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Yachtmaster: Shore Based Course Notes Book Reviews from YouTube

RYA Yachtmaster Online Course : Course to Steer
RYA Yachtmaster - Everything You NEED to Know
Best books for msc mathematics || Notes, books all semeter || Full details|| @nbcreator
Yachtmaster Fast Track course Josh
Very good thankyou
Course To Steer
Great explanation however computer gps will do the same and even better with weather conditions.
Just watched this again, Adam, thank you. As I said, Ive been doing the online theory course you did and Ive been at it for two months, mostly on weekends. Ive got the point where I feel that the knowledge and skills needed are well internalised and my confidence in terms of handling the RYA Way is growing. Your insights and description of your experience has been invaluable to me. Ill let you know in August whether Ive passed!! Cheers!
Thank you this video was really super helpful.
Ive got my YM Offshore Motor coming up in a couple of months. Passed my Powerboat Advanced CoC back in March but still lots to revise before then but this video helps.
great vid. Thanks
Lots of great information. Thanks for sharing!
Hey Adam, I did the YM coastal exam a few years back: if only this video existed before I did the coarse & exam!Just a fantastic appraisal of the whole YM coarse and assessment process- should be mandatory viewing!
I think you guys need to start doing some training for your subscribers (paid of course), maybe endorse some as the captain of Falcon after they work under you a few days to get their practical?So really you need to actually sail quite a bit, else no point.
Congratulations!!!Im going to write in portugus.Em Portugal o testes de carta de patro de alto mar feita a moda antiga com o astrolbio e sem ajuda de plotters.Tens de saber matemtica e fsica, se no sabes melhor nem tentares fazer Mas fico contente em saber como feito em Inglaterra.Good luck and congratulations
Congratulations! Loved the debrief. Only wished it was longer. I could easily sit through much more of the explanation of your experience. Thank you for taking the time that you did, even though I'm sure it's outside the wheelhouse of many of your followers. Your time to create content, and theirs to watch, is precious. Appreciate the time and effort you took to put this togethter. Best of luck!
Thanks Adam.Very much appreciate the effort. I am still a couple of years out I think, but will remember this.When does K take hers? ;P
Well done Adam, awesome video.
Thanks Adam, very helpful commentary. :-)
This sounded so familiar! And as you said, make sure you have the theory in your head, because that should come as natural. We had to do the mob during the night, which was kind of stressful. But its really worth talking the cours and the exam.Great video!
Did you manage to get insurance coming across the Atlantic without the Yachtmaster? (what I want to do)
Well done mate
you're such a legend! i couldn't care less about this stuff and i was completely engaged and beyond entertained the whole time. it's just a pleasure to hear you talk about (probably) anything!
I have never been on anything more than a tiny lake fishing boat and I find all of this incredibly fascinating. You and Khi have taught me so much over the past year and a bit. I hope to get out on a sailboat one day. I live close to the west coast of Canada so I'm sure there would be some type of sailing experience/course type of thing here.Thanks for the debrief from your course
Thanks for doing this ... great advice and insight.
That was a fantastic rendition Adam. I am only a novice sailor in my opinion. Friends tell me different but this was a great description of what to expect. Ive done lots of theory but until you get out there and practice, practice, practice you can only be good at critiquing others. Job well done mate. Very proud of you from a far in Vancouver Canada. Cheers Doug
Do you need to show proof of the milage? Ive been sailing for years but log books are scattered around the house & I wrote them in diary format, i wasn't thinking ahead
Ek videos bna dijiye please
Sir third semesters ke objects bta diye sir privious yer questions
Sir m.sc 2 nd year ka bhi ese hi samjha dijiye video me
Sir ap kha se ho
Mdu University ke liye kafi h ye notes
Kurukshetra University me yhi chalenge notes
Chindwadha University me bhi kam aa jayenge kya
Sir notes aap bnaye hai
Sir ye notes devi ahilya bai k syllabus se match krte h...?
Which university you belong
Aur hamara ek subject programming in c he uske notes bhi mil jaege
Sir ye Notes vikram University ke sellubus se match krte he
Fair play Josh! Would love to know what he is doing now?

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