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Web Analytics For Dummies Book Reviews from YouTube

Web Analytics for Beginners - Presented by Bluehost
Technical Analysis for Dummies! Book Review
Everyone should read this book! (Especially if you work with data)
Everything you should know about - Web Analytics 2.0
Google Analytics is not the best nor very useful. Real time traffic, unable to remove domains no longer used, etc makes Google Analytics a TOY😫 at best. You don't need Bluehost to use Google analytics, Piwik aka Matomo, and other analytics available.
Thank you
These are some definitions I've been having troubles with, now I can understand them a little bit better. Thanks a lot!
Well explained. Thank you !
how free analytics for visitors lessons, not talking only
best explantation I ever got on the subject of Web Analytics!! thank youuu
Video starts at 1:15
Excellent !
Very clear and concise video.
great video
Thank for the insight. It was really helpful and enjoyable to watch :D
Very well put
I never comment on any video bcoz i am too lazy but this video was soo good and useful that i had to comment ❤️
Too good to learn..
Hey, your video is much helpful and also your way of explaining is good as well. Thanks a lot for keep updating us in Digital Marketing/Web Analytics Tactics. Looking for more videos from you in the coming days. As your videos are too worthful and helpful for us in Digital marketing world. https://www.brandveda.in/ ______________________________________ A little recommendation I will do from my side to those who are looking or thinking to gain knowledge in Web Analytics or complete Digital Marketing Course. ______________________________________ How Tough Is the Web Analytics Learning Curve for Beginners? Web Analytics is often proclaimed as one of the most cost-efficient online marketing strategies you can pursue, in part because in theory, you can do everything yourself you just need to get proper practical knowledge of tools and with a good trainer you can have a good training only. There's no magic or mystery to it anymore. To get a piece of proper knowledge and training about Web Analytics click on the link given below and grab your certification with quality content and practical assessment. ( https://www.brandveda.in/courses/web-analytics/) Thanks
How did she get 5 people of the 80%
Very friendly and clear video. Love it.
reduce bounce rate by hiring an attractive model to read your script
Good contents
You state that if we're new to trading this wouldn't be the first book you recommend us to read. What book would you suggest as the first book to read?
Hey. Such a nice review. Started this book last week. Just one simple quick question, would this book help me become a master at crypto trading too? Cause I am looking forward to start day trading at crypto platform.
Can you suggest some more books.. Which books to read Step by step in trading journey
Yes, thanks….I will be getting it
I'm reading it right now. I agree so far. It's great!
Just the review I needed! Thanks so much🌞🌞🤑🌞
How long hours did you finish it?
Ordered that book Friday! Nice review!!!
great book review
Very nice review Can we be connected in any social sites
I am new to trading. Can I ask what chatrooms you part of?
Thank you for your great video it’s very helpful. Easy explanations.🙏
Check out my video on the Titanic dataset - I think you'll like it https://youtu.be/SffkBc1MQ40
I have only watched a few of his talks, but he seems to be using LaTex Beamer Class for the presentations. Nice.
how can i have it PDF FREE ?? CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLS ???!!!!
is this book for beginners?
Thank you. Your channel give me many insights and references. Keep going!
A very easy to read and enjoyable book.
That is great. I have this book, along with the No Bulls__t Guide To Linear Algebra to assist with the math portion of learning data science. It is good to know I made a wise choice. Thank you.
Sir, could you review a book called ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans’ by Melanie Mitchell, please? Cheers!
which book with you recommended for Math for Data Sciences?
hi i am working on machine learning specifically nlp i wanted to know more in nlp but i admit that i have no knowledge in statics should i read this book first or the preferred book for nlp. which one is more recommend for me?
I am learning basic english, I'l give this book a try. Thanks for the review.
Is better than The Signal and the Noise?
Thanks alot for this recommendation- I have just bought the book and will definitely devour it
Sir I'm a going to be a data science student for 3years bachelor' degree so shall I read this now or later
"I didn't know anything about statistics, so now I want everybody to read the first book I read on the subject." :-(
Just bought it and started reading already hooked
I didnt plan to finish the video.. but before I realize that I really need to close the video, I am almost finished with it.
Does it discuss fat tails and Gaussian bias?
Don't read and drive.
Can anyone share the pdf of this book
thank you so much this was very helpful

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