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The lowest What a waste 2.0: a global snapshot of solid waste management to 2050 (Urban development series) Book Price in India is ₹4,070 at Amazon.
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What a waste 2.0: a global snapshot of solid waste management to 2050 (Urban development series) Book Reviews from YouTube

What a Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050
What a Waste 2.0: Everything You Should Know About Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management - Types, Methods, Challenges & Solutions for Solid Waste Management #UPSC
Solid waste Management | Treatment and Disposal | Environment Crash Course | UPSC|SSC|State Exams
Online class
Wow, this teaching alot, thank you
Solutions For Pollution Problems 1. Many Production Companies Has To Be Stopped We manufacture so many products and it is creating pollution and pollution has increased to such an extent that it has become a threat to the world. After 2045 climate change would give more problems and by 2100 we would start having major natural disasters. So if we can minimise our products, pollution would be less. We produce so many things which we do not need as a necessity, like cold drinks, leather products, potato wafers, chips, fruit juices, chocolates, biscuits, pickles, ice creams, etc. Cold drinks, fruit juices, chocolates, biscuits, pickles, ice creams, etc. should be cooked at home only. Instead of cold drinks people should drink natural drinks such as lime water, coconut water or just any fruit, not any fruit juice, just the whole fruit which can be prepared or served when a customer comes in a shop, hotel or a person selling this drinks on a street and serve it to him. If we stopped producing this things so much pollution could be reduced. Also these companies need so much water and electricity, we could give that water and electricity to places where water and electricity supply is less. As the world is facing pollution problems, we should stop producing things which is not a necessity for humans. In this way we would create less pollution. These companies require so much boring underground water, the water when pumped out of the ground they flatten and sink the ground. If we colour the clothes pollution occurs. So if we don't colour our clothes, the pollution resulting from colouring the clothes can be stopped. Let everything remain in white natural colour. What about the companies that are going to be stopped, they would have debts to pay. The companies which cannot pay the debts just excuse them. We will think that if companies are going to be shut down then how the Industrialists and so many people who would lose their jobs, how will they survive. For that we have to make things free to the people. 2. Make Things Free To The Peoples As I previously said to shut down many companies which are not required as a necessity for humans, if done then many would become jobless and lose their business. So to solve this problem the world has to make food, clothing, shelter, medicine, surgeries and education free to the peoples. If this step is taken then we can shut down any company we want. The government's of every country should arrange agricultural lands in new places for farming and supply water and seeds and all other things necessary for farming free to the people's who have lost their source of income and those who are already unemployed, if they do not have enough money to start farming on their own. If this is done then no one would starve for food and robberies can be reduced so much in the world. We have to take this step very soon, because if we start now then maybe by 2045 we would have arranged for farming for many peoples. Many people's should do agriculture and farming. Many people should study botany subject so that they have knowledge of plants and they should do farming. A book must be written about how much amount of food of any type a person should consume, to cook foods half or full, because if we eat too much of a thing then some problems arises due to that. The lands of the companies can be turned back to forests, trees can be planted or turned into a farm. 3. We Should Cook Foods In Its Natural Form We can cook rice and wheat in our homes and eat it. Rice and Wheat is produced in farms. Then it is packed and transported to big warehouses, then wholesalers buy from them and supply to retail shops. But if a manufacturing company makes bread from rice and wheat, then to make bread a manufacturing company has to be set up, machines and working staffs are needed. When a company is built many other things are also needed. Then at last a plastic pack is required to pack the breads. So if we start cooking eatable things in its natural form then we do not need many companies like bread manufacturing company, tomato ketchup, fruit jam, pizza, burger, etc., the things required for the company and the plastic pack, paper box pack and glass bottles. If done like this, so many companies will not be required and hence less pollution for the world. This must be done. The World is researching on how to clear the earth's pollution, but if we stopped many companies like bread manufacturing company and others which are not required as a necessity, so much pollution could be reduced and maybe we won't even have to research on how to clear the earth's pollution.
the only waste here is the waste of time and internet w this annoying online "classes"
I am
if your from mr rodriguez 666
What is your waste management for mask from public PPE kits from hospital ?
That's wrong how we are killing these Amazing creatures
Great, the original comment is there, which is fine, I leave both there. What I would be happy about would be the response from WORLD BANK. This is still missing.
Dear World Bank it seems like some of the website administrators deleted my previous comment so I will repeat it. Can you tell me please why instead of systematic waste and wasting prevention, you support the negative development and generation of more waste? What you say wit your video is, DEAR WASTE COMPANIES WE GRANT YOU GROWING PROFITS FOR NEXT 32 YEARS, but you maybe forgot that for a waste company MORE WASTE is equal to MORE PROFIT and this is the reason why BLUE MARBLE turns to BROWN BALL OF MUD and GLOBAL LANDFILL. I know it for i am preventing waste happen on industrial scale for more than 8 years already
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At 10:26 why e-waste comes under this category?? As we defined Solid waste excluded e-waste! Plz reply
We can also use waste in crafts Like use of tires, use of bottles, use of cloth pieces, use of polythene in making colorful threats.
Thanks mam.
It's Use Full For Sanitary Health Inspector ❤️❤️ Thanks
I love you
Mam lakshmi kant polity start kigiye please
Thanks for the info😊
Mam lecture was awesome , but where go get pdf of this
Excuse me mam ... Diwali ko kudewala nahi aata. Kudewale to hum log hai wo to safai wale hai...
India ke har ek city mein hein..... In Gujarat largest seen at Ahmedabad.... Removal procedure is going on
Thanks Sir
Nyc explaination sir👌
Sir please BPSC Assistant Public Sanitary and Waste Management Officer ke liye classes start kijiye please sir
I want talk to you sir.
You are great sir
Subscribe krna to bnta h. 👍👍
Thank you so much Sir. Ap Itna Achha padaate h ki Apke sare lectures attand krne ka man kr rha h. PG & PSC dono ke liye helpful h.
BpSC waste management
Sir BPSC Assistant Public Sanitary & Waste Management Officer ke liye koi class start kijiye na plzz
Best video
Sir mujhe ye ppt chahiye please
Sir ji i want this lacture pdf how i get from you
Ur video help my project in final year sir... Thnx
waste segregation at source
Thank you sir you cleared my confusion. From Pakistan
Thnx sir....it helped me a lot
I have never encountered with such a phenomenal teacher before. Salute to your dedication and hardwork.
Great initiative 👌

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