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Buy Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet online at Amazon. Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Colours: Black
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Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Features

  • Exceptional pen performance, the Wacom Pro Pen 2 features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-response and virtually lag-free tracking
  • Paper to digital ability lets you choose how to work - capture editable versions of your paper sketches or work completely digital from start to finish
  • Use Wacom Ink space to sync, store and export your paper sketches in common creative file formats, then fine-tune your work on your Mac or PC
  • Speed your workflow with multi-touch gestures, customizable Express Keys, radial menus and pen side switches
  • Super-slim tablet design with a smaller, more compact footprint and premium materials
Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Price in India is ₹33,299 at Amazon.
Buy Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet online at Amazon.
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Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand Wacom
Colour Black
Included Components Medium Pen Tablet Pro Pen 2 (battery-free), Pen Stand (Includes 6 standard nibs and 4 Felt nibs), finetip Pen (Battery-free), Paper Clip, 10 Single Paper Sheets - A5, Accessory Case, 4 Extra Pen Color Rings, 3 finetip Ink Refills, Overlay Sheet Sample Card, 2m USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Regulation Sheet, Online User Manual, Important Product Information Documentation
Item Height 8 Millimeters
Item model number PTH660P
Item Weight 699 g
Item Width 21.7 Centimeters
Lithium Battery Energy Content 4.44 Watt Hours
Lithium battery Weight 235 Grams
Number of Lithium Ion Cells 1
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 1
Product Dimensions 33.5 x 21.7 x 0.8 cm
Series Intuos Pro Paper Edition

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NEW WACOM intuos pro tablet REVIEW
on the not pro version can you zoom / rotate with your fingers ?
Hi Martin, I bought the Wacom Intuos a few months ago. I just can't get used to it as the pen is so light and the on screen mapping and touch is very poor compared to my previous Intuos 4 model. I'm really tempted to cut my losses and buy the Intuos Pro small. Do you know if I Wacom is planning to release a new Pro model in the near future? I'm just checking before I buy. Thanks!
I've heard that the pen tibs are super low quality. Like they already start having sharp edges after 2-5 hours of use. Is that true? Because if so, that's absolutely horrible.
bro no inchs none of this MM i want a banana for scale
Does anyone use it on Zbrush for a beginner?
The only things that's making it hard for me to move on from my Intuos 4 is that they don't have the digital readout for the express keys anymore. I really like that feature .___.
Can you connect the tablet to the computer with a USB-C to USB-C cable?
Just watched the video, I was wondering if to buy the tablet or iPad, as I never used the tablet and never got the chance to use one, sorry, I do think I should buy the iPad it’s the cost factor? Any advice would be good, one other thing, I would like to create a hard and web base portfolio, do you offer advice or will you do a video on this. Thanks 🙏🏼
which size are you using in this video?
Should i buy this or huion hs610? Please tell me why
Your thumbnail at 2:56 — nailed it!
But the Medium and Large tablets are NOT the 2019 version, right?
Wait is it compatible with osu
I'm left handed
Cool,I was your 2.5kth like. Very nice review,I very much like the product and look forward to getting one.
wait how do you charge it ??
I don't like because
The program is called Inkspace... not Ink Scape... my bad -_-
Whats better this or XP-PEN Artist 12
Im trying to decide weather to buy this. Does anyone else have it?
Cringeworthy at times.
I would ruin every single picture by sliding the sheet of paper
So essentially it’s a scanner
why would you not just scan in your drawing. This is so pointless
Can you use it to draw directly into photoshop vs inkscape
Hi, I know I am a bit late xd but can you tell me if it is a special paper or it can be any paper?
How does this compare with the Wacom Inkling?
Does anyone else miss the name 'drawing with jazza' ;-;
he thinks the pen is mystical and fabulous lol
What’s the difference between the paper edition and the regular tablet? Which would you pick if you are doing retouching for photos?
Ciao, mi potreste consigliare ìun link per acquistare i ricambi di questa penna digitale?? Grazie mille!
The digitised lines are complete wobbly bollocks haha, it's like every issue I've had with Wacoms over the years x100
ЧЕСТНЫЙ ОТЗЫВ О ПЛАНШЕТЕ WACOM тут https://youtu.be/7Nldx2EOg2c
I draw on pages with a pencil and I animate them by taking many small pages and drawing on all of them and crsat flip books
I hate how fast pro pen 2 nibs wear down.
So you're saying you can draw straight onto the pad without no issues? Just clarifying XDD
Your teaching videos are great. Thanks you very much for sharing with us
This is a size medium ? Thank you.
Would this work for drawing comic books?
Gorgeous work
do it can make 3d animation
can i please ask what was the painting app you used to paint iron man.? it did not look like photoshop. id like to try it out....im still using wacoms very first tablet its over 25 years old lol. its look like it too :) Thank you......
*Please Note*: the comment from "Ashakari Singh" is not correct: RapidFireArt's review comment about the line thickness is localized to their Ink Pen -- but at 4:20 and following, she discusses the *Wacom Stylus*, which allows differential pressure and corresponding stroke size. She discusses differential pressure using the Stylus through the end of the video, including differential stroke size applied in Adobe Photoshop at 6:20. Overall a great product review here.
You draw exceptionally well btw
Hi! what kind of screen you are using in this video?
i areaddy have it i nid some one to help me teach wish you cold teach me
Thank you
Just a note, they lent this to you over a YEAR ago? Shouldn't you return it? Are you getting commission? NIBS: The issue is the supply of rubbish tips and the fact that the surface wears down (!) after a while. I would have thought a solid surface would have years of stability, and would be part of the design, like those nice smooth kitchen cooktops. And you would think the engineers would come up with a non-destructible nib for heaven's sake! If I spend a packet on a digital tablet, I know the stylus will be a facsimile of a pencil. I accept that, but to have to constantly buy new nibs? No thanks. Wacom can make a non-destructive nib, you bet they can. Very sad that people are trying to work around this issue of pressure and nib replacement. You are silly to keep paying for these nibs. If fewer people spent mony on nibs, you can bet they would fix the problem quick start.
With thanks! Valuable information! XP-Pen Deco Pro tablet - I had a talk with a guy who had been running a lot of awesome projects and he recommended this. He said to even just get them second hand is good.
but ink refill is so expensive.
Hey rapid-fire art can we use it the same as we can in Intuos pro large
what computer do you use?
oof if the nibs wear down that fast then I'm screwed
I would use Iskn Repaper instead
Very helpful! Thank you!
Pretty bad that you have to use a dongle/extension cable
Does it work on autodesk sketchbook?
Does this come with free software or do I have to pay for photoshop?
The pen for this tablet makes a slight creaking noise when I use it. Do all tablet pens do this?
I'm getting this tablet in a few days! I'm really excited :D
Thanks for the review! Does this work with Procreate on an iPad?
Did you ever got around to opening that Intuos Pro Paper Edition Large? I was really looking forward to the size comparison vs. the Medium one and how it actually feels like to actually work with one (not sure if the size may become a nuisance. Thanks!!
Great review. I was considering picking this up. I'll definitely be purchasing it now. Thank you
it will obviously feel better. look at the price man. no way its not gonna be better than anything else
My first was the intuos 4
I'm not really sure if Wacom intuos pro Medium or Wacom intuos pro large is better.. Can someone recommend me?
Hi I have a dilemma So for the last 3 days I have been looking for my tablet pen all over my house. I have given up the search and have coped with the fact that I may have thrown it away accidentally. I am not sure if I can replace it without having to purchase the product again...I have looked on Amazon for replacements and I found some promising ones but I am not sure if it will be compatible with my tablet. I don’t want to lose money. If anyone can recommend me with the best replacement option, please let me know! Otherwise I will have to take my chances and buy the one I saw off amazon. The tablet is rlly good and I’ve been itching to draw some projects I have stored on my computer. Tablet model :PTH 660
Anyone can tell me, what series of wacom is this?
Thank you for great videos! Recently got Intuos Pro Medium. Great tool. Having this issue- every time I touch surface in brush mode this brush adjustment annoying window pops up. How can I stop this? Thank you.
I can´t find the unboxing of the large version...
I tried out the Intuos Pro Medium from 2017, and while it's great, I ultimately decided it wasn't worth it to upgrade from the 2013 model that I also own. I was hoping that the bluetooth and the smaller footprint of the tablet would be worth it, but when I went back to the older one just to see how it felt after using the new one, I discovered there was NO drop off in the user experience for me. So I'll be returning it to stick with the 2013 model. I do however, recommend the newer one to anybody looking to get a drawing tablet!
Woah, I liked so much the retro Wacom in the intro! My first one was a magnetic drawing board, but don't judge me, haha.:D
anybody else here experienced their nib being nibbed thin on their first try? mine got eaten easily just like a paper eats a pencils lead
Hi, thank u so much for the video. I am thinking to buy a Wacom to start to learn illustration. Sorry for the question, but the photoshop already comes with the Tablet or do I need to buy that apart? :D
I just liked because you threw with style the old Wacom hahaha Greetings!

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