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Buy YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon) online at Amazon. YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon)
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Amazon Offers ₹19,999
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YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon) Features

YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon)

The lowest YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon) Price in India is ₹19,999 at Amazon.
Buy YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon) online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon) full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Yongnuo_
Colour Screen No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number YN565EXC-INT
Item Weight 381 g
Model YN565EXC-INT
Model Year 2013
Product Dimensions 7.8 x 6 x 19 cm

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YONGNUO YN565EXC-INT Flash (For Canon) Reviews from YouTube

Yongnuo Speedlite Flash Comparison Guide
Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash Review
Godox Speedlite Flash Range Comparison (UPDATED 2020!) | V1 and V850II INCLUDED
No offence but rather opt for a different brand. Yongnuo dont provide more support
Amazing. Thanks for making this
Damn, I applaud you just for learning all the little differences among all these almost identically named products, honestly. Good video!
so the 685 cannot control the 560 iii\iv as a master? and it has hss?
Thank you so much.
I believe the YN 968 EX RT also has the capability of tilting backwards. So you can bounce light off the back wall.
Yn 862n pls.
Hi, there is any compatible with Xpro C? Thanks 👍 . Really good video.
do yn720 compatible with yn560 tx transmitter?
Can you tell me if the YN200c is compatible with the YN685C in RF mode? I have a couple of YN685 but want to add a YN200 without having to switch my whole setup. Thanks.
now i still don't know which one have high speed sync and which ones don't
Hi, I have the 968. I have a problem with it continuously going off while not in use/standby. Have I got it set up incorrectly? Beginner here🤔
*Algún video como éste pero en español???*
Excellent thank you ..
so the yn686ex-rt is not gonna work with 622c?
The YONGNUO YN968N has been superseded by the YONGNUO YN968N II Main difference is the new version zooms to 200mm (vs 105mm) Also length is 8mm longer and 10g heavier. YONGNUO say 'newly upgraded operation interface, more simple and convenient to use, supports USB Firmware upgrade'. Both the same price online ($129) at B&H.
This is a good flash imgs.love/YNFlash there are many options today to buy but this is a good option, i use before this flash so many times on live events and sessions and do the work fine. If you want a flash before buy one please read the features, test, etc because there are many entry and pro features, price etc and you got what you pay and your needs . i recomend this simply and nice very usefull yongnuo
Awesome vid!
Thank you for that great video, it provides invaluable information for me!
I got one on Alibaba, I have used it for 3 months but now it doesn't give any difference whether 1/1 or 1/128 the output intensity is just the same. Any advice
I have a Yongnou 560 IV that I have been using for years and still works well, but some of my other Youngou models are flaking out. I doubt the Godox will last any longer than the Yongnou, they are all cheap garbage but serve their purpose. Biggest problem with Godox is it's twice the price of Yongnou, and I believe like many of these manufacturers they don't service in the U.S. (you will have to check on this). I would buy Godox just for the entertainement value of their warranty. Their products are Guaranteed by the 'Bull God' see article 5.1 in their warranty: http://www.godox.com/EN/AboutGodoxwebsite.html . I just hope it's not the god of Bull S---t.
I need one.
got YN660, 2/3 stop more power than 560. I think the most powerful speedlight in the world. I do not see godox has speedlight match YN660 power.
If you can send me those yongnuo flashing at full power i can fix dem
Hey You are clear and informative ..You just had a bad experience with Youngnou ..So you just changed girlfriends ..I still use YN600EX RT just great and the Sex with current very very long term girl friend is also amazing ..So just goes to show faith and confidence ..Stay Blessed
Problem is perhaps both are made of Chinesium and so the Godox may go even quicker (plastic foot??). Would be good to know which ones aren't made in China. I have Yongnuo's and probably don't use thm as much.
I have tried both flashes and what I noticed is that, when it comes with optical slaving, Yongnuo does better than Godox. Even in the midday sun, Yongnuo was still responding with it's optical slaving while at 4pm, Godox was refusing to respond
So I have a mix of flashpoint and godox. I shoot Nikon and have the 685 for Nikon. Love it. I found 2 of the li-on 860 for fugi cameras. The nice thing is the controller will control all of them. I can't use the fugi ones on my camera but all features work if I use the controller or the 685 flash as the controller. So if you find some used godox flashes for a deal they will still work for you.
I bought a Godox TT685c one year ago, after 3 months of usage, the zoom stopped working. I've sent an email to the seller, which sends me a new one that died today. I've made a firmware update to be compatible with my Canon EOS R, and after the update, the flash starts to make a "crackling" noise inside (kind of short circuit) and smell of something burning. Don't know what to do, I've searched and can't make a firmware rollback :(
for the tt685 and using a power pack, does the power pack provide all necessary power or do you still have to install the double A batteries for the electronics?
I have about eight Yongnuo flashes, they were all working the last time i checked
I have 2 of the YN600EX-RT II...they both get stuck at full power. It's so frustrating. I do not recommend that brand.
வீடியோ மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருந்தது மிக்க நன்றி 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 இரா.மனோகர் சென்னை . Very useful video sir, I learned lot from it, looking forward more videos like this keep it up good work, thanks a lot sir big thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 R.MANOHAR Chennai.
Who model is that trigger ?
Both of my Yangnuo YN685 died in less than one year. One of them died in middle of shooting an event. then I switched to Godox TT685n two years down the road still working as a champ.
what about the Neewer flashes now? They are cheaper and seem the same than Yongnuo
Ed, need your advise, for Godox TT685 flashes, does one need to use AA rechargeable batteries only or can one use regular AA Batteries ? I heard someone say that regular AA batteries get stuck in Godox flashes . Have you ever experienced such a thing? I have ordered the flash and would want to order batteries based on your feedback. Thanks a ton, Ed. You are being a wonderful teacher here.
I really couldn't agree more. I dont use flash too often but, when I do, u need a reliable unit. I shot Nikon flashes for years and when nt last Nikon flash fies I looked for other options The Yongnuo, as you noted, had had many issues and I k ow people who used them with very mixed results so, I opted for the Gosox TT685 and I've bern very pleased. I just got hired as an event photographer and am looking to pick up 2 or 3 more of these so, thanks for your review.
Send me one ..
Wondering why I got YN685s instead of this years ago. No HSS? (And for the built-in RF 622 support of the YN685) Yup, that's it, thanks for the reminder
Is the Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash a i-TTL Flash ?
Unfortunately my YN565EX has felt on the floor and battery cover is damaged. Reflection board and wide angle diffuser felt out from their compartment. I manage to find spare battery cover but have problem how to reach inside the diffuser compartment. It is over flash head and seems separated, but I am afraid to employ force to detach it by screwdriver or knife. Do you know what is the right way to remove this cover. Thank you.
you said that sound can be turned off?
I need a automatic flash is it a automatic flash
Will this work on a 50d?
Whether can he communicate without external transmitter with Canon eos 60d. Eos 60d has an integrated transmiser. Thanks
Can you use a strobe light to trigger the Yongnuo flash???
will the Yongnuo sf17 battery pack work on the  Yongnuo Flash YN565EX TTL
I read somewhere that this flash is not compatible with the 5D mkii, what camera where you using to demonstrate the flash, looks like the mk ii. Thanks
Does it work for Nikon D5300?
Does it work for nikon d3300
How is the STE2 triggering the 565 when the 565 doesn't have a receiver?
can you turn down the shutter volume on this speedlite?
Is this the same as the neewer 565?
Nice video.  Do you have a problem with it overheating?
do you have a video about this speed light on how to use the hss. i have a nikin d7100
Why in the world did you waste your money on the Canon flashes?  The Yongnuo are pretty much just as good for 1/4 the price.
Wait did he say no high speed sync???
Hope you guys like our updated Godox Speedlite Flash Comparison! Which Godox Speedlite would you add to you toolkt? Comment down below 👇 TIMESTAMPS: 0:47 Introduction 3:35 Godox V850II Manual Speedlite Flash 4:39 Godox V1 Round Head Speedlite Flash 5:31 Modifying Godox V1 with Godox AK-R1 Accessories Kit 7:02 Godox S-R1 Adapter for Rectangular Speedlites (To Use With AK-R1) 7:57 Which Flash is Right For You? 8:07 Recommendations Based on Power 8:29 Recommendations Based on Compatible Camera Brands 9:04 Recommendations Based on Features 9:27 Godox X-Trigger Compatibility
Great Godox flash summary video!
Don’t confuse your audience with numbers of option but you better shorted listed price wise and quality wise several pieces so that audience get idea to which one is better to buy
Anyone able to tell me if either of the TT350 or V350 are compatible with the Canon R5? I’m after a small flash for macro photography. Thanks in advance 👍
Why there's no TT520 & TT560 ..? Are they really bad ..?
So godo tt520ii is not included ? 🥺
Thanks. But V860 II has both Manual mode and TTL mode.
Hi, Thank you for the informative video :) I have a Sony A7iii and i would like to get my first light for my gear, as its a point of investment, Iam unsure on which to buy and which would be a valuable one, Godox v860ii or else Godox V1 or else Godox AD100pro, Kindly advise
Wish I'd saw this before I bought my Speedlite flash from you guys on Amazon.. didn't know there was a updated version. No wonder why it was so inexpensive for 2 flash Plus trigger
Hypop, si tengo un flash TT350N para Nikon y quiero montarlo en una cámara Canon t6 o disparar fuera de cámara con un XT2C para Canon, ¿puedo?
Hypop if I have a TT350N Flash for Nikon and I want to mount it on a Canon t6 camera or shoot off-camera with an XT2C for Canon, can I?
Thanks for the help!!!!
Great video, helped me a lot, I'm much closer to decide on my purchase.
Another excellent, well explained video without the hype - so refreshing - well done :)
Hi, I have these cameras: Nikon F4s, Nikon D2xs, Nikon FG. I need a flash speedlite for these cameras. Which Godox model is suitable for these camera? Thanks.
Great video explaining the lineup! I'm new to Godox and looking to get a couple flashes with a trigger. I'm shooting with a Nikon D750 and looking to do casual outdoor portraiture along with handheld for macro work. I will be getting a 685 to use as a main and was wondering if the 350 would be suitable for a fill? I like having a small flash available. Thanks again for an informative video
Lots of great information. Thank you for the excellent video comparison. I don't own any Godox speedlights but I'm considering adding either the V1 or TT685 as an addition to my Nikon speedlights.
Is it just me or does Godox need to remane all its flashes with simple names? Even the AD200 sounds like 80-200.
I use speed lights of and on so I don't want Lithium batteries as they lose capacity over time. Besides that it's easier to find some AA batteries in case you run empty. I don't use TTL as it is not very reliable (will it meter on the subject or the background, you never know). Never us a speed light on top of the camera also. So the best flash for me is the TT600. Manual flashes only do HSS in combination with a trigger, not on camera !!!
I would like to have more standardized comparison of the Guide Number for 35mm focal length and 100ASA. All guide numbers listed are only for tele focal length, which is not very comparable in a normal party scenario (using about 28 to 70mm, but mostly 35).

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