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Buy Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet online at Amazon. Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet . Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet available in Colours: Black

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Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet price at Amazon - ₹33,299

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The lowest Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Price in India is ₹33,299 at Amazon.
Buy Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet online at Amazon.
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Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet available in Colours:
  • Black

Wacom Intuos Pro PTH660P Input Tablet Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand Wacom
Colour Black
Included Components Medium Pen Tablet Pro Pen 2 (battery-free), Pen Stand (Includes 6 standard nibs and 4 Felt nibs), finetip Pen (Battery-free), Paper Clip, 10 Single Paper Sheets - A5, Accessory Case, 4 Extra Pen Color Rings, 3 finetip Ink Refills, Overlay Sheet Sample Card, 2m USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Regulation Sheet, Online User Manual, Important Product Information Documentation
Item Height 8 Millimeters
Item model number PTH660P
Item Weight 699 g
Item Width 21.7 Centimeters
Lithium Battery Energy Content 4.44 Watt Hours
Lithium battery Weight 235 Grams
Number of Lithium Ion Cells 1
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 1
Product Dimensions 33.5 x 21.7 x 0.8 cm
Series Intuos Pro Paper Edition

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Does the pen and cursor have delay when painting? Or is it as exact like when moving the mouse?
what's the drawing latency?
Are the pressure levels based on the pen or the screen? If it's based on the pen, can I buy a pen with over 8,000 pressure levels and use it on my wacom One that came with a +4000 p-lvl pen?
Can The intous pro works with computer That has a 32 bits?
A4 is like a school notebook paper?
do we see mouse cursor while using the tablet?
Thank you for this helpful review! My parents bought me my first drawing tablet, the Wacom bamboo tablet (CTH-470) nearly a decade ago when it first came out. It still works great but is definitely a little beat up and antiquated. I’m thinking about upgrading and buying myself the Intuos Pro. Now I just can’t decide between the small or the medium 😖 the pro small is about the size of my bamboo and I’ve never had a problem but I am curious about a larger size.
And is it wireless
Should I get large one for sculpting
does this have wireless dongle?
Mine arrived today :) so excited to get started
hi. Im planning to get this but is there anyway to replace the battery if it is overcharged or spoil in long run?
I currently have a Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch small, and I believe it is way too small for me to draw on, it’s uncomfortable and stressful to draw in such a small surface area. Would the small Intuos Pro be a better upgrade? Or should I look into getting the Intuos Pro Medium?
Such a detailed and beautiful review. Loving how soothing it is. The background music is on point. ♥️
Hi, I also love the Wacom Intuos Pro :) But I have a problem with the “R” (rotation tool). Every time I tap R on my keyboard the Wacom Pen doesn’t work, and it’s impossible to switch tools, to use ellipse/selection or any other tool. I have to restart the program and just avoid to use the “rotation tool” with the Wacom pen. I didn’t have such problem using the mouse... anyone could suggest a solution? Ps. Similar problem with the Reflect tool “O”, it looks like the Wacom pen doesn’t want to “let go” the cursor so that I can’t make the rotation or the reflection :(
How is the tablet when it comes to battery drain on the macbook pro 13 you have there? Does it drain less battery through bluetooth? or through usb cable (I mean on the laptop not the tablet)?
Thanks for the review, I use an Intuos Pro M for everything at the computer instead of the mouse, it helps to perform better. Oh, and I just found your channel, great stuff! You have some Hungarian accent, do I hear well? Keep up with the great work!
Is there a noticeable difference between the 8k pro model and non pro model 4k pens?
I’ll offer my experience since it may be useful to some people. Around 5 years ago I had bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet, and it was quite small. I had used it for a while before I had changed to a pen display. However, pen displays even back then were quite expensive so in my mistake I had chosen to go for an unknown brand called UGEE. My pen display worked fine for around 2 years, glass screen, 2000 something levels of pen pressure, no pen tilt. Eventually the drivers had come to a halt and had stopped working. I emailed the company in regards to perhaps updating their old 2017 drivers and it took an entire month for them to respond with a custom driver link. Even after installing that driver I continued to have problems throughout so I eventually gave up. After that I had upgraded to a 2nd gen iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. It has been a really great experience 2+ years on, and I’ve never had any issues. However, I can’t complete as large pieces or as detailed pieces on the iPad as I can on desktop programs. Just the other day I bought a Wacom Intuos Pro Large, and I’m still waiting for it in the mail. I have heard great things about it, with the only negative being the fast pen nib wear for graphics usage. I can most probably fix this by using a smoother surface or simply buying third party nibs in large amounts. I’m super excited to receive it after being failed on by my pen display nearly 2 years ago now. Super excited to get back to the desktop programs like Photoshop and Krita and have a good old go at the tablet experience. If you can’t afford a pen display, I’d definitely recommend getting the best of the best tablet you can in the industry. Cheap tablets also have a lot of capabilities.
The program is called Inkspace... not Ink Scape... my bad -_-
Oh man I missed this background!
so without that paper clip and special pen this edition is exactly intous pro? Does Intous pro offer that middle button to add new layer or just in this paper edition?
Too gimmicky...
The epic song that plays when he opens the box at 1:50 is "Navras" by Juno Reactor & Don Davis, from the matrix soundtrack. Just incase anyone watched this and was going crazy trying to remember/find it! https://open.spotify.com/track/1Bjgk8W01w4wx2SMCldsYZ?si=atU_RNpYTpOIrR9x0Y1PZA
Skip to 5:11 for the review you welcome
Does a pen stylus act like a mouse? Like you always see the stylus on the screen like you would a mouse?
4:46 whaaaaaaaaaat Jazza don't read instructions
You should team up with some programmers and make a professional drawing software/app
How the heck do you keep the roller straight
Man this guy is super boring...
I know It's 2020 but this video really helped me find a drawing tablet that suits me! I'm pretty bad with technology stuff and I needed an explanation that I couldn't get from shops. Thank you so much Jazza!
is it compatible with macbook pro?
Jazza finally read the instructions
You guys ever heard of photocopying?
Say that ten times fast. Thick black brush
Is it good for iPad?
must i use a computer to support this wacom intuos?
Me n mah cheap butt: imma just sticka peice of paper on mah tablet with washy tape!
it will obviously feel better. look at the price man. no way its not gonna be better than anything else
My first was the intuos 4
I'm not really sure if Wacom intuos pro Medium or Wacom intuos pro large is better.. Can someone recommend me?
Hi I have a dilemma So for the last 3 days I have been looking for my tablet pen all over my house. I have given up the search and have coped with the fact that I may have thrown it away accidentally. I am not sure if I can replace it without having to purchase the product again...I have looked on Amazon for replacements and I found some promising ones but I am not sure if it will be compatible with my tablet. I don’t want to lose money. If anyone can recommend me with the best replacement option, please let me know! Otherwise I will have to take my chances and buy the one I saw off amazon. The tablet is rlly good and I’ve been itching to draw some projects I have stored on my computer. Tablet model :PTH 660
Anyone can tell me, what series of wacom is this?
Thank you for great videos! Recently got Intuos Pro Medium. Great tool. Having this issue- every time I touch surface in brush mode this brush adjustment annoying window pops up. How can I stop this? Thank you.
I can´t find the unboxing of the large version...
I tried out the Intuos Pro Medium from 2017, and while it's great, I ultimately decided it wasn't worth it to upgrade from the 2013 model that I also own. I was hoping that the bluetooth and the smaller footprint of the tablet would be worth it, but when I went back to the older one just to see how it felt after using the new one, I discovered there was NO drop off in the user experience for me. So I'll be returning it to stick with the 2013 model. I do however, recommend the newer one to anybody looking to get a drawing tablet!
Woah, I liked so much the retro Wacom in the intro! My first one was a magnetic drawing board, but don't judge me, haha.:D
anybody else here experienced their nib being nibbed thin on their first try? mine got eaten easily just like a paper eats a pencils lead
Hi, thank u so much for the video. I am thinking to buy a Wacom to start to learn illustration. Sorry for the question, but the photoshop already comes with the Tablet or do I need to buy that apart? :D
I just liked because you threw with style the old Wacom hahaha Greetings!
I'm still using an Intuos 3. What's the difference?
@photoshopCAFE Is there any difference between the initially released Intuos Pro M (2017) compared to the latest (2019). The model# PTH-660 is still the same. I could not find any infos about it. Thanks in advance!
I didn't know how to open the base of the Stylus Pen and you are the only person who explain it. Very useful. Thanks a lot.
How does this work with multi-monitors? I have 3 screens and I would like the tablet to work on only one of them. Is this possible?
How does the Wacom Tablet compare tot he MBP's TrackPad?
Thanks for the review and I feel impressed and inspired to get this myself one to enhance my art drawings.
I can't afford Photoshop but have Paint Shop Pro, does this work with PSP do you know?
Thanks for this. I've had my intuos pro for a while now and only just discovered what the pen holder is because of your video. I feel stupid but am glad I know. The instructions with it are not very clear
but ink refill is so expensive.
Hey rapid-fire art can we use it the same as we can in Intuos pro large
what computer do you use?
oof if the nibs wear down that fast then I'm screwed
I would use Iskn Repaper instead
NO! This is bullshit: you should be able to draw directly on the tablet and see it while you're doing that. if you want to sketch traditionally on paper, do it—so fkn what if you have to scan it in (poor you!), at least you'll have an actual drawing. I shouldn't even have to say, even to a tech-bewitched populace, how much better that is, but oh well... Anyway personally I WANT AN INEXPENSIVE (under $100; I know they're out there somewhere) DRAWING TABLET WHOSE SURFACE I CAN DRAW RIGHT ONTO WHILE SEEING WHAT I'M DRAWING THERE, and not have ANYthing in between me and that surface, like paper or tracing paper or have to look up at another screen while I'm drawing; that just makes you fight that always awkward-making setup while you're trying to draw! All of these Wacom &c. "drawing pads" (they call them that to fool us) should've been illuminated pads for sketching and drawing from the beginning, but they're Totally Misleadingly NOT.
Very helpful! Thank you!
please can you buy one for me please, I want to start an educational youtube channel. big fan...nice work
Very Good! :) i have 7 :o and u?
I love u so much ❤️❤️ u always make everything easy and simple and whenever i feel confused 🤷‍♂️ i go to ur channel and draw with u ❤️
I ll stick with my intuos 5
how are you looking at the color when there is no image on the tablet i dont see the paper?
Does is it have a cost?
Oh boy. How much does this wonder usually casts ? 'Cause I really want it
does the paper feature record pressure sensitivity, as it looks like the same line width is only recorded?.thanks
Hi - this looks great. When the drawing is exported from InkSpace as a psd ... is it Photoshop or the Tablet/InkSpace that governs the resolution? For example when I scan my drawings now I set the resolution to 600DPI so they can be printed on items much larger than A4.
what kind of screen are you using? that looks like it was made to go with that wacom.
What software is used to edit? Also, how do you compare to the Bamboo?
Can this tablet be used for the post editing too? Or is it just for drawing?