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Wishkey Radio Control Squirt spay car
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Wishkey Radio Control Squirt spay car Reviews from YouTube

How to Control Streetside Bleeding and Buy Time
Cleaning and Detailing Your Airplane- No Water Please!
Pipistrel Alpha Trainer | Flying Lesson #3 - Circuits & First Solo | Checkout Flight | ATC
Install Dirty Air Rear Air Suspension System Fast Up - How To
We need more lemon pledge .
Good audio in your hanger but not so good in your buddy’s hanger
Great video. I was really surprised when you said you use pledge on the windows. As a line service guy we were always made to fear anything but acrylic or plastic cleaner like Prist. What do you look for when you decide its okay to use the pledge?
Scott check Optimum Technologies Optimum no Rinse. You simply mix 1oz of ONR with 2 gallons of Water. The ONR is a polymer, and what it does and has been proven is encapsulate the dirt and if you use the right wash sponge, the dirt will sink to the interior, you set sponge back in ONR water mix and let it sit a minute or 2, the dirt will Release and rise to top, it’s No Bull shit sir. I detail For a living. Prior to ceramic coating you always Machine Polish and compound, and please tell me your not using Dr Shine Ceramic sold On amazon for $9.99. Get the Sonax CC36 kit for only $50-$60’now and get 36month ceramic protectant and it’s the easiet kit ever. Aerosol ceramic, not just a si02 spray, real ceramic. Sonax is the king of Germany and Europe, or go to Xtreme Topper the all time best spray Detailer likenyounlikez all of their products are impecablymmade with amazing service and way way way better than Walmart junk for the same cost. You Can call or text anytime sir 847-450-4011 greetings from Sarasota. Clay bars are fine but now they have clay towels and buf pads and their reusable!!!
Try 5 or 6 thousand for a professionally done paint correction and a ceramic coating.
This video is very helpful. Thanks. I have tried many products to clean the belly of my airplane and my preference is Goop hand cleaner. Smear Goop on one section of the belly at a time, wipe it off dry, and then proceed to the next section.
I watched this video when it came out and rewatched recently before the big clean day today. Good tips. As of typing this comment, just South of you at Spinks, now has the shiniest Bonanza in the area. Ohh the beautiful satisfaction of a spectacular A36 gleaming in the sun.
I use the exact same Turtle Wax product on my Lexus LS460 L
This the second time I watched video recently, took notes this time, my white paint above the doors of V tail looks tired , will try
Great discussion of cleaning and waxing airplanes - thanks for an excellent video.
Non chlorinated brake cleaner is significantly less harsh to breathe and for your skin, than chlorinated, and only slightly less effective. Another bonus is that a spray can of non chlorinated brake cleaner seems to last longer than chlorinated...so you (or I, rather) go thru less product. Goggles, gloves and good ventilation are still important.
A leaf blower for drying the airplane and getting the water out is interesting. Better (at least IMO), is a portable air compressor (one with an attached air storage tank) with a lengthy hose. A compressor is a lot quieter than a leaf blower, and you get a constant air pressure out of a compressor (60 LBS PSI). Something like a "CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor, 6 gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free with 13 Piece Accessory Kit (CMEC6150K)." $150 bucks gets something that is perfect for blasting water, dirt, dust, debris out of an airplane. You have more control. The compressor with a tank is also perfect for keeping a workshop clean.
Scott, any tips for how to deal with scratches and hazing on plexiglass? Best.
This was really helpful. I used that ceramic coating and got stunning results! Thanks Scott!
Scott, I would not use Dawn, it contains Sodium Chloride, - salt! very abrasive, and corrosive. There are much better products out there, I would not even use it on my car.
Another great, detailed discussion of an undervalued topic. These things are collectors items in many cases with the popularity of GA. It nice to keep them in the best condition you can for the next generation.
Are all the products shown here silicone free? I‘ve heard that when it comes to painting the aircraft, silicon is really bad. The paint won’t stick to the surface...
I have listened several times but can’t understand the product for the prop. Can you list it somewhere please?
Scott, detailer's tip: if you drop a clay bar, don't try to clean it off and use again. It'll have grit embedded in the clay that will mar and damage your paint. Best to chuck it and get new clay or use an artificial clay towel, which, as you pointed out, CAN be washed and reused. Great video!
Greatly helpful video...Thank You Scott for an informative and thoughtful video..!!
Where exactly do you position your go pro on the pipistrel?
Is "RJW" your full name initials? Something seems fishy about that. Cause when I told Bruce I was watching your vids he was saying Ah, Good ol R****** (First name in case u keep it private idk)
You can always go around if it don't look like coming down, Don't wait until ur sideways maybe sliding upside down. Student pilots anthem.
One smart instructor is Bruce. BTW...some nice landings there. The Pip is similar to the CT. Quickly airborne and if you hold it on the runway the tail lifts first and you have a wheelbarrow to play with. Good job. Ian
Ah ha the dreaded bounce...good job. When in doubt.."Go around" EVERY time.
Nice one mate! Cheers wtrofoz
Saw a pistrel at the oaks on saturday. Just a stunning aircraft to look at
Awesome 😎
I see the possibility of stuff going wrong in the clearance of mounting!
Have you checked out I-ride air suspension from thunder max as soon as I can afford it I will get cause I’m short inseam if 29
Do you have a video for front air ride
Have you ever install rockford foster stage 3 on 2020 street glide special with RDRS yet?
I've seen both your air ride system videos and was wondering which you like best dirty air or jnr
Hey Steve, thanks for the great videos it’s been really helpful. I hope you’ll post a video on installing passing lamps on RoadKing special. I have a 2019 that could use more lighting in front. Thank you brother!!
Can the Dirty Air kit be ridden all the way down in case there's a problem and there's no air available?
Love your videos!!!! Helped me out on quite a few things especially the Dirty air rear ride. Question tho..... I need to install my front ASAP and was wondering if you have installed it on your bikes as well? Is there a video? I know you mentioned you would be doing it soon. I have a 2018 RGS. Thanks man for your vids!
how much weight does these shocks support? I have a air ride kit (not dirty air) that just went out on me...
That's pimp shyt
Question. I watched your video about installing centerstand for dual exhaust using a SOB stand. SOB also has air ride. I see you use dirty air suspension here. Which would you recommend? If you were going to install both mods at the same time? Thank you. Great videos.
I used to put airshocks on my cars years ago ..lol looked cool with the ass end up in the air
What's the cost of this setup ? Thanks
Will you be doing a video on the center stand? I just purchased an SOB and I an having the hardest time aligning the top bracket to the bottom.
Great video. Detailed enough to feel like I got the info needed to do an install but not too detailed that it gets boring and hard to follow. Having installed both dirty air and jnr which is the best system between the two? I’m ordering an air ride this week and it’s down to these two. Any info to help me make a choice will be greatly appreciated. Thx again
Just installed the dirty air system on my street glide. The ride is amazing, completely changed the ride quality of my Harley. Dirty air is a must guys. Hoping to do the front air soon.

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