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Xpeed Floor to Ceiling Ball Speed Bag Features

  • Type: Speed Bag
  • Ideal For: Senior
  • Color: Black, Green
  • Medium Size
  • Unfilled
  • Other Accessories

Find the best deal on Xpeed Floor to Ceiling Ball Speed Bag at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Xpeed Floor to Ceiling Ball Speed Bag Price in India is ₹1,499 at Flipkart.
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Xpeed Floor to Ceiling Ball Speed Bag Specifications

Ideal For Senior
Type Speed Bag
In the Box
Sales Package 1 Punching Bag

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Xpeed Floor to Ceiling Ball Speed Bag Reviews from YouTube

Title Boxing Quick Puncher/ Double End Bag REVIEW- A GOOD ALTERNATIVE TO THE DOUBLE END BAG?
How to Install/ Set-Up a Double End Bag at HOME!- THE BEST BOXING BAG FOR YOUR HOME GYM?
Double-End Bag Tutorial & Advanced Kickboxing Tricks
How long does it last?
I just ordered one but different brand lol at the end of the day same thing different brand. Also man I wanted to ask will this help my real boxing skills and help me in boxing sparring/fights?
A gallon of water might make a good base?
It's not made for the big gloves an you would be able to use as a speed bag
definitely wil help me because i see punches very late in sparring so might help me build reflexes and get used to incoming punches and its very cheap not like a freestanding bag which cost atleast 300 $ and a bag is found anywhere in gym anyway.
a 10lb dumbell works great for a base with these in case u get a version that came with suction cups
Suggestion, try without the gloves using just handwraps.... takes Much more work and prescision to hit cleanly ... add hooks and uppercuts to ur routine , Much harder than hitting with strait shots...This is a fantastic tool for any boxer and is Silent so u can use in an apartment... nice review brother!
With mine it kept sliding down
Have you ever done a review on the spider bag ?
Whats the difference between this and s similar u hung onto ur door frame with a suction cup
I've had mine for a day I love it! Even my 3 year old gets the hang of it. Best Covid buy!
They should come up with the same thing as this but with strong suctions so that there is no need to drill a hole
Isn't this the same thing as a double end bag if not better?
THis thing was cool. mine broke from the top because when i installed it I fucked up and ruined that clear tube. no problem with the base though. for the price, not bad at all
How do u like this next to double ended bag
Great review thanks
How has the ball itself held up?
For those that live in an apartment, I tie the top to a doorway mounted pull-up bar and it has worked great for the past 4 years. I highly recommend for those that live in an apartment or condo where notice can be an issue. Also a great training tool as I teach my son boxing.
What is more effective a double end bag or the quick puncher? Please answer as soon as possible
Made one for about 8 bucks...
this is more about timing than speed
Unreal timing
stop puttin ur shitty song over the original audio.
Look at that fake as fuck fanboy in the "nobody trains harder" shirt. That guy totally wants to suck Floyds cock. ROFL
This music is horrible. WTH?
Find someone that looks at you how his bodyguard looks at him.
Michelle Joy Phelps With Her Fine Ass, Hey Floyd With The Knockout on Conor This Saturday Mark My Words 50-0 #TBE
His bodyguard is such a brown nose, cringe.
Does anyone else realize how he raises his upper lip
does.any one know the song
Not hating but have you even seen mcgreggor's speed? And footwork? I guess not if you think this is fast....
Who the fuck are the those 2 bozos in tank tops getting all wet for floyd? Wtf lmao
Thats not stunning speed thats shit
Ha! Gaaaayyy
Conor is a walking DEAD MAN 50-0 !!!!!!!!!! #TBE
no one does it faster then Roy Jones
I swear that white body guard if fucking him
That punch aint knock out anyone
Hail the master...
Haha that wasn't gay.
I just bought the same double end bag
Nice video if I end up buying one of these Ill know what to do although I dont have a 20 kg plate what could I replace this withI have cat litters 10 kg one bag
Just bought this same exact bag, but haven't installed it. how are the bungee cords keeping up?
I want one , but I dont have a darn drill, and I dont think my mom wants me drilling a hole in her ceiling .... why does everything have to Inclue drilling a hole in a wall or ceiling..... dam.
1:40 what is this black rope name?
Technic is more important than equipments.
what size is this double end bag? 5", 7" or 9"
Also my base bag is filled with sand & it was from the pro store already filled (YAY))- God I Love boxing so!!!! BOXING FOR LIFE! !!!
Miss my boxing gym also but mine is because Im caregiving for my Dad but so Happy my friend is installing the double end bag in my garage tomorrow.... & ordering the speed bag, & 200 pound punching bag for home...... got to keep it a movin!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!!!
How do u fill the everlast anchor?
My ceiling is only 8 ft hight so IAM thinking I have to do several nuts on bungie cord to adjust it like yours?I also have the same water bag as yours.IAM getting an 8ft rail to mount a 100lbs 6ft bag for boxing and muay thai, a water bag like yours and the double end bag....Don't know if I should put the double end bag on the rail though since I won't be able to slide it with out unhooking bottom bungie cord?My son wrestles so we use garage to do wrestling drills too that's why IAM getting a rail so I can slide bags out of the way..
I got the same bag but the 9". Should I get a smaller one for my 17 year old? His main sport is wrestling but be is being doing muay thai since he was 5 and boxing on and off. Do you think this is a good size or should I get him a smaller one?
Hey ima get one of these bags which do u think is the best size?
What is that I stallion on the Ceiling , can u make a video on how to install that. ? Pls
Just set mines up samw bag and the quality it amazing! Way better than mma max and everlast I popped both of them in a month I can tell the quality is way better
How would I attach this if I cannot drill into a ceiling anywhere?
Have to say all time watching this I was jealous of the weight. Seriously good instructions.
What size bag do you have?
If I dont have a 45 plate, is using the everlast bag filled with water sufficient for securing the base?
so im planning on getting one but i live in an apartment and im wondering if the ceiling would be to low.
amazing and inspiring bag work. thx
How do you adjust these balls to put them higher or lower?
Very good, but bag, not hit back!
Some of these have a more elongated shape like an American football does that make it different?Should i just get the round one?
Nice, thanks for posting these tips
2:19 Heavy bags are great with the right understanding. At first I would miss a hook on the bag and almost spin around. Shadow Boxing not only gives you better balance and form, it also teaches you how to miss strikes and not lose balance. Same with these other training tools, you benefit from then all together
I almost bought myself a cobra bag but i think i will go with the double bag instead
Make your own reflex speedball easy and fast!! the double end bag break quickly? I'm buying one plz help
Watch YouTube vid calledHITTING SPEED BAG BLINDFOLDED FASTER THAN FLOYD MAYWEATHER shit bro you have some good ass technique.
I saw thumbnail, i clicked, i retained nothing, put a damn shirt on boyo for the sake of all add girl boxers out there
Great points! You can work on so much ... not to mention the footwork if you have the space around the bag.
Next tutorial: how to get your sharingan
Thank You.
Hey Shane, have you tried out one of those "Cobra" speed bags? They have similar action to the double-ended bags (and are much more expensive) but they have their own bottom weight. Here's a link so you can see what I'm talking about - I was just wondering if you might prefer the action of the Cobra bag compared to the double-ended bag.
I'm 5'5. Does the height of the bag matter? Or is this just for accuracy ? I want to prepare for taller opponents.
We have that bag at 9 round fit.Im terrible at it.Im going to practice and get my timing downSo i can look cool like you .
Thank you
Nice vid

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