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Buy Zen X56 online at Amazon Flipkart. Zen X56 Zen X56 Colours: Black
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Amazon Offers ₹1,599
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Zen X56 Features

  • Dispaly Size : 2.4 inch
  • Camera : 1.3 MP camera / SIM Type : Dual SIM (GSM+GSM)
  • Battery Capacity : 1700 mAh Battery / FM With Recording
  • Expandable Memory : 8 GB / Torch
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Zen X56 Zen X56 Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Zen X56 Price in India is ₹1,599 at Amazon.
Buy Zen X56 online at Amazon Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Zen X56 Specifications

Battery & Power Features
Battery Capacity 1700 mAh
Camera Features
Primary Camera 0.3MP
Connectivity Features
Network Type 2G
Supported Networks GSM, GSM
Display Features
Display Size 2.4 inch
Resolution 240 x 320 Pixels
Browse Type Feature Phones
Color Black & Red
Hybrid Sim Slot Yes
In The Box Handset, Charger, Battery, Earphone
Model Name X56
Model Number x56
OTG Compatible No
Sim Type Dual Sim
Touchscreen No
Memory & Storage Features
Internal Storage 20 MB
Memory Card Slot Type Hybrid Slot
RAM 128 MB

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Zen X56 Reviews from YouTube

X56 2 Years Review - Is it any good?
Limited Edition ZEN CARBON 100 ps , Full Review
Product Review: Logitech X-56 Rhino HOTAS For DCS WORLD
Logitech X56 HOTAS - worth it in 2020?
i been getting those ghost presses likee crazy recently
What grease did you use?
Damn.. don't mind the physical wear but the sensors are not effected for almost 2 years is impressive! I just bought the T16000m stick only and looking forward to buy Hotas of x56
the blue X56 is not as reliable or well-built as the grey one that Logitech now sells.
I had to order this due to my hotas x starting to give ghost commands and x52 pro not comming in stock until the end of the month.
I've had my X55 since ED was released and have had no issues. I have it plugged into a powered USB. I love it.
Really good review. Thank you. I have an X-52 at the moment. I may go to the pro version.
I wonder if the new logitech versions will have better software/drivers
Had mine for about half a year now with about 250 hours usage and I have to say I wouldn't recommend it. Has SO MANY mechanical problems such as the centre wobble in the stick that make small movement in planes a little hard, the 'crunch' in the stick's analog thumb stick, inconsistent tension in the throttles, the 'E' button sometimes get jammed on throttle. The button on the rear of the throttle is a bit wobbley. It's a good HOTAS, but shouldn't be the price it is. You essentially paying for a aesthetics and lots of buttons. It's good for game like Elite Dangerous where larger movement of the throttle and stick are needed, but not as good for game like IL2:Sturmovik: Battle of Staligrad where you have to make small, fine movement of the stick to stay in formation, aim etc. The throttle moves on it's own too, which I had to fix myself by adding rubber stoppers to the base of each throttle. Again, inconvieient for staying in formation or maintaining engine settings. Never had a Thrustmaster Warthog, but I'm already thinking, after 6 months, of switching to one.
I'm using X56 too, was wondering if you have any videos explaining your preferred button mapping?
I just bought this used online -the blue one- and someone said the blue one is not as good as the grey model /facepalm, we'll see
I’m a very normal size person and I found the X 56 to be incredibly uncomfortable I can barely pull the trigger and press secondary fire with my thumb at the same time, the thing is bulbous. If you’re doing training or exploration it’s OK, if you do combat and especially PVP combat, the stick is a hindrance! The thrustmaster 16000 is nearly perfect in accurate, resistance and ergonomics, but the twist action will break within a few months of use, I’ve broken two consecutively so far.
I just recently upgraded my Saitek X36 (their original HOTAS from the 90's) to the X52 Pro. The extra buttons are nice but I absolutely prefer the rudder "pedals" that were on the under side if the throttle control instead of the twist joystick. Remapping my buttons in the controls was also huge pain in the ass. I ordered the X52 Pro at just the right time. Delivery took forever due to the pandemic. A couple day before delivery my rudder control broke. Why can I say it put a lot of time in the X vs Tie, X-wing Alliance and Tachyon over the years.
i'm looking for throttles and i found the x 56 one at 90 €, is it worth it?
Hey, I've an idea re the sliding/missing rubber foot pad - PUT A NEW ONE ON!!! It's not rocket science (see what I did there!?). Very cheap and very quick and very easy to do. DUH!
I had four of these within a couple of years. Great as long as they lasted, but broke quickly. That was before Logitech took over. Then I had a Trustmaster which was rubbish, and also broke.
Anyway thanks for nice videos about Ed and all around
Huh, money question. Still use x52, works... mmmm quite well, but omg about 1k € for new good one... Ahhhh
I'm looking to pick up the Newer version of your X56 Rhino, but they seem to be out of stock everywhere. Notice though that even though they are out of stock, some are being sold for a lot more than the $249 price shown on the Logitech website. GOD First!!! GOD Bless!!! Love All!!!
My X56 stick failed in about 10 months. They replaced it in warranty. The replacement process was straight forward. The issue was electrical contact of stick with base. Prior to this, my x55 throttle died, the infamous pinched cables..
Such a nice sunroof... Loved it
Ethil sunroof enganaya fit cheythath
Pwoli item
How do u record the audio ? I mean which mic ur using ?
Well done
Good keep it up
Nice one
wonderful,, all the best bro
Ambo poli
Nicely done 👍🏼
Good presentation & informative
Good presentation dude
Nice !!
grim whats the best hotas for dcs ?
Me with the hotas X: "You guys have buttons?"
How did you change the color ?!
I have the older, basic, Logitech X52 and it is about time to upgrade. Thanks for doing this, I had been thinking about the thrustmaster but then I would also have to buy pedals and my feet are arthritic, so doing the yaw with the stick just works alot better.
Well the stick is on offer atm, but watching this video I genuinely prefer my X52 pro layout, much nicer IMO just a huge shame it doesn't have a couple more HAT switches and a boat switch!
11:03 Your so right Cap I recently picked up a flight Hotas One and I know it is not the same thing however it has the same thing I flew for 10 min and my was already tired until I realized what that “ Do dah “ is now I just rest my hand on it I can now fly for hours without any fatigue
Do you like putting thumb on that wobbly thing cause it seems uncomfortable
Are you using this X56 now? If yes is there any way of knowing the setting used in the F/A18C DCS??
DON'T WAST YOUR MONEY LOOK AT VIRPIL FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why don't more people know more about Virpil flight sim controls people say that they cost a lot butt if you look at the quality compared to all the others on the market i WANTED TO TRY the warthog BUTT after my Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X i am afraid to even try anythind elece butt i really belive in the virpil and want to try it or review it i think i wont be sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just got my LOGITECH G X56 brand new from Microcenter for $250. It definitely has a ton of buttons and customizations. Unfortunately it definitely doesn't feel as sturdy as my Saitek X45 in some places. Couldn't beat it for the price. It's got more buttons and mini sticks than the WARTHOG or VIRPIL.
is this the one that was released like years ago? since 2016? is there gonna be a new model?
I have the Logitech X56, got it from an Auction for $200 Canadian. It's amazing.
those knobs would be perfect to trip the rudder and such
Ah you just made me to buy this you got me good 🤦🏻‍♂️
I wonder how people look around in the cockpit, like not using the mouse to look around.....
I wish I could use the mode switch to change between control setups. Like position 1 would be for startup, takeoff, and landing, position 2 would change the bindings to be better suited for air/air, position 3 would be for air/ground.
Rty 3 and rty 4 I use for hud and hmd brightness.
Dang cap I thought you had a RGB keyboard and mouses and some fancy monitors
Nice video, thanks
this guy is the worst owner of a joy stick he should have a yoke lol he broke 3 buttons on his thrust and he says the weakest spring is best lol you want the toughest spring for persistence. the worst owner !!
great review
I placed velcro strips on the bottom if my throttle. More than enough to hold it down without drilling holes.
I bought one three months ago from amazon. Once in a blue moon they show up there. Two of the mini analogs get stuck, but can be fixed right out of the box. One of the throttle to control vector thrust, or landing thrust. The other is the look view on the stick itself. Other than this, the stick is perfectly fine. I did have to use separate usb ports with a hub to prevent ghosting. So Laptop users probably are not going to want this. A lot of people complain about dead zones issues with the stick itself. I do not have that issue at all. In fact it is very sensitive to touch, which is nice. I use this for elite dangerous with HCS voice packs. I am looking forward to the update coming this year.
Used to have this, but after going TM16000 dual sticks, no turning back. Except will never be as accurate as mouse for aiming. That's an unfortunate downfall for games like SC.
NO IT IS NOT. Don't waste your money. Go buy from VKB or Virpil instead.
no one in the comments talking about the gamer shirt
The missus got me one of these for Christmas a couple of years ago and i've not even used it yet ,,,,, definitely gonna have to get this out and set it up .
its worth it but no one in the world sells one for under 1k$
Do you know if It will work with MFS 2020 for Xbox series X?
Would you mind sharing your Elite profile?
I have the X52 pro, and I'll say I'd pay double for any joystick if it were built to a certain level of quality, instead of all this loosey goosey plastic.
Looking to upgrade my X52pro which is getting abit used.
Why speed it up? He is speaking clearly and precisely so anyone who understands any form of English can follow. If there is one thing that really annoys me is speed talkers mainly American who seem to be in a race to get their subject or agenda out there real fast. But in the end it becomes unintelligible.
How does this compare to the X52?
Hi, thx for your video. Any problem with joystick? I mean on the X or Y axis ?
lovely run down of the kit buddy thank you .
Just like the X52 the 'rubberized feel' layer will slowly dissolve and become very sticky... cleaning doesn't help and will even make it worse.
I got the X 56 for xmas. Its on it's way back to Amazon right now. I got really bad ghosting issues. Tried powered USB in all configs. Every time I moved the throttle, random things would happen with other switches. It caused the destruction of two of my ships in ED due to random (silent running activations and engine boost on landing). I have ordered the Warthog HOTAS as a replacement. It sucks when your xmas present is a dud.
damn scalpers
I found it for 350$, dose it worth the price?

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