Vintage Stylish Ladies Handbag Pink bag L9252

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Buy Vintage Stylish Ladies Handbag Pink(bag L9252) online at Amazon. Vintage Stylish Ladies Handbag Pink(bag L9252)

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Vintage Stylish Ladies Handbag Pink(bag L9252) price at Amazon - ₹325 ₹1,099

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Buy Vintage Stylish Ladies Handbag Pink(bag L9252) online at Amazon.
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Vintage Stylish Ladies Handbag Pink(bag L9252)

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My Vintage Handbag Collection! 1920s - 1970s
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Restoring A Vintage Chanel!
Very informative video, I'd just like to point out that 5'7 is not 174 cm, it's 170 cm. I've been 170 cm for 30 years and always 5'7 when measured in the US :). The Google converter is wrong, which is very odd. This page shows the correct conversion:
Hi. How do you prevent colour transfer for your Gucci disco bag and all your light coloured bags? Thank you.
Dang, how can someone so young own so many expensive bags. 😭😭😭 I'm jealous. Yes, I can technically afford to buy them being an RN but I hardly go anywhere. I'm a mom in my early 40s whose life is work, house chores, errands and take kids to school. And no, I don't live in an expensive suburb. I really want to dress up well and carry luxurious bags but I don't want to come across as pretentious. My friends who have moved overseas all dress up well and I miss that. My current wonderful and loving friends are all very simple, suburban moms whose life goals are to eat ang enjoy life.
I think Celine stopped making the "luggage" design , ugh . I should've gotten the nano when I had the chance
i’m doing crossbody because of mobility issues. I don’t have a choice. looking for another pretty one
Very helpful review thanks so much
love your video, its very detailed and very much to the point.
Love you.
A bag that is under $300 would be nice to see lol
Great video
I love your videos they’re so informative especially before making a big purchase! Thank you
Who is price!😊😊
For the Boy Chanel, what size is it? Small or Medium?
Hello nice pusre
Enjoyed watching this, your video was very helpful, I’m looking for a good crossbody.
Best review
Amazing collection and comparison esp as you included the height difference. I wish prices were also included for each bag. Nevertheless thanks a bunch and beautiful collection!
A very good video...a complete review n very watching it 👍👍👍
amie, where's your toy loulou
The Celine and byde Gucci Marmont bags are flawless!
Loving the Brahmin too.
Hi Reis,can u show more gucci handbags and louis vuitton at Dillards plz.our whereever u can find them..Thank you.
I would be purchasing some of the handbags that start @ ($60-$100)! I love extra large handbags 4 myself! But my business needs more great handbags & wallet sets! I love discount prices & clearance!
I will pay for the Chloe tess bag 1800..dollars.. I love the sporty look of the bag..
Those all vintage hand bags are awesome !!! So Rock im confuse to choose , im gonna brought one for my mom but not decide yet , get dizzy to all luxury hand bags
Nice 👜 👛 purses Reis.
Most I’ve spent on a bag was $1000 & it’s Stella McCartney 😍
Oh hunny I spent 1,300 for my bag
Man passing through, just want to say ladies the inside of you appeals to the men that are worth it much more than your looks.
I WANT THAT ALDO MULTI PURSE. I will pay $400 for a goos leather purse.
My I wish I had a Dillard’s near me but then again maybe not Because I would be broke all the time. I’m a shopaholic Lady. I do love the purse at 9:30 it would go with a Dress I have in that color. I myself like quality but I would rather have a closet full of purses instead of 2 or 3 pricey purses,
Hello.I usually my baby price at $300 but I have a lot of great bags for $100 or less some still with tags.I don't have to broke or in debt to carry a great bag.jmho.😍😊
If u spend over 50 dollars for a single piece clothing then you are mindlessly spending and maybe you should control yourself. Not even 50 but 30. With the exception of suits and jackets as those tend to be expensive
I don’t have a Dillard’s in my city. My price limit on a handbag is $300 tops.
Lots of cute purses.
I can't spend much on a bag either, I get tired of them too fast and like to change them up.. $50 is about tops for me!
I keep it under 500$ but I do have two bags over 500 but both were gifts from work friends.
Thanks for the display video all lovely bags but prices are high
They just don't know Ytubers keep these places in business. Its called advertisement.
Nice video that lady in Macy’s acts like the store is hers what is wrong with her u r a very nice person tfs🤗
Do you purchase vintage bags furthermore? If so, please let me know. Kind regards from Vienna/Austria
Lovely purse collection, thanks for sharing, it was interesting
I have a few clutches that open at the bottom without a zipper and a clutch at top . What kind of purse would that be
The made in Japan embroidered bag, my mother has a very similar one. She would have bought it probably in the late 70s after she graduated and started working (she's Japanese).
Your purses are out of this world they are so special. I got vintage gucci bags from 1960 or 70. They are very old but also so special. It is a part of history what you have in your home. Treasure it. It is something that we can learn from how the quality was in that time. I miss it that quality also the the products were made are just so good and go longer during time
Lucky you, you have a gorgeous purse collection. I'm never lucky enough to find anything gorgeous like yours. They are all fabulous so I don't have a favourite. I enjoyed seeing your collection. Great video.
Very beautiful collection but hard to hear due to the music being so loud.
The corde bag made in Canada, I believe is by Normadie.. Would have been made in Montreal..
I always enjoy your videos so much Laura!! So calming and pleasing - the music, the way you speak and the aesthetic of your videos. Just a delight every time :)
Great video! Love bags with kiss lock closures. What about hats? Will they ever come back?
I.m not a vintage girl but our pieces are so cute and refined , it make me want a purse like this when I go to thift. The hunt is open . Thanks for your video
Love them! Im collecting vintage hand bags as well ! I got 3 new bags to add to my collection
Music too loud. Pretty purses.
Girl, your videos are amazing. I had an old Avon perfume collection that I just never paid much attention to (most of it was from my grandma, the rest I got from thrift stores for cheap) but after watching your videos I pulled them all out haha all my vintage stuff I’m appreciating more. I’ve always liked it, but watching your content inspires me to get into it more! Xoxo
Love this video, Laura, every purse is beautiful...Would you consider doing one on vintage shoes and jewelry? ☺️💕
Hello Laura, I enjoy watching your you tube channel. But music is so loud I can hardly hear you. A bit annoying. Love love love Vintage! Keep it coming.
The large one is my favorite 🖤🖤🖤
Hi...recently found your channel....I love vintage....Thanks for all the information....Wonderful...
I absolutely love your videos
I have a very old one that has a gold metal box overlaid with beading in a flower design and inside it has a compact, mirror and lipstick case as well as a cigarette case built in .
They just treated the bag like royalty👑👑👑👑👑
i was like: who has time for this shit? then I realized Im the one who's watching it happen and not even doing it
you know what youtube recommendation section, i do want to watch bag restoration..
Just put it in rice
This is actually so deep. We should learn to repair, „old stuff“ that has a meaning to us instead of buying new stuff everytime something breaks. We also do the same thing to relationships.
She’s so gentle
Great work 👍🏽❤️
Not gonna lie that bag is a really nice bag so it’s sad to see such bags become “ meh so ugly bags when once a upon a time it would have been all the rage
My broken ass watching this video for no reason
Выглядит очень потасканно даже после реставрации 😂‼️
Никогда этого не понимала. Проще новую купить.
How do you get this job
What's the paint?
What are the materials please
But why are the nails resembling the bag
Do you have recommendations for leather cleaners?
I wanted to hear the brushing with soap so bad
john wick
rich rich
Which liquid or soap the used to clean