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Vijayanti Comp 500 Hockey Stick Features

  • Advance technology product with FG and Kevler
  • Beginner's stick in 2 tone spray paint finish
Vijayanti Comp 500 Hockey Stick

The lowest Vijayanti Comp 500 Hockey Stick Price in India is ₹2,023 at Amazon.
Buy Vijayanti Comp 500 Hockey Stick online at Amazon.
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Vijayanti Comp 500 Hockey Stick Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Vijayanti
Size 38 inch
Sport hockey

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Vijayanti Comp 500 Hockey Stick Reviews from YouTube

Decathlon Stick Review - Field Hockey Gear | Hockey Heroes TV
Best Field Hockey Stick for Midfielders - Top 5 Hockey Stick of 2020
Can You Still Use a WOOD Hockey Stick TODAY?
Interesting stuff
zo grappig hoe ze engels proberen te praten ma nie kunnen😂
Thanks guys for what u are doing, u guys are really changing life's and just because of u I'm playing for my national team at the age of 14
I want the fh500 as I am a beginner..sorry for lots of comments big fan
So u can tell the post man
O2-850 is my house number,my house is at level 2
Just to let you know where I'm from and where I live,I live in Singapore and my address is 187A rivervale drive,02-850
Those are nice sticks you guys have
Guys I want the hockey stick and ball giveaway I want to train so much so that's why I ask for the giveaway,I plead you for that
This stick looks amazing and I need a new one as there are lots of cracks in my one. The 900 looks great and I would really like one!!!
lawrence is looking good in that kit
How do these sticks, in particular the 95% carbon, compare to other brands such as Adidas or gryphon? They are about twice the price, why is that?
Best one of these for goalkeepers who occasionally play outfield?
Gidday team. 🤙 Dennis, which of these three sticks would you choose if your current go to GK stick was no longer available and why? They all look great and after living in the UK for years I was really excited to see Decathlon opening here in Australia. Sadly however the Australian outlets don’t stock a field hockey range. 😕 So while id love to get my hands on one, I can’t here in Aus. Keep up the great work team and if there is a chance I’d love to try one.
Mooie erg Engelse Carbon uitspraak
The new hockey stick should be called FH700(500+900 divided by 2) hahahaha.
I’ve been watching ur videos for a while now and I’ve learnt a lot from them. I am my teams goalkeeper and hopefully I have a future with hockey. I would also love to get a new stick as my current stick is quite short now and is not a very good quality anymore. ❤️
Great video. I'm also loving all the giveaways you guys are doing currently!
Thought Lawrence broke his finger again at 7:37 :O All I would like for Christmas is my first carbon fiber hockey stick hahaha :)
Weeral een topvideo! Ben zelf op zoek naar een nieuwe stick nu het carbon in mijn oude gebroken is. Misschien toch eventjes langs de decathlon gaan om die sticks aan te voelen!
Drop this comment a LIKE if you've ever played with a wood hockey stick! I'm curious to see how many of you guys have actually tried it out 🤔
I have 99% played games with a wood stick. I love the almost paper light weight of composite, but the "feel" in the wood in unparalleled.
The Sherwood 5030 is the only decent wood one available I can find. Excellent stick handling feel, pretty light, nice snap for wrist shots, but it doesn't hold up much in games, so they can get expensive. BUT, for kids, this stick is excellent. You can spend $75 on a turd composite stick, $30 on a 5030 that weighs less with arguably better feel, or $180 on a really nice composite, whose benefits I would argue are marginal at best for kids.
I still use wooden sticks haha
I still use wooden sticks I guess you can say I’m used to the heaviness of the stick and also I have one hand and if you say that wooden sticks are heavy I’m calling you a weakling even though you have two hands and I don’t
. I played back in the days. A light wood stick would last for 2 months not more. The blades fell apart and the fiberglass came out.
oood video when I played we used Wood NORTHLAND and CCM would shoot for 45 minutes I guess thats why my forarms are like a lumber jacks
Yes, if your not a bitch 🤷🏼‍♂️
I like how in Canada they call them pylons but in America they are called cones
My first wood sticks were KOHO's wood sticks I love the Lemieux and Jagar sticks
I’ve seen kids in atom with harder wrist shots than you 😂😂😂
the lie and the height of the wood stick is what's effecting your ability to use it. I think the lie of the stick is so critical to the efficiency of your stick and matching your play style. In the puck handling drill, you keep losing the puck on the heel of the wood stick because the lie is too low. I play with a wood stick, I always have, because I like the softness of the blade and the low flex. I also like the weight because it absorbs a lot of passes nicely. But I still think the lie and flex are more important than material.
I like a wooden stick better, a wooden stick is all I use
I use a wooden stick in my league and I lead the league in goals
Am i the only one that knows why he did that face when he said shaft
Anyone in the NHL still use a wood stick? I saw a picture of EIchel once and I could of sworn he had a wood stick but in all other I've seen it looks composite.
Wow u have a really good slapper keep it up
Get that top hand farther away from your body. You can generate more leverage and more pull from the top and in conjunction with a nice wrist roll will create a faster release and more power. Great vid tho!
You said that you have all the tape things from Howies but then there's a review tape roll in the back. Not a hater

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