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WUHAN WU104-16 China Cymbal : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments

Model: WU10416; 16 inch cymbal; Wuhan cymbals made of high-quality cast B20 alloy dark explosive trashy; Handcrafted according to a two-thousand- year old ...


Wuhan WU104 China Cymbal (16 Inch) Features

  • Model: WU10416
  • 16 inch cymbal
  • Wuhan cymbals made of high-quality cast B20 alloy dark explosive trashy
  • Handcrafted according to a two-thousand- year old traditional methods
  • Buffed to a brilliant finish stamped with unobtrusive but attractive logo
  • Key specs are not available.

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Wuhan WU104 China Cymbal (16 Inch) Reviews from YouTube

Wuhan 16 inch China cymbal review
12" Wuhan China - Cymbal Review
Wuhan China Cymbals: 14", 16", 17", 18" & 19"
Wuhan Cymbals Demo by Sweetwater
You have some nice toyz🤟 love that trashy sound. Is it holding up?
I love the trashyness of these cymbals with snare hits
hi bro, you got a nice one
Awesome, man!
I'm a Meinl user, but Wuhan has always been my choice for china cymbals. I own a 12" and a 16". They're the best even if they're cheap.
I LOVE THE WARMTH OF WUHAN cymblas. I own one. It has been with me since forever..it hasnt cracked, its brilliant looking and warm sounding.
I have this exact same one and it sounds better than any xildjian oriental cjina trash , or k china, etc. Of course thats where the competition ends against zildjian because wuhans crashes and rides will never touch my k sweets and clusters.
1:33 is that stack on the right? what cymbals are you using? thanks
They are probably the best China's ever made
Wuhan china is something different now
Wuhan china.. 2020 does not like you.
Now I got the wuhan China flu. Not as cool as this cymbal
Lol wuhan may be “cheap” but they’re one of the best sounding chinas in my opinion. I only use Meinl except for chinas now. I would not consider it a fun nicnac but an actual cymbal that is very important for my set.
I have Wuhan China 16 radius and i satisfied her sound,the sound is harsh and shrill.
Sounds pretty good to me
Lol Wuhan
i think these cymbals are supposed to be played loud. that being said, i also think you just like stacks more- preffer them. the way you played on the stack earlier had a very similar sound to the stack you made with this. I see a lot of people hate on these cymbals but quite frankly i think if you would have gotten a bigger china wuhan it would have sounded better with your kit.
i thought those were lion dance cymbals
My drum kit i got had one, it's a 17 inch. Before I upgraded to the Menil dark custom set. An yes it was hard on my ears as well. Sounded like a gong to me.
It's not minal cymbals
I have an 18" Wuhan China cymbal and the sound of it is . . . interesting. I got it with my drum set. I have to put it on the stand like a regular cymbal. I can't mount upside down as usual because it is quite imbalanced and won't sit flat. BTW, what are they made of? From the black center underneath it looks like a light weight cast iron.
Mel Lewis was a master at using a china cymbal in a big band for a ride. He did not turn it upside down. The following recording is a great example in a tune called "Don't git Sassy" by the Thad Jones and Mel Lewis Big Band". It starts around 2:19.
makes a great accent cymbal
This sounds waaayyy better than the one I have. Mine is literally like hitting a trash can lid
A basic rock groove would've made this much more helpful.
these are the best! no one makes them sound like that - those are what Neil used
I have played my 16” Wuhan China for 10 years, IMO it is the trashiest and best China out there
I want to hear all cymbals. Replace the drums with China's also. Just all cymbals lol.
terrible demo.
* Lars Ulrich has entered the chat *
Muy confuso, debería cambiar el formato respecto a como hacer los demos
stop with all of the "artsy" shit and hit the fuckin things already. That was not helpful.
Wuhan needs to develop the Covid-19 China cymbal. That would show an extreme sense of humor.
probably the best china symbols tbh
Lars ulrich drum kit
im really feeling that 14"
Very cool! Nice playing! Also, to the armchair critics posting here: Go ahead and make your own Wuhan demonstration video, playing in a style that you like, and post it.
Wtf with this "demonstration"? Hit the damn cymbals, the tip of the drumstick does not help at all! What a waste of time.
If you get one these days, make sure to sanitize it first... or better just burn it lol.
Really cool - I felt like I was listening to M’Boom
This is the Best Wuhan China cymbal comparison I have ever seen! Excellent skills too! Thanks for posting this, I was going from video to video to listen to someone talk for 4 minutes before they ever hit the cymbal. Even then it was never with on each side, which many people do occasionally flip them for a different sound or set. I really appreciate the effort you put into this!
“Hit ‘em harder!” - Everyone with cracked cymbals at home
Vai tomar no seu rabo, quem toca um china assim?
Okay I was not expecting you to play like that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I’ve been looking for the China sound for that Neil peart type of sound, stumbled across this and this is exactly what I wanted, turns out he actually did use wuhan china’s for the part of his career that I’m trying to get the sound of
OH dear
My favorite China cymbals by far!
My dad said I should put a bat sticker on my wuhan china
China corona cymbals
Made in china Crap
Do not buy this garbage or anything from Wuhan.
so they are Chinese right??
Does it have COVID-19?
Well, that didn’t age well 😅
wuhan's china crash are amazing.
This has aged terribly
The snare work at 0:34. Dude.
Please demo the ORA low volume cymbals. There's only like one review on the internet!
This was tres cool , I have a couple of Wuhans ,lovem!
Didn't Phil Collins use a Zildjian swish China back then?
I'm getting this for my dad as a functional gag gift. ...Bat guano hopefully not included
who is this guy? He's great

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