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Water Waves: Theory And Experiment - Proceedings Of The Conference Book Reviews from YouTube

The Original Double Slit Experiment
Physics Waves: Frequency & Wavelength FREE Science Lesson
How do Ocean Waves Work?
Linear Wave Theory
The more ignorant they are, the harder time they have saying I don't know.
same concept with computer monitors
it's almost as if when we see light, we're.not seeing the photons themselves but a field that the photons are charging as they travel across it like a substrate.
"Wow! Look at this crazy Tech! It's so complex! Too bad it didn't actually come from anywhere.." 🤔
This means that light is wave
OOOh fuckers that's how we understand🥲🥲 Finally I got it because of this video.
Cool video. Just found it. Nice work. Thanks. Light is indeed fascinating.
two universes collide, the incursion occurs
two universes collide, the incursion occurs.
Science is beautiful when you truly understand... ✨️
M from India , a 12th standard student (have nearly finished my schooling ... board exams are going on) We have this whole topic in our physics syllabus and our online teacher taught us so well but this practical made it more beautiful! The single slit diffraction is also an amazing experiment! All those derivations of interference patterns had bothered us so much and we had to revise it again and again. Haha!
But they were suppose to study this at school, don't they?
I am feeling proud 😊 for being a physics student and physics my favorite subject ❣️🇮🇳
عصام الشمري 🦁💙
It's same as how noise cancellation headphones works
I already did and understood this experiment in B. Sc. 1st year but the demo you showed with water - I am amazed to see that - you can see wavefronts too there
Wtf guys I am from Nepal and we learned this in high school.
I am watching this in 2022 and it had been tough us class last month.... wave optics
Watching 2022.. ..
That's so helpful sir. Thanks And love from Bangladesh
Thank you
Sonic boom
So grateful thank you
Just here from school
Thank you so much for this. it Really helped.
Thanks a lot ❤.
I have taken screenshot of your channel and saved it to my Google drive account.I will teach this to my children
Thank you so much 🙏🏼
Simple explanations, thanks a lot.
I don't even know that to say ....but thinks
this is soo good thanks for making this man
Thank you so much sir 😊huge respect from India
Very good 100%
This was a video our science teacher sent this to us. And I am glad this is the video he sent us because it is a very good video to learn about our topic. Thank you for making this video.
Amazing, simple, clear. Thank you so much
Love from india ❤️
Did u know that ur video is in the Malaysian textbook?
Wavey tings 🌊🌊🌊
I'm from colage
I was just curious of how waves work… This is probably some useless information that will make me feel smart later. I will use this in a conversation one day.
This is interesting..Thank you
Movement of ocean waves is ORBITAL PROGRESSIVE, which means water moves in circular orbits, due to forward up and backward down movement of water as the waves passes.
Why t f wasnt I taught this in school 😂
Waves now scare me
Actually the sun has a similar effect on tides as the moon. Yeah it's less but not as much as you'd think.
Also tides are formed by tugging of water on sides of planet . The way the tides move over shores is what causes tides. If there where no shores youd not be able to even see a wave.
Waves do add but they don't transfer energy to each other. They always pass right through each other. If they run next each other at the same time and hit a shore that's just luck. Kingwaves.
0:19 "2% of energy from ocean waves can be used to power the entire world". The big energy companies who keep hiking up the energy prices, do so by telling us about supply shortage. They need to see this video.
thanks this was helpful.
In my school this is work for year 5 XD
Thanks for explaining how waves work! It was really satisfying to understand that the wave moves through the particles and that the particles don’t move. Keep it up 👍👍
Nice and informative video, but 1:02 waves do not move up and down. The water particle moves in a circular (or ellips in shallow water) motions, it has velocities and accelerations in horizontal directions too. These wave kinematics are highest at the top, but decrease along the depth
https://youtu.be/ofvm9I4rJjA dual tracking solarfram
1:05 id works by doing both moving forward and up and down
Dear Sergio, you have a problem with Bernoulli integral: in 10:22 we see the particle velocity at the crest is even greater than that at the trough, in spite of the difference in elevation. In the same time, for the potential flow the sum of Bernoulli terms (pressure head, velocity head and z) should be the same for all the domain at any time moment.
Very Very awesome. Thanks man!
Thank you, you made this become easier to understand
magical video
Terribly sorry to bother you, I have a question but I can't find the answer anywhere, but I wanted to know if there is any theory behind the fact that in order to use Linear Wave Theory, the excursion/oscillation of the device investigated has to be small? and why is the reason behind it? I would be so grateful if you could help me with the answer
Honestly your explanations are very clear.could you dive a bit into radiation and diffraction with some solved problems?
Your video has saved me. Please, thank you. But would like to know the value for g in these calculations.
Great video. Thanks for the work put on it
If I understand the question you posed, you would look at the distance a crest (or trough) travelled (in this case, the distance between probes = 2.32 m) in the amount of time shown on the oscilloscope (I think you said each box = 0.25 sec, and it looks like about half of this, or .125 sec between the purple/blue crests), so the celerity would be c = 2.32 m / .125 sec = 18.56 m/s. So I guess the snapshot of the oscilloscope is misleading since it shows the period of a much shorter/slower wave, while the wavelength and period of this wave must be much greater.
is it the same with the particel velocity? there are also equations for particel velocity in intermediate and deep water? is the intermediate water depth equation also useable for deep water waves?
Awesome stuff
Thanks a lot for the video, if you could help me with a doubt i got i would apreciate! To know the ratio of the depth we need the wavelength and i dont have it, only got depth, crest and period. Is it possible to get the wavelength with this 3 values?
Great video on wave theory
Great introductory video to Airy's wave theory!
Yes very nice video for conceptualizing Linear Wave Theory, thanks!
Great video

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