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Yamaha Yra-302B Professional Alto Recorder With Baroque ...

This item: Yamaha Yra-302B Professional Alto Recorder With Baroque Fingering. ₹6,465.00. Usually dispatched in 6 to 10 days. Ships from and sold by STS Shop.


Yamaha YRA-312B 300 Series Alto Recorder in Key of F with Ba ...

Yamaha YRA-312B 300 Series Alto Recorder in Key of F with Ba : Amazon.in: Electronics. ... Yamaha Yra-302B Professional Alto Recorder With Baroque Fingering.


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Yamaha Yra-302B Professional Alto ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamaha Yra-302B Professional Alto Recorder With Baroque Fingering at Amazon.com.


Yamaha YRA-28BIII Alto Recorder, Key of F : Amazon.in: Musical ...

Yamaha YRA-28BIII Alto Recorder, Key of F : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments. ... Yamaha Yra-302B Professional Alto Recorder With Baroque Fingering.


Yamaha YRA-314B Alto Recorder, simulated Ebony finish, Key of F ...

Yamaha YRA-314B Alto Recorder, simulated Ebony finish, Key of F : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


Yamaha YRA-302B Alto Recorder Features

  • Key of F
  • Baroque fingering
  • Double holes
  • Three piece construction
  • Key specs are not available.

Find the best deal on Yamaha YRA-302B Alto Recorder at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Yamaha YRA-302B Alto Recorder Price in India is ₹6,847 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Yamaha YRA-302B Alto Recorder we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop for Yamaha YRA-302B Alto Recorder on Amazon to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

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Yamaha YRA-302B Alto Recorder Reviews from YouTube

RECORDER DEMO Soprano Alto Tenor Bass Yamaha YRA-302B III
Recorder Yamaha YRA 302B III Alto Test / Блокфлейта Альт тест мини попурри
Choosing a PLASTIC recorder! | Team Recorder
£30 vs £300 recorder! | Team Recorder
Hi teacher! I like the Yamaha Recorders too! I hope to get the Bass Recorder sooner or later in order to start writing some music for it in the C clef Soprano (first line of the C clef staff) or in the G , I have already some music written for the Sopranino Recorder in the brand new B clef, the Soprano Recorder in the brand new E clef. The Alto Recorder in the brand new A clef, and the Tenor Recorder in the brand new D clef. I hope one day I could show you these 4 brand new clefs. They are awesome! Greetings from Tijuana!
thank you sir
Imagine pulling up to music class in middle school with a base recorder
YAMAHA 300 series - THE best ABS recorders ever
Your attire matches your taste in instruments
I Want To Get A Tenor Recorder And Alto Recorder And Also The Bass Recorder
Thank you for the demonstration
Absolutely informative! Concise but jampacked with all the necessary information. Thank you, Florentin.
Florentin? You’re the guy Steve Martin was trying to remember in jail!
You started over twice thinking you missed. you hit the note, to my ear:) Yes, I think so.
Nice job with the bass recorder on the baroque sequence. And good demonstration of the range. You can tell how they sound in comparison.
I’m a Saxophonist and if you want to start out on saxophone play the alto or soprano recorder because the notes are the same as the alto saxophone.
Damn that bass be THICC with two c’s
great recorder all yamaha sound was amazing
I’m just “graduating” from the soprano-recorder. I’d like to buy the other ones as well to expand my knowledge. I can buy a relative cheap one (which would set me back about 150€) OR immediately invest in one around 350€. I’m not sure if I’m going to follow through the instrument so would it be okay to start on a cheaper one or is this a mistake?
Hi teacher! Nice video, thank you very much! Well, I have 4 of the Yamaha recorders in my own, I have the Tenor recorder in the middle C and I play it with the G cleft to play the 1st register and the D cleft to play the whole 38 tones . I have the Alto recorder in the middle F which I play it with the D cleft for the 1rs register and the A cleft to play all the 38 sounds. Also I have the Soprano recorder in the high C and I play it with the A cleft for the 1st register and the E cleft to play all the 38 pitches, finally I have also the Sopranino Recorder in the high F and I play it in the E cleft for the 1rst register and the B cleft to play the whole 38 sounds on it. I don't have neither the Bass recorder in low F nor the Alto in the high G. .my question is .where can I get them? I live in Tijuana and it is hard to find them around. Could you give me a feedback please? Thank you in advance! Greetings from Tijuana teacher!
Thanks I never heard all recorders before
I love Yamaha instruments. I think they get a lovely, effortless sound. Even their 10$ translucent colorful soprano takes a good sound!
Sir I want tenor recorder which website I have to buy iam from india
You have wrong hands. First hand (left) after right hands. Not right-left
Спасибо за видео, с огромным удовольствием слушаю
Я тоже перешла на эту флейту
Супер Восхищен!
Practice more
скинь ссылку где купил
Instant like for Knight Rider
Recorders are slept on
In my opinion, the Yamaha is the best.
Hey Sarah thank you for your informative videos. So far I have been learning the flute. Thanks to you I decided to learn a "real" instrument now: the alto recorder ;)
I am now in love with the sound of Alto Recorders :')
A really good musician can play every quality of instrument. Thank you very much for the introduction of different ones! I am trying to become a halfway acceptable musician. I wish you all the best!
Don't know if it worth now in 2021, but would be interesting you review the brand "Angel" from Korea, they are cheap but not toys, they surprised me. Thanks if you see this.
The curved windway serves (according to some makers) to "regulate" better the airflow. To be honest I have several plastic and wood recorders (nor very cheap nor very expensive) and I'm not that good as a player to note a great difference.
Thank you Sarah! I’ve just ordered my first Yamaha (314 b) according your recommendation
4:16 There it is T H E L I C K
Have you tried the Hohner one? If that's true, whats your experience with it?
I just purchased a Harmony Tenor recorder and I am really not happy with it at all. It's got a very restricted sound on the low notes and the keys for the C sharp are difficult to manage. They are right next to each other and it is hard to get a clean note when using the keys.
You are brilliant, so helpful and a lot of fun, thank you : )
I am 9 years old and love your video
Looking for first time instruments for school children
I think you are an incredible musician and can make a PVC pipe sound wonderful!
Hi. Is the Zen-on Bressan G1-A the same as the 440? I'm trying to find it for sale in the U.S.
Adding another good reason for needing a plastic recorder: when you are a junior-high science teacher and you keep a recorder in your lab/classroom for calming the children at the start of class, or whenever you want them to sit and listen. Twelve-year-olds in a lab are a very good reason for owning a basically indestructible recorder!
You could tell me the commode is backed up and overflowing, and it would sound like the most sprightly, delightful event of the day. I think I've settled on my Coronavirus Apocalypse recorder instructor.
they sound different, cant really say one is better than the other. £300 is not much money for a musical instrument. btw im sure you are right tho.
Ecodear OR Zen-on 415 hz? Thanks
I just bought a plastic Yamaha Alto YRA 27 recorder from our local second hand shop barely used and compleate in bag for $2.99 Canadian dollars. And a baroque soprano version for $1.99 Can dollars. I'm used to the soprano but have always loved the Alto sound. I've taken about 20 years off from playing the recorder but methinks the Alto will be a nice one to start up again with. Anyway, I love your channel. Thank you for your uploads.
Nice video, I was thinking of buying Aulos 509B Symphony Alto Recorder but the sound of this Yamaha seems much better to me I just have a doubt, maybe Yamaha is richer in sounds and when less stable? I've seen videos and Aulos seems more stable to me. what do you think about it?
Is the maple instrument impregnated with paraffin wax? I once had a Moeck Tuju descant of impregnated maple which had a very pretty and quite strong sound when new but, sadly, heat affected it and wax oozed out of the wood. After that it played quite differently. I think the wax put an unduly slick surface on the inside of the bore. I don't know if the Tuju series is offered any more. It seems to have been eclipsed by the Rottenburgh model. By the way, was the Yamaha designed by Hermann Moeck?
Diggin' your vibrato
Sarah, I don't know if you will read this but would be interesting to review or at least comment about used, second hand instruments. Unfortunately I don't have a big budget and I am just an amateur. I have mainly plastic instruments, but cared about the quality and they are new, mainly Aulos. I'm in the process of buying a basset (plastic) from that brand, but that's my limit. Perhaps for the same price I could get a Mollenhauer or Moeck alto in wood, but that brands are not found here in my country (Chile), so I got myself a used Mollenhauer Student Alto that sounds beautifully but needs some repairs from my part. In any case, your advices about choosing an instrument have been invaluable to me when choosing any kind of recorder, thank you very much!
I dislike much those arched windways, like the one in that Yamaha. They’re too sensitive and dont produce the nice "windy" background that i like.
I got an Ecodear alto recorder for Christmas and I'm in love! It's the first recorder I've had since childhood. (I've played the flute for many years and wanted to branch out and try something new.) The tone is so warm and rich in the middle register and the high notes (when I can hit themha!) are clear and beautiful. I have noticed the problem that you mentioned with the lowest notes. It's very tricky for me to hit that low F, and when I do get it to speak it's exactly the same every time; I can't vary the dynamics or the tone. I was thinking I only had this problem because I'm a beginner, so it's nicethough a little discouraging, too?to know that's just the way the instrument is. In general, though, I'm really happy with it! The fact that it spoke so well right away has been great encouragement to practice.
As someone mainly footed in the guitar world but looking to get into woodwind as well, it's very strange to hear someone call maple "soft"
Just a thought or three, lol: Regarding your comment regarding the woods used to make the instruments, that "scientific studies have shown there's no difference" - I'm surprised that any scientific study would make such a claim, and I'd be truly curious to see any of those studies. My doubts are founded on the fact that I make fine quality dip pens (more than 600 at last check), and over the course of the past decade I've worked with well over a hundred different woods from around the world; when you're turning them down to a diameter as thin as 1/8" (3.175mm) and sometimes as long as 12+ inches in length, the difference in vibratory response from African Blackwood and Gabon Ebony to Padauk and Maple is significant, to say the least, and when you add in the differences in porosity, density and "oiliness", I can't imagine that there are not going to be quite distinct differences in potential auditory fluctuations depending on how the musician works with the instrumentWhile I can understand that if all of the instruments are initially "tuned" within the production process to produce the same initial frequency, that still does not account for the full range of dynamic response of a wood under different musical handling, treatment and input. Finally, there is the the change of a wood over time to consider over the long term that will differ respectively with each different wood employed within each different musical instrument; just as in the "mellowing" in sound that will occur in violins and cellos over time as the constituent woods age, the same should be expected in any wooden / woodwind instrument - as well as the immediate difference each wood will display within differing sets of environmental factors like heat, cold, humidity, etc. different woods will expand and contract to different extents and at different rates under different sets of environmental factors. (this is probably one of the few advantages a plastic instrument would have over a wooden one - it is much less likely to change under different circumstances, or in different hands. lol)
I started on the AULOS 709w, got a used maple Moeck Rottenburg (wich is very difficult to play). Now I've bought a brand new Moeck Rottenburg boxwood. BTW I have a Mollenhauer Dream as well. Good for early music. All altos.
I must say i have a very nice resin yamaha recorder. Yra-27iii. And i just tested different ways of blowing and it responded very nicely t the different intensities. I might possibly be doing something wrong but maybe in a future video you could introduce this basic models and show how to properly use them? Haha Greetz)))
They sound really different
The wooden instrument seems to have more vibrato in the low section. Is that you or the quality of the Instrument?
I was really impressed by the richness of sound in the cheaper model. In the 10 buck vs 1000 buck video it was clear that the 1000 one was better in just about every regard (although $10 for a functioning and "nice" instrument is nothing to scoff at) but here it appears like the cheaper model defaults at a better sound whereas the more expensive model sounded like it was taking more effort to sound good but likely had more possibility. Vibrato sounded particularly nice on the higher end model, which I think ties into how much more responsive it was to your input. Overall the $30 model was very impressive though. Great video.
I just got a 26 minute ad about the queens of england I'm confused
Honestly, most of the time on these comparison videos I can't hear much difference if any. I'm sure the difference is much bigger in person and depends on the level of the player. Beginners definitely have a hard time choosing simply because you don't want to spend too much in case you don't like it but if you don't spend enough you are guaranteed not to like it because you have a crappy irritating instrument.
Sarah, I think the Moeck wins for me hands down, but I just ordered a Boxwood Alto Yamaha for around $340.00. Are these good ones?
I think it would be interesting to have your husband, who chose the $10 recorder as sufficient for his non-professional use, compare the $10 and $30 recorders and see which of the two he'd choose. Would the increased quality be worth tripling the price for him?

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