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WESTERN DIGITAL Xe 900 GB Servers Internal Hard Disk Drive ...

Buy WESTERN DIGITAL Xe 900 GB Servers Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (WD9001BKHG) only for Rs. from Flipkart.com. Only Genuine Products.


Buy WD WD9001BKHG WD XE Hard Drive Western ... - Amazon.in

Connectivity Technology, SATA ; Brand, Western Digital ; Special Feature, SATA ; Hard Disk Form Factor, 3.5 Inches ; Compatible Devices, Server.


WD XE (WD9001HKHG) 900GB Server Internal Hard Drive Features

Protect your investment by upgrading to the latest Enterprise performance storage technology from WD. WD Xe drives deliver 50% higher capacity, higher reliability and up to 67% lower power consumption versus 3.5-inch 15,000 RPM drives.

  • Type: HDD
  • Interface: SATA
  • Form Factor: 3.5 inch
  • Capacity: 900 GB
  • Servers
  • HDD
  • 900 GB Capacity
  • For Desktop

The lowest WD XE (WD9001HKHG) 900GB Server Internal Hard Drive Price in India is ₹29,250 at Flipkart.
Buy WD XE (WD9001HKHG) 900GB Server Internal Hard Drive online at Flipkart.
Check out the latest prices and availability at major retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through WD XE (WD9001HKHG) 900GB Server Internal Hard Drive full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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WD XE (WD9001HKHG) 900GB Server Internal Hard Drive Specifications

Dimensions 101.6 mm x 26.1 mm x 147 mm
Weight 0.49 g
Drive Configuration
Average Seek Time 7 (Read), 5.3 (Write)
Cache Memory 32 MB
Data Transfer Rate (To/From Buffer) 6000 Mbps
Device Servers
Device Type 3.5 inch HDD
Drive Capacity 900 GB
Form Factor 3.5 inch
Interface SATA
Reliability 600000 (Load/Unload Cycles), 200000 h (Mean Time between Failures)
Spin Speed 10000 RPM
Transfer Rate 6000 Mbps
Brand Western Digital
Model Id WD9001HKHG
Series Xe
In the Box
Sales Package 1 x 900GB Hard Disk Drive
Standard Input Voltage 12.5 V DC

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Wd9001bkhg, Wd 1tb Internal Hard Disk For Desktop

WD XE (WD9001HKHG) 900GB Server Internal Hard Drive Reviews from YouTube

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lol the translation said fire poodle
lol didnt know you didnt speak english but I watched thru the whole video
128ssd or 120ssd me diffrence
I have WD Elements 3TB Portable Hard Drive, anyone intrested msg
How to complicate things with indian gamer 😂 arra hdd ko bhi gaming ka topic bana dia yaar wah ssd ho ya hdd kam dono ka data store karna hi rahega han boot time ka difference hota hai par agar pessy bacha k 1 second ka difference araha hai toh why not 🤣
What about Adata HD710 Pro external hard disk? Because of triple protection I was thinking to buy. Do you think I should buy this or seagate. Because I am not sure what kind of features both are providing. I rely you :) so asking you. I bought a LG monitor just you recommended and honestly that was best deal I have made. So please guide.
Wo desktop wallpaper kaunsa hai?
number send Kariye 10 din hua aaj
Seagate 8 tb hai sir 5 Jun 2021 ko mila acount batayen and contact number dena sir jaldi
Seygeta 8 tb
Mere pass hai sir bechana hai
Voice and look like honey singh!🤟
what is asetor
can someone translate
Gutkha thuk kar baat kar😂😂
1 vedio mujhe chahiye external 4tb seget backup + hub Mine le li aur iski speed bhut hi kam h 8 se 15 mb ps chal rha h
Can someone suggest me which hdd should I go for my laptop ? 1 TB or 2 TB will be fine for me. I currently have 512 GB ssd. Should I go for another ssd or a hdd. Please suggest me.
Koi help karo please... Mai... HDD 2 tb 7200 liya ..Hu.. wah 256 mb sach memory wali bol kar diye hai 5200/- me lekin usme 256mb memory nhi likhaa.hai kya karu kese pata karu..
sir,, 256 mb cach vs 64 me kya le or ... 5400 me 256 hai or .. 7200 64mb .. hain to kya le...
I think you've been the only person on YouTube that put up a video answering this question for me. Lol
dude you speak way too much, just go to the point
So say wd red for my movies and music that isn’t streaming often and a wd black for gaming? I have like 5tb+ of games so ssd is not a viable option.
WD red is designed for raid and it is not recommended to use for single use. For single drive use WD Gold they are meant to be used and abused 24/7 in an intense write environment and will last for a long time.
Your sound is out of sync. Next video, good bye
Audio synchronization is off
My research for my needs are pointed towards the Red as well, which is surprising because I'm a bit confused why the Black has a 5 y warranty and the Red has a 3y warranty. Especially if the reds are supposed to be more durable. My need for replacement is because my Black failed.
Is WD red 4TB quiet ? I’m planning to host my NAS in bedroom and alittle worried about the noise ! Plz share experience
In my PC I run Toshiba P300
Why is it that in your benchmark, the graph for WD Red is blue but for WD Blue is red?
Can I use it just for hdd ? normally I have ssd for windows
and if i connect WD red as internal Drive and use it 10 Hours per Day , is there would be any problem ????
which would be good ?? WD RED vs Seagate IronWolf ???
can i attached WD red directly in my SATA port ??? like WD Black or Blue or Seagate Barracuda ????
sync lip properly
I'm currently using WD Gold 2tb in my desktop after my 6 month old WD Blue 1tb failed.
Main difference is firmware and both ends of the disk is secured at both ends (blacks are as well) and can handle upto 8 disks vibrations, the red pro ones can handle upto 16 disks Important note wd red uses TLER so when a block on the disk goes bad it will give up after 5-7 seconds (wd blue and black can take 13-30 seconds or longer to error out and then maybe relocate the bad sector, in a NAS that's bad as it can make the whole disk disappear or hang up the server) wd reds are more reliable but if a bad sector happens it will give up trying to get that data far sooner so the NAS can sort it out recommend to have a disk monitoring and reporting software (like hdd sentinel) I set all hdds to 99% health alert so soon as a drive starts to log relocate events or other critical events that affect health it popup with a warning (ssd have set to more Conservative 90% as the heath is linked to remaining life)
Okay well most of what you say is uneducated nonsense, You clearly have no idea what TLER is, what it does and why NAS drives have it and desktop drives don't. I do like most of what you put up, so im not a hater, but you have no idea what TLER is. TLER is Time Limited Error Recovery - NAS drives have it because waiting 5sec for the driver to recover data from a damaged sector could fault the RAID and crash it. The reason why Desktop drives DONT have TLER because if a sector has data, is damaged the disk is going to do its best to get that data back, increasing Read times, eventually leaving the drive in a degraded mode. NAS drives dont need to wait - it has a back up disk, eventually if that disk is going bad that disk can be replaced, but it can't wait the normal time a desktop drive gets given to get that data. The Reason why NAS drives are a BAD idea in Desktops is mostly because of TLER, if you have data, NAS drives are gonna rely on its mirror disk or parity disk to recover the data or rebuild corrupted data, a single NAS disk in a Desktop is going to give you no recovery time allowed to recover data from a bad sector. It's got nothing to do with the build quality, its got nothing to do with the physical rating of the disks or platters or anything like that, every disk is 100% identical, each disk is (aside from capacity) are the same. RED disks have "NASware" which is a firmware on the circuit board which assists NAS units in its operation, it provides and makes allowances for NAS units, not DESKTOP users. Yes NAS disks in a Desktop is a bad idea, yes just because you installed one or two in yours isn't a sign that they're wrong, its just that they understand why NAS disks are different and you clearly... don't.
Is it me or is the video out of sync?
Which Benchmark do you use to test your devices on a daily basis?
Anyone know bout Mdd? Maxdigitaldrives if so how are they will it last longevity
5 or more years later.... quite outdated video.
me from 2021.... " Don't buy HDD, Buy SSD !!! "
And about gold, what's so better in it against the black?
Thank you so much, you helped me a lot!
what one would be the best for imacs?
What a bunch of BS
You don't talk about Green and Gold?
Does this mean that purple is the most reliable of them all? I just care about reliability, longevity...
Black it is
Ok, so nice explanation of the manufactures definitions, however, I think the application of the labeling is just that of marketing. Had you done some data tests, I would be more impressed. All of these drives should have specs. The specs and warrantee period is what matters $$$. Performance tests, I would say should include loading as well as speed and not just file transfer but multiple transfers and multiple users accessing. This is where specs matter. 5400, 7200, 10,000 15,000. number of heads, SATA vs SCSI and finally life expectancy.
Which color elements is best for gaming if one wanna have it on often and want to put big games aaa ones on em?
im gonna do the unthinkable and use the wd purple for gaming hehe
I'm gamimg on WD purple just fine
You supplied the application of the various drives. In no way explain the make-up or it becomes better suited for that application. In depth review of components is required. Unsat.
WD is the most popular drives out there but I would stay away from them in my personal bias opinion. I've personally had to many issues with WD.. And make sure you back up you stuff folks don't be like me and lose all your data.
Can a purple be used in a desktop pc as extra storage? And can it be turned on and off?
Don't forget WD green and WD gold! why don't they just make a WD rainbow because why not?
1 have 2 WD blue drives. I think WD makes the best hard drives
My wd blue has 190 read and 185 write,and they are quiet and "fast" for hdd,i used seagate drives,they was loud,slow and not reliable,3 hards in 1 year i rma because they started dissapearing,getting loud,and dead sound
Nice video ❤
I want to eat this hard drives along with packet 🤤
Great video ,Myself using WD Blue 500mb HD several of them bought on eBay second hand due to being on a tight budget .They are really good drives and suits my needs. Did have just the one large drive until it failed and lost most of my work. Now i just buy several cheap drives these days and double up important files and haven't lost anything to date . Learnt the hard way. Trying to buy a hard drive rack so its like a book shelf is imposable so going to make one out of wood as my collection of drives is starting to grow. The main thing is they perform well and my data is safe. Use to do all my editing on ssd until they started to slow down due to the constant writing 4k files worn them out. Now only use the ssd for the os and the software, the rest is mechanical drives
This is not a review.
I still use these drive's for video editing rather than wearing out the SSD with continuous writes just redirect the editing software to store on the external drive works perfectly for my 4k video editing.infact just ordered some more used drives from eBay as they are so reliable they tend to just keep going regardless the amount of writes. SSD learnt the hard way,was using p SSD drives Purley for everything then I had a couple go down and lost all data. Mechanical drive's are so reliable if you treat them gentle will last many years,If they get corrupted or start to fail data is much easier to recover than ssd.Have just sold some old drives back from 2006 that still work fine but the technology at that time with energy and the heat and noise they produce is not good.I would say anything from 2011 onwards will be fine
is it still suitable for gaming pc in 2021
Support ps4 ?
Did it contained mounting screws ?
I like it for moving games around. Put games I’m playing often on ssd and push the rest a hard drive. I’d rather do that than downloading the same game over and over
can i use this video for footage?
I have a new hard disk like this, and I regulary hear a click like every 1-5 minutes (depends on how activ you use the pc), like you would snip with your fingernails, is this normal?
Top notch content my dude!
can i use this video for footage?
could I play older games from around 2005 - 2010 with such a HDD? I have one lying around.
What about gaming?
A ssd costs 3 times the cost of a hdd and i have to get new ram new mobo new processor to work with a nvme ssd. So no thank u i will buy a hdd instead.
raid zero them and test for gaming.
Quality Video But I use a 512 gb ssd & 2 tb hdd (5400 rpm)
because of the feelings in your leggs. I hate ssd, it's as if you were crippled.

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