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Buy TP-LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Mesh Router (Pack of 2) online at Flipkart. TP-LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Mesh Router (Pack of 2) Colours: White
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Buy TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System ... -

Deco M4 is the simplest way to provide a strong Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your home up to 2,800 square feet (2-pack). Wireless connections and optional ...


Buy TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System ... -

Buy TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Seamless Roaming and Speedy (AC1200), Work with Amazon Echo/Alexa, Router and Wi-Fi Booster, ...


TP-Link Deco M4 (2-Pack) 1200 Mbps Mesh Router - TP-Link ...

Buy TP-Link Deco M4 (2-Pack) 1200 Mbps Mesh Router only for Rs. 10482 from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping.


TP-Link Deco E4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Seamless ...

TP-Link Deco E4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, Seamless Roaming and Speedy (AC1200), Work with Amazon Echo/Alexa and Wi-Fi Booster, Parent Control Router, Pack ...


TP-Link Deco M4 AC1200 1200 Mbps Mesh Router - TP-Link ...

This router set uses TP-Link's Mesh technology to offer maximum Wi-Fi coverage area in your home. Faster Network Speeds. It features the 802.11ac wireless ...


Buy Tp-Link Deco M4 V1 (2-pack) Dual Band Pack of 2 Wi-Fi Home ...

Buy Tp-Link Deco M4 V1 (2-pack) Dual Band Pack of 2 Wi-Fi Home Mesh System (Deco Mesh Technology, 150502927, White) online at best prices from Croma.


Buy Gadget Gear (Pack of 2) Wall Mount For Tp-Link Deco M4/E4 ...

Check out Gadget Gear (Pack of 2) Wall Mount For Tp-Link Deco M4/E4 Wall Mount, Sturdy Metal Made Mount Bracket Compatible with Tp-Link Deco M4 Mesh WiFi.


TP-LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Mesh Router (Pack of 2) Features

Have weak WiFi signals around the house taken away the joy of surfing the internet? Have your VoIP calls, video streams, gaming content and content downloads been suffering from the poor WiFi connections? The TP-Link Deco M4 Router is here to give you the network coverage that you need. It features advanced Deco Mesh Technology using which two separate units work together to form a unified network with a single network name. It features parental control functions and can handle traffic from the busiest networks while still giving you a lag-free experience. You can connect up to 100 devices to this router.

  • Type: Mesh Router
  • 1200 Mbps Speed
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
  • Internal Antenna
    TP-LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Mesh Router (Pack of 2) Colours:
    • White

    The lowest TP-LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Mesh Router (Pack of 2) Price in India is ₹6,999 at Flipkart.
    Buy TP-LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Mesh Router (Pack of 2) online at Flipkart.
    Check out the latest prices and availability at major retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.
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    Shop TP-LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Mesh Router (Pack of 2) at Flipkart at the best price in India and save big! With a low price / discount / promotions, for a great value.

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    TP-LINK Deco M4 AC1200 Mesh Router (Pack of 2) Reviews from YouTube

    Affordable Mesh WiFi: TP-Link Deco M4 (vs Google WiFi Speed Test)
    TP- Link Deco M4 Mesh Router complete Review ()
    TP Link Deco M4 Mesh WiFi Installation & Firmware Update Part 2
    TP Link Deco M4 (AC1200) Review | A great entry level mesh wifi system!!
    Good parfoomans
    Minor tip for anyone who bought a used device, you might have to reset the device to set it up properly. The reset button can be found underneath the device and pushed with a thin object (press till it flashes yellow)
    I thought the internet speed would be the same as the wired router, as long as we were close to any node
    Is this good for new gen consoles like a xbox series x
    I've had the M4's for just under a year and I have had nothing but trouble with them. The main unit kept locking up and the network would go down. Sometimes it take half an hour of resetting to get it back up. I sent that unit back and got a replacement, but now the replacement unit is having the same issues. Tech support has tried coming up with a solution but no joy. So, after just a year, I have just purchased a set of Google mesh units.
    TJ Hunt?
    One of my My deco m4r stopped working... Not turning on. How to fix it? Is it possible to open it?
    Does anybody know if we can select a specific deck device as a source signal for another deco device ? I mean that in my house we have 4 different deco mesh E4 devices but the one receive weak signal from the first main but not from the one which is situated more close. I wish I am clear. Thnks
    Nice Video! What is the second lan port in the back for? Can i plug it into my pc instead of connecting it to the next mesh pillar?
    The ultimate helicopter parent tool.
    I am totally going to love this system. Thanks for this awesome video
    Think powerlines are better these just look like shiny wifi repeaters which are inferior.
    Do they pass the internet to each other by electricity?
    can you add more decos from 3 to 6?
    Compatible avec omada?
    Going to get it very soon
    What happens to your original router once you connect mesh wifi?
    So I got the ps5 but my router has to be connected to the modem downstairs anyone know if this will work without the cable modem so I can use my Ethernet cable upstairs
    Sponsored video.
    Will this prevent ping spikes on mobile gaming?
    Kya JioExtender6 AX6600 WiFi 6 Mesh Ko jangal mein bhi network deta hai..I mean jahaan Jio ke network nahi aate hon..kya esko sath mein rakhne se wahaan network aa jayenge..Please help me.
    I was planning to get this from USA called S4. How is it ?
    Does this work with Jio or Airtel broadband?
    Pls help me sir .mai abhi one m4 doco order kiyahai
    Bsnl ftth connection ke saath one m4 doco work karega ya nahi.
    Mere pass one m4doco hai wo work karega ya nahi
    You can connect any router with deco m4
    Bro , i am Looking for a good Mesh Setup for alexa an Smart home.Already Have cat6 Setup around the home so my Question is will i Able to connect with Cable or its only connect wirelessly , I have Farm House (3 Floor)3 to 4 Wall's in Between each unit ,SO please Suggest me a Router/Mesh Setup which will be Good for Me..
    Deco M4 Vs deco A4 which is best?
    M4 vs E4 banao
    Great Video.. Just one question I have an Airtel 100 Mbps Connection. The main router is in Living room area, now when I sit in my bedroom which is two wall 3 walls away I don't get any signals? Q1- How many Mesh devices I need? Q2- It works similar like repeater or one mesh need to be connected via lan to mail router and other can be kept in other room?
    Kya ye rain proof/weather proof hai. Mai isse open area mai install kaar na chata hu
    dont want to use through app.can i get all its feature in web-interface?
    200+ device connector wala Wifi 6 mesh router k bare me video bnaye.
    Stand ka link nhi diya ? 5:40
    Please share stand link
    It was not even c of complete review.
    Please share link of wall mount stand
    Bhai.. Ek sawaal hai.. can I connect one deco E4 unit with the main deco E4 unit wirelessly I have no provision for wired Ethernet, that's y....
    I have 3 routers in series connected by Ethernet to each other in Access Point mode. If I am not interested in WiFi roaming in the house, then, which single unit has the stronger signaleach node of Deco, or each C6 router? I want to know about the quality of the signal of each Deco node Vs a single C6 router. Is it the same?
    Hi Ashutosh,I am little confused. Can you please help me to choose which one to buy?I am staying in a 3bhk house and my router is placed in 1 the problem is I am not getting the signal in other two rooms even though I am getting signal in dining if I need to get signal in other two rooms, shall I go with normal wifi extender or mess extender? If mess then how many I need 1 or 2?
    Do you put the Have to plug it in the wifi such as if you got AT&T ?
    What is the maximum distance can one deco be kept from another deco ?
    Currently I have a room which doesn't get 5GHZ signal as there is a wall directly behind the router, I thought of adding an additional router but in that case, i'll have to keep switching between living and bedroom networks, would a mesh network help me with the same?Thanks
    I have LAN cables laid out from the ground to the 1st floor.Instead of connecting Deco devices via wifi, can I connect the second Deco with a LAN cable?
    Good, simple and straight foward demo, without those annoying fancy background music found in the TP link video.
    Can i use it with 10mbps internet connection
    Hi bro,Can i connect ethernet RJ45 from master to slave .Will it work fineThanks in advance.
    Can i use only 1 deco n if yes how to install that Plz plz reply
    can you confirm what is the lan cable included? is it cat6 or still cat5e?
    Can I set up a mesh as primary using Ethernet but the router is far away I mean does it work with the cable far away from the router but both ends are connected one to router and one to primary mesh and does the primary mesh be useable as a Normal mesh too?
    Hi, one of my deco's suddenly not working and stuck on yellow light, have you ever encountered this kind of problems too? Are there any solutions? I just used it for a week
    Hi guys, after I updated firmware my secondary unit turned to Yellow solid for a long time (the first one is okay). Then I tried to reset, unplugged but it still Yellow solid and cannot turn to blue pulse. How can I fix that situation? Thanks
    Well explained...great question....can we buy 2 packs now and one more later if we need one or move to a different house?
    Can we connect the second deco using ethernet to the first deco without wireless ?
    Hi AshutoshThanks for this informative video,A doubt: Does this 'saves' PPPoE username and password or it works like an extender only?I have ACT internet service
    Excellent demo...explained in a very simple way...any one can complete the installation viewing this demo...there are other videos as well but this one is explained step by step... Great job!!!
    Bro, got 3. Can i buy one more and add to those 3?
    Hey, I live in a complex and in my flat i have a good wifi connection but exactly at the opposite of my flat one of my relatives flat(around 50 feet or less than 50 feet) and he have a very light usage of internet but he want my wifi connection. Can i use this aa access point and can it cover around 50 feet distanceAnd can I connect it wirelessly?
    So sorry guys, I forgot to add speedtest results in the video, so here they are:-Wired( through lan ) :- 194mbps down , 192 Mbps up , 5ms pingDeco on ground floor :- 193 Mbps down , 193 Mbps up, ping 5 msDeco on 1st floor :- 194 Mbps down , 192 Mbps up, 9ms ping
    Hey! Just one question: do you think I will face any issue if I place TOO MANY of them in a single area? Like devices continuously disconnecting and switching mesh access points because they cannot decide which one to connect to? TIA :)
    Brother satshri akal jiWifi 6 purchase karna aacha rahuga Like.deco x60Or. Just save money & buy deco m4Give urs thoughts broOrbi mesh compared to deco (tplink)Quality wise /range wise.?Are u connected each deco with lan cable with main deco
    Informative video brother. Planning to purchase for my 3 level building but I have a it compatible with JIO FIBER? Model number is JCOW414. Someone told me that some JIO FIBER modems are locked and does not support additional router or modem.
    I've fibre connection, having onu output lan, can I directly connect Deco M4 to that
    Awesome review. We would like you to review our product. Please provide your email id so that we can connect with you. Thank You.
    Thanks Amitoj. i am using this router for last 1 and half months i have three Deco M4s. absolutely worth investing. Specially if you have smart home and all your devices in all rooms needs to connect to WIfi.Request - Could you make a video on Alexa enabled. i am not sure how to enable the Alexa skills and use voice command for this routers.One suggestion to everyone, if you want to go for one , then no point for going with Deco. mesh is useful where you want seamless connectivity across multiple floors. before buying pls check with internet provider if they support , else you will end up connecting the Deco to your routers . Then your router speed is the max speed you can have.
    Awesome review!! Sounds like a good investment! :)
    This is really good and worth its cost
    Can i set it up in this way ?Jio router to node 1 using lan cable. Node 1 to node 2 using lan cable. Node 2 to node 3 using lan cable. And all 3 nodes cannot see each other.
    Bro monthly recharge plan bro
    Bro I have a question regarding the setup, I have installed tp link archer 5400 in the ground floor of my house, I do seem to have blind spot in the first floor of my house and the speed also seems to be low. So , I purchased deco m4 today , I have been watching all the setup videos and after the configuration is done. Can I place my deco in the first floor connecting with a long Ethernet cable connected to the main router? And does the speed remain the same?
    Bai main wifi extender laina kehde brand da lvaa only ground floor cover Krna saraa
    Satsri kal paaji
    Nice info....does it work with any network type as currently I have bsnl broadband ...may upgrade to fiber .
    5 Ram me iska kavrej aayga kya merko ek hi lena hai
    Concise and clear. Thanks for all the info. All the best for your channel
    What is the range of single deco M4 compared to a gigabit router
    Explained in detail I simple language, very nice

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