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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Explorer - 16 Functions, DO-IT ...

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Explorer - 16 Functions, DO-IT-YOURSELF Champion, Multitool and Survival Gadget with Magnifying Glass - Red, ...


Victorinox 1.6703 - Explorer 16 Function Multi Utility ... -

This multi-utility Swiss knife from the house of Victorinox is an all-in-one knife and tool-set that easily slips into your pocket. Made of durable stainless ...


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Victorinox White Swiss Army Knife (1.6703.77) : Sports, Fitness & Outdoors.

GO TO STORE | Victorinox Explorer 16 Function Multi Utility Swiss Knife

The ultimate tool for the outdoor enthusiast, this Pocket Swiss Knife called Explorer is made for adventure. The exceptionally designed Swiss Knife has been ...


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Explorer - 16 Functions, DO-IT ...

तकनीकी विवरण ; ‎0.1 Kilograms · ‎Victorinox Explorer Red Swiss Army Knife - (1.6703) लाल · ‎1 · ‎पुरुष · ‎Victorinox AG.


Victorinox 1.6703 Explorer Swiss Army Knife Features

  • Outer material: stainless steel
  • Color: red
  • Can opener with small screwdriver
  • Knives&Tools
Victorinox 1.6703 Explorer Swiss Army Knife Colours:
  • Red

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Victorinox 1.6703 Explorer Swiss Army Knife Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Victorinox
Color Red
feature Outer Material: Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Victorinox
Model 1670300
Warranty Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.

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Victorinox 1.6703 Explorer Swiss Army Knife Reviews from YouTube

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Explorer Review
Victorinox Explorer Swiss Army Knife Unboxing and Review
Victorinox Explorer - the best Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox Explorer Swiss Army Knife - Quick Review
Buy it here: you have to make sure to maintain your scissors and clean them on a regular basis. My scissors are still going strong after 25 years of use and thats because I clean them and make sure to apply oil. They are self sharpening. Thanks for the video!
And @4:20 Ive killed my fingers carrying heavy bags with small handles. Anyone whos gotten a plastic bag from the hardware store knows what Im talking about. This hook gets used at least once a month for me.
On the Victorinox official videos, they say the hook is meant for parcel packages that are tied in twine, which is something people don't really do anymore. It's probably the most difficult tool on the SAK toolset to find alternative uses for, but they do exist, especially in camping situations.
Hook works great if the chain comes off on your bicycle or motorcycle maintenance.
Guilty I use the hook for fixing hay bales
Love the Explorer! My favorite SAK.
Over 3 width too much to carry wears holes in thing. Semms for your needs the "compact" would be ideal (hook holds pen and works as a prop/mobile stand or knot puller/shoe lacer).
Great review and very informative. Thank you
The hook is really for pulling cord/string in a camping situation to make it tight.
cool review! thanks! do you think I could fit the officer's victorinox ball pen instead of the tooth pick?
everyone always says the hook is useless... but its not. there are a few videos here on youtube that show just how useful it can be.
Nice voice :-) Thank you for your review!
Damn...if only they replaced the cork screw with the would be exactly what I'm looking for....
What does the thickness of the explorer feel like compared to the super tinker?
Try cleaning the tape residue off your super tinker with goo gone...probably fix it right up. I could see the old tape glue on the blades in your video. Good luck.
Getting one of these tomorrow. Great tool for hiking/camping, etc..
Nice review! Love Victorinox!
great review!! I have over 50 sak's and many with the old gray lens and the newer. I prefer the newer style as it's larger. never any issues with lens coming out. I think there was a bad batch at one time.
The wire stripper is excellent, but not everyone knows how to use it. Luckily there are plenty of demo videos on Youtube that can show you how to do it.
I got one today and the magnifying glass just lenses just fell out and not gonna lie I am kinda sad
Im curious what knife you are using to open the explorer with? It looks interesting.
I started with the swisschamp, (a gift from my mother) in the end I found i didnt use it enough to justify carrying it everywhere I go, but the one tool I kept carrying it for? The Magnifying glass. I use it akin to a jewelers loop, when I go to yard (or Garage) sales I check jewelry with it for markings etc and its good for helping you see slivers while pulling them. So I bought the explorer, got here yesterday (with black scales) already In love
Ive had the Swiss Champ since 1991 & carried it almost everyday. The past four years Ive been carrying the Leatherman Surge but my Swiss Champ has always been in my bag. I use it primarily now for its magnifying glass. Im an RF Electronics Technician & abuse that magnifying lens to inspect the soldering connections on surface mount electronic components on RF Circuit Boards from the equipment I service in the field. That little magnifying glass is so useful to me that its importance cannot be overemphasised!Id love to find a pocket tool that is lighter than even the Swiss Explorer but contains a very similar magnifying glass.Nice review! I may grab an Explorer to pocket carry alongside my belt carried Leatherman Surge.
Whats the difference between this and the plus version
what is the other knife called? you THe one you are using to open the blades with?
I prefer the in line Phillips that the minifying glass.
My everyday carry were ever possible for over four decades. Philips driver on end rather than T-Handle better. Magnifying glass comes in hand all the time reading fine print and finding splinters. Many well made tools in a small package has saved my life a few time and kept me on the road many other.
Gloves why
There is also a place for a steel pin next to the corkscrew, a small hole
I think you should throw away the somewhat white gloves and growaset of thumbnails
Is the magnifying glass is of strong or of good build quality and what's it's magnification power...?
I prefer a saw over the magnifying glass, but I ordered one anyway for EDC. Who knows, the glass might prove to be handy. I mostly like the position of the phillips driver. Thanks for the video.
Yeoman better
You dont have nails?
i dont really like the tweezer.. if you grip too hard.. things cut in two.. :(
The older grey plastic magnifying glass on previous exploreres appears to be more robust. What do yo think?
Does it have a small hole for a pin in its scales?
Gimme serrated blade and metal magnifying glass on this badboy,
You forgot the straight pin under the corkscrew.
I was going to get an explorer, but now Im getting a Swisschamp in black scales
Nice video and good editing. It will be nice if you can give a voice summary at the end, it would be nice to hear your opinion.
Nice video Awesome music too. What is the name of the song and who is it by?
The perfect for me would be an explorer with pliers
1:50 Ouch
Just got one today
Thats actually the explorer plus
Thats an Explorer Plus isnt it?The plus has the pen, glasses screwdriver and the pin, but the Explorer doesnt.
You forgot to show the back hook!
The key ring fits into the victorinox belt clip hanger. Better than carrying it on the belt itself.
Hello, is the spring for the phillips screw driver worn out? I can'thear the click when you closed it! (or it is normal for that tool)
Ozgun, the Plus models are available on ebay. Take a look. You could also buy the Plus scales seperately and build one up. The scales pop right off.
I always thought magnifier was stupid on this, but when wood splinters came to my mind, think about it, a magnifier and those nice tweezers, perfect for splinter removal. There is a plus model which is more delicious. But not sold in my country :/
I ordered it specially. When I got this Explorer in the 80s, only the Swisschamp came with that screwdriver. ;)
How did you end up with the small eye glass screw driver, when it is not the Explorer Plus.
In dress pants, it's too much. In jeans, cargo pants, etc.: no problem.
I have had this knife for two years, my first Victorinox and I wouldn't be without it now! I use it daily and it's never let me down. The magnifying glass is great for finding splinters.
The Compact loses a Phillips of any kind. The Explorer has the coveted inline Phillips. A good compromise is the discontinued Yeoman, which at 3 layers, is right between the two layer Compact w/o Phillips and four layer Explorer. I don't know about you, but the Phillips is one of the most often-used tools on my SAKs.
umm... Victorinox Compact is better, I think.
well the tinder is the most important thing, forget about using paper, that doesn't work. also I tried it in summer and usually at the suns peak, haven't really tried in less optimal conditions. Takes a some time and patience, started two fires with it, haven't really tried more cos I use a fire steel normally. Pretty sure it wont work every time but cool to have never the less. Also the mag glass came in real handy when I had a tiny splinter in my thumb, could barely see the thing.
I've not tried that with this magnifier, but with others, and it didn't work. What's the trick? I always get lots of smoke, but no fire.
I have one and I have managed to start a fire with the magnifying glass on more than one occasion, pretty useful id say.
great quick review. i'm kind sick of hearing people go on about a knife for like 17:00 minutes. glad i found a good short one with good clarity too and no problem with the sound.

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