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Windows 10 Simplified Book Reviews from YouTube

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Windows 10 Review!
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Lenovo Yoga Book Review (Windows 10) | 2017
Hey so I broke the digital part of my pen that came with computer so I have been searching for a new one on their official website but I'm not sure which ones are compatible with this tablet/laptop. I really need help finding what computer it is. I used the website to find what computer it is but It does not tell me the right thing. It tells me numbers that make no sence to what it is. I need to know if it's a yoga book 570 or what is it? Please help I really want to buy my pen so it comes in quick
Can i use it for animation ?
Can I write on the screen with the pen styler ?
I have a problem with my one that i can’t use the halo keyboard
How do I get the @ or #
Is there an App that transfers the handwritten into typed Word usable letters? That would be a totall „I have to buy it reason“
Very nice review. I own this yogabook as well (windows version) and am very satisfied with it 🙂☺
can someone help me my keyboard is typing wrong things like my y and z are switched. And all my numbers are letters with accents. I tried the hard reset
windows screws you guys, here there is a 50 dollar difference, not 100. you can get these new on ebay for 330 now
So you say windows version works with photoshop but little slow? Can you tell me how well it works in your opinion?
is there a way to calibrate the pen for the screen... i find my pen doesn't work so well on the screen.
nice review. could you plz tell what size of paper can be used. does A4 SIZE paper fit ?
Yoga book, or surface 3 (not pro 3)...which one? laptop review (channel name - laptop)
Could you please check for me if the free but professional Program "Krita" a (Drawing Software) and how well it works? Really good video btw :)
Is there any workaround for not being able to turn off the screen and use the drawing pad? This is the only thing that the android version has that is holding me back from the windows version. I probably wont use it too much, but it would be a nice thing to have. I'd prefer to use Windows over Android, because this device reminds of the old Net Books that used to be popular. I had one, and I loved it, and this thing gives off that vibe.
please someone help me. i want to turn off the keyboard vibrations. i have windows system.
The worst crap Microsoft ever published. No viable answers to problems. Just a run around. No wonder they only gave 30 days to roll back. Black screen answers never worked. Don't download it. If this is what you can expect it isn't work the price free or not. Everyone I know has rolled back.
how is this really any different than the last several releases of windows...c'mon there hasn't been really any major change since windows 98, guess u could argue no change since window 7 but c'mon this is ridiculous, more than 10 years and no real "wow, holy crap" change, like you experienced from windows 95 to windows 98 change "wow" factor you got. i was really hoping the new windows 10 was gonna be a real game changer, but no...more of the same, like when the iphone first released the iphone and it was a total game changer, but with every succession of the iphone, only incremental changes....sux was hoping to be "wowed"
Lost interest in the first minute. The fact that you consider the pinning of programs to the start bar a huge flaw with windows 10 and went on about it for way longer than what was necessary makes me think you're an inexperienced pc user. If you can completely get rid of it, why complain about it? That being said, it looks like your other complaints were actually just user error, though I stopped watching at 3:44 because you made no valuable points.
hp, how do  I get to the driver?    Thanks
I would like my touchpad mouse back. I have tried everything in settings with NO success. Any suggestions? Thanks
u sound like spooky from teamsp00ky the fighting game streamer, nice
everytime i see a DOS screen, Tim Paterson comes to mind...
remove those towels!
linux dead. win 10 plans to be free. thats just a rumor.. still linux is dead.
What you say at 2:14 kinda bothers me a little... Why do they need to COMPLETELY REMOVE tiles from the start menu? Why not leave it as an option? I use them all the time in my start menu, and I'd rather keep em there. xD
which recording software you use? great video :)
That "clumsy little image" at the start is the lock screen, if you're familiar with mobile things that's basically what that leans towards, it doesn't bother me at all really and keep in mind that this isn't "Windows 10" just yet, this is just a tech preview, a very early one, MS has said that the UI may even completely change over time...
Does upgrading to the preview delete my previous files. Like pictures. And software
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this review. I love Windows 10 - I've just put it on a spare HDD on my i3 PC, and so far, so smashing! :D God bless you my man :-) Matt, England.
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video muito ruim. em nenhum momento mostra abrindo um livro para mostrar como é em cada app.
fredaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is the best
.hello, there are thousands of e-books in my archive. how can i convert them to multiple pdf to epub
After had downloaded ice cream, yandex appeared on the my screen :/
Thoughts on lithium epub reader?
Name of the one from the thiumbnail???
muito bom a tradução para o português
Don't use icecream reader
yeah, but touchable books are something diffrent!
Awful review.
i dont like ebooks i love the physical book
Can I have a link to the official website of IceCream ebook?
best tuto
icecream have horrible search function. I still can't find a good epub reader. Calibre is horrible imho. I'm l ooking for one that is similar to the apple app kybook 3
The best for Windows and here it is not included is Cool Read for the dynamic way of advancing the sheets in addition to all the necessary functions for a reader _ ,,, _ dº¿ºb _ ,,, _
For some reason i cant sign up to bookviser
Thank you helpful tips
Create AMAZING eBooks & Reports In 5 MINUTES Without Typing A Word! *CreateEbooks.4YourHelp. Com* (remove space and open the website)
1. Icecream reader 2. Calibre 3. Bookwiser 4. Gover 5. Nook
I have this e were is the pen
still worth it for now?
sup ? do you think this still worth to buy in late 2020? to daily use on the universiry and use office and zoom ? thanks
Not in India I am sure
Do you think I can get a high performance/precision hand writing with Yoga Book? I mean for taking large amount of notes or even writing long paragraphs...
Can i use zoom app here smoothly?
Could I download fL studio on it ? Pls answer I need to know before I buy it
Can it support photoshop?
3 Years later - still waiting for a real (Android) successor. The form factor is so underrated.
Yeah .. I will buy it
Yeah .. I will buy it
You could consider buying this if you have a good deal. I got one in my country for just around 275$ so i just take it as a no brainer. Then, for the typing issue, I just bought a bluetooth keyboard. Nobody is going to just take the notebook alone out to the working place, so having a small portable keyboard in your bag isn't that inconvenience. It's just like another book on top of the "yoga book" Long batt life, win 10, cheap, super light n portable, you can draw on it (i would say it is better suit for a student or as a budget option than for a professional use)
As a medical translator I take notes in consultation with client and doctor , this little machine saves carrying multiple heavy client history with me as I write the notes throughout the interview (which then are also digital immediately) and can access their history for any clarifications during the consultation from the cloud. It's a gem and I have both android and Windows versions as the android couldn't hand write to text on the go!
i prefer my laptop tho ..
I want the laptop😩😩
Do a real keyboard and put the pen in the picture (the screen) for God's sake!!!
can it run photoshop cc
I've had mine now for almost two years and still use it all the time. Purchased a small backlit bluetooth keyboard which is good for windows, android, and IOS. I use Nebo and OneNote for notes and they both work very well. I would highly recommend this device for anyone looking for something like this.
I just got one in the windows version so I looked up a video and i saw your channel and I really like it.
I want to waste money and buy this..

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