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YONGNUO YN660 Speedlite Flash Features

  • The camera, selfie stick and remote
  • Comes with the most advanced technology to provide maximum fidelity, versatility and ease of use
  • The YI 4K action camera features an impact resistant Gorilla Glass 2.19-Inch LCD touchscreen
YONGNUO YN660 Speedlite Flash

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YONGNUO YN660 Speedlite Flash Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Yongnuo_
Item model number su25
Item part number su25
Item Weight 939 g
Model su25
Package Dimensions 22.4 x 10.8 x 9.4 cm
Product Dimensions 22.4 x 10.8 x 9.4 cm

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Yongnuo YN-660 Flash Review-The Most Powerful Flash Under $100
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Yongnuo YN660 Speedlite Review - Powerful Flash Under $100
If you like what this flash can do, its power and price point, check it out here for more: it possible to control power wireless with YN 622 c trigger?
is this High speed sync?
Good review, but I think you forgot to mention that the YN 660 is ginormous.
Hi Eric. After all these years, how would you rate the YN560iii/iv and YN660? Both reliable enough for jobs? Event & portraiture. I don't mind manual flashes. Thanks!
Does it have TTL capability?
Thank you for review. Guys just have a question, which is more powerful Yongnuo yn660 or Yongnuo YN685?
are all yongnuo flashes dual compatible. Canon and Nikon?
3.5 stars on amazon with 71 reviews. not good.
Is it a ttl flash
Does this flash have TTi?
would you recommend this flash for the Nikon D500
Can I use this flash with a Fujifilm camera?
is there a HSS function?
How big is it lol
Can I use this flash in a Canon t6
Full manual flash. Keep that in mind people. No focus assist, TTL, HSS etc.
The YN 560 IV flashes had a problem of getting stuck at the maximum power output forever. Do you think this 660 might have that same problem?
Does this flash work with Panasonic models ie G9?
Thanks for the review. Do you know if this will work with the Canon EOS M50?
I recently purchased 4 YN660s and a 560TX. I set the 4 660s off camera on stands. All same channel/group. A set in RX mode and linked. They respond from the 560tx on camera adjusting the zoom or flash intensity. However when firing, only 1 or 2 fire with no consistency. Any suggestions for settings to make all 4 fire each try?
great video. at 8:30, you mention using the 560transmitter, limiting to 120mm zoom only. Is there a seperate 660transmitter if I was using all flashes off the camera?
Excellent information, thanks!
I am a newbie, I have Nikom D5300 I want to buy this one. Do you think its gonna work with my camera? Or I need to buy a wareless trigger /receiver saperately to work with. Please answer me if you can.
Does this flash have af assist mode?
Is this flash compatible with canon 80d
it`s not compatible with the 622 wireless units :(
Hi. Does this flash compatible with Nikon D7500? Thanks
Hi Joe, I've just bought a yn660. In Tx mode I can manage my yn560 III, but in this case when I take a picture only the yn560 III triggers through my yn660. Both trigger if I set the yn660 in Rx mode but then I cannot set remotely my yn560 III. Can I have both: setting remotely my yn560 III and getting both triggered ?  both are in same channel and group and I trigger with the RF-603 on my camera thanks
Hello good afternoon friend. I bought 2 flashs but when using the Master and Slave Mode I came across something unexpected. When changing the power of the Master TX the other RX flash also changes. Is there a way to individually control their potency?
Anyone having issues with the Assistant beam?
Hi Joe how can i sett the flash to E-ttl mode with canon 6d ?
All good bro, tutorial on point thanks
Hi, if I purchase two of these flashes, one for the hotshoe on the camera and one for the slave, will the one on the camera trigger the off camera one? Thanks so much
Maybe it's a stupid question but i cant seem to zoom when the flash is on M mode.
Thanks great explanation!
Can i use this for my 700d?
Can I use HSS? If I buy a pair of radios HSS ?
Hi Joe , sorry for my bad english, im from argentina. I have the 660 , and i want the ''focus light'' that helps you to focus. Does de yn 622c tx give me that light? or is not compatible at all? wich one can help me with that light? Thanks!
Hi Joe! I have 1 YN-660. I'd like to get a 2nd one. What do I need to get a 2nd one for both to work together on my Nikon? Thanks
Is this Yongnuo YN660 flash has High Speed Sync? Thanks
I just got 4 YN660s for off camera flash. I have them all set to same channel/group. Using 560TX on camera, they all link and respond to changes in zoom or intensity’s. However, 1 or 2 only fire. Never all 4. Any suggestions how to make all 4 with the shutter? Two of them sometimes have the link button light ‘purple’
*Works great.◔◔>?Ӫ   Instructions were not clear on how to use its more complex features, but you can easily watch a YouTube video on that.*
The YN 560 IV flashes had a problem of getting stuck at the maximum power output forever. Do you think this 660 might have that same problem?
Thank you for the flash buying guide the final gift of the year.
is the size of the YN660 on my Nikon D5500 will be a problem or not? I need your help I'm planning to buy my first ever Flash. Thank you
Hi, Can I plug this into the mains please?
Thanks for the vid! Would it just be this YN-660 speedlight that I need to get to go with my Nikon D5500 for it to work?
Helllo. Is it a better choice for my canon 700d not for commercial use
I'm digging this flash. My only confusion. what's the difference from this to yn685 to the 600 rt?
it will support on Sony A6000?
Hi, Does it support High speed sync? can u recomend a transmitter for hss?
I am looking to purchase a Flash for my camera. I’m trying to choose between these 2 and I don’t know which would work well with my camera. Can you advise me on this or is there another one I should consider. Thanks I have a Canon T6s. Yongnuo YN568EX IIC-USA E-TTL Speedlite Flash OR YONGNUO YN685 GN60 2.4G System ETTL HSS
hello Sir, I am little bit confused about Yonguo 560 VI and YN660. please I would request which one is the best
Thanks for the review! Do you know how to disable the sleep function on this speedlight? I cant seem to figure it out :P Thanks!
Does it work with Fuji cameras?
Hi, that's such a nice review. I was trying to use one with universal 4-channel trigger (433mhz) and it didn't sync to the flash at all. Would it be possible to use external trigger beyond Yongnuo brand series ( like RF-602/3 ) without TTL function? Thanks for the advice.
Does it work on Sony A7 series too?
Can i shoot in second curtain with this flash?
Is your food ready? What a cliffhanger!
Can you use an YN660 as a Controller and Commander(power output and zoom) for other YN660 flashes or would you need a YN560-TX for that?
Bro your voice prety nice for this video i wonder if you would tell it your setting in voice editing?
im new to external flashes but would this be compatible with my Lumix FZ300 thanks.
I use the Yongnuo 685 for my Nikon. It has iTTL , HSS and a built in transceiver and I LOVE IT.
Get one of these to fix the 3 second recharge time when in full power mode: a lot of flash for $100. Given the 660 is physically bigger will it still fit into a bowens flash bracket?. My Nikon SB900 and 910 flash heads are too chunky to fit into the clamp so I always have to use my smaller flashes when I put them into the clamp.
oops-I screwed up Joe. The YN600RT (now version II) is $111.00-$115.00 on Amazon, and is rated for guide #60), which would make the 660 about 1/3 of a stop brighter. The YN600RT (II) advantage is full compatibility with the Canon version (Yongnuo controller with Canon flash, Canon controller with Yongnuo flash). They've released at least 5 firmware updates for the YN600RT since I have owned them :)
Thanks a lot, Joe. How fast is re-charging of the 660 when it is 1/4 and 1/8 power? Really like your vids and your presentation style. Informative and very helpful.
Thanks for sharing! Looks like a good choice for a manual flash. And very affordable for what you get as always with Yongnuo.
The Yongnuo YN660 could possibly be the most powerful flash currently on the market under $100. This manual flash features built in wireless radio transceiver so it can work both as a transmitter and receiver without having to worry about line of sight. So what makes this speedlite better then the older YN560 IV? In this video I explain key features that make this a better buy then the slightly cheaper YN560 IV.

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