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YAMAHA yas 107 120W Bluetooth Sound Bar (Black) Price: Buy ...

Only 2-1/8 inch high, the YAS-107 sound bar fits in front of almost any TV without obstructing the screen image, or it can be placed on a lower shelf of a TV ...


Buy YAMAHA YAS-107 Soundbar Online from Flipkart.com

YAMAHA YAS-107 Soundbar (Black, 2.0 Channel). Price: Not Available. Currently Unavailable.


Buy YAMAHA YAS -107 Soundbar With Bluetooth & Built-in ...

YAMAHA YAS -107 Soundbar With Bluetooth & Built-in Subwoofer Watts- 120 W Bluetooth Soundbar (Black, Stereo Channel) · Power Output(RMS): 120 W · Power Source: AC ...


YAMAHA yas 107 120W Bluetooth Sound Bar (Black) › Customer ...

An excellent soundbar at the price if you are looking for 1. A single unit setup without multiple speakers and wires 2. Multiple connectivity options (HDMI, ...


Buy Replacement Remote for Yamaha YAS-107 YAS-207 YAS 106 ...

Check out Replacement Remote for Yamaha YAS-107 YAS-207 YAS 106 YAS-203 ATS-1070 ... Remote Control FSR60 WY57800 Applicable for Yamaha Soundbar ATS-1… 2.


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Replacement Remote for Yamaha ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Replacement Remote for Yamaha YAS-107 YAS-207 YAS 106 YAS-203 ATS-1070 ATS-1060 ATS-1030 FSR66 ZJ78750 ...


Buy OEM Yamaha Remote Control Originally Shipped With YAS107 ...

Amazon.in: Buy OEM Yamaha Remote Control Originally Shipped With YAS107 & YAS-107 ... Yamaha YAS-109 120 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Alexa (Black).


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: OEM Yamaha Remote Control ...

OEM Yamaha Remote Control Originally Shipped With YAS107 & YAS-107 ... this is the remote that came with my sound bar 1 1/2 years ago, and stopped working.


ReadyPlug HDMI Cable for: Yamaha YAS-107 Sound Bar (Black, 25 ...

ReadyPlug HDMI Cable for: Yamaha YAS-107 Sound Bar (Black, 25 Feet) : Amazon.in: Electronics.


Yamaha YAS-107 2 Soundbar Features

  • Connectivity : Wired
  • DVD Playback
  • HDMI

The lowest Yamaha YAS-107 2 Soundbar Price in India is ₹20,000 at Flipkart.
Buy Yamaha YAS-107 2 Soundbar online at Flipkart.
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Yamaha YAS-107 2 Soundbar Specifications

Amplifier Features
Amplifier Output 0 W
Digital Amplifier No
Audio Features
Audio Formats HD
Dolby Digital Yes
Maximum Frequency Response 0 Hz
Minimum Frequency Response 0 Hz
Number of Centre Spreakers 0
Number of Front Speakers 2
Number of Subwoofers 2
Number of Surround Speakers 2
Signal to Noise Ratio 0 dB
Total Number of Speakers 2
Connectivity Features
Number of HDMI Ports 2
Number of USB Ports 0
Center Speaker Depth 0 mm
Center Speaker Height 0 mm
Center Speaker Weight 0 kg
Center Speaker Width 0 mm
Front Speaker Depth 0 mm
Front Speaker Height 0 mm
Front Speaker Weight 0 kg
Front Speaker Width 0 mm
Subwoofer Depth 0 mm
Subwoofer Height 0 mm
Subwoofer Weight 3.4 kg
Subwoofer Width 0 mm
Surround Speaker Depth 0 mm
Surround Speaker Height 0 mm
Surround Speaker Weight 3.4 kg
Surround Speaker Width 0 mm
Brand Yamaha
Channel 2
Enclosure Type SPEAKER
Model Number YAS-107
Speaker Type Soundbar
Supported Device Laptop, iPhone, MP4 Player, Camcorder, Gaming Console, Music System, iPod, PC, TV
In the Box
2 Soundbar set
Power Features
Power Consumption 0 W
Power Requirement NA
Video Features
3D Compatibility No
Drive Type SOUND BAR
Video Formats NA

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Yamaha yas 107 soundbar review - DTS Virtual x - sound test - 2018
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buy Yamaha yas 107 on amazon: https://geni.us/yas107*affiliate links. I get a small percentage of any sale.
Hi Alan many thanks for you excellent reviews. I am between the Yamaha yas-107 and the Sony SF200. any advice which one is better? Many thanks in advance
I am confused between Yamaha yas108 and sony ht-s350 can you recommend which one the best plz, and which one has the best Bass
Any one know if this sound bar has universal remote codes
Hello ive bought this soundbar a few years ago but i lost the cable so ive never updated the firmware, im wondering does updating this yas 107 improves the soundbar alot? Or are you updates not noticeable?I would love to know thank you and nice video
Brilliant review.
Thank you for sharing Alan. I am a YAS 107 owner and I was looking for advices to make voices more distinct. I will test your suggestions. By the way, I totally agree with your remarks about surround versus virtual x and the graphs are definitively a plus.
Great review and overview. Are you by chance knowledgeable about how the YAS-107 should be setup on an Xbox One X?
Came for a review, but the DTS explanation was enough for a like on this video. Great stuff
Hi Alan, I was wondering what the hell you're going to do for 33 mins, but you know what? great review mate, I learnt a hell of a lot for a person who is looking to buy one of these. other reviewers are all scripted but you haven't scripted what you're going to say about, which makes it legit. Great work mate. keep up the good work two thumbs up.
Honestly this is the first over 30m review that I've fully watched! :OWow! The timestamps aren't needed at all as you'll gonna watch it all! xD
Could you offer advice when shopping for an external sub for this? Not sure what I need to be looking for, or any recommendations.
Thanks for the video very helpful bud cheers from
Man, if I'm the CEO of Yamaha, I pay for you to review all my product. Thanks for the lot of information, just order mine, you sell it. :-)
I have a tough question websites seem to contradict itself with. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YAS 107 AND ATS 1030! Specifically, which one has Virtual X firmware PRE-INSTALLED! I also heard rumors about the ATS 1070 unable to update firmware period despite having the Virtual X logo. I need a clear answer on these 2 identical soundbars.
From -4 to +4 which subwoofer volume level do you recommend ?
Ok So i just got mine after wathing your review! Holly Molly, i ve plugged my ancient Pioneer sw110s on it and im already thinking of Disassembling my 5.1 system its amazing!! Could i maybe plug 2 subs Will that do a change?
Alan you seem to be an expert on these soundbars.. I have the next model up, the Yas 108. I like it but the DTS virtusl X.. sounds very Tinny to me, and only really sounds 3D ish when I play call of duty.What do you think of the DTS Virtual X ? Am I doing something wrong for it to sound tinny? Should I try a different HDMI cable?!!
Yamaha didn't explain like this but you did great explanation.
I have the yas 108 and decided to update the firmware. Big mistake. They have taken the bass away in the 6.0 version, it's hard to see a difference between bass extension on and off. Did experienced that issue mr. Alan?
This guys voice gives me a headache..
U r technical details OK...where is demo and reviews...
What is the difference between yas107 and yas107BL....?Which one is better
It's not a review
Please provide a review, you are just narrating the specifications and features.. Where is your review ?
This is not a real review.The same content was published on the website too
I have the 105 and I don't have any plans to upgrade as of 10/2020. It's a big step up from my Sony TV speakers.
11:46 neighbors are entering. :-)
Awesome comparison! Super un-biased (SO important) - exactly what I was looking for :D
This one best demostrations of the lower range Yamaha soundbars I have watched. The audio demo was very good, I could really hear the difference between the 107 and the 105. Thanks for a very good demo.
Thank you. this is good a review.
Great video 3 ranges of music awesome showing Great music to
Any idea if those soundbars integrate with tvs so I wont have to use its remote?
This sound is good in my earphones! >
Will it give surround sound from my TV or more stereo like ? Thank you
Well done, thank you.
9:13 vs 10:36 Cataclysmic Molten Core - Jingle Punks9:34 vs 10:57 Ever Felt pt.2 - Otis McDonald9:56 vs 11:19 Move Out - MK2
I just got the Yamaha yas108 and its great!
Great video, you really helped me to make a dicision about which sound bar to buy. Thank you so much. I was hoping to find something here with sound comparisons and you did it quite well. Much appreciated!
Have you installed the Firmware Update for DTS Virtual: X Support from the Yamaha Website ?! It boosts the bar another level in 3D mode!
Hi, for point of you what you suggest between Edifier s880db or 7100BT and the yamaha soundbar. Fyi i also listens vinyl records, so i want something with descent sound quality but not too expensive. Thanks Mel
yamaha yas 152 is better? yamaha age 105? yamaha yas 152 bass I wonder how?
Thank you my man, I was considering to buy a soundbar with subwoofer but don't have enough space so I was looking for Yamaha yas 105 all in one and then I clicked on your video... Here in Italy the difference of price is around 20 so I will definitely buy the 107 tomorrow morning it's decided. Thank you thank you thank you for this great comparison :)))
Does anyone know if the sound bar comes on with the tv?I have a sonos playbar in the living room that always comes on with the tv and I love that. The Yamaha is going in the bedroom
Very nice unboxing. Do you happen to know the length of the power supply cable?
Could you use the YAS-107 for a PC if you had enough space, or is it only suitable for a TV or something more distant?
Old video I know. But recently looking to buy this. In fact right now. But need to know one thing. Will this work well for low latency and gaming. Best way I think to set this up with my Nvidia shield is set up like this ? Shield hmdi to sound bar, then sound bar hdmi out to TV. As it's got 4k pass through. Not sure about HDR though. But all I care is that it's not going to add huge amounts of latency in gaming. In shield or a console.
Hola,se nota algo el sonido envolvente?
I just purchased the 108 for my bedroom. Is it ok?
Yamaha YAS-108 https://stereotv.com.ua/product/yamaha-yas-108/
can anyone recommend the soundbar to 32 inch tv or is recommend for 40 inch and more?
NOT FOR MUSIC. DEFINITIVELY.I have bought for tests (I have little space for stereo).- only vocals - ok- only bass+drums - ok.- bass - drums+ vocals - well, ok.but real music - it is a chore (aggresive, disturbing sound, details go out). Set to stereo mode. High tones go quiet, mid tones go unrecognisable, the one and only is bass which is strong and accurate (regardles of settings; when not boosted, then music is so flat that like from 10USD radio). And - 120W of power, but very quiet (I can play louder from 2x20W Alesis studio speakers)Would eventually do for a TV set.All in all - it is all just a lot of hot air.Goes back to the shop.BTW, I have listened to cheaper models, they are often not ideal, but most of them have nicer sound, more natural.
Two 1/8th's inch cone woofers? How can a woofer only be 1/8th of an inch? Double 3" for the bass, ok, double 1" tweeters..........just don't get the double 1/8th " part.
Hi, does it work on 220v plug ? because I'm not from the US but planning to order one
I've got one, not bad, i had to add an external sub thoygh because they don't handle bass too well
Is there a way to delay audio by a few milliseconds like some of their other models? I have a projector set up and the image is slightly behind, thanks
Is the sub enough for a desktop setup?
How do i update the firmware?
Hello, nice review, what subwoofer would you recommend to add more bass for this soundbar? Do you think it is better to go to the YAS-207 or this one with an external sub around 200USD?
Yamaha YAS-107 https://stereotv.com.ua/product/yamaha-yas-107/ . !
Is there a difference between the YAS-107 and the ATS-1070?
What's difference between YAS-107 & YAS-107BL?
Sir how is bass and treble combination in this sound bar.. I want to buy this from india amazon..
Can this be run into a Yamaha receiver through the digital audio port rather than through the TV? My TV uses HDMI for one signal right now.
I have a 55 inch TV. LeTV in my lobby. Is this good for it ? The TV's sound is really bad.
Hi there, always great videos!! I have a question, what is the difference between the YAS 107 and the YAS 106 ?

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