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Victorinox MiniChamp एलोक्स स्विस आर्मी नाइफ - लाल : ...

Victorinox Alox Swiss Army Knife Pioneer (सिल्वर) ... Das Mini-Champ in der Alox Ausführung in Rot ist ein schönes und stylisches kleines Messer in ...


Victorinox 0.6381.20 Mini Champs Alox Army Knife Features

  • Outer Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions : 58 mms x 18 mms x 9 mms (LxWxH)
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 15 functions and high-grade Alox scales
  • Knives&Tools
Victorinox 0.6381.20 Mini Champs Alox Army Knife Colours:
  • Silver

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Victorinox 0.6381.20 Mini Champs Alox Army Knife Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Victorinox
Color Red
feature Outer Material: Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Victorinox
Model 0.6381.20
Warranty Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.

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Victorinox 0.6381.20 Mini Champs Alox Army Knife Reviews from YouTube

Victorinox Alox MiniChamp
Victorinox MiniChamp Alox
Victorinox Mini Champ Alox - Review
its a great looker..but you only get over the rambler..cuticle pusher PASS i use my other nails to push my cuticles or i could use a knife, would make a wicked coke spoon though !, but i preferr lines.ruler PASS when measuring i normally need something substantially bigger than 50mmorange peeler PASS . im sure it has its day, but not important to mespare tiny blade PASS as if you need a proper blade you need a bigger knife.nail cleaner PASS as any blade or bradawl acts as a nail cleanerthe real advantage over the rambler is the alox beauty.... hopefully soon they will make the rambler alox.
So many useless and redundant tools compared to the Classic...
Fantastic channel and lovely community of people who like to help each other. Truely rare in this day and age ",
The Alox Minichamp does not have the Pen and the Tweezers right?
For heaven's sake, whatever you've done for Graham, it must have been really meaningful to him. I've watched other videos of yours and nearly every knife you review has been a gift from Graham. I'm a Victorinox enthusiast and need to come across a generous soul like that to grow my collection. Nice review as always. I have the Midnite Mini Champ with plastic scales, pen and light. The alox model looks more attractive and is less bulky but I like the pen. The light is a bonus although I've never really needed it.
Gorgeous little pocket tool, love those alox. I have the regular mini champ, but i think i have to get an alox version aswell
Swiss army dan, I'm stuck at the moment what should I get a compact or cadet.
Does the silver one not have the tooth pick and tweazers?
An alox rambler is my idea of perfection.
I have put it on my wishlist!
Love it! Where can I find this Graham?
I am getting this. Thank you for the review.
a cuticle pusher? seriously?
You have the best voice on YouTube
I always carry my Alox Mini-Champ it is one of my all time favorites.
Hi Dan, I need help on identifying a Vic Solder model I have. Can you please email and I will send you photos? Thanks! David
Congratulations , great model.likeeee
Cool, thanks for showing!!!
Hi mateThis was in competition with the Pioneer X last timeI just couldn't resist getting the other one as wellMerry Christmas mate
My favorite "multi-tool" setup to compliment a knife (while avoiding carrying a full size multitool) is to pair an alox SAK (usually the pioneer X) with something like a leatherman style PS or gerber dime
Of all the mini swiss army knives, the Rambler is hands down the best.
I think that the sheepsfoot/warncliffe blade is meant to be used as a pill buster.
I think the cuticle pusher would be perfect for scooping moisturiser out of main jar and transferring it to a tiny travel - sized jar. Or other such uses. It works great as a mixer tool as well, for example, mixing sunblock with a little foundation in a tiny container to create a tinted moisturizer, etc. Makes things hygienic since you won't need to scoop and mix using your fingers. So yeap, might go for this one instead of the rambler or midnite manager Thanks a lot for this in depth review
Id love to see the 74mm executive as an Alox model, maybe with the Phillips/combi tool added in too. That would be sleek.
*THAT IS NOT HOW YOU USE THE STRIPPER* Open the Stripper tool Bend the wire over the Stripper tool holding it against the side of it With the other hand pull the other end of wire
Some of the tools on the mini champ feel somewhat anachronistic. But its a nice little model to have. Id love to see Victorinox do an Alox version of the Manager which combines the strengths of the Classic SD with elements from the mini champ. Thanks again Ben for a good review
I use the cut and pick as a box opener all the time. It only has a small amount of blade so it cuts down through the tape and doesn't usually go past the cardboard so you don't mess up anything in the box, also less cutting tool out means less chance of a major boo boo cut. I tried it on plastic once and switched to the emergency blade instead since it's sharper and easier to control.
As a current pharmacist, I can't say you're wrong. I'm actually trying to figure out how to get in contact with a custom maker for a multitool pharmacy spatula right now...
it's really cute, might buy it for the tools it has. thanks for the review!
I think if you twist the wire with your hand the right side closer to the knife blade rather than a bit further away near the screwdriver you might get a cleaner cut. Just an idea! Great video!
Big fan of the Alox versions. Bigger fan of your reviews. Youre still the only person Im aware of that reviews tools like these who actually has trade experience and isnt all 5.11d up.
The little blade is a single scissors blade
The Wingmans implement is a very good orange peeler. I use for that regularly. Its also the best package opener Ive come across.
Did everyone do coke back in the day or something?Hey Jack, Im having a get together this evening. You and Mable should come over. Bring your pocket knife, if you know what I mean (winking). lol
I like it as I like all Victorinox knives and multitools but I won't get one as I just don't see the point in the ''cuticle pusher'' (which we see was originally a pharmaceutical spoon and no doubt could be quite useful for little doses of Columbian marching powder, which I don't use any more) or the ''orange peeler''. I do understand that the orange peeler could be a good bubble packaging opener, and I know that other manufacturers such as Gerber have a dedicated tool for this purpose which people rate...but I have a Classic SD and the little blade on it does a fantastic job of opening all kinds of packaging including bubble/clamshell packaging. I would like to see a small Vic knife containing the toolset of a Rambler/Manager (Rambler plus pen), with an extra blade like the one on the Minichamp. It would have one layer less than the Minichamp, by dispensing with the orange peeler and cuticle pusher. But I do understand that those Swiss guys are a clever bunch and don't make every permutation of tools in their range, because if they did that, people might just buy one SAK which fits all their needs. As it is, people - such as myself - tend not to buy just one model, but keep adding to their little collections and buy more than just one.
I think this has too many useless tools like the cuticle pusher and this little knife does not need 2 blades. I wish they would offer some kind of custom shop were you could built your own custom knife with the tools you want.
No pen... on the alox version!
Thanks for the great review! I've been cutting various types of electrical wires for years by placing them between the knife blade and the index finger then rotate the wire while controlling the pressure, it worked perfectly.
Sincerely, the Rambler makes more sense.
The 'orange peeler' is great for peeling citrus but also magnificent for opening those pesky hard plastic wrapped packages - just rip the little hook around and you can release the goodies!
Thank you.
Does a review on Victorinox but cant pronounce. Its NOT VictoryNox
Victory Nox?
This guy can't pronounce any of the knives he owns lol
vic-torri-nox thats how its prenounced
Nice...very clear and detailed review. BTW, the orange peeler could also be a package opener, same as the one in GERBER Dime.
Should check out the rambler if you haven't already. Has all the useful tools and no extra weight. I chose it over the minichamp
Great lil knives and probably legal every ware.
Great review, I love Victorinox Alox blades. It's cool you're into slim and light weight gear that is also very functional.
Question I think you live in the UK right ?I normally carry a Swiss Army camper for EDC use but I also carry a opinel number 6 or number 7 with the vibro lock collar.can you use any kind of locking mechanism on your knives at all in England or UK?Just curious.Thanks Eric from Eastern NC USA
That orange peeler is a package opener, no?
Hallo Arthur, Ddanke frs zeigen. Ich liebe Vic`s. Wo bekommst du den das schwarze Pionier her?
Ein Alox ist immer wider absolute Spitze !
Tolles Messer. So ein Alox steht bei mir auch ganz oben auf der Liste.Gru Stefan
Ja wirklich sehr edel, das Alox MiniChamp.Passt auch gerade noch so in die kleinen Plastiktschchen (Leder hab ich noch nicht ausprobieren knnen) von Victorinox rein, wenn man sie vorher leicht anwrmt geht's beim ersten Mal besser.Das Schnupftabaklffelchen - wer kommt denn gleich auf Koks ;-) - lsst sich super einfach zum Lffelschnitztool/Stechbeitel umbauen, wenn man das mchte.Echt klasse Messerchen, alle beide hier!LG, Robert
Hallo Spartan-Arthur,ich htte eine Bitte,zeig unsdoch mal alle Schweizer die Du hast auf einen Blick,schnes Messer,LG Christoph
Hallo alter Haudegen. Gratulation zu 1000 Abos! Kanal - Mein Lieblingsvideo bislang war das Video mit dem scharfen Plverchen, haaa ah haaaaaaaaa ha haaa!!!

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