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Buy Xpro XP-63 USB Mouse - Black online at Flipkart. USB Mouse Xpro XP-63 USB Mouse - Black Colours: Black
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Xpro XP-63 USB Mouse - Black Features

  • Wired
  • Interface: USB
  • Optical Mouse
  • USB Mouse
Xpro XP-63 USB Mouse - Black Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Xpro XP-63 USB Mouse - Black Price in India is ₹425 at Flipkart.
Buy Xpro XP-63 USB Mouse - Black online at Flipkart.
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Xpro XP-63 USB Mouse - Black Specifications

Connectivity And Power Features
Bluetooth No
Cable Length 1.2 m
Color Black
Megapixels per Second 1000
Model Name XP-63
Sales Package usb mouse
System Requirements windows

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Xpro XP-63 USB Mouse - Black Reviews from YouTube

HP USB X500 Wired Optical Sensor Mouse Unboxing & Review || Best Budget Wired Mouse ||
Usb mouse and keyboard on Arduino, CH559 cheap usb host chip
Ho provato a creare una PC Build da 6000€!
Unboxing XPro XP-277 (Laptop Cooling Pad With USB Port)
I ordered it today @269/- INR from Official HP Store. Flipkart & Amazon are selling it at super high rates.
u r the friend of bitluni right .
Thank you Aaron for introducing me to this device. I bought a couple of the ElectroDragon dev boards and have been playing with them for the past week or so. There is a web site called "USB made simple" but that is a bit of an oxymoron! I downloaded your software from GitHub and have been adding more printfs in order to better understand the USB protocol. I have had success plugging in mice and keyboards and even non HID stuff such as a USB floppy. From what I can tell, you appear to have taken the "official" code and changed it from Keil to SDCC, possibly adding code to support both ports/hubs? Just yesterday I tried plugging in two devices (both mice) but only one responded until the other was unplugged. So I am now looking at the software trying to understand why. From the datasheet there is a USB_CTRL register and also similar registers UHUB0_CTRL and UHUB1_CTRL which appear to have the same speed control bits, which is a bit puzzling. I sort of understand what host transfers do, however I do not understand how a particular port to be communicated with is selected. This chip has 2 ports/hubs (not sure what the proper terminology is) and it is not clear when a host transmission is made whether the packet is sent on a particular port or both ports.
I'm late to the party, but great/informative video and nice demo. Thanks for working on this and posting. For the CH559L, I wonder if one port is LS and the other port is FS (something in the datasheet made me think that, but I'm not sure). Also, for the 20-pin CH559T version, it apparently only handles one port (I just see dm/dp pins). Do you anticipate a version of your software for that package?
Is the controller doesn't need a crystal to operate? 😱
Great work! But how's the schematic to upload the bin file to the chip?
Sample Arduino code Port number is wrong for msgType MSG_TYPE_HID_INFO and MSG_TYPE_DEVICE_POLL. The Sample code always returns port 0 for the device regardless of which port the data is coming from. looks like "device" variable is offset byte 7 of msgbuffer but when msgType value is MSG_TYPE_HID_INFO or MSG_TYPE_DEVICE_POLL this is not correct. port ends up being 0 instead of values of 1 or 2. I checked msgbuffer values and the first 11 header bytes are identical regardless of port the device is plugged into for these msgtypes. my devices descriptors dont have a report id so i cannot tell which port data is comming from. Can you please assist?
I was able to get this to work but with many gamepads like popular logitec F310, the arduino code detects the device and receives Device info on portn but it does not get the HID info data at all. Can you please review why some devices are not sending Hid info (msgType 7 MSG_TYPE_HID_INFO) when connected?
great video... 2 days ago i entered my 1st pcbway pcb of five 8" x 6" 2L 1.6mm for $54 so with SH the total came to $82 shipped to the states... thanks...:)
Hi great project, the capacitor connected to VDD33 needs to be 3.3uF and above for it to work properly in case using 5v. Took me a long time to discover.
Could it be a HiD relay? I would like hid devices such as barcode scanner or keyboard are read by this chip, send the data to UART and relay the HID data to computer as slave keyboard. Is it possible?
can it be usb keyboard host for windows ?
Where in Europe can you buy this IC from? Looks like a really good solution for interfacing USB devices to microcontrollers!
Where can I get the Gerber and schematics for this?
Can the CH559 be used to allow 2 or more ESP32s to talk via usb (usb to usb) rather than usb to serial?
Probably a stupid question, but can this CH559 be used to build a HID device from a panel with a bunch of buttons and switches, with output via USB into a computer that will detect it as a HID device?
Can you provide the board schematic pls?
Nice sehr cool
Ist diese Platine dann kompatibel/OK? https://easyeda.com/tvelectronicstv/ch559_copy
Man kann da ja auch Controller anschließen, oder? Hat Bitluni zumindest gemacht...
Kannst du vielleicht die Gerber-Dateien / EasyEda-Dateien teilen? Weil du hast noch mehr Anschlüsse auf der Platine, als auf Diagramm gezeigt...
8:06 e io che cerco di farmi un PC da 1100€, se ci metto sto SSD manco un quarto di scheda madre mi prendo
Meglio Intel
Perchè non fai un video che prendi un pc da discarica e lo trasformi con pezzi di recupero (sempre da discarica) , a costo " 0,00 €" ?
un case carino è il 220t(un po' piccolo) ,un corsair 4000x (fantastico) altrimenti ultimi due 465x sempre corsair oppure vai su un nzxt h510i (rgb integrata), h710 per avere più spazio. link https://www.amazon.it/dp/B08C76W2WM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_GHOIFbRKM80JA https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07RQW7W9P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tIOIFb4F68SAR https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07W6RCKWF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_eJOIFbVFDDHK0 https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07SDBRQ6L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_PJOIFbGM2D6ZH https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07SFBYQN8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_mKOIFbFMSKPFF like per impegno.👍❤👊👊
La build che farei: Ryzen 9 3950x X570 crosshair vii formula rtx titan sabrent 4.0 2tb + 3.0 4tb beauiet straight power 11 1200w beauiet 500dx bequiet dark rock pro 4 totale: 6094€ mi piacciono i pc molto silenziosi, quindi ho scelto un dissipatore ad aria, alimentatore e case bequiet
Boh tu meriteresti più iscritti
Io metterei meno ram e una sli di 2080ti, un case più grosso e un dissipatore da 360mm
mitico, sto guardando tutti i tuoi video da due giorni
A me piace il Corsair 110Q come case
Ciao Young, in un nuovo video proverai una distro Linux chiamata puppy Linux? Sarebbe bello avere un video in italiano che ne parla. Continua così :D
Come case io andrei su Cooler Master Stacker, avuto tempo fa. Case di acciaio massiccio, enorme, e design curato. L’avevo pagato 200€ nel 2009, oggi penso ci siano i successori dello stacker. Se lo cerchi su google immagini, quello che avevo io è quello con le feritoie orizzontali nella parte frontale, modello 832
Surface Studio e problema risolto
Pivello !!! Ovviamente scherzo =) !! Puoi fare di meglio ti do una lista e vedi cosa salta fuori ?mmm la cpu direi un A
Ma sei un grande🤣
Scusa perché non dovresti riuscire a farla?
ciao ti ricordi di me quello della discussione. farai uno speciale di 300 iscritti??
Io metterei 2 schede madri, qnd 2 processori?
hai mai provato Mac? Io no e graficamente non mi piace, perché non trovi un modo di fare un hackintosh/ farti prestare un Mac da qualcuno per fare il video? Secondo me sarebbe interessante
1no. bhawa,tuch re

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