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Wave Forces on Offshore Structures Book Reviews from YouTube

Wave Loads on Structures I
Mod-01 Lec-01 Loads On Offshore Structures - 1
Mod-01 Lec-13 Introduction to Offshore Structures - I
Mod-01 Lec-02 Loads On Offshore Structures - 2
I want to know the application of Morrison it applied only on fixed vertical cylindrical structures or it can be applied on ships(which have motion-moving)?un moving ships(at rest)?offshore platforms?
thanks sir
Hi! Thanks for your time & explanation. Your lecture helped me in understanding the wave loads acting on offshore structures.
Thank you for the lecture. Really appreciate it. Where can i watch the lecture for hydrodynamics?
Thank you for recording your lectures and posting them for free on YouTube. Much love from a student of Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University.
Sir I am a Transferable Skilled Trade man by viewing your This. Offshore Drilling Rig Structures and it's Analysation Videos are Highly valuable information and knowledge you have Shared Through this you tube channel I would like to appreciate your services and high quality easy Teaching I came to know something about the concepts of offshore drilling Structures and it's Features in oil and gas exploration Industry Thank you very much Sir
Thank you very much Sir for your Sacrification and most valuable information about Jack up design and analysis
Sir I am Mr Gollalappa Hadpad I am happy and very much Thankful for your valuable webinar videos
for conductor supported platform , I'd like to know how to install barge bumper on it
In below link you can also find text transcription and the slides shown in these lectures: you share some documents about offshore structure? Thanks
very good material!Thanks for sharing!
thanks alot for your effort
What are the differences between WHP and CCP offshore platforms?
Sir, it was nice lecture. but please have some Energy
This was very helpful. Thank you for sharing
So cool video. We want more!
How can We get a Diploma or certification of your school through online training or something like that, we at LURI Engineering are so interested to apply for Marine and Offshore Engineering applications
aareeyyy wo pankaj slow hai re tu
Thanks for sharing
Thank you for the educative video. I want to know the factors that determine the use of two straight legs and two battered legs on jacket structures. Thanks.
Can u send me the Lecture resources pdf you have
Your Videos have helped me a lot of as I am a New Beginner of offshore Industry As I have sailed in main Fleet Cargo Tankers under Chennai Captains almost
Sir I would like to Salute your more important information and Your Extraordinary Teaching Method about Ocean engineering knowledge about Jack up Rig designs and it's Analysation Thank you very much Sir Gollalappa Hadpad Karnataka
Your informations are of a great value thanks so much
Ur teaching help me a lots
pretty good
لااللل لازار لرز

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