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Buy Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small online at Amazon. Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small . Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small available in Colours: Black Green

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Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small price at Amazon - ₹4,841

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The lowest Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small Price in India is ₹4,841 at Amazon.
Buy Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small online at Amazon.
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Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small available in Colours:
  • Black
  • Green

Wacom Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet- Small Specifications

Additional Features
Features Multi-touch enabled; Smooth and noiseless high quality touch sensitive tablet surface; Battery free; Supports multi-touch gestures like flip, pan, zoom, rotate; Free downloadable software included: Clip Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio
Brand Wacom Intuos
Colour Black
Model CTH-490/K1-CX
Type Art Pen and Touch
In the Box
Sales Package Main Unit, USB cable, Replacement Nibs, Software download instructions and code (registration required), Quick start guide, Installation CD
Physical Specifications
Dimension (W x D x H): 210 x 169 x 11 mm (Small)
Active area (W x D) 152 x 95 mm
Express Keys 4 Application-Specific Keys
Ideal for Creating comic and manga art; Digital note taking, writing on documents, digital signature, handwriting e-mails and on photos
Interface USB, Wireless RF
Multi Touch Surface Yes
Pressure Sensitivity 1024
Resolution 2540 lpi (100 lines/mm)
Wireless Battery Life 30 hours
Wireless-Kit Option Yes
System Requirements
OS Requirements PC: Windows 7, 8 or 10, Mac: OS X 10.8.5 or later
Others USB port, Internet connection, CD/DVD-ROM drive

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Hi Teoh. While reading your parka blog about this review and watching this @2:51 i came with the idea of why not do a video - vintage review of your Intuos 3, and comment on how this old beast of a tablet holds up against the current ones. :) Cheers!
Hi! Will this model still work in 2021 on Windows10? I picked up (maybe outdated) stories of Wacom devices not working (properly) on Win 10 after some big OS update happened...
I love how you go into depth with this review. I have a WACOM that my parent's got me back in 2011 and I'm still using it to this day but the cable is breaking now on it and was hoping to get a new one before this old ones dies and this review really helped me in deciding which one I'll be buying. Tysm!✨ :)
Thank you 🙏 for the information
I've installed drivers for this tablet in my laptop but I'm not able to install them in my desktop. I want to use this tablet with both of my systems. Is it possible??
What's the full price?
Can I ask, if i do not have any Adobe products, can I still use this on like "paint" ?
i have the Photo version of the tablet but i use it for art lmao
Do you recommended this model in 2020?
Can u use this with phone?
How do you charge the pen?
its nice´with macros perfect with a logitech keyboard that has macros too
now that's a real detailed review 👍nice work, you just need to improve your english a little bit
What's the name of that program?
The flap is for holding you pen
you can draw with three fingers
Please reply soon ....Can I use it for 3ds max as well as Photoshop?????
E vreun roman pe aici?
Im bothered by the fact that he has nothing a right click shortcut and an alt shortcut (alt for eyedrop) when in every art program I've used right click is another way to eyedrop 👁👄👁
А как сделать так что бы не нажимать кнопки на стилусе а перенаправить их на альт и контрол????? And how to make it so that not to press the buttons on the stylus and redirect them to alt and control?????
me wanting this for osu
Surely a nice tablet for kids.
Guess I buy it with my monry since its eaier ti draw on my ov,Thanks for the showcase.
I started drawing two weeks ago
Normal people: imma start art career Me: haha OSU go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Thanks! That video was very helpful! Are there any screen protectors you can recommend for it?
Does anyone know if it's compatible with android/samsung tablets?
great video TY
Can you use this device to write annotations or marks in MS Word and PPT, and PDF documents?
thank you very much
Can this be used as a wired tablet
hi this is off topic, and idk if anyone can help, but idk what else I should do. I’ve tried deleting my Wacom account, by sending them an email, but it doesn’t send the email through. It saids its “blocked?” I’ve tried multiple times, and it just doesn’t work, so does anyone know a different way? Thank you. Also when I go on the website it saids that the website isn’t safe, and idk what I should do about that? Does anyone have any ideas about that to? Thanks again.
Will the battery go off or is the battery infinity? If the battery is not infinity, where can I buy the batteries?
Bonjour vous utiliser quelle logiciel et ece que on peut connecter avec nimporte quelle ordi
Wow! Nice video
What program do you use on drwing manga style????? please i need to know... :)
did anyone hear the camera fart at the very beginning? lol
Can you animate using this tablet? Just asking
on amazon it says it has tilt?
hey man how much does it cost
How much RPS ?
Osu hehe 😉
I wish it wasn't so hard to find a replacement pen :(
Ah yes old memories
if only this were still sold in the U.S. must get for osu!
Does it work for chromebook
Aye, I have question, why does my tablet when i drawed , it seems lagging
You know if this tablet can connect with a tablet instead of a Computer??
Or you can tap circles with this
Chromebook works with this tablet?
where can I get a new styles
can this be used to annotate PDF files?
Is this still good in 2019 for drawing? I’m wanting to use it for digital art and osu!. Or would it be better to go with the CTL-4100? Will the CTH-480 be outdated soon? Thanks.
The standard nibs wear down incredibly easy and scratches the surface. I use the flex nibs as they last a lot longer on the surface of the CTH-480 and don't damage it.
Good review. Thanks
my pen tab
*_Cookiezi gets flashbacks_*