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Xpeed Terminator Head Guard - Red Features

  • Type: Boxing Head Guard
  • Ideal For: Senior
  • For: Boxing
  • L Size
  • Na Orientation
  • Guards
Xpeed Terminator Head Guard - Red Colours:
  • Red

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Xpeed Terminator Head Guard - Red Specifications

Ideal For Senior
Size L
Type Head Guard
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package Pack of 1

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Xpeed Terminator Head Guard - Red Reviews from YouTube

Sparring Helmet With Face Shield Review - The RDX T1 Combox head guard with polymer face shield.
RDX Head Guard | RDX Sports | Helmet With A Face Shield
Can u put these in a match against knight or knight x
That's the one in gonna get
Does large or medium cover more of the mouth? (My head is 22")
Is Winning-USA a safe website to order from?
Need to compare this to fly please sir!!
Hey boss I know what's the difference when I ship kozuji I want buy these head gear I live in the usa would I use DHL OR FEDEX. if u can please let me know what's better form your experience
Hi,I know these headgears are made to protect the nose, but does the cheek protectors offer any protection for the mouth/teeth area? I have some dental problems and the cheek protectors look like it would stop a glove making contact with say your front teeth. Is that the case?
Compared to fly x guard, price, durability how does it compare?! Thanks in advanced
trevor whitman the MMA coach has a brand called onyx that has some pretty high tec gear. would be something to look into maybe
I currently have winning which I love how light it is and makes me feel like I am not even wearing anything.Although I am into d3o Rival, but I know Rival is twice heavier but you think is it worth to put winning aside and put Rival for the d3o?Can d3o be safer than winning ?
You only have one head, its worth protecting - 250 odd quid is not that much in the scheme of things
Best headgear Ive ever tried on. Lightweight comfortable and great vision. Good protection too.Love your reviews. From Nepal
Hi, What would you recommends after this model (cheekgard) ? I value my head protection but I'm not sure I'm training hard enough to justify that price. I live close to a Rival store, does their version offer a similar level of nose protection ? My defense isn't good enough and I would appreciate a better nose protection to speed up the recovery. (I don't want a bar so I'm hopping this type of headgear would be a good compromise)Thank you!
Is there anything you can recommend to help with hand pain Ive purchased onx gloves but even they havent solved it
Kozuji does not ship to Germany
I got 22" head size. Should I go for a large?
Since you mentioned high quality synthetic leathers, maybe you should try a pair of Hayabusa's T3 model. A lot of people swear by them and I'd like to see your opinion as well.
great review, Winning are amazing
Can you do a review on ether valour strike sparring gloves or venum 2.0 gloves
Hi, should I buy 14oz Winning gloves, or Cleto Reyes training gloves. Im 155pounds btw. I need a all around glove.
Looking for a good piece of headgear? This one by RDX is the preferred choice for most of our Wing Chun students. It's rather inexpensive and constructed really well. Do you have a preferred helmet with face shield you use?
Hey man, can this be a good protective gear for someone who can't take pressure on his face doing grappling? Thanks for the review
You cant see the punches coming clearly its a problem remember guys ?!!
How much would you reckon that face shield takes pressure off your eye when punched in the face compared to a "typical" open face styled helmet? I'm asking this because I used to do kickboxing and had a helmet without too much face protection. I have poor vision so I like to use contact lenses when training. Whilst sparring, when someone hit me good in the face my lenses flew off. I now do Krav maga and we do light contact sparring and I'm wondering how deep will the opponents glove penetrate that mask, meaning will the glove hit the eye? Thanks if you answer!
its useless because you arent developing the proper visual motor skills needed for combat due to severely restricted vision.All this does is prevent cuts and nasal damage,youll actually get more brain trauma because you wont see the shots coming.Ive worn several different masks when I had face injuries and they were all useless except the very expensive one with the single nosebar.
My kids just starting boxing with be okay for light sparring
The problem with THIS headguard is that it restricts your visionso it makes it harder to see the punches coming.
Can you tell me please does this helmet protect your mouth and teeth becose I wear prosthesis
is it safe for boxing?
Dont do head sparring. Only body sparring. Nothing can protect the head. The head rattle causes concussion
Thank you bro
Hey man, my mates and I are thinking of starting up some very amateur boxing, and just sparring each other for fun and what not. We arent taking it that seriously, so we definitely want adequate nose protection as everyones number 1 fear is a broken nose. Is the face grill sturdy/adequate enough to protect the nose from frontal impact? Minor injuries arent a concern, we just want to keep our beaks in one piece! Also, a very solid review, great video!
hello. what is your head circumference and what do you suggest for 60 CM head circumference guy to get?I am thinking between Large and X-large. Cant decide which one to get
Does the plastic shield break easily or does it last long and is it durable
Hi! How can I know my size? Im 57 cm, I see that can be the s size in this model but also I see that in other type of helmet rdx Ill be the M size
Can the gloves touch your eyes in sparring?
After watching this videos I just bought one! Amazing videos keep it up
Hey appreciate the review. I was wondering about plastic face guard, is it solid enough to not get broken and with a punch get pushed inside a head guard.
Do you need to wear a mouthguard
Solid boxing headgear review, love the info!
which one do you think is better, winning fg 2900 or fly knight?
Winning use belt buckel too in the leather version bro Floyd Mayweather and canelo pacquiao use the leather version with belt buckel bro
Whats the difference between the old Superbar head guard by fly and the new one?
Which headgear provides more space between your nose and the nose bar? Thanks.
I just purchased a Sting Evolution Headguard after watching your video on it, I just came across this and now Im slightly doubting it How would you compare this to the sting, especially in terms of visibility and protection?
terrible scorecard.
Also Fly have the best Fight Gloves 10 oz in the game !
How would you compare the noble headgear to fly. In terms of vision size and weight
Could you review the venum headguard with bar
Now that it's been a couple weeks is the fly your favorite?
I would choose Fly just based on performance and vision.
Interesting, I wonder what medical research, if any, has gone into the radical downsizing of this Fly headguard. Compared side by side with the winning it looks like a childs helmet, and the winning is regarded as one of the smaller helmets on the market. Companies are always on the lookout to reduce weight and size of their products. Outdoor clothing companies in particular strive to reduce the weight of their GoreTex rain jackets - and always at the expense of durability and functionality. If you look at the evolution motor cycle and push bike helmets, in a way a similar product to boxing head guards, those two type of helmets have increased in size over the years, to enhance safety.
For a children's glove, Would you recommend those lamarr boxing gloves or 4 oz infinitudes?
"Superbar" if you take the last two letters you get "superb"
I in Italy there are two new boxing brands matador and kangoo please can you review some of them product they look really good?
Can give me the link ,and iam from india
Where to buy Reebok boxing boots
I hope they release more colours in the whole X line
I like the compact size of the Fly. I hope they will release it in the X lineup.
Fly Gear is much better than winning Gear
I got this a while ago for light sparring in the boxing gym. I got one with adequate face protection for my rather large and protruding nose. My problem is that somehow 1 timw during practice an uppercut made the plastic guard bounce off my nose and I kinda got a small bruise. Nothing serious thankfully, but did I just put it on too loose or is it an sizing issue?I know I could have made it fit a little tighter. It was a hot day too so it got kinda slippery.
Do you think it would provide me adequate protection if I go protesting downtown?

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