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Buy Wild Man Solo-C-EQ41 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar online at Amazon. Key specs are not available.
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Wild Man Acoustic Guitars SOLO-C-EQ41 : Amazon.in: Musical ...

One of the best selling guitars in this segments, it is a grand auditorium cut away type acoustic guitar that is widely demanded for its refined fretwork ...


Wild Man Solo-C-EQ41 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Features

  • Superior resonance
  • Reliably straight neck
  • Excellent intonation
  • Fishman Psy 201 equalizer
  • Classic look and feel
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Wild Man Solo-C-EQ41 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Price in India is ₹26,800 at Amazon.
Buy Wild Man Solo-C-EQ41 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar online at Amazon.
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Wild Man Solo-C-EQ41 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Reviews from YouTube

How bad are cheap guitars? // I tested 4 affordable models
Honest Unboxing and Review Amazon Best Selling $40 Acoustic Guitar - Guitar Buyer's Guide
The Cheapest Acoustic Guitar On Amazon vs $7500 Froggy Bottom!
Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb... But It's a 10 Minutes Acoustic Guitar Solo! Lag HyVibe Smart Guitar
Which one is your favorite? Also, feel free to drop any recommendations in the comments!
Damn, any of these would be an upgrade to my $40 "Rogue" LoL. Oh well, one day.
I learned to play guitar with a $40 one lol
Iwish i knew how to pplay more instruments
Great video,keep it up 🎸
@ 0:22 "...not something you'd wish on your VERY enemy." Whaaat? What is that? Well, clearly you're not here because of your skills in speaking English. LOL
What do think about Washburn D10SCC model guitar? Is it good?
On Opinions On Tone and Conclusion, what was the song he played? I’ve heard of it but I can’t remember the name
Had a Fender Mahogany...0/10 recommend I don't like the sound at all, sounds a bit strange for an acoustic :(
I play cheap guitar the good thing for that is you must practice more to find tone by control your finger.
Wtf orangewood means not dried properly to build, means still alive cut down wtf their brand name Tho I always tell people get the yamaha you know you're getting a solid wood top and that gives you 80% of your tone
And anybody who thinks I’m not great take a listen to my 42 songs on reverb nation - www.reverbnation.com/sitarist - I never would’ve kept this up and been the number one guitarist and musician on reverb nation in Atlanta with over 2 million competitors just in the Atlanta market for 15 years now.
My advice to begginers. watch vids on setup read info on truss rod adjustment bridges saddles and nuts ect. Or find a Freind that's done it before and give you some advice.
These folks don’t understand that you’re gonna play a lot more if you just spend a little more on a guitar I guarantee you the people that are like a cheap guitar is good. Don’t practice every day. You’re not gonna get any better unless you practice every day without any missing any day
Dang my guitar is worser than that. That cheapest guitat ur holding is my 10x pricey than i can afford lmao 😂
The sound of your guitar makes me crazy .. .I really like the sound of the guitar is very loud .. .Perfect Bro🙆🙆🙆
Its basically advertising.
14:04 yeah me to, real musicians
where can i learn the strumming progression in the tone test?
Little friend at 7:35 be like "Hello YouTube!"
I'm gonna become the next Ariel Camacho with this bad boy
I purchased a guitar just like this back in 2010 when I was 15 years old on eBay. I wanted to learn how to play guitar so bad I would play it every day after school. The strings were so high above the frets that I would suffer pressing down on chords when I was developing my calluses. A year later I purchased a better guitar for about $200, and thanks to the cheap guitar, playing my new guitar was so easy since I was use to pressing down hard as hell on the old cheap one. It really conditioned my fingers, and since I didn’t know any better I thought all guitars had strings high above the frets.
I have this guitar . It’s not the best . But it’s good for beginners . When you’re trying to learn
I thought you could have something better to say. The guitar is actually at a decent price for someone who is a beginner or does not have deep pockets. It plays ok. And as a beginner that's what matters.
The guitar is only as good as the player. You are not Jim Morrison or slayer that you will be doing some amazing things on the guitar. As a basic guitar I think it's a decent buy. It's 40bucks. And you can try to learn and can buy a new one in a few years. All those so called guitar enthusiast in the comment section thinking that everyone has deep pockets. Sometimes even having the instrument counts. Skill that can be developed
Drop resistant... That was unexpected...
i 黑暗的童话i的guitar
It's cute!!
What do you think about the 68 Princeton?
Want do you think about the 68 Princeton?
Its $10 in Indonesia, check it
“The frets are so small!” Well that’s good because I have tiny hands.
I 'liked' cuz of the eyepatch 😁
It’s funny to watch someone play a song that I can tell is beautiful but on a guitar that makes it sound so incredibly weird and jarring.
I'm about 80% sure that body is also plastic.
Did he ever rebuild it or resting it and see if it could be made playable?
This is my guitar rn after a month my steel string are starting to look like string cheese. After this video I feel like the people at the guitar store gonna laugh at me if I bring this in🥴
"You could probably use this for archery" lol
Should've bought this guitar when the power went out in Texas. It would've burned for a couple of hours lol
Nobody: Ichika Nito 10:25
You look like Norm Macdonald
I played a crap guitar for 6 years. I never forget the day I got a good one. Haven’t stopped playing it ever since.
Very interesting, I purchased a £60 acoustic 8 years ago and early on found it very difficult to play barre chords and the D chord, I have persevered and am OKish now but might take your tip and buy that cheap electric and see what happens.....action is very high on what I have.
Some of these high end acoustics are way overpriced
That looks just like my Fender Squier SA-105 but it’s about $200 and sounds way better
Dear Justin, please show me how to play, “The drunken Scotsman”. You are the best teacher, of all, out here.
No, it’s pretty bad. Lol
At that price, you better buy an ukulele rather than a guitar. Any below $100 is crap on acoustic guitars. Lets be honest here. Lol
The Amazon almost has a National steel guitar sound to it. It's really pretty cool. It has more personality than the expensive one. But I see strings breaking, pins popping out and flying across the room and bridges coming unglued and smacking you in the face.
I got a used Cort Earth for $100CAD online classified , one of the best acoustics I've ever owned !
that think sounded awful right from the start outa the box with it resonating like a cardboard box to you speaking and worse with music , despite your skill . can you imagine a beginner ?!! It does have a bit of funky ghetto sound but that would be for a VERY experienced player . IT WAS A RELIEF WHEN YOU PLAYED THE FROGGY ! me thinks you could have gotten a much better one for about double of the £31 you paid
The only good thing about this guitar is that you get to make a video about instruments that are unfixable. Ya just can't get a decent acoustic for that little money.
Should have bought a Jasmine S35 to do it with. That guitar is cheap but it can give a mid range guitar a run for its money. Plus every one of them that I have checked the intonation is always on. Super low action, synthetic saddle and nut, mahogany back and sides, Nato (easter mahogany) neck, slim profile neck, fret ends are rolled and dressed well and ultimately sounds pretty amazing. Try one out and you will be hard pressed to say anything bad about it. Jasmine is Takamine's sister company so I imagine they are probably using scrap from the Takamine guitars to make Jasmines. The only thing I don't like on them is the tuning keys are a bit stiff, but they hold tune well. They run about 100 bucks in US currency but honestly feel like they should be in the 600 to 800 dollar range.
Yea man they need bridge lapped and filed and the nut filed to proper height. A cheap chrome humbucker with a volume and tone and a jack. On aclean amp no louder than the guitar itself and a room mic is awesome
I thought this was Norm McDonald plays guitar... clicked so fast😄
Hes fairly decent at playing a C-chord.
Just started learning with Justin and taking a "day" off to rest my fingers. So I am poking around a bunch of his other stuff. Stumbled on this review and the electric guitar review. This is a great guitar to demonstrate the bending of a note out of tune just by fretting it hard enough to play the note clear. Also other than my first martin acoustic as a kid in the 70's the action on this guitar is probably like every guitar I've owned since - LOL... I've spent a lot of time "balancing" adjusting the truss rod on a crap guitar to make the 7th fret playable without have the strings buzz off the second fret when fingering the first... Loving Justin and his first rule that beginners should start on electric is spot on...
It's terrible, just say it
Says the cheap guitar is crap but when he plays a tune it sounds bloody good to me! Whereas I could play a $10,000 guitar and it would sound like crap.
It's not branded as it's sold to resellers who will brand them.
YouTube decided to interrupt the video with ads in the middle of the video. I hope I fixed that. Enjoy!
Wow, it was a pleasure to hear and see that! Thank you.
Can you give a lesson on this?
🔵 super güdd guitar wèrk wood BN understatement ❕🐸
Oh my god, just stumbled across this. WOW, I'm actually a bit lost for words right now. One of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
Thanks for sharing.
Blinding brother 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️
This is an AMAZING rendition, of an amazing SOLO
Wow ! Gosh . . . . . . Kefir , that was such a beautiful rendition, no I mean interpretation what a breath of freshness . This just took me to that secret place deep in side my head . For 10 minutes I forgot about every thing !
Toca muito, mas não tem nada a ver com Confortable Numb
I always wanted a version of the second solo of comfortably numb that would last forever. You just did that to me man... thank you!
Very nice playing. Is there any chance to give us tabs?
Maravilhoso! Parabéns!!!
You play like a monster!!!! Awesome!!!
Stunning delivery of a classic your feel and interpretation for comfortably numb is sublime and should be a classic in its own right thank you
Wow!!! 🤟
My mate Dave knew where he was at and the rest of our true members of Crew both our past experiences of being and experiencing an exciting time of our of which the likes we will probably never see again ,for us it was the start of a truly magnificent moment ✍️🙏🎶🎹🎹🎸🎸🎸🥁🥁🥁🎤🎤🎤🎧🎬🎯Thankyou my dearest mates.

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