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Buy Withings Ws-30 Wireless Scale, Black Online at Low Prices in ...

Feet for Carpet as well as Hardfloors. Stand on the scales to get your weight (in KG or LBs) and your BMI. Display is nice and clear, and unit looks pretty ...


Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer, Black : Amazon.in: Health ...

Wireless connectivity of the scale makes set-up an effortless process. Main features. - High-accuracy weight and body fat measurements with Position Control. - ...


Discovering Precision in Every Step: Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale Review

Welcome to Topprice.in, your go-to destination for the latest and most accurate price comparisons in India. Today, we dive into the world of precision health with our spotlight on the Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale. As we step into the details, we'll explore its features, benefits, and how it stands out in the crowded market of smart weighing scales.

Unboxing the Withings WS-30: A Closer Look

What's Inside?

The Withings WS-30 arrives in a sleek black packaging, setting the tone for the sophistication that lies within. Upon unboxing, you'll find the digital marvel, exuding an aura of modernity. Let's delve into what makes this weighing scale a standout addition to your health journey.

Weighing Scale 30 Kg: Breaking Down the Capacity

With a capacity to measure up to 30 kilograms, the Withings WS-30 caters to a broad spectrum of users. Whether you're on a fitness journey or simply keeping track of your weight, this scale provides the accuracy you need. The black color adds a touch of elegance to your space, blending seamlessly with various aesthetics.

Syncing Wellness: Withings Weight Scale App and Setup

Seamless Integration

The Withings Weight Scale App takes your health tracking to the next level. Syncing effortlessly with the WS-30, the app provides detailed insights into your weight trends, helping you make informed decisions about your well-being. The setup process is intuitive, ensuring that you spend more time focusing on your health rather than navigating through complicated instructions.

Beyond Numbers: Withings Bathroom Scales Review

Aesthetics and Functionality

Our Withings bathroom scales review goes beyond the digits on the display. The sleek design of the WS-30 seamlessly merges with the ambiance of your bathroom, turning a routine activity into a visually pleasing experience. The scale not only serves its primary function but also adds a touch of modernity to your living space.

Global Precision: Withings Bathroom Scales Australia

With a global presence, Withings ensures that users around the world experience the same level of precision. Our Withings bathroom scales Australia users testify to the scale's accuracy and reliability, making it a sought-after choice in the international market.

Battery Life that Endures: Withings Weight Scale Battery

Long-Lasting Power

The Withings WS-30 boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring that your tracking journey is uninterrupted. Say goodbye to frequent battery changes, as this scale is designed to accompany you on your health and fitness journey without missing a beat.

Real User Stories: Withings Weight Scale Reviews

Hearing from the Community

Real users share their Withings weight scale reviews, highlighting the positive impact this device has had on their lives. From accurate measurements to the convenience of the app, the Withings WS-30 has earned its place in the homes of health-conscious individuals.

Resetting Your Health Goals: Withings Weight Scale Reset

Embarking on a Fresh Start

For those moments when you decide to reset and recalibrate your health goals, the Withings WS-30 makes the process simple. A quick reset ensures that you have a clean slate to work with, encouraging you to set new milestones and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Withings Scale in India: A Fitness Companion

Bringing the Withings Scale to India, Topprice.in opens the doors to a new era of health monitoring. Stay tuned to our platform for exclusive offers, coupons, and unbeatable deals on the Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale. Elevate your fitness journey with precision and style.

Accessorizing Wellness: Withings Watch Price In India

Exploring the Withings ecosystem, we also take a glance at the Withings Watch Price in India. As your trusted destination for price comparisons, Topprice.in ensures that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your wellness accessories.

Revolutionizing Health Tech: Withings Scanwatch Price

For those looking to take their health monitoring to the next level, the Withings Scanwatch is a game-changer. Stay updated on the latest Scanwatch prices, specs, reviews, and offers exclusively on Topprice.in. Revolutionize your health tech experience with Withings.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Health Journey with Withings WS-30

As we conclude our exploration of the Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale, it's evident that precision meets style in this health companion. Whether you're embarking on a fitness journey or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the WS-30 stands as a testament to Withings' commitment to user-centric design and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I sync the Withings WS-30 with multiple devices?

Yes, the Withings WS-30 is designed to seamlessly sync with multiple devices through the Withings Weight Scale App, providing flexibility for users who want to track their health across various platforms.

2. Is the Withings WS-30 suitable for individuals with specific health conditions?

Absolutely. The Withings WS-30 is suitable for individuals with various health conditions, offering a reliable and accurate way to monitor weight, which is crucial for managing certain health conditions.

3. How often should I replace the batteries in the Withings WS-30?

The Withings WS-30 is equipped with a long-lasting battery. Under regular use, you can expect the batteries to last for an extended period, reducing the frequency of replacements.

4. Can I use the Withings WS-30 on different types of flooring?

Yes, the Withings WS-30 is designed to work effectively on various types of flooring, providing accurate weight measurements regardless of the surface.

5. Does the Withings WS-30 come with a warranty?

While specific warranty details may vary, the Withings WS-30 typically comes with a manufacturer's warranty, ensuring peace of mind for users regarding the product's quality and performance.

Embark on your health journey with confidence, precision, and style – choose the Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale. Elevate your wellness experience with Topprice.in, your trusted destination for unbeatable deals and comprehensive price comparisons.

  • Digital
Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale Colours:
  • Black

Find the best deal on Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale Price in India is ₹20,259 at Amazon.
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For a comprehensive understanding of Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop for Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale on Amazon to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

Withings WS-30 Wireless Weighing Scale Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Withings
Color Black
Colour Black
Manufacturer Withings
Manufacturer Part Number WS-30 Black
Model WS-30 Black
Model Number WS-30 Black

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[EN] Withings Wireless Scale WS-30
Withings Wireless Scale WS 30
They must of gotten rid of the cool graphics that you were showing. The app is pretty flat looking now, still functional but not nearly as interesting as what you show.
Great review, thank you. I'll be getting one now!
+Tomar Eini, This is the original model (WBS01) which does not have heart-rate sensing capabilities. The newer one (WS-50) does. 
What about the heart rate information? Howcome it didin't do that?
It's worth to buy?
Hey could you tell me how on earth can I reset this device, the withings ws50 smart body analyser, pleeeasssseeee!?
convenience has it's price. 280$? they have manual ones for 25ish 4$ more you can get ones that 'ocr' the data to be read into the phone. 
How accurate is it if you step on it ten times in a row.
Great video. Thank you! ;)
This is THE BEST scale available in the market. Skipping all it's online/mobile features, it is so damm accurate - it have small springs on the bottom, so it may be used even on surface, which is not 100% flat (like floor panels) without losing accuracy (who had cheap scale knows what im talking about) CO2 level measurement is also great, but unfortunately it cannot be checked on-demand, (you have to weight-in in order to sync, althought CO2 lvl is recorded every 30miin) which sucks (who weight-in in the evening, eg. 2hrs before going to sleep?!
its non ionising radiations, look it up, im a telecom tech specialising in microwave telecommunications, the only danger is a mobile phone right next to your ear and even then you have to be susceptible to cause real harm.
Another WIFI Look up emf microwave human cell damage/ smartmeters
well looking at his body size, nothing to be surprise about that O_o
I'm a big boy it's time to lose weight
About once or twice a week.
Lol, are claiming i have any relationship with Fitbit other than as a consumer? Nice try troll. Nope I've just use products from both and only received proper support/ customer care from Fitbit. If my next scale was based on looks I'd get another Withings, but the company has ensured that ill never spend another penny on them.
says the guy who has a cousin who works for fitbit.
Warning! Don't waste your money on one of these. They stop working even after light use and careful care of the product. Withings reply to my issue was to tell me to buy a new one. Why would I give them more money when I already spent nearly $200 on a product they wont support? Going with the Fitbit scale next. At least I know Fitbit takes care of it's customers and faulty products.
droid :D
Nice review, verizonwireless has this for 99.99 now
I’ve not used a smart scale before, but I am in the beginning stages of losing weight so that I can best manage my Type II diabetes. My goal is to reduce my A1C number to 6.5. I found the Withings Body+ smart scale on the Internet and I was impressed with the high rating comments from customers. Tonight I ordered it on Amazon and I’m excited to start using it.
That was an amazing and thorough review of this product. I see this particular scale show up on many top 5 and top 10 lists, and pretty consistently towards the top, if not number 1! Your video was very helpful in learning more about it! Thank you!
I just started using the Body+ scale, switching from original Aria. The Body+ is weighing .5-1 lb less than the Aria, consistently. Also, the Aria almost always was consistent in it's weight, but the Body+ seems to provide a different weight depending on where you happen to place your feet. Also, the Body+ requires perfect foot placement to read body fat, the Aria almost never missed on the body fat measurement. Any follow up on this scale @Shannon Morse?
Really good review! Thank you
Do they even make a “wired” scales ? Just wondering since the title says “wireless”
Great coverage
Don’t buy it it stops working after like 2 weeks it doesn’t get the correct weight
Question is this scale compatible with Garmin apps for Garmin watches
Thank you for sharing. I purchased the scale in 2019 but did not take the time to set it up. I just completed my set up and wow . . .my numbers are surprisingly high . . .BMI/body fat. Quite scary! I use other apps, MyFitness Pal, Pacer, Got7Minutes to track eating and exercise. Lost a good amount of weight by monitoring. Feel great but now my New focus, decrease body fat and build muscle.
Are you the lady from those tech shows, "Screen Savers", and the one with Leo?
I would have blurred my feet to, but it still made me laugh
Does this also measure in stone?
thanks for a greate video, you made me bought it also :) but i can't find a way to change the body fat from kg to percentage or maybe i'm doing something wrong?
Thanks for the thorough review of this scale. I watched a few other scale reviews to find the right scale and to see how the sharing a scale feature works. This one sounds like the one for hands off tracking for multiple users.
thank you for the review, i will sure buy it!
I learned about all the things this wonderful scale will do; however, I don't know how to sync - it flashes "error". It is showing KG instead of lbs and I don't know how to change it. I didn't get much help in setting it up.
Hey that's a really good review. I was thinking about upgrading from my 5 year old FitBit Aria, and. - what I hear from you is pretty much what I have now. You saved me money, PLUS did good for the environment, as I'm hanging on to my smartscale longer. Thanks!
If you weigh in multiple times a day will it show you all the readings? Will it average them for your weekly/monthly trends?
I use the Fitbit Aria 2 scale as well, I find I have a lot of fluctuation in weight from day to day, even though I weigh myself right before my shower every morning I am not on vacation. I will not even say how much I gained after my last trip to San Francisco and eating at Morton's and Fisherman's wharf.
I don't have a smart scale but I track my weight and blood pressure with the app "bpresso Pro".

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