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Wind Turbine Foundations: 3 (ICE Themes) Book Reviews from YouTube

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looks wonderful!
The narrators complete ignorance is more glaring than the sun. Just utter stupidity, hauntingly stupid.
No one knows why half of these turbines broke from torsional over loading... LMAO> So friggin obvious...
Get rid of all of them.
We have a small town with no power only personal gensets, solar panels and some try wind generators but they are noisy and always always fail rotor type and twist type the rust near the coast gets in them and birds are always dead at the bottom of them ! When.a person puts up some new flash wind generator they are so excited but it only last for a year or at the most two then it' flys to bits ! The noise of the small ones are very annoying I did think it would solve our energy crises but have totally changed my veiw now and am happy to use twelve volt and gas fridge with vegetable oil diesal generator as a backup when the sun is not playing the game and to power a house with two children and two adults living the fridge and freezer use eight kg bottle every six weeks running 24/7 that also includes cooking depending what time of the year it is as the wood fire heats up the water and also cook or in summer we use gas to shower and wood in winter staying warm in winter the fire is going 24/7 the diesal generator is noisy but it's cheap to do the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine solar we need more Battery and panals that do tv and lights sometimes engal frezzer if we have to store frozen food it costs 18dollers a day 24hours to run small petrol inverter generator for keeping ice for the fish and using to charge battery's ! Candles are good no tv is good no phone is good no sun no wind ,no wood no gas no fuel no money is also good welcome to camp harden up I say !
Haunting Horns Let? Dude, the place is called Hornslet and another thing- the turbine wasn't a Vestas but a Nordtank. It was serviced by Vestas technicians because Nordtank (NEG) had merged with Micon and later merged again with Vestas. Hence Vestas were the ones called when it spun out of control but they didn't build the turbine, which was erected about eight years before the merger.
RIP to the two young guys. What terrible bad luck for them and their families.
This is "white-man" technology. Instead, you need to plant trees and understand why:The more trees who die, the less oxygen you will have, and the hotter the temps will be because there will not be leaf coverage to cover over the height of human habitation to reduce temperatures. You must remember that unlike trees, man-made objects, like human-sized objects to buildings absorb solar energy and release it as heat into the air. It is not just the gases from combustion and the heat from hot motors (petroleum and HVAC motors), but ALSO the heat radiating characteristic of man-made objects that raise the temperature of the air. A great example of this are heated-oil radiators we used to have in schools. Remember how cold the room was when the heater was turned on for the first time in the fall? How hot did it get when the desired temperature was reached? Whatever type of heat energy it absorbs, it will radiate it. THAT is what is happening right now. You will probably have to disassemble and destroy a lot of heat radiating technologies such as cars, trucks, metal buildings, and other buildings, AND the blacktop/sidewalk surfaces by deconstituting the elements and returning them to mine sites and reburying it, and put trees back in those places in order to bring temperatures down. Trees attract rainfall activity, deserts repel it. And essentially, entire cities act as small deserts, since there is relatively little vegetation/tree coverage. There may not be much visible sand in cities, but the cities are even worse than deserts in this regard.
A lot of times these windmills are being sabotaged and vandalized by unions of gas and electric companies... They know how to do it where it will look like an accident or it was a windy day
Yeah these are the answer to reliable power are they?
On the 2nd clip, the one turbine is spinning while all the rest are not spinning, even with the wind blowing. What a stupid idea to shut down the turbine when the wind is blowing away. I wonder how much concrete went into the ground to keep those turdines from blowing away. And how does one do maintenance on those out of place turbines?
These damn things are a nightmare and to wild life should all be banned
This video should propel scientists to discover the next iteration of "free" energy.
The energy produced by these wind turbines will never make up for the environmental footprint produced to build them. 187 tons of steel, copper etc.
CLEAN!?!CLEAN ENERGY!?!AHA HA HA HAAAAAA!What is the carbon footprint of just one of these monstrosities. From the manufacturing to the transport of all the parts to the building of the base. Have you seen a video of the size and materials to build one base?!We have a pile of blades sitting in Erie. Theyre a 160 feet long each. Made in India. Shipped to Americas east coast. Up the St. Lawrence. Through the locks to get them up past Niagara Falls. Unloaded in Erie. Trucked up the Bayfront connector and stacked there. Then taken to New York.They have no way to recycle the blades or the towers.Can anyone explain how this is clean or good for the environment? Anyone?
A close-up view of a burnt-up Wind TurbineHere is what a Wind Turbine looks like after they catch fire
how exactly do you fix a main bearing failure when it is 200 to 300 feet up? Now multiply that problem thousands of times as the current wind turbines age and fail at nearly the same time. This will happen within 5 - 10 years
Such enviromenral
Clean Energy and ugly.?
What's different to convenient process and how about capital cost?
Thanx sir
No wind and storm can destroy this turbine.
Foundation or fundament?
Mucha inversin seores , los envito a ver mi canal y aprendan , saludos
Looks like a great design.
Good Design.Green Energy from Wind Turbine - Part 1
FINE CGI.................................
I was very confused throughout the whole video. You definitely have to watch it for a second time to actually appreciate the complexity.
Not in new Zealand
please establish wind turbinefarm installation energy projects in india all states to produce eletricity
please establish wind turbinefarm installation energy projects in india all states to produce eletricity
please establish wind turbine farm installation energy projects in india all states to produce eletricity
Saya bekerja di saipem
What you don't see are the thousands of miles of human leg thickness copper cables emitting Electro Magnetic Radiation through EMF. affecting whales, dolphins, fish & all manner of marine life around these cables of death.
Astonishing project

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