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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Climber - 14 Functions, Multi-utility ...

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Climber - 14 Functions, Multi-utility Tool - Red, 91 mm - 1.3703 : Home Improvement.


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Climber - 14 Functions, Multitool - Red ...

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Climber - 14 Functions, Multitool - Red, 91 mm ... 2 Year Warranty ... Victorinox Climber Red Swiss Army Knife (1.3703) ...


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Spartan - 12 Functions, Multitool - Red ...

FUNCTIONS: 12 functions includes: 1 Large blade 2.Small blade 3.Can opener 4.Screwdriver-3-mm 5. Bottle opener 6.screwdriver-6-mm 7.Wire stripper 8.


Victorinox 1.3703.T2 B1 Climber Swiss Army Knife Features

  • Outer material type: plastic, inner material: swiss stainless steel, color: red
  • Weight: 75 grams, dimensions: 9.1 Cm 2.7 Cm 2.1 Cm
  • Compact multitool is ideal for rugged outdoorsy types, with essential implements that maximize usefulness while keeping bulk to a minimum
  • Knives&Tools
Victorinox 1.3703.T2 B1 Climber Swiss Army Knife Colours:
  • Red
  • Blue

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Victorinox 1.3703.T2 B1 Climber Swiss Army Knife Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Victorinox
Color Red
feature Weight: 75 grams, Dimensions: 9.1 cm * 2.7 cm * 2.1 cm
Height 22 Centimeters
Length 12 Centimeters
Manufacturer Victorinox
Material-Type ABS
Model 1370300
Warranty Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.
Weight 110 Grams
Width 3.60 Centimeters

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Victorinox 1.3703.T2 B1 Climber Swiss Army Knife Reviews from YouTube

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Victorinox Climber Review
I really don't think bending the corkscrew is covered under warranty. 😂
One thing about the hook... It's really hard to deploy it without it biting into your nails. It's because of the close proximity of the ring, it's hard to get a good grip, especially without nail notch. What I did is put 3 very tiny magnets inside the hook bed and now it closes but not all the way, leaving me some room to get my nail under the hook when I'm getting it out. Also, I have magnets to magnetize a needle to use as a compass or something. However... Is it good to have a hook with constant pressure like that? Since it's never sitting all the way, does this impact the tool in a bad way somehow?
the climer 2 has a wood saw
Can it go on the plane with you
The difference in scale material is because that particular Climber is part of the Victorinox Economy line. The handles are made of nylon instead of Victorinox’s Cellidor
Great review! I absolutely love my Climber. I actually use the parcel hook quite often when I'm camping. I tie a 550 Paracord loop knot around the hook, close it back down to secure it in place, then throw the Climber over a tall tree branch when I need to hang food or other items to avoid attracting bears or other wildlife into my campsite area. The size and weight of the Climber is perfect for when I need to string something 20-30 feet up. Of course there are other items in your camp bag that can be used for that same function, but try using the Climber the next time you're out camping, and then you'll see for yourself how effective it is. I promise you, you'll end up using your Climber's hook for that purpose every time. It also works great on zippers when your fingers are frozen.
Jesse Pinkman reviews SAKs! Great review!
It would be my edc of it had a nail file
Nice MUSIC ending
Never been a huge fan of the scissors.
Bet it probably can't finger spin
YASSSSSS more knives
But can it grind?
Sorry Dylan I couldn’t get 1st I wasn’t paying attention
Swiss Army Knives not having clips is why I don't carry them. Don't get me wrong, I have several, but no clip makes me not put it in my pocket
Awesome. That has been my edc now for months.
U would watch this but my phones almost dead gtg
I've been watching you for like two years and your the reason I started yoyoing
Have carried a Climber plus in one pocket and midnight manager in the other for years. Don't feel dressed without them!
For me I love the compact
I have the climber I'm in the process of upgrading mine changing the scales to a plus model I already have the pressurized pan the jeweler screwdriver that goes in the Cork the straight pin I decided to go with translucent green
ps the can opener is a better phillips head than the tinker phillips...because it is inline and you can get down into places...that tinker phillips you cannot get into places like a computer box motherboard because the handle is in the way ....its ok for like door knobs but that is about all. and surface mounted flush phillips..but when you need to get in somewhere it is crap. and you end up using the can opener phillips
wow i now use the climber hook every day..i ride a mountain bike and go shopping and strap all my goods to a basket using banjo like para chord with hooks...and the hook on the climber enables me to pull the hooks real tight and then unhook them...amazing ..i love the hook
The hook is great for removing Lego parts stuck up your nose.
Climber might be the perfect knife if it had some nail file. I think of adding it, but didn't come up with anything useflul
i carry a swiss army knife 365 days a year ....i ruled out anything over 3 layers...i used to just buy and lose the spartan, but when i last bought another, they had none left so i got the 3 layer climber...i kind of wanted the supertinker, but the shop i purchased it from didnt have it...but i am happy with the climber, because i dont have a cork screw, and i havent needed to remove emergency phillips that the can opener couldnt do... anyway times have moved on and i love my climber its like my goto knife...but i also have a pioneer x now.... it has everything i use a lot from the climber, except the little blade, which to be honest i love for letters and boxes.....the hook has also come in useful for stuck zippers.. i love my climber, and at 3 layers it has done me proud, i would consider a 2 layer pioneer, but i need the scissors...once you are used to having scissors permanently with you, its hard to do without...but so far the pioneer x, has done everything i need, so its the climber for rough stuff, rough days ...and the pioneer for days when i am going easy ...i just wish the pioneer x had a small blade, with no extra it too is 3 layers. you see i eat a lot of fruits and stuff and use the large blade for that only ..but now im cutting dirty stuff with it. and ps, yes the awl makes a great knuckle duster, but if its a maybe, just a bit dangerous , i suggest using the hook, so you dont kill anyone....just break a few bones.
I wish the made this with alox or wood
I just found mine, it somehow fell behind the closet ages ago... It was the best thing when I was young student/metalhead: Beer opener - obviously Wine bottle opener - when money was around Scissors - for weed Can opener - cheap food Awl - punching new holes in belt, getting skinny on cheap food, wine, beer and weed was inevitable Hook - removing hair from drain under the sink every now and then Oh yeah, it has two knife blades too Memories...
Fully agree with your opinion! The only thing, I prefer knives with NO pen
Where you get those scales?
ever tried to make a small slice into a soy sauce packet, just big enough to squirt the sauce out without a mess, with a knife. With no surface to cut it.
Climber or spartan, i don't like having to carry a classic to get scissors, i prefer it all in one package and bless me i have always come back to the climber. when i cant use that one such as in small pocket pants, too small for the spartan, which doesn't have scissors, i use the executive. I just like it all in one package. When i carry my knife it goes under my wallet. When i use my thick bifold the climber fits under it nice and unobtrusive. But when im being formal I use my small wallet for slim carry, only the executive seems to fit the thickness of the slim carry (even a spartan in these instances could cause raised eyebrows). I just cant go without scissors, my first multi tool has had scissors, so kinda sentimental. a swisstool spirit come to think. Look i had to cut some ribbon of the inside of my mothers shirt whilst she was wearing it. and tight patient id bands off my dad and mother on discharge from hospital. i feel way safer using the scissor than even the Spartans small blade.
I've got a climber plus got a compact got a champ got small tinker new and a 1970s/80s small tinker and a explorer also evogrip18 and a few others mainly 84mm but for unknown reasons my 70/80s small tinker is the one that gets all the carry time just feels great an come in handy many times
@ salbarajas... Swell review! And n.b.: There is one *not insubstantial* difference between a Cellidor Climber and a nylon scale Climber II -- the profile and contour of the two scale iterations is not the same. To me, the Cellidor Climber falls right into a slightly awkward "in-between" size compared to the Climber II and my just fine Huntsman. The latter version of Climber feels more like my slimmer, ergonomically 'ace' Camper in hand... while the former is by a small margin, "deal-breaker" uncomfortable to me in use with the blades [five foot nine guy]. Yep -- that tiny difference in shape put me off my Climber... but picking up a second hand Climber II cheap unexpectedly turned around the equation! Who knew, eh? ...Which is why I'm commenting so folks are aware. YMMV, of course. So, a new nylon scale Stayglow Climber arrives today! If necessary, I'll 'adjust' the Stayglow scales edge radius to match the "II", which I'm guessing could be executed cleanly if any variation turns up between the two nylon styles. Worth the effort, I think (endorsing your view of the Climber tool kit).
Philips over corkscrew always..
I prefer the whiletail deer..
Hey Just found your vid from 2010 today. Had to say thanks for that terrific tip on using the small flathead for Phillips screws. Only the clunkier knives come with both the corkscrew and Phillips screwdriver. This solves that problem!
I'd say the HUNTSMAN is better-- The Huntsman has everything the Tinker has along with a saw***
Climber is a nobrainer for me when it comes to buy a present for a buddy.
The climber is great, but my EDC of choice is the Ranger. Gotta have that saw and file! I find it's the largest Sak that disappears in my pocket.
Climber is typically less cost than the compact. I like the can opener on the Climber better than the combo tool as it works better for Phillips head screws. More often than not, screws are Phillips. I do wish all of the hooks had the nail file. I carried a Tinker for a long time, went to the Super Tinker to add the scissors but found the climber better because of being able to upgrade and add the micro screwdriver for glasses repair. Love your channel.
The awl is good for making a hole in a can of beer for shotgunning. :) Found my Climber at the skatepark and I use it everyday.
wow i now use the climber hook every day..i ride a mountain bike and go shopping and strap all my goods to a basket using banjo like para chord with hooks...and the hook on the climber enables me to pull the hooks real tight and then unhook them...amazing ..i love the hook
Can it go on the plane with you
Agree ...the climber is a great knife
Nice video, good content, but I beg to differ. I appreciate the practicality of having siccors, but in my opinion not worth giving up the saw over. Especially if you also plan to take your SAK with you on trips outdoors. I used to have a Camper, recently got a Hiker. Again, the corkscrew is nice to have but I find there are few situations in which a corkscrew really saves the day. I wish life was such that opening a bottle of whine would be a universal solution to practical problems, but as it stands I find it more comforting to have a sturdy phillipshead at all time.
I had no idea you could personalize your SAK on their website until recently haha. Anyway I ordered a pretty sweet green climber I'm excited about! I was trying out the spartan but it's a tad too thin for my liking. I'm thinking the climber will be perfect. Great video sir
So, i am between a climber and a compact, Climber right now is almost half the price tha the compact. Need it for my EDC since a lost my usefull spartan.
I like my hiker sak
I've been carrying a compact allot just bought a white climber
Spartan or climber??
Why not the "compact" model? Because this model do not have the small blade and the awl! Simple! Two very important tools! Cheers!
Can the plus scales be installed n a regular climber?
I recently got a climber marked PYS - SWISS with the Victorinox logo on both scales. Could this be a knock off?
Hey Dan, I just bought a Climber. I'm pretty happy with it but the scissors are getting stuck when I use them. It feels like they are too tight and the spring is not strong enough to push them open. I can feel the blades grinding. Maybe that's normal with any new Victorinox and will get better after a while?
Hey Dan. Do you know what other knives have the nail file on the back of the hook? I've had the Compact in my pocket for a few years and like that feature and of course the scissors, but miss the small blade and can opener/phillips function. The climber with plus scales looks like the perfect solution...or maybe the Mountaineer..... When is enough enough! I thought about experimenting on the back of the hook of one of my older knives to see if I could make it function as a nail file. Thanks for all the great videos!
got the climber which I'm in love with now the tinker is on the way lol love your videos and thanks so much for you're help keep the good work up
3 0:02 / 6:38 13 uses of the SAK hook & a unique modifying trick - Victorinox Tips & Tricks (28/40) is the reason I bought the climber. I had to have the hook. Felix Imler's videos are awesome. He's written books on the swiss army knife and all that it can do.
Great review on a great knife, thanks for sharing, but I think you may be selling the saw short.... I can get through a pine 2 x 4 with mine in just over a minute. Hardly a waste of time. Thanks again!
The hook is for carrying thing.
Little blade is Awsome for whittling. Little adjustments made to it, and I love it.
Love my saw on my Victorinox Field master. This dude is a fucking idiot.
Legend has it Chuck Norris built the international space station with one of those.
I actually have this and I think it's a great product
'solid' is the best description for the scissors.. they feel really amazing
The small blade is sharper than the big one on my Spartan.
The smaller knife is sharper guaranteed but I'm sure the bigger one is better for cutting fruits and bark if you do that kind of schtuff, and the smaller one for annoying plastic boxes and ropes
I have the same knife and I approve that the little knife is sharper!
I use the hook to carry heavy shopping bags that cut in my hand and also to pull out tent pegs from the ground. And also for fixing things with metal wire when I don't have pliers around. That hook is a lot more useful than I initially thought
on my victorinox the small blade was sharper
20 bucks on amazion
The springs ARE exchangeable
2:47 that notch is actually a wire striiper
Will the small pen fit in the toothpick slot?
Yes, the spring is replaceable.
Thank you man I appreciate the comment.

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