Its 90 percent of oroginal look till yet.Apne haath dho ke use kiya karo. Sabji wale haath na lgaaya karo gande/ lol
Which speakers to buy for home with subwoofer in around 10000
Bhai mera hai ya
Sound and bass is perfect but the material quality is not much good . I am using this last 1 year
M not able to talk on ma soundsport....
Mene mantra se purchase keye the
Bhi mere earphones 6 months me krab ho gye or bose koi clam nhi deya bose fake h
Pagal bana rahe ho kya...1 sal se use kar rahe ho or abhi unboxing kar rahe ho kuch bhi
sir after connect this Bose Soundsport with Bluetooth with iphone not provide the music sound from gana.com app also youtube.com why
Cannot turn on after charge,,what is problem?
I have had two pairs since 2018, the first one broke the clip and after 6 months the plastic came off and the battery stopped working, today I am trying to obtain a guarantee for my other pair because suddenly stopped working
These sound amazing but they hurt my ears, very uncomfortable.
How do you keep the wire so straight, mine have taken another shape and it's annoying
Those clips are terrible and expensive to replace. I've lost it after 2 days only
trim ur awful nails before uploading videos. now one dislike.
It's been about two years for mine also I have the same exact one there's only a few things I didn't really like the clip that holds them on your shirt I've lost it at least once and the overall size of them and the charging doesn't seem to be on par sometimes I get for hours sometimes six but overall great buy when I bought mine I got them from Best Buy for 199
Just bought them for 58$ on ebay new open box
This is what happened to mine as well. Over time humidity and sweat etc cause every point on the headphones that is glued to basically fail.
Do you ever get sound cutting out, like the same you get from interference? It happens to me more often on this headphones comparing to my AirPods
How do I charge using the charging cable?I just opened the box for my new Bose SoundSport?A charging cable was provided but I dont see a an opening on the pods themselves that fit the the charging insert on the cable?Please help:)!!
Dang you were rough with them lol Ive had mine for 3 years and still perfect and I work out with them everyday
Should I buy these buds or buy a pair of truly wireless buds? I'm looking for good, convenient earbuds that aren't too expensive but will last every day use
Mine are exactly the same thing river coming off clip broke off
The headphones are amazing but today got this issue when I tried to charge them they would only charge for 15seconds it would show the green light indicator that they r fully charged but when I connect them they r charged about 10% so Im trying to figure out whats the problem Its a big issue for me cuz I have iPhone 7 I dont have the USB headphones so I use Bluetooth headphones idk what to do now probably goin to buy new ones if this issue doesnt get solved till yesterday
Mine left headphone is not transmitting any sound, I dont find any software update in the Bose+ app, or any troubleshooting guide. It is also almost one and half year old. And yes some part are falling off. Yes my right headphone is giving a quality sound.
Wow! Over a hundo to own? Same kind same color.. I found a pair in trashcan in an airport.. only thing wrong was the ear tip on right was torn, didn't fit ear, but I did use you tube to do research..amazing. they work but not effeciantially due to torn eartip so I don't get the bose sound performance I'm looking/hearing for. They look expensive and I'm sure they'll sound great once I get new tips.. certain sizes too, need maybe to check on that for better fitting and sounds. High usage creates breakdown on such an expensive item for the consumers..
I have used mine a couple of times. I charged them yesterday and today they wont start .. any ideas ? I have follow what BOSE suggested still they wont turn on
Your pair held up well, aesthetically from what I can see in the the video. Mine have fallen apart. I take care of my stuff pretty well, specially when I pay top $$. The rubber cover came off both buds, the part that power button fell out, the battery now lasts about 15 minutes lol, the base rubber part at the points where the cables attached has come off. I have tried about 5 or 7 different pair of headphones, but non compare to the comfort and sound quality that the Bose offers. So, i will be buying a new pair. Hopefully they've worked out some of the issues, as long as i get a solid 1 year with them i think i will be happy.
Great video, very helpful and informative. i just bought these for US$120 and love the sound. i have a Bose sound system in my vehicle and this was the reason i even thought about these headphones. They do not disappoint! Great information about the wear and tear to watch out for. i look forward to receiving quality sound for at least the next 2 years, hopefully beyond.

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