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Victorinox 3.0239.L Swiss Tool Army Knife Features

  • Outer Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: White
  • Knives&Tools
Victorinox 3.0239.L Swiss Tool Army Knife Colours:
  • White

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Victorinox 3.0239.L Swiss Tool Army Knife Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Victorinox
Color White
feature Outer Material: Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Victorinox
Model 30239L
Warranty Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.

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Victorinox 3.0239.L Swiss Tool Army Knife Reviews from YouTube

Discover the Powerful Swiss Tool | Victorinox
Multitool Match - Leatherman Wave VS Victorinox SwissTool Spirit -
Ok now I want one lol.
Victorinox tools are without any doubt the best in the world.
My pliers are REALLY stiff out of the box. Can't use it with one hand. Outside tools are perfect. What to do?
Always with me.
Wa fama tiki anor
"Metal saw" never made it through the screw shoulder... Nice though
Winner !
1:18 Cutting through barbed wire only one time ruined the cut edges of my Leatherman pliers forever.
Spirit Plus has NO KNIFE/BLADE??!! I can't believe it!!
Please remove the " rivet " and install screw, because with rivet it is not possible to disassemble the tool . For example i can quite easily to replace damaged plane knife in my leatherman.
The best multitool out there is the swisstool. More rust proof and more flexibility. All tools in it are top notch.
Which model is this exactly?
What no tweezers and toothpick! What about a pen and a light? 😁
Dear, Congratulations on your video and your youtube channel. I'm posting my Victorinox Evolution Grip S17 Swiss Army Knife on the link below if I can help anyone. The audios are in Portuguese, but there are descriptions in English and good demonstrative images in the video. Thank you. KR
i just ordered one, it will arrive tomorrow
I love everything made in Switzerland.
Got a doc appt. I want to be Eddie Scissor Hands. My only fear is playing with my ding-a-ling...
The finish and build of this is exceptional. I love the tool selection, especially being familiar with the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, but these are thicker than even the 93mm Alox tools.
the original tool X which has straight blade is better for those who work on fields, not to speak of the leatherman surge.
@5:2p good point but for some reason I prefer the reverse. I like more action on the scissors.
Wish the were replaceable cutters!
Swiss quality and this amazing mirror finish, can't think on anything more stylish in this sector.
Got my hubby the spirit for Christmas. He was unimpressed
Why does the classic have that slight deviation in the handles when closed?
Nice vid. I wanted to see the size difference between a Spirit and a Regular SwissTool.
Tengo las 2 Multiherramientas y las uso en el pouch de la swisstool plus, muy útiles juntas, lo mejor en Multiherramientas para mí!
Exelente video thanks for show us this information
That SKX on leather looks great on your wrist!
A spring loaded pliers would be useful
I was pleased to see that my Spirit plus ratchet got a plain edge and not half serated as described on site i bought from. I bought it a few weeks ago here in Romania. Its the heaviest swistool and i added some more weight with two socket wrenches. Tool code is 3.0339L, but my guess is there are alot of variations depending of country and time.
You can also use the Swiss Tool to check out right angles - by arranging the handles in a right angle - It makes a 90° angle.
You are better off to bye both.
slightly smoolah and slightly lightah!
Who cares about the price when we consider a quality product? Pay it or leave it. Like the friendship with Greta Tunafish. Better leave it
You forget to mention that in spirit its easier to pull out tools.
Much thanks for the comparative review--very informative!
Very nice comparison. I think the spirit is the cool little brother, for office workers and people who need something to tighten a screw at their bike. The big boy is for people who need to get things done. The lack of measurements (distance and the missing 90 degree lock with straight edges), the missing crimping tool, the much smaller pliers, not to speak of the smaller tools in general... It's quite a difference. As I said, one is cool and very handy to have, one is for getting things done :-)
MT VOD * Dear lovers of multi-tools, you can ask me everything, redo a review, insist on a detail, make comparisons, test this or that, I am at your disposal! :) * Multi-Tool VOD Here is my collection of multi-tools (August 2020) [/S = Brand Sheath]. Each model has been the subject of one or more videos (see my playlist "MULTI-TOOLS"). 001- BALADEO Outdoor Cutlery Multi-tool /S 002- BEAR & SON Bear Jaws 155LS /S 003- BEAR & SON Bear Jaws Multiscissors Gardener BC157GT /S 004- BEAR & SON Electrician's Bear Jaws BC155EL /S 005- BEAR & SON Mini Bear Jaws 153 006- BIBURY GHK 10-in-1 EDC 007- BIBURY Multifunction Garden Pruner BBY-MT11 (offered by the company) /S 008- BIBURY Multifunction Tool 21-in-1 BBY-MT08 (offered by the company) /S 009- BIBURY Multifunction Tool 16-in-1 X0016E2LAJ (offered by the company) /Box 010- BLACK FOX BF200 /S 011- BÔKER PLUS Tech Tool Carbon 4 /S 012- BÖKER PLUS Tech Tool City 5 /S 013- BUCK Knives X-Tract 730 /S 014- BUCK Knives X-Tract 735BKS-B Essential 015- BUCK Knives BuckTool 350 (MiniBuck) 016- BUCK Knives BuckTool 355 /S 017- BUCK Knives BuckTool 360 /S (*2/ one completely broken) 018- BYRD ByrdRench BY15P /S 019- COLEMAN Pro Lock /S 020- CRKT Bivy CR9250 (by Hans Florine) 021- CRKT Guppie CR9070 (by Launce Barber) 022- CRKT Technician Multi-tool CR9201 (by Glenn Klecker) 023- CRKT Tool CR9200 (by Ed Van Hoy & Tom Stokes/ with Bit Kit) /S 024- CRKT Zylla-Tool Jr. CR9065K /S 025- CRKT Wooden Multi-Tool Kit CR1035 026- DEEPEE 8-in-1 Shears Multi-Tool /S 027- EICKHORN SOLINGEN PRT-II Rescue Knife /Böker S 028- FISKARS Cuts+More 029- FLEXCUT JKN91 Right-Handed Carvin' Jack /S 030- FLOCON DE NEIGE 18-in-1 /S (& 15-in-1) 031- GANZO G301-H /S 032- GANZO G302-B /S 033- GERBER Armbar Drive Onyx 034- GERBER Balance /S 035- GERBER Bullrush /S 036- GERBER Center-Drive (with Bit Kit+ Victorinox Scissors) /S 037- GERBER Center-Drive Plus (with Bit Kit) /S 038- GERBER Crucial /S 039- GERBER Crucial F.A.S.T. (with Hex Bit Kit) /S 040- GERBER Curve 041- GERBER Diesel /S 042- GERBER Dime (*3/one with broken cissors) 043- GERBER Flik /S 044- GERBER Fit /S 045- GERBER FreeHand /S 046- GERBER Freeman Exchange (with 3 blades) /S 047- GERBER Grappler /S 048- GERBER Prybrid Utility 049- GERBER MP1 /S 050- GERBER MP1-MRO (with Bit Kit) /S 051- GERBER MP 400 Compact Sport (05500/ 45500) /S 052- GERBER MP 500 Recoil Auto-Plier /S 053- GERBER MP 600 Bluntnose (old model with 55200 Multi-Plier Pocket Tool Kit) /S 054- GERBER MP 600 Bluntnose Black (07520G1N Carbide Cutters with Tool Kit) /S 055- GERBER MP 600 Bluntnose SS (07500 Carbide Cutters) /S 056- GERBER MP 600 Pro Scout (07564/ 47564 with Tool Kit) /S 057- GERBER MP 650 Evolution (with 2 heads) 058- GERBER MP 700 Urban Legend /S 059- GERBER MP 800 Legend /S 060- GERBER Multi-Lite (07205) 061- GERBER Nautilus /S 062- GERBER Obsidian 063- GERBER Octane /S (*2) 064- GERBER Radius /S 065- GERBER Splice 066- GERBER Strata /S 067- GERBER Suspension /S 068- GERBER Suspension-NXT /S 069- GERBER Truss /S 070- GERBER Vise 071- HANWEI Professional Multi-tool by PAUL CHEN 1008-GT 072- HAVALON Evolve Jim Shockey Signature Series XTC-60AMTS /S 073- HENSTRONG (or Bibury or Intey or …) 18-in-1 /S 074- KERSHAW A100C /S 075- KERSHAW Select Fire 1920 076- KELVIN.36 077- LEATHERMAN Blast (with Removal Bit Driver) /S 078- LEATHERMAN Brewzer 079- LEATHERMAN Charge+ (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 080- LEATHERMAN Charge+ Forest Camo (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 081- LEATHERMAN Charge+ G10 (red) (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 082- LEATHERMAN Charge+ TTI (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 083- LEATHERMAN Charge AL /S 084- LEATHERMAN Charge ALX Black Oxide /S 085- LEATHERMAN Charge TI 2HO (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 086- LEATHERMAN Charge TTI (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 087- LEATHERMAN Charge XTI (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 088- LEATHERMAN Core /S 089- LEATHERMAN Crunch /S (*2 / including a clone) 090- LEATHERMAN Expanse E306X /S 091- LEATHERMAN Expanse E33BX /S 092- LEATHERMAN Expanse E33T /S 093- LEATHERMAN Expanse E55BX /S 094- LEATHERMAN Expanse K502X /S 095- LEATHERMAN Flair /S 096- LEATHERMAN Free K2X 097- LEATHERMAN Free K4 098- LEATHERMAN Free P2 /S 099- LEATHERMAN Free P4 /S 100- LEATHERMAN Free T2 101- LEATHERMAN Free T4 102- LEATHERMAN Freestyle /S 103- LEATHERMAN Freestyle CX /S 104- LEATHERMAN Fuse /S 105- LEATHERMAN Juice B2 106- LEATHERMAN Juice C2 /S 107- LEATHERMAN Juice CS3 108- LEATHERMAN Juice CS4 /S 109- LEATHERMAN Juice KF4 (offered by the company & signed in my name by Tim) /S 110- LEATHERMAN Juice Pro (with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /S (*2/ one offered by the company & signed in my name by Tim) /S 111- LEATHERMAN Juice S2 /S 112- LEATHERMAN Juice SC2 113- LEATHERMAN Juice SX /S 114- LEATHERMAN Juice XE6 (with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /S 115- LEATHERMAN Kick /S 116- LEATHERMAN Klamath /S 117- LEATHERMAN Leap /S 118- LEATHERMAN Mako TI 119- LEATHERMAN Micra 120- LEATHERMAN Mini Tool 121- LEATHERMAN MUT (with Bit Kit & Tool adapter V2) /S 122- LEATHERMAN MUT EOD /S 123- LEATHERMAN Nehalem /S 124- LEATHERMAN OHT (with tweezers) /S (*2) 125- LEATHERMAN PST (*2) 126- LEATHERMAN PST II 127- LEATHERMAN PULSE /S 128- LEATHERMAN Raptor /S 129- LEATHERMAN Rebar /S 130- LEATHERMAN Rev /S 131- LEATHERMAN Signal /S (with Bit Kit & Bit Driver Extender) 132- LEATHERMAN Sideclip /S 133- LEATHERMAN Sidekick /S (with carabiner) 134- LEATHERMAN Skeletool /S 135- LEATHERMAN Skeletool CX V1(with Bit Kit & MUT Bits) /S 136- LEATHERMAN Skeletool CX V2 /S 137- LEATHERMAN Skeletool KBX 138- LEATHERMAN Skeletool RX (with Bit Kit & MUT Bits) /S 139- LEATHERMAN Squirt E4 (*2/ one offered by the company & signed in my name by Tim) 140- LEATHERMAN Squirt ES4 141- LEATHERMAN Squirt P4 142- LEATHERMAN Squirt PS4 143- LEATHERMAN Squirt S4 144- LEATHERMAN Style 145- LEATHERMAN Style CS 146- LEATHERMAN Style PS 147- LEATHERMAN Super Tool /S 148- LEATHERMAN Super Tool 200 (with Tool Adapter V1) /Combo S 149- LEATHERMAN Super Tool 300 /S 150- LEATHERMAN Super Tool 300 EOD /S 151- LEATHERMAN Super Tool 300M /S 152- LEATHERMAN Surge (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 153- LEATHERMAN Surge 2013 Black Edition (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 154- LEATHERMAN Wave (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 155- LEATHERMAN Wave+ (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S 156- LEATHERMAN Wave+ Black Limited Diegel Edition /S 157- LEATHERMAN Wave Original /S 158- LEATHERMAN Wingman V1 /S 159- MASERIN Citizen 564/G10N (by Moris Baroni) 160- MAXKNIVES MKTI1 161- MOSSY OAK 17-in-1 /S 162- NEXTOOL Xiaomi 10-in-1 KT5023 Motool /S 163- NEXTOOL Xiaomi Flagship Mini KT5022 164- OPINEL N°9 Bricolage 165- OPINEL N°12 Explore 166- OZARK Trail MULTIFORCE PREMIUM 18-IN-1 MULTI TOOL /S 167- PIRANHA 6-in-1 (crescent wrench & pliers combo) /S 168- PIRANHA 9-in-1 (crescent wrench & pliers combo) /S (*2) 169- RATNIK 6E6 (with diamond-coated file) /S 170- ROXON Knife Scissors S501 (*2 / one offered by the company) 171- ROXON Multi BBQ Tool MBT Mini S602 (offered by the company) 172- ROXON Multi BBQ Tool MBT3 S601 /S (*2/ one offered by the company) 173- ROXON Phantasy S502 (with 4 blades) 174- ROXON Phantom S802 /S (*2) 175- ROXON Spark CM1349 /S (*2/ one offered by the company) 176- ROXON Storm S801 (with bit kit & Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /S (*2 / one offered by the company) 177- ROXON Storm S801S (with bit kit & Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /S 178- RUIKE Criterion M61-G (with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /Böker S 179- RUIKE Trekker LD43 Rescue Tool 180- RUIKE Trekker LD51-B (with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /Victorinox S 181- SCHRADE Tough Chip ST2 /S 182- SCHRADE Tough ST1 (original U.S./ version 1) /S 183- SCHRADE Tough ST1 (Taylor Brands Schrade) /S 184- SCHRADE Tough ST11 /S 185- SCHRADE Tough STE5 /S 186- SEBERTECH Sebertool M2 187- SEBERTECH Sebertool M4 188- SOG CrossCut 2.0 189- SOG CrossGrip 190- SOG Kilowatt 191- SOG Paratool S31 (with Saw instead Philipps screwdriver + Bit Driver + Hex Bit Accessory Kit) /S 192- SOG ParaShears /S 193- SOG Pocket PowerPlier S44 /S 194- SOG PowerAccess Deluxe (with bit kit) /S 195- SOG PowerAssist S66 (with Saw instead of V-Cutter) /S 196- SOG PowerDuo PD01 /S 197- SOG PowerGrab (with Bit Kit) /S 198- SOG PowerLock S60 (with Bit Kit) /S 199- SOG PowerPint (with Bit Kit) /Böker S 200- SOG PowerPlay (with Bit Kit) /S 201- SOG Snippet 202- SOG SwitchPlier V2.0 /S 203- SOG Sync II 204- SPLITMAN GHK6 (with bit kit) / S 205- SPYDERCO ASSIST SALT FRN YELLOW C79YL - Rustproof H-1 206- SWISS+TECH Micro-Max 19-in-1 207- SWISS+TECH Micro-Plus EX 9-in-1 208- SWIZA C08 Urban Camo /S 209- SWIZA D10 Mousse /S 210- TAG SUPRA SS Credit Card Multi-tool 211- TOPEAK The Alien I /S 212- TOPEAK The Alien III /S
Why does my swisstool x have that slight deviation in the handles when closed? Approximately 3mm. Someone knows? Should I return it to Amazon?
Hi bro! Yesterday I bought a Spirit, but it was second handed. It isn't problem, but I want a full set from the Swisstool. I am wondering about the bit kit, but have no idea which to buy. Rachet or fixed? What do you recommend? Which is the better and why? Pros, conts? What is your exp whit them? Thanks for the answers! 🙂
Hi, can you write whats is the weight of victorinox only ratchet? Or anybody knows please write, thanks
Very nice super tools Thanks man
Мультитул можно трогать только в тактических перчатках. На ногах пустынные берцы, а на голове балаклава:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
Are these your actual background sounds?
Very interesting approach to a review. I like it, thank you!
Assumption in english? Thank you.
Hi man, in 13:14 can use corkscrew in this swisstool 3.0323 ?? ... I ask why he only has one hole and in the video, you don't show the corkscrew in action, thanks!!!
Hi man, I'm thinking to buy one of these two, or leatherman wave, which one would you recommend me? Are the pliers of the swisstool so much stronger than the spirit? Or there are not much differences?
Акустический фон просто нештяк!!!
what do you prefer,swisstool or spirit?
Зачем в BMW лежит штопор, если он к этой разновидности мультитула 1998 года не подходит? )))) Убери его оттуда
BMW )))))
I'm guilty if calling all multi tools a Leatherman 😂
The Swiss tool is much more comfortable for me and that matters in everyday use. Another reason I got it was loyalty. My SAK is still going strong after 25 years. Thanks for the review!
I’ve had so many multi tools and they’re all good in their own way but I always keep coming back to the Swiss tool. It’s all I carry now.
My Leatherman lasted roughly 2hrs before i asked for a full return. The Victorinox instead has known two sheaths, since I worned out the first completely using it everyday
Victorinox Spirit plus for me...😊👌🏻 Simply exceptional quality wise...
Victorinox spirit=Rolls Royce
bro victorinox quality is really good and every tool has its own spring and every tool locks. i prefer victorinox but the only thing that temps me in leatherman is its blades serrated and plain they are larger in size while victorinox is smaller and doesnt even have a serrated one thats the only thing good i feel about leatherman
Exceptional review. Thank you.
When comparing them I felt the infamous "Wave pinch" firsthand and saw that Vic shiny metal which made up my mind. Sorry, Leatherman.
Difficult question to answer but Victorinox by the finest of margins, also you didn't mention Gerber who also makes fine multitools.
Leather man with bit extender and bit kit. Unbeatable. Now if they’d only make a free p4 with the interchangeable bit adapter
I like the leathermans replaceable plier blades but if victorinox put that system on there pliers then it would be an easy choice for me.
got the Swiss tool x2 one house and for camper they are great
My favorite is the Victorinox it’s gread I like it
Ive had both and i can say the Victorinox WAY outperforms the Leatherman in almost every way. The biggest being Leathermans shitty replaceable side cutter blades. I cut finishing nails in half with the Victorinox and the cutting faces are still sharp years later. The Leatherman as a whole was loose, dull and sloppy after a year and the replaceable side cutter blades fell out on the work site. Garbage
The wave is one tough hombre to beat. Reputation speaks for itself👍
I now having two leathermans. The big daddy of the Surge and now the slightly more modest Charge. In my work they are my 3rd arm. Lost with out them.
I like your clarity and style in reviewing, thanks
As noted, both are incredibly well made. I'd honestly say if you REALLY use it go for the Leatherman. The replaceable wire cutter, the available bits for the screwdriver, that's what makes it. Victorinox had to create theirs to stay competitive. BUT it IS a tad bit classier, with the polish finish and leather scabbard. The standard screwdriver for both is a #2 and that's the most common, anyway. Plus the handle curver on the Victorinox is a *little* bit nicer. But for my purpose where it's a go-to tool that helps keep me from hauling an entire toolkit into every site I go to, it's the Leatherman. If you're buying for someone who wears a tie most of the time, go with the Swiss. And I'm saying this with all due respect for my Swiss girlfriend.
I still have the original Leatherman super tool 2000. Great tool, but I love the quality and the premium feel of the victorinox.

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