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Visko Tools 251 6 Side Cutter : Home Improvement

Visko Tools 251 6 Side Cutter. +. Visko Tools 222 10- Inch Slip Joint Water Pump Plier. +. Taparia WS 05 Steel (130mm) Wire Stripping Plier (Green and Black).


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VISKO 258 6" Cable Cutter : Home Improvement

Visko 258 Cable Cutter (6 Inch) are manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this ...


Paradise Tools India Sturdy Steel Side Cutter Plier 6-inch Diagonal ...

Aaisha Tools Suitable for Live wire working and household applications. The combination pliers can be a valuable addition to your tool kit.


Visko 251 Side Cutter (6 Inches) Features

  • Drop forged from tested chrome vanadium steel
  • Anti-rust protected
  • Quality product
  • Pliers
Visko 251 Side Cutter (6 Inches) Colours:
  • Red

The lowest Visko 251 Side Cutter (6 Inches) Price in India is ₹194 at Amazon.
Buy Visko 251 Side Cutter (6 Inches) online at Amazon.
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Visko 251 Side Cutter (6 Inches) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Visko Tools
Capacity 6 inches
Color Red
feature Drop forged from tested chrome vanadium steel.Anti-rust protected.
Item model number 251
Item part number 251
Item Weight 150 g
Manufacturer Visko Tools
Model 251
Primary material Steel
Product Dimensions 15.2 x 5.1 x 1.3 cm
Size 6 inches

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Visko 251 Side Cutter (6 Inches) Reviews from YouTube

NWS 6 in 1 wire cutter Review
Channellock/Knipex diagonal cutters
Pivoting Joint Side Cutter Showdown
my CK cutters broken after years of use... just got these and they are very good.. and as a spark I've used them in a good amount of install work
Abit Orange ain't he. And when you used a 2.5 to strip the sheath, he didn't look easy. Realistically you wouldn't hold the cable you did, or you could end up pulling it out from somewhere.
Please remember to use brown sleeving for your switch lines and secondly, you really need to know your regs before you start making these films for the diy guys. They are going to be using you as reference to their work regardless of who's responsible. So make sure you mention to cross reference the regs before commencing the works. You can use higher rated cables such as 2.5mm twin and earth. If the volt drop of circuit doesnt meet 3% for lighting and 5% of other circuits such as ring mains. If they don't know such information beyond part P building regulations, they'll be potentially at risk. This is why the requirements are becoming alot more strict and to stop people who know minimal and tell people the wrong thing. All the best keep up the good work..... please mention BS7671
These are OK but not the best quality considering the price. The action on mine went quite loose after several months, bare in mind I am a spark so they do get well used! Personally I prefer either C.K or even Wiha. There is some kind of electro plating on them which appears to come off quite easily, they also don't keep their edge to well either!
I'm an electrician and the majority of the work I do is on police interceptors/first responder vehicles. A lot of the work is obviously cramped area work so there is a need for tools that can do more than one job. Obviously it is annoying to reach for a whole other tool when there isn't a lot of room to move around in. Great review and you sold me on this tool.
I like that tool :) I need to get me one of those soon :) Good video and very clear ;) Thanks
Because, Mr Ticker we do not bother posting ignorant, mis-spelt replies from people who know everything about everything. We produce free guides to help the public and welcome constructive criticism as we do not always get it right. We do not subject our users to the pointless ramblings of know-all idiots.
Why dont u show my opinions
Nice video
The sound Knipex makes when it closes shouldnt be there. It sends shocks through your hand and wears you out faster. Klein and Channellock design the pliers to absorb that sound and in turn absorb the shock to allow for less fatigue.
Good video, how do you keep those knipex from rusting?
The k is silent my man
Chanellock. love my chanellock tools, Im from Ecuador and I like this brand. High quality , American made tools always are highly appreciated in my country , although there s not This brand in Ecuador , but there exist Klein good too . I met this brand when I came to USA since that time I love this brand , Im in (automotive industry) I work in a body shop , I think if chanellock could import their tools there Ecuador it will be a profitable trade , they would have good sales , I swear
One thing to consider is how close the pivoting rivet is to the cutting jaws to determine leverage. The closer, the better for pounds per square inch placed on the cutting edge. But the closer also makes the pliers more vulnerable to breakage at this weaker spot. Just a thought.
I own both the long versions. Knipex quality is hard to beat, but the price shows. I blew up a pair cutting live wires, was fairly butthurt. Week later they actually seized up, sent them in.. roughly 2 weeks later I had a new pair. I decided to retire them for home / automotive use.I now use a pair of ChannelLocks and love them, they cut very similar, grips feel good, cheap, get the job done. USA engineering, no non-sense..This set is angled and awesome for removing stapled wires in tight spaces.
Channellocks , Hands down!
My channellock E338 is the size and style Ive settled on... the pivot is a bit closer to the cutting blades and it does make a difference from the regular 338 diagonal cutters. Inexpensive, long history, tough as nails... cant beat channellock.
Good review. I work as an hvac/r tech and i use channellock for all my pliers. Knipex is great i like their plier wrenches, but like you said hard to beat channellock for the money. And if i lose a pair of pliers there not going to break the bank buying new ones.
Good review. I love my Knipex pliers and plier wrench but I've been on the fence about their side cutters. For the longest time all my pliers were Channellock and I kinda miss the drawer full of blue handles but they aren't the king of the hill anymore.I've also been wondering about Knipex needle nose pliers. They seem well made but kinda bulky to work very well as needle nose. I've heard good things about Vampliers too but have never seen them in person.Too many choices these days.
7:55 => and this it why they cost so much more :))
Love the review!
What are all the Knipex rebrand names?
Ive been trying to move away from my 8 year old NWS pliers to Snap On but the fantastico cutters wont give up the ghost and even though the teeth are worn down on my NWS combination pliers, the cutters are the same as they were brand new. That said, the same can be said for Knipex and Klein stuff Ive owned.
exactly what im looking for, ive had the nws for years but im a kinipex fan
I cut a lot of 14ga wire with the knipex, no deformation yet. I think the price is reflective of the overall desirablility of the brand, which is earned.
I don't think your very good at shopping you can get those knipex cutters waaaaay cheaper than that
I got that same NWS cutter along with WERA tools. These are the best tools I've used in Aircraft Avionics and general electrical\mechanical works.
Out of these 3 brands Ive only owned a pair of NWS angled tip needle nose. Other then the main jaw surface, they have 2 other toothed clamping sections, 1 fine and the other large. Using decent (but not extreme) 1 handed pressure to grip the small 3/8 metal adjustment knob on my cabinet handle drilling jig, the fine teeth have worn completely flat in 3 years.
WTF! you clearly are seriously affected by the looks (as in sexual appeal) of the tools. The WIHA pliers did not have deformation, and your check metods suck. You clearly and openly gave the best cutter more negative attention. The radius of the allegedly "deformation" which was just missing coating! either did it NOT match any of the test objects. The outcome was clear already before you started this amateur con job. And for your male watchers sake, get rid of your black furry horse shoe food brush.
Seems chanel owner is a Wiha fanboy.
I've been using the Wurth (rebranded Wiha) cutters for about a year now, daily use in a professional setting. Mostly used to cut spokes, some hardware, small cable. They are by far my favorite cutters, better than the knipex which are a shop favorite. As far as longevity, I haven't noticed any damage or appreciable drop in cutting ability despite abusing them, cutting small fasteners and such.Power button is a bit gimmicky, but overall I highly recommend the Wiha.
Great interesting
KNIPEX Forever
Piano wire has a maximum Vickers hardness Hv 800 = Rockwell C hardness HRC 62.5 .The range is 41 HRC to 62.5 HRC for music wire hardness.That means the wire is harder than the NWS that claim to be 62 HRC.The Japanese made Engineer Neji-saurus RX /PZ-59 HRC 60+2. These are just pliers with a built in cutter.I would think they would all be over HRC 63.Knipex give no hardness specs.The Wiha claim to be 64 HRC!I would think NWS would make the cutting surface harder than the material it was designed to cut
I have the Wiha and hate it, and now thinking about getting a Klein heavy duty diagonal cutter. The button keeps coming loose and get stuck in between setting. So I have to adjust the button when I pull it out of my tool belt, really annoying. I'm thinking about gluing the button, since i always have it set to the heavy duty setting.
Nws best
I also want my snips to be loose rather than stiff, which are good for that?
Use your logic, once the blade damaged, it's no longer fit for purpose. Only Knipex passed the test.
Excellent video, congratulations

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