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VISIONO VBC18 Twister Massager - VISIONO :

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The Perfect Escape from Daily Stress

Life can be demanding, leaving us with stress and tension that often accumulates in unexpected places. The Visiono Twister Massager in elegant Purple offers a unique solution to unwind and rejuvenate, providing a blissful escape from the chaos of everyday life.

A Glimpse into Accupressure Innovation

Designed with precision and innovation, the Visiono Twister Massager incorporates advanced Accupressure technology. This cutting-edge feature distinguishes it from other massagers, delivering a targeted and effective massage experience. Say goodbye to muscle knots and tension as the massager effortlessly works its magic.

The Purple Elegance

The color purple has long been associated with luxury, sophistication, and relaxation. The Visiono Twister Massager embraces this symbolism, adding a touch of elegance to your wellness routine. Its Purple hue not only complements its surroundings but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your relaxation space.

Unmatched Power Source - Nothing but Excellence

One standout feature of the Visiono Twister Massager is its power source - or should we say, lack thereof. With a revolutionary design, this massager operates without any external power source. Experience the freedom to enjoy a soothing massage anywhere, anytime, without being tethered to a power outlet. The simplicity of its power requirements adds to the convenience of this remarkable device.

Unlocking the Benefits of Eye Massage

As we navigate through the digital age, our eyes bear the brunt of prolonged screen time. The Visiono Twister Massager goes beyond traditional massagers by focusing on eye care. Wondering about the benefits? Improved blood circulation, reduced eye strain, and a refreshing feeling are just a few perks of incorporating this eye massager into your routine.

Choosing the Right Eye Massager

Given the plethora of options in the market, choosing the right eye massager is crucial. The Visiono Twister Massager stands out not only for its eye-catching design but also for its proven effectiveness. Don't settle for mediocrity; choose a massager that truly understands and caters to your relaxation needs.

Vision Metron 4D Flat Massager Review

Curious about the Vision Metron 4D Flat Massager? We've got you covered. In our detailed review, explore the features, benefits, and user experiences that make this massager a top choice for those seeking the ultimate relaxation. Dive into the world of innovative massage technology and discover why the Visiono Twister Massager is a game-changer.

Irresistible Offers and Coupons

Enhance your shopping experience with exclusive offers and coupons on the Visiono Twister Massager. We believe in making relaxation accessible to everyone, and our special deals ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of this exceptional massager without breaking the bank.

Twister 5G: Elevate Your Massage Experience

Introducing the Twister 5G - a revolutionary addition to the world of massage technology. This Twister Machine takes relaxation to new heights, providing a massage experience like no other. Say goodbye to tension and discomfort as the Twister 5G works its magic on your muscles, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

Unveiling the Power of Twister Technology

The Twister 5G is not just a massager; it's a technological marvel. Harnessing the power of Twister technology, this machine delivers a massage that simulates the hands of a skilled masseuse. Immerse yourself in the experience as the Twister 5G targets specific muscle groups, providing relief and relaxation with every use.

The Total Vision Massager Experience

For those seeking the total massage experience, the Twister 5G is a must-try. It goes beyond the ordinary, offering a Total Vision Massager experience that transcends traditional massage devices. Elevate your senses and indulge in the ultimate relaxation with the Twister 5G.

Twister Machine: A Blend of Power and Comfort

What sets the Twister Machine apart is its perfect blend of power and comfort. The powerful massage technology is complemented by a design that prioritizes your comfort. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation as the Twister Machine targets tension and knots, leaving you with a sense of well-being and tranquility.

Unlocking the Benefits of Massage

Why invest in a massage machine? The benefits go beyond relaxation. Regular massage promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and contributes to overall well-being. The Twister 5G and its Total Vision Massager experience offer these benefits and more, making it a valuable addition to your self-care routine.

Product Details: Visiono Twister Massager - Purple

  • Type: Accupressure
  • Power Source: Nothing
  • Color: Purple
  • Foot Massager


Power Requirements:

  • Power Source: Nothing

Product Details:

  • Brand: Visiono
  • Color: Purple
  • Model ID: VBC18
  • Model Name: Twister
  • Type: Foot
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Visiono Twister Massager suitable for all age groups?

Yes, the Visiono Twister Massager is designed to cater to a wide range of age groups. Its customizable settings allow users to adjust the intensity of the massage, making it suitable for both young and old alike.

2. How often should I use the Twister 5G for optimal results?

We recommend using the Twister 5G for at least 15 minutes a day to experience optimal results. However, individual preferences may vary, so feel free to adjust the duration based on your comfort and relaxation needs.

3. Can the Twister Machine be used on different parts of the body?

While the Twister Machine is designed primarily for targeted muscle relief, its versatile design allows it to be used on various parts of the body. Experiment with different settings to discover the most soothing massage experience for each muscle group.

4. Are there any special maintenance requirements for the Visiono Twister Massager?

The Visiono Twister Massager is designed for hassle-free maintenance. Simply wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth after each use to keep it in pristine condition. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the device.

5. Can I use the Twister 5G without any prior experience with massage devices?

Absolutely! The Twister 5G is user-friendly and suitable for individuals with varying levels of experience with massage devices. The intuitive controls and customizable settings make it easy for beginners to enjoy a relaxing massage without any complications.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Relaxation Game with Visiono

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the Visiono Twister Massager in Purple. With its innovative Accupressure technology, eye massage benefits, and Total Vision Massager experience, this device is a game-changer in the world of relaxation. Say goodbye to stress and discomfort as you immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of the Twister 5G. Elevate your self-care routine and embrace the power of relaxation with Visiono.

  • Type: Accupressure
  • Power Source: Nothing
  • Color: Purple
  • Foot Massager
Visiono Twister Massager Colours:
  • Purple

Find the best deal on Visiono Twister Massager at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Visiono Twister Massager Price in India is ₹450 at Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Visiono Twister Massager we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop for Visiono Twister Massager on Flipkart to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

Visiono Twister Massager Specifications

Power Requirements
Power Source Nothing
Product Details
Brand Visiono
Color Purple
Model ID VBC18
Model Name Twister
Type Foot

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Order contact number people
. Plzzz contact me I want baying this machine
I just put my together and it worked for about 3 mins and then I heard a snap and the left side won't change from 88. It won't start or do anything. Please help.
Can a 12 year old use this ?
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How to join this machine
It is so good I try this thank you so much
Is it have warranty?
I used this machine for the first time for ten minutes two days ago. At the end of 10 minutes I found all my toes in both legs become slightly numb. Till now they are still without full feeling. Can JSB Healthcare please advise me. I'm 66 years old and weigh 95 Kgs. I was on speed 5.
Company phone no sand kro please,, My email address josangurmit97@
I just bought one of these machines and am very pleased. Could you tell me what speed to use when beginning and how to adjust the speed for weight loss?
How much the price
Price 15000 INR in india
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Nice video
mujhe thigh ka vajan kam karna hai kaise kam kare es belt se
Fraud saale maine mangwaai local h complain ki to return bhi nahi le rahe mere Ghar see kuch door se bheje product or 101 delivery charges
How to use it via battery?it's not working
How to shop it online
How to use remote control
Bro isko kitna der tak use kar sakte hai Or kab kab use kar sakte hai Or kitne time use use karne ke ke baad isko charge karna padta hai or kitna der tak charge kar sakte hai Jawab jrur do Qki Qki mene usko booking kia tha or aaj mili hai kya par belt ke saath mujhe isk sath koi tools ni mila jis se pata chale iska use kese kia ja skta hai
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Bought the same, but luckily instructions are in proper English. £9.99 on Amazon. I went for the highest setting too on the first go - loved the cracking! I weight 112kg and felt it buckle when I placed it much lower down to deal with lower lumber issues. On the whole, very pleased with it and looking forward to loosening up my back
I bought one of these I thought it was junk so I went to physical therapy.
I move it up and down my back on the max setting. It cracks my back everytime it feels Amazing
рукожоп такой же как я. это же абмат
Good job
Great product. Got mines today. Back feels great after being tight a few days.
Back clicking wow good streching then. Ob the highest settingnot bad
Awesome Loved the way you explained. I have bought this Back Stretcher from Amazon they are really the best You should check these out: Loved the way you explained. I have bought this Back Stretcher from Amazon they are really the best You should check these out: only watched the first half and clicked purchase on amazon! Definitely need this! Thanks for the review
I’ve got one. I’m fine on level one but two starts to hurt quickly. Level 3 feels impossible. Should I stick to 1 or should I be pushing myself to cope on 2. could be painful due to spine needing to decompress more?
04:08 I'm sold, thank you
Are these things safe, I heard it was bad to stretch your spine like that
This thing is great! And yes I did put it on the highest setting first. My back felt fine afterwards, but all people are different. If you don't feel comfortable to do the high setting first, just do what you feel comfortable with. Great product well worth the $20 on Amazon.
Got one and at 6'2 225 lbs I flattened the plastic at the lowest setting so not impressed
u need to roll to your side before you get up, unlike what you did :)
does it really recommend 1 hour per day usage ?
I have arthritis in the back should I start with low settings .first or should I go maximum
Good video. Just got mine last week. I have a question for you though
Just received today, from Amazon, relaxing my back with the lowest arch for 10 minutes. Will be doing this during lockdown

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