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Victorinox Champ XLT Red Swiss Army Knife (1.6795 XLT ...

Included Components, ‎Swiss Army knife. Number of Pieces, ‎1. Manufacturer, ‎Victorinox. Language, ‎English. Item model number, ‎1.6795.XLT.


Victorinox Swiss Champ XLT Army (1.6795 XLT) 50 ... -

Victorinox Swiss Champ XLT Army (1.6795 XLT) 50 Function Multi Utility Swiss Knife (Transparent Red) · Type: Multi-utility Knife · Transparent Red Color · 50 Tools.


Victorinox Swiss Champ XLT Red Swiss Army Knife (1.6795 XLT ...

Buy Victorinox Swiss Champ XLT Red Swiss Army Knife (1.6795 XLT) online at best price in India. Shop online for Victorinox Swiss Champ XLT Red Swiss Army ...


Victorinox 1.6795 XLT Swiss Army Knife Features

  • Outer material type: metal, inner material: swiss stainless steel, color: red
  • Dimensions: 9.1 Cm
  • Color: red
  • Knives&Tools
Victorinox 1.6795 XLT Swiss Army Knife Colours:
  • Red

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Victorinox 1.6795 XLT Swiss Army Knife Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Victorinox
Color Red
feature Dimensions: 9.1 cm
Manufacturer Victorinox
Model 16795XLT

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Victorinox 1.6795 XLT Swiss Army Knife Reviews from YouTube

Victorinox SWISSCHAMP XLT [1.6795.XLT] : Easy To Use?
Victorinox Swisschamp Review and Tool Guide
[REVIEW] Victorinox - SWISS CHAMP XLT (Swiss Army Knife)
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Each model has been the subject of one or more videos (see my playlist "MULTI-TOOLS").001- BALADEO Outdoor Cutlery Multi-tool /S002- BEAR & SON Bear Jaws 155LS /S003- BEAR & SON Bear Jaws Multiscissors Gardener BC157GT /S004- BEAR & SON Electrician's Bear Jaws BC155EL /S005- BIBURY Multifunction Garden Pruner BBY-MT11 (offered by the company)006- BIBURY Multifunction Tool BBY-MT08 (offered by the company)007- BLACK FOX BF200 /S008- BKER PLUS Tech Tool City 5 /S009- BUCK Knives X-Tract 730 /S010- BUCK Knives X-Tract 735BKS-B Essential011- BUCK Knives BuckTool 350 (MiniBuck)012- BUCK Knives BuckTool 355 /S013- BUCK Knives BuckTool 360 /S (*2/ one completely broken)014- BYRD ByrdRench BY15P /S015- COLEMAN Pro Lock /S016- CRKT Bivy CR9250 (by Hans Florine)017- CRKT Guppie CR9070 (by Launce Barber)018- CRKT Technician Multi-tool CR9201 (by Glenn Klecker)019- CRKT Tool CR9200 (by Ed Van Hoy & Tom Stokes/ with Bit Kit) /S020- CRKT Zylla-Tool Jr. CR9065K /S021- CRKT Wooden Multi-Tool Kit CR1035022- EICKHORN SOLINGEN PRT-II Rescue Knife /Bker S023- FISKARS Cuts+More024- GANZO G301-H /S025- GANZO G302-B /S026- GERBER Balance /S027- GERBER Bullrush /S028- GERBER Center-Drive (with Bit Kit+ Victorinox Scissors) /S029- GERBER Center-Drive Plus (with Bit Kit) /S030- GERBER Crucial /S031- GERBER Crucial F.A.S.T. (with Hex Bit Kit) /S032- GERBER Curve033- GERBER Diesel /S034- GERBER Dime035- GERBER Flik /S036- GERBER Fit /S037- GERBER Grappler /S038- GERBER MP1 /S039- GERBER MP1-MRO (with Bit Kit) /S040- GERBER MP 400 Compact Sport (05500/ 45500) /S041- GERBER MP 500 Recoil Auto-Plier /S042- GERBER MP 600 Bluntnose (old model with 55200 Multi-Plier Pocket Tool Kit) /S043- GERBER MP 600 Bluntnose Black (07520G1N Carbide Insert Cutters with Tool Kit) /S044- GERBER MP 600 Pro Scout (07564/ 47564 with Tool Kit) /S045- GERBER MP 700 Urban Legend /S046- GERBER MP 800 Legend /S047- GERBER Octane /S (*2)048- GERBER Radius /S049- GERBER Splice050- GERBER Strata /S051- GERBER Suspension /S052- GERBER Suspension-NXT /S053- GERBER Truss /S054- GERBER Vise055- HANWEI Professional Multi-tool by PAUL CHEN 1008-GT056- HAVALON Evolve Jim Shockey Signature Series XTC-60AMTS /S057- HENSTRONG (or Bibury or Intey or ) 18-in-1 /S058- KERSHAW A100C /S059- KERSHAW Select Fire 1920060- LEATHERMAN Blast (with Removal Bit Driver) /S061- LEATHERMAN Brewzer062- LEATHERMAN Charge+ (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S063- LEATHERMAN Charge+ Forest Camo (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S064- LEATHERMAN Charge+ G10 (red) (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S065- LEATHERMAN Charge+ TTI (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S066- LEATHERMAN Charge TI 2HO (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S067- LEATHERMAN Charge TTI (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S068- LEATHERMAN Charge XTI (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S069- LEATHERMAN Core /S070- LEATHERMAN Crunch /S (*2 / including a clone)071- LEATHERMAN Expanse E33BX /S072- LEATHERMAN Expanse E55BX /S073- LEATHERMAN Expanse K502X /S074- LEATHERMAN Flair /S075- LEATHERMAN Free K2X076- LEATHERMAN Free K4077- LEATHERMAN Free P2 /S078- LEATHERMAN Free P4 /S079- LEATHERMAN Free T2080- LEATHERMAN Free T4081- LEATHERMAN Freestyle /S082- LEATHERMAN Fuse /S083- LEATHERMAN Juice B2084- LEATHERMAN Juice C2 /S085- LEATHERMAN Juice SC2086- LEATHERMAN Juice CS3087- LEATHERMAN Juice CS4 /S088- LEATHERMAN Juice KF4 (offered by the company) /S089- LEATHERMAN Juice S2 /S090- LEATHERMAN Juice Pro (with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /S (*2/ one offered by the company) /S091- LEATHERMAN Juice XE6 (with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /S092- LEATHERMAN Kick /S093- LEATHERMAN Klamath /S094- LEATHERMAN Leap /S095- LEATHERMAN Micra096- LEATHERMAN MUT (with Bit Kit & Tool adapter V2) /S097- LEATHERMAN MUT EOD /S098- LEATHERMAN OHT (with tweezers) /S (*2)099- LEATHERMAN PST (*2)100- LEATHERMAN PST II101- LEATHERMAN PULSE /S102- LEATHERMAN Raptor /S103- LEATHERMAN Rebar /S104- LEATHERMAN Rev /S105- LEATHERMAN Signal /S (with Bit Kit & Bit Driver Extender)106- LEATHERMAN Sideclip107- LEATHERMAN Sidekick /S (with carabiner)108- LEATHERMAN Skeletool CX (with Bit Kit & MUT Bits) /S109- LEATHERMAN Skeletool KBX110- LEATHERMAN Skeletool RX (with Bit Kit & MUT Bits) /S111- LEATHERMAN Squirt E4 (*2/ one offered by the company)112- LEATHERMAN Squirt ES4113- LEATHERMAN Squirt P4114- LEATHERMAN Squirt PS4115- LEATHERMAN Squirt S4116- LEATHERMAN Style117- LEATHERMAN Style CS118- LEATHERMAN Style PS119- LEATHERMAN Super Tool /S120- LEATHERMAN Super Tool 200 (with Tool Adapter V1) /Combo S121- LEATHERMAN Super Tool 300 /S122- LEATHERMAN Super Tool 300 EOD /S123- LEATHERMAN Surge (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S124- LEATHERMAN Surge 2013 Black Edition (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S125- LEATHERMAN Wave (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S126- LEATHERMAN Wave+ (with Bit Kit & Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring & Bit Driver Extender) /S127- LEATHERMAN Wave Original /S128- LEATHERMAN Wingman V1 /S129- OPINEL N9 Bricolage130- OZARK Trail MULTIFORCE PREMIUM 18-IN-1 MULTI TOOL /S131- PIRANHA 6-in-1 (crescent wrench & pliers combo) /S132- PIRANHA 9-in-1 (crescent wrench & pliers combo) /S (*2)133- RATNIK 6E6 (with diamond-coated file) /S134- ROXON Knife Scissors S501 (*2 / one offered by the company)135- ROXON Multi BBQ Tool MBT Mini S602 (offered by the company)136- ROXON Multi BBQ Tool MBT3 S601 /S (*2/ one offered by the company)137- ROXON Sparkle CM1349 /S (*2/ one offered by the company)138- ROXON Storm S801 (with bit kit & Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /S (*2 / one offered by the company)139- ROXON Storm S801S (with bit kit & Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /S140- RUIKE Criterion M61-G (with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /Bker S141- RUIKE Trekker LD43 Rescue Tool142- RUIKE Trekker LD51-B (with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver) /Victorinox S143- SCHRADE Tough Chip ST2 /S144- SCHRADE Tough ST1 (original U.S./ version 1) /S145- SCHRADE Tough ST1 (Taylor Brands Schrade) /S146- SCHRADE Tough ST11 /S147- SCHRADE Tough STE5 /S148- SEBERTECH Sebertool M2149- SEBERTECH Sebertool M4150- SOG CrossCut 2.0151- SOG CrossGrip152- SOG Paratool S31 (with Saw instead Philipps screwdriver + Bit Driver + Hex Bit Accessory Kit) /S153- SOG Pocket PowerPlier S44 /S154- SOG PowerAccess Deluxe (with bit kit) /S155- SOG PowerAssist S66 (with Saw instead of V-Cutter) /S156- SOG PowerDuo PD01 /S157- SOG PowerGrab (with Bit Kit) /S158- SOG PowerLock S60 (with Bit Kit) /S159- SOG PowerPint (with Bit Kit) /Bker S160- SOG PowerPlay (with Bit Kit) /S161- SOG Snippet162- SOG SwitchPlier V2.0 /S163- SOG Sync II164- SWISS+TECH Micro-Max 19-in-1165- SWISS+TECH Micro-Plus EX 9-in-1166- SWIZA C08 Urban Camo/S167- TOPEAK The Alien /S168- UD Vape Cool Kit Multi-tool Cutting Pliers /S169- UTICA KUTMASTER Multimaster 11-3565CP /S170- VICTORINOX Bantam (ALOX Silver 0.2300.26)171- VICTORINOX Cybertool L (1.7775.T) /S172- VICTORINOX Cybertool Lite (1.7925.T) /S173- VICTORINOX Evolution Grip 18 (2.4913.SC8B1) /S174- VICTORINOX Expedition Lite (1.7965.AVT) /S175- VICTORINOX Hiker Wood (1.4611.63)176- VICTORINOX Huntsman Lite (1.7915.T) /S177- VICTORINOX Huntsman SilverTech (1.3713.T7) /S178- VICTORINOX MiniChamp (0.6385) /S179- VICTORINOX Nail Clip 580 (0.6463)180- VICTORINOX Pioneer X (ALOX Silver 0.8231.26)181- VICTORINOX Ranger Grip 58 Hunter (0.9683.MC) /S182- VICTORINOX Ranger Grip 71 Gardener (0.9713.C) /Wenger S183- VICTORINOX Rescue Tool (0.8623.MWN) /S184- VICTORINOX Signature Lite SilverTech (0.6226.T7) /S185- VICTORINOX Super Tinker 2019 Limited Winter Magic Edition (1.4703.7E1)186- VICTORINOX Swiss Army Knife 2018 (0.8461.MWCH) /S187- VICTORINOX Swisschamp (1.6795.T) /S188- VICTORINOX Swisschamp XLT [1.6795.XLT] /S189- VICTORINOX SwissTool PLUS (3.0323.L) (with all accessories & scissors) /S190- VICTORINOX SwissTool Spirit XBS (3.0224.3CCH) /S191- VICTORINOX SwissTool Spirit XC PLUS RATCHET (3.0239.N) (with all accessories) /S192- VICTORINOX Traveller Lite (1.7905.AVT) /S193- VICTORINOX Wine Master (walnut wood 0.9701.63) /S194- VICTORINOX Workchamp (0.9064.3) /S (~ 0.8564 : lockable large flat screwdriver)195- WALTHER Multi-Tac /S196- WENGER EvoGrip S557 (1.557.059.821 with Victorinox Mini Screwdriver/ ~ Victorinox Evolution Grip S557) /S197- WENGER Pocketgrip 577 /S198- WENGER RangerGrip Handyman 1.077.0[90.822] /S (~ Victorinox Ranger Grip 74 or 174 Handyman or Boatsman for the pliers)199- WENGER Swiss Business Tool SBT 60200- WENGER Titanium 2 ( /S201- WENGER Titanium 3 Ueli Steck Spcial Edition ( /S202- WORPRO 16-in-1 Multi-tool /S203- XIAOMI Nextool Huohou (or Nextool Flagship Pro) /S
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I was thinking that I might have gone wrong with the cybertool 41 but after this useful video of yours, nop, i did good, I am glad because it's my first big knife, I usually buy small ones with only the scissors and the knife but this time I decided to spent more because I like the to last. Costly indeed, I hope it provides me with some serious years of service ^^ps. the birds make the video even better. Grateful for the experience.
The XLT is a bit of a fistful, but I like it! Thank you for demonstrating all its parts, another great video letting the tools 'speak' for themselves. The XLT is definitely a popular one among Victorinox's affectionados.
Great video; I play with my pocket tools, too! All the blades are much sharper than first impression when first buying the XLT. Inox stainless steel can sharpen so well, just goes to show how a few swipes with a ceramic blade sharpener restores the blades to razor sharpness. Though I think the can opener could have a better edge, so it will cut through a ten can with more ease.My annoyance is the cheap plastic magnifier. Over time it will scratch, even break. Victorinox could easily fit an optical quality magnifier that won't scratch or distort images, especially at the edge. Mineral glass could be used and at very little extra cost, and its cheap plastic holder swapped for the high grade stainless steel would made the XLT look even more high quality.Great presentation. Thanks very much!
Thanks for sharing this with us! Great little video and great not so little SAK.... We love a good SAK.If your interested in EDC, you may be interested in checking us out on all social media platforms, Facebook page and group, an instagram account and of course a YouTube channel, we do also have a website that has related blog posts as well, no worries if not, @EDCCooperative
salut, aprs des annes d'utilisation, quelle est selon vous le plus qualitatif entre leatherman et victorinox (n'ayant jamais eu de leatherman je pense tout de mme que c'est difficile de faire mieux que le suisse)
Couldnt even find a demo for the hook.
I can imagine getting used to the size and I now see what you mean getting more leverage with some tools. Appreciate the video, thanks!
Ncessite des comptences d'utilisation leves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Requires high usage skills :)
wow this tool is amazing! it literally has everything you could possibly need!
Pour moi les couteaux suisses sont des outils de prcision, la pince est d'ailleurs excellente et va la ou un wave ne va plus et ou une pince piler ne serait suffisante ! J'ai bien peur qu'un outil si gros vienne parasiter l'usage.
Il est quand mme gros dans ta main.
I've not used the file but I have tried using the fish scaler would not recommend the fish gunk gets caught inbetween all the layers discusting for weeks smelled of fish
I bought one of these 20 years ago and its still going strong. However most of the tools hsve been used, but I don't fish so that fish scaler thing has'nt been used even once.
This or the Cybertool L?Or Swisschamp XLT? Is it too think for practical use?
the hook is great if your needing to zip up a tent but the zip is on the outside
Had mine 2 years great tool.
Swiss Aamy knife :)
I love my Swisschamp!You missed some tools... The pointy end of the lime it's, according to Victorinox, a nail cleaner. And one of the edges it's a metal saw.The inner part of the pliers it's to set the metal connectors at the end of the wires (I don't have a clue if they have and specific name, sorry).If you had a Swisschamp as a child probably it wasn't exactly like this. About 1998, or so, they changed the magnifier. The one in the video it's fully transparent plastic and X5, the old one was grey plastic around and the lens a little bit smaller, but in glass and X8.The main use that I give to the multipurpose hook it's to write... I mind, you open it, put the pen in the gap and close it again. This clamps the pen and it's easier to hold it to write.Great video!
17:22 Brilliant magic trick!
@8:00 works very well on metal fence posts.
My favorite one. I was trying to find a small one but I want it all the tools and just gave in. Somehow fits into my pants anyway.
I was dating a girl who bought me one of these, even had my name put on it(natural wood grain finish). Weve been married for 9 years now:)
Buy a 6mm square by 6mm hex adapter on Amazon and use your phillips screwdriver (or cap lifter) as the shank. I learned this 'trick' from Nikos Doulas NikGyver! :)To be fair to the Surge, it has much bigger pliers, so this is the main reason why it has the bigger size. If someone needs bigger pliers on a daily basis, they will go Surge for that reason. That's why they should not be compared.
Nothing better than a Swiss Army knife for EDC. I carry the Explorer plus in the coin pocket of my jeans and a Spyderco PM2 in m390 in the left pocket!
The fish scaler is a great tool for ripping quickly through cardboard boxes, and being a generally useful poking/prodding device.
Metal file/saw is amazing on the victorinox. down flat out beat everything. Gerber a close second and leatherman and sog equal last.
The magnifying glass got cheaper.
Who needs a designated bottle opener?
Very nice review, well balanced, nostalgic a bit, and practical. I thought the option of the Champ as a knife sheath pocket add on was smart...
kossuth lajos messaged thathe ran out out of his regimentif he messages that once morewe will all have to golong live the hungarian freedomlong live the nation
Too big heavy and clunky, get a smaller standard size,saved you 20 minutes.
He didn't saw the wenger giant...
Whats the price for this product?
wow under 4 minutes and no ads
You missed one
I hope they make a swiss knife containing a welder XD
You know your knife is high end when it comes with a battery
Its alsmost as useful as Batman's utility belt
Imagine macgyver is using that
Swiss knives manufacturers should make a knife with a pin on it so when someone opens all the blades and when the pin is pulled those blades go flying everywhere it will be more deadly
everyone gangsta till a phone flips out of it
You should test the evogrip evolution s54
Even after all this...he didn't tell what model is it?
Useless really
i got one and i love it the magnifying glass works to start fires retails for 500$
Looks like a transformer
This is what you need to bring onto Naked and Afraid
Fuck this
One thing missing for a complete Swiss knife: a tiny gun , enough powerful to defend yourself
Why bring 1 knife to a gun fight?...
Thanks for the presentation. I really *try* to fall in love with my XLT (not at least in order to justify having spent a rather significant amount of money). Still, I find myself going back to the Cybertool, simply because of the size of the XLT.It's not so much about size and weight for carrying. I keep my knife in the front pocket of my trousers, dangling from a belt loop, together with a small flashlight. That makes a rather big package anyways and makes the difference in size between the Cybertool and the XLT almost negligible while carrying.However, I really find the XLT to be too cumbersome for many practical applications.Just some examples: both the Philips and the straight drivers are so far off-center that it becomes an issue: the center of rotation simply isn't close to the screws anymore. Of course, I could use the bit driver instead in most occasions, but then I wouldn't really need the dedicated drivers.Another example: the trick with the pen stuck underneath the hook for writing: Works beautifully for all other models I have, but the XLT simply is too big to be held as a pen.I wouldn't really know how to fix those issues, because a huge number of useful tools of course means a huge package.So in the end, for my situation it simply is more reasonable and ergonomic to give up on the additional tools and stick to the Cybertool, "degrading" the XLT to sit on the shelf as the undoubted king or queen of my collection ;)

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