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Victorinox Blister Range (0.6223.CMFG) 7 Function ... - Buy Victorinox Blister Range (0.6223.CMFG) 7 Function Multi Utility Swiss Knife only for Rs. from Only Genuine Products.


Victorinox 0.6223.CMFG Blister Range 7 Function Camoflage Swiss Army Knife Features

  • Outer Material Type: Plastic, Inner Material: Swiss Stainless Steel, Color: Camoflage
  • Dimensions: 5.8 cm * 1.8 cm * 1.2 cm
  • Blade, Screwdriver, Keyring
  • Tweezers, Toothpick
  • Nailfile, Scissor
  • Knives&Tools

The lowest Victorinox 0.6223.CMFG Blister Range 7 Function Camoflage Swiss Army Knife Price in India is ₹1,422 at Amazon.
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Victorinox 0.6223.CMFG Blister Range 7 Function Camoflage Swiss Army Knife Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Victorinox
Color Camoflage
feature Dimensions: 5.8 cm * 1.8 cm * 1.2 cmBlade, Screwdriver, KeyringTweezers, ToothpickNailfile, Scissor
Manufacturer Victorinox
Model 0.6223.CMFG
Warranty Victorinox AG guarantees all knives and tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.

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Victorinox 0.6223.CMFG Blister Range 7 Function Camoflage Swiss Army Knife Reviews from YouTube

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This guy sounds like he sells alka seltzer in the 50's
They do one called 'The Jetsetter' which is very like this but without the blade so you can carry it anywhere.
Instead of a pick I have a little pen in mine, surprised the hell out of me. I bought it used though.
Hi, is this suitable for medical kit?
who thinks this guys voice is he most annoying in the world
Won't leave home without one. But have the swisschamp or leatherman wave in my backpack if going to be out for more than half an hour
I like your New York accent it’s great!
Sir I disagree on what you say about the blade having limitations. It's more than capable of opening clamshell packages, boxes, and other packaging including mesh and zip ties. I don't just carry this - it sits in my coin pocket and I have a larger folder with me - but I use the Classic the most. The scissors are better than those on a Leatherman Squirt and also get a lot of use. As you rightly say, so small, light and inexpensive you don't notice it's there, but very functional. Not a standalone EDC knife but still an EDC knife as it serves it's purpose in conjunction with another pocket knife, who said EDC has to consist of just one knife anyways??
i saw one on a counter display at a car wash when i was 8 years old. i begged my mom to buy it for me. it was so usefull it felt like a superpower. i've kept a 58mm sak on me for the last 40 years. they just seem to outwork any edc in my kit...year after year.
Will the tweezers fit the leatherman style cs slot.
I like this guy’s accent
I have a recruit(I think) in my car, and this on me at all times, except airports etc.
i have the rambler on my keychain... i dont even know its there....but when i need it...BOOM..I LOVE IT. not the best for cutting big stuff, but if i needed to chop a ships rope in would do it. if i needed to cut a bandage gets it done.... if i need to get a small phillips screw out...BOOM DONE. AHGH....I NEED A BOTTLE OPENER...BOOM DONE. the rambler is probably the best knife in the is always with you on your key chain...and you dont even know it..until needed...oh yes a gurkha knife would do it better..but this thing just gets it done....
My dad gave me this when I was 10 lost it and found it it's still with me it's very handy
its a great office desk knife
Would you recommend this if you already carry a pocket knife
Totally designed wrong.. Knife opens towards the keychain.. Which makes it useless when attached
Perhap you could take a dremel and some needle files and turn the main blade into a cap lifter, or some other simple tool, if legality is a concern?
I love the version that replaces the toothpick and tweezers with a pen and light. The tools are far from great, but it’s a backup for the stuff that I use most often around town. A TSA-friendly version would be awesome.
You said that it would be cool if Victorinox made something like this without the blade so it'd be TSA approved...well they do, but maybe they didn't at the time you uploaded this. The Jetsetter has a 3-function utility tool instead of a blade, a bottle opener/wire cutter with a Phillips screwdriver on the end, although tbh the wirecutter won't strip or cut wire unless you sharpen it. There is also a Jetsetter work with nailclippers but it's outrageously expensive for what it is.
Thanks for posting the review. Interesting. It seems they have discontinued the SD with stayglow scales now, (there is a yellow version).
If you love tiny pocket tools check out our Instagram @bladehq
What’s the SD for over the regular classic?
I was today years old when i found out that there is a tweezers and toothpick included
How is the scissor? I bought a dollar store pocket knife and it was shit, but it looks pretty much the same as the Victorinox. I need a good one while fishing to cut line etc..
The biggest flaw in this knife is the key ring. It should be in the other end of the knife, that way you could use the blade when it is hangin from your keys. Now this is just junk.
yo so dang flipen cool dude
The Manager is pretty sweet.
My favorite has got to be the huntsman, but if your talking survival knife then the Swiss champ
My favorite swiss army knife is my compact
Mini Champ is my favorite. TWO blades. Rough one up? Use the other.
God I wish this had a bottle opener, it would be perfect. All it needs is a notch in the back of the screwdriver tool. The signature lite is cool too, but the tweezers are too useful. And it still lacks a bottle opener. I like the rambler as well, but it's a little thicker and doesn't come in the cool designs the SD does.
This knife: exists (the world seent it) Review: complete
Super Tinker is my fav'! If only there was a version with a nail file instead of the small blade!...
The Mini-Champ is the best for a keyring knife, IMO. I'm on my 2nd. It may be small but you can get them screaming sharp.

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