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Great video and happy vlogmas! I put a couple designer bags on my Christmas wishlist on my channel!
Such a stunning collection!
Love your outfit and decor of your home. I love your collection! It’s beautiful 😻 That little bag is adorable. That black with the gold Prada is unique. I’ve never seen it before.
Love your dress so much!! Where is it from?!
Just love your collection 😻 want them all Uploaded my new vlog plz come check it out https://youtu.be/0gyJsQsWe2Y
My dream is a Louis Vuitton and you’ve got the perfect tote! I look for some second hand but they go for almost the same price as new! 💫💫💫
love your collection! A lot of Chloe bags have such awfully noisy hardware :( I actually sold my faye for that reason.
Your blue Prada bag should sell easily! If I had that kind of money I’d buy it, someone will snag that off Poshmark in no time! 💙
You are my favorite youtuber🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
WTF is wrong with her cheeks
I love rectangular crossbody bags too! I find them to be the most convenient style. I recently got a Mini Reissue and have been loving it. It's so functional!
Lol yes👏👏👏I don’t think enough people talk about how loud and annoying the Chloe hardware was. I stopped using my mini Faye backpack bc it jingle jangles so much! But I’m going to see if I embrace the noise again, haha.
Where’s the dress from????
Yasss totally here for your designer purse collection. I've been wanting to see it! 😍
Can u link where u got the diana from pls
You can’t just go to Hermès and buy a Birkin. Doesn’t work that way.
I think Salvatore Ferragamo bags are super classy
Am 1 year late what about those who can't afford those bags
To me, these bags not only looks elegant and classy, but it looks professional as well.
Who can afford these bags? I'm single and make less than 100K a year. We need suggestions for a lower income please.
I wisch I would have just such problems
No Chanel made it to the list. Just purchased my first Kelly and Birkin this year for the same reason. For investments. I have been offered already $2k above my purchase price.
So, some people that carry a Birkin isn’t of status or affluence🤔...I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on the sudden wave of African American rappers carrying Hermès Birkins. Some have even made the assumption (in so many words) that they’re bringing down the value of Hermès.
you missed out bags from Salvatore Ferragamo and Loewe Heritage and Loewe Amazona which is 40 years old. You also left out Mulberry brand
Do you have a video like this on footwear?
Make video on Michael kors bags worth buying
I would love to get some of those bags, however I do not buy leather. What alternatives would you suggest for high quality lady like vegan bags? Thank you, love your channel!
There are actually other branded bags that looks / has the same use as these bags. I think this is just about the price tho
Ooh, I’m usually not a fan of Fendi bags that I have seen with the F’s written all over, but that Fendi perk-a-boo is gorgeous 🤩
are people carrying such expensive bags to school?
what I watch after placing an order for a Lavie bag. lol Jokes apart, I believe I will be able to afford this soon. Faith
i would never spend $17,000 on a bag
I enjoy your videos and your candor.. I’m fretfully tired of seeing people in flip flops, leggings, and a hoodie.. but I, for one, do not like name brands and recognizable items, on anything. You can find well-made, classic goods in many brands no one has ever heard of before. Look for craftsmanship.. pride in their product. One-of things say so much more about a person.. and there’s nothing wrong with a partner buying you something special.. but do not forget, we can purchase whatever we decide to have, on our own. Greetings, from TN. 🌺
I can't afford any of the bags you mentioned but I've been wanting a few BRAHMIN for a while, love the texture and the fact that not everyone out there has them.
Wow how to be boring 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Love the video! 💗 it actually is a really good review - Good Job!!💗 But i think you made a liiiiitttle mistake... the handles and the carrying strap are actually real leather🤭😊
It’s so beautiful 😍 where can I find this bag?
Thank you for your review! I am struggling to find a not too big and not too small bag! Showing your photo with the bag was a good idea too! So thank you very much!
Its the most professional review for a bag 👍🏼👍🏼thank you was so helpful
This was a wonderful review!! You did an amazing job explaining!
Just ordered one for me...can’t wait to get it🥰😊😊😊
Great review!
Cute bag♥️
Excellent Review
How good has your PVC Fossil Satchel held up till this day?
Do you still use and like it?
Wow. It literally took 15 minutes before she actually got to the inside of the bag. GET to the point !!!! Too much babble not enough showing.
I love this print. Can you tell me the name. I can’t seem to find the exact same print even on Amazon or ebay. This one must have been popular.
I like it but I wish the straps can go down when opening the zipper they seem to be in the way.
Great job with this review. You explained the bag and its functionality in plain, understandable terms. down Your review helped me decide to purchase this purse as well as explaining what happened to the Sydney Satchel :D
Love this bag and the material! Just subscribed to your channel hop over to my channel and subscribe
Hey, very nice review! Can you tell me which color variant is this?
Thank you for showing the bag on you as well great review some reviewers just talk too much and don’t show much!! And then some talk about the box it comes in and the packaging as well!! Geez!
Great review. I have 2 Fossil Fiona and waiting for my Rachel in tan leather.
Thanks for the review, I was planning to get one but I wasn’t sure about the size, but you totally helped me to make my choice! ❤️
An absolute classic bag. Got mine a month ago in patent leather with silver hardware. Absolutely love it. Will pass it down to my daughters.
I love the way you talk so sincere and gentle
Thanks for a lovely review ! I agree, There was a time an elegant lady in front of me at shopping mall payment counter..she was taking so long to reach into her Lady Dior to get her purse.
So useful information
Lady Dior was also my first luxury bag purchase. It is amazingly timeless and much better value than Chanel.
My dream is lady Dior large black!!! But I thing that all sizes are amazing...
I am planning to purchase the Dior because of you, you are elegant, classy and sweet, love watching your videos, I am new to the channel, ignore any bad comments, there’s a chinese old saying “ If you are not talented, no one will be jealous of you”, so keep up the good work, I will be watching you, beautiful!
this was really helpful, thank you
That's such a good video! I love the lady dior and am thinking about buying a birkin 25 or 30! Also I just uploaded a lady dior reveal where I review the lady dior and compare the sizes if you want to check it out!
Very useful video x
I have to say that the Lady Dior looks way more beautiful than the Birkin 25.
Hi Eileen, I love your videos 😘 I have a question about top handles of your bag, it is normal that they wiggle and move so much to the sides? I have never seen it in any other Lady Dior video, they always stand up straight, or just fall down but evenly. The reason I ask, is that I saw one that I wanna buy on a preloved market and handles move to sides same as in your bag and I was worried if it means the bag is not authentic but maybe it is just a case for older bags? Please share your knowledge on that matter, I would appreciate your response, kisses 😘
Do the charms create annoying sounds when you walk? Thanks!
Thanks for your sharing! I m considering to buy a medium-size lady Dior bag!
I couldn't agree more on how a Lady Dior make me feel happier when using it when compare with Chanel classis flap or any other Chanel bags, maybe the only one that I think that make me equally happy is Le Boy bag.
Hi Eileen, after getting my capucine BB a few months ago I'm thinking of getting this lady Dior next esp that all medium size comes with a flap opening now. I think I need this when I need to carry a water bottle since it doesn't have a compartment and you mentioned that the capacity is similar to your Birkin 25. May I just ask if the handles are comfortable to carry on your hand and on the crook of your arm since they are quite flat? I'm used to carrying bags with rounded handles like the speedy so do you think I will need to adjust?
Fantastic review, I'm considering the Ultra matte. What do you think of that compared to your lambskin?
Thank You For Your Video I Love All Your Videos Your Voice Is Clear And Relaxing I Can Think Clearly About What You’re Saying Most People Sound Pushy As If Their Saying Go Now And Buy This So I Can Be Payed 😂 Thank You Once Again... 👌🏼
I love your Lady Dior! It's beautiful. But, £3,200 , yikes! I can dream ;)
Thanks for this, I’ve had this bag on my list but I’m hesitant because of pricing and how it will hold up. Knowing that after 8 years yours is in such great condition REALLY makes me want to get mine.