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Visko Tools Steel 240 Center Punch 4"-10 Mm (Blue) : ...

About this item. Used for marking metal or making indentations for starting drill holes; Drop forged from suitable high grade steel; Size" 4 inches and ...


Visko Tools 247 Cold Chisel 10"-18 MM : Home ...

Visko Tools 247 Cold Chisel 10"-18 MM : Home Improvement. ... Value for money ... AmazonBasics 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set of 1.


Visko 240 Center Punch (4 Inch - 10mm) Features

  • Pliers
Visko 240 Center Punch (4 Inch - 10mm) Colours:
  • Blue

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Visko 240 Center Punch (4 Inch - 10mm) Specifications

Overall Length 8 inch
Brand Visko
Model Number 240
Type Punch
In the Box
1 Punch Plier

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Visko 240 Center Punch (4 Inch - 10mm) Reviews from YouTube

Visko Tools 240 Center Punch 4"-10 MM and Visko Tools 229 3/4 Oil Can
Automatic Center Punch Review & Comparison
What is the best center punch?
Good video. Useful and I didn't realise they weren't that good on bard metals
The larger one is for marking centre of counter sunk hinge holes...
Thanks for this video!! I found it to be a great explanation of the inner workings of the spring-loaded center punches, as well as the difference between the different types of styles.I myself purchased a Husky spring-loaded center punch (it was the only brand/one I could find at Home Depot (tho to be honest I didn't look very long/hard)), which also has the "Light/Heavy" arrows/indicators on the end screw cap, and I think I'm going to be quite happy with my purchase. Although, I'm HOPING that I don't run into the issue you mentioned: that I'll probably use it just this one time, and then will forget about it. I purchased my specifically for marking some drill holes I need to put into a plastic casing for an electronics project I'm working on, do we'll see if it ever gets another use.Anyways, thanks again for your/this video - quite informative! GREAT JOB!!!
You kept one out of the scrap bin. Thanks brother!
Dude, thank you for making this video!!! I have the red one and took it apart and couldn't get it back together!
4:52 The automatic center punch you have there is for hinges, it's to help you locate the center of a hinge hole. You put the punch on the hole so it fits on the countersinking and then press, you have now the exact center where the screw has to be located.
Great video, Thanks
Vitamin B12
Automatics are best used in wood.
i have one from the harbor freight, it works really good. i feel the tip is a little soft. this is the best center punch video i have watched. it is quick, precise, and straight to the point.
Fire departments use them for shattering side car Windows at accident scenes. Auto center punches will turn side Windows into a pile of glass in a second!!!!
I could use one of them. Good post sir.
Thanks great video and I like mine
Great video I have some automatic center punch I think one of mine might be a kind of a Rosy pink color made by Blue Point found at an estate sale and I think it may have a pocket clip and I really like those automatic Center punches you are right they don't leave a big enough dent because they tend not to hit very hard and so in that case they don't get used very much but I still think you're cool if you are working with aluminum copper or brass which are very soft thin metals that would probably leave a much deeper or or bigger dent in the material your tool friend Brian Williams take care see you later
Starrett has always been the best of the best in the machine shop. I'm shocked at the lack of quality and forethought in that center punch. An aluminum body? A retractable sleeve makes precise positioning impossible! What were they thinking Good grief
I just got my first one today. I have had bits wander when I am drilling in wood, if I am at a slight angle, so I am going to give it a shot.
I have a couple of these myself. Not sure of the brand but it looks like the Starrett and is adjustable as well. I use them quite a bit in (80% 30ga. to 16ga.) metal fabrication. I usually continue to hold pressure (on heavier material) after the first punch, don't move it and give it a few more clicks.You are correct, tips are hard to find and I just sharpen them up on the grinder. I pull the tip out and chuck it up in the cordless and spin it while sharpening on the grinder, Easier to control for me, and a smooth point that almost looks factory when I use a fine grinding wheel.Enjoy the reviews, (probably about out of tools to show us lol) keep 'em coming.
Another great video keep up the good work you always have good content well spoken easy to understand and I'm just amazed at somebody that has is many different types of the same tools like I do can have them so organized I can't seem to ever have my tools organized they're always scattered everywhere
So let me recap... You don't know about the tools because you neither used them long enough to share useful operating experience nor do you understand the tool ratings, so you simply suggest to buy the most expensive tool, is that about right?
Thank you for introducing me to the Rennsteig Adjustable Automatic Center Punch. I bought one and it is Fantastic. Very well built. I do alot of punching of metal at work. This is way better than a hammer and cold centerpunch. May be overkill for those who do not need to use it frequently. I have used the other two and worn out the harbor freight Chinese version.Now I can get punch drunk.... HAHA
If you had hands like a man you wouldnt be crying about the first punch. Those other fancy ones might suit you better, different colours to match your purse, Nancy.Hey Im just kidding bud, so what if you have girl strength, still a good review, for a chick, kidding, totally kidding.
I have a Neiko and a set (4) of the Rennsteig. The Neiko is my goto simply because it is small and convenient. The Rennsteig I use if I need to punch through.They are power monsters. There are four models and range from I'm not sure to 250 newtons. A newton is a measure of kinetic energy (or force) roughly it is the amount of force to accelerate (or move) 2.2 lbs (1 Kilo) 39 inches (a meter) in one second. Lets say that the 250 newton punch will punch a hole in your head no problem. As far as the punches go I like that I can use them one handed while hanging on a ladder, Sometimes using the Rennsteig I have to lean into it and throw my weight into it to make the punch, the Neiko, much easier to use. So far in the past fives years none have disappointed me. Also a good basic survival tool; I carry one in my car in case I have to get myself or someone else out in a hurry.
Grab a nail grab a hammer. Strike the nail, presto, when the nail goes blunt grab another nail. Not to many people use nails these days so it gets the job done,yes there is a negative I get that but hey it's an elcheapo method
anther 20$ on top and get urself a i love mine
The Germans make a 250 N meter version also.
"There are other punches that cost more than $30 that people rave about. But most people would think it's silly to spend that much so I won't show them here" Aaaaand that's why you only have 15,000 subs. Not trying to be mean but if you want youtube views than a video titled, "$70 vs $5 Center Punch - Is the $5 really BETTER?!?" (the answer would be no of course), but that would make much better content and generate a lock more views.
Do u have to be strong
I was very disappointed with my purchase of the cheapest type of the three, it only actually punches when its in the right mood and never when I am trying to do something critical, so its back to the old punch and hammer.I am reluctant to spend any more money in case more expensive does not equate to more reliable.
on the general, Germany make the best hand tools.
I've had the Neiko for a couple years of occasional use, and it's continued to work really well. If this one wears out, I'll probably go for the Rennsteig. I've been incredibly impressed with all of my German tools, and have been steadily growing my collection of NWS, Felo, Wera, etc.Starett probably makes the "best" center punch (and other measuring tools), but the price point really makes it feasible only for professional machinists (or those with unlimited tool funds.)
"don't know what neutrons mean but I'm buying it"
I have no practical sense of what that means, but the fact that they're mentioning it got me excited
I wouldn't recommend the mid price $10 punch.I've had two, after only about 50 cycles they becomes erratic and occasionally won't 'auto punch'. After 100 cycles it's becomes so frustrating trying to get them to punch that they went into the trash!Typical of so many modern budget, tools - OK for very limited use only.
3$ chinese tool with tungsten tip. Works great! :))
For aluminum, can't you just take an old star screw driver and push + twist until there's a small start hole for drilling?I mean aluminum is quite soft, so I doubt I need this tool at all.
I got the dual set brass punches from my MacTools man. I love them!

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