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Buy VICTOR P9200II C Support Series Professional Badminton Shoe (Numeric_9) online at Amazon. Upper: V-Tough PU+Double Mesh+ PU Leather Midsole: Light Resilient EVA+E-TPU+TPU+Carbon Power+Solid EVA Outsole: VSR Rubber Technology: LS-S CARBON P...
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VICTOR P9200II C Support Series Professional Badminton Shoe (Numeric_9) Features

  • Upper: V-Tough PU+Double Mesh+ PU Leather
  • Midsole: Light Resilient EVA+E-TPU+TPU+Carbon Power+Solid EVA
  • Outsole: VSR Rubber

The lowest VICTOR P9200II C Support Series Professional Badminton Shoe (Numeric_9) Price in India is ₹11,815 at Amazon.
Buy VICTOR P9200II C Support Series Professional Badminton Shoe (Numeric_9) online at Amazon.
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VICTOR P9200II C Support Series Professional Badminton Shoe (Numeric_9) Reviews from YouTube

👟 Tai Tzu Ying Victor Shoes: P9200 II - Badminton shoes review (YumoTube)
How To Choose The Right Badminton Shoes - What To Avoid And What To Look For?!
Victor Badminton Shoe Review - 2016/17 Catalogue
Victor Badminton Shoe Review Sept 2017
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How does this compare to P9200CC?
If i wear a 28cm / 10 us on yonex comfort z. Should i order the same for the victor?
is this shoe wide in the forefoot? I have a wide feet
How much weight are the shoe in size 42? How does it feel compare to Yonex Eclipsion Z2?
Hope you guys enjoyed this 👟 video, let us know if you watched until the end to see that final blooper! 🤣 And again, if you have any individual pairs of shoes you want us to review then comment down below! 🏸
Do badminton shoes have to be low top? I'm thinking of buying the Zion 1's for both basketball and badminton as it has rubber soles but it's mid top and for some reason I'm not allowed to use shoes like that whilst playing badminton?
I have a question! Mizuno shoes are all 2E so how wide is 2E ? I cant try on the shoe but want to buy from amazonJP but what is stoppjng me is i dont know how wide 2E is! Are all yonex shoes 2e and basicly the same width as mizuno ??
tq for the info..
Can you reccomend replacement insoles for yonex shoes for sensible money? Thanks guys
Thanks for the tips. I enjoyed watching your videos. Quick question, any downside of using high end basketball shoes to play badminton? Or do I really have to get badminton shoes?
Thanks! Great video. Do you have a review on Yonex Aero Comfort 3?.. thanks!
Hello i'd like to ask, which one's better Lining Ranger IV TD or or VictorA362II?
Your videos are excellent. Can you also give some more info on comparing mens and womens shoes, width of the shoes etc. I have wide foot and finding it hard to find the right womens shoe. Variety of shoes are not available in the shops. Its not a easy task buying online when we look for right size for wider shoes. I tried to buy mens shoes but I'm not getting the right size. Thanks.
Wait that egg actually broke🙁
Hi! What shoe would you recommend for people with flat feet? Should I wear my orthotics with them?
Wonderful video. Now I know what to look for on a badminton shoe. Thank you.
Can i used asics ?
I just stick with my curry’s (basketball shoes)
ASICS Gel rocket, on my 11th pair, not the lightest but good on ankle pad protection and durability. Volleyball ball shoe but good for amateur players, can get pair for £25 if you look around.
Hello. I wanted to ask what type of shoes would you recommend for outdoor cemented/asphalt courts? I have heard proper indoor non-marking shoes get damaged there and their grips gets ruined. Is that true?
What about people with a high arch? Insole?
Rip the first egg
HALBERD II LITE- how much would you rate them out of 10?
This is so right, I used to play asics court shoes when it comes to court activities. Then I went to the badminton place in my area to buy a new pair of badminton shoes, the owner guides me to choose a really proper shoes for a badminton play only. He measured my feet and the shoes condition also are very good. Then currently only using Victor shoes :D. Since that day, I can easily identified a really good badminton pro shop or just selling badminton goods and stuff to earning. Thanks to this video anyway, a lot need to see this.
I often get ankle sprain using 65 zm, i want to replace it with one of those, pls gimme suggestion for the best ankle protection from one of em.. Thank you 🙏
Do you know lee Chong wei?he is the best in my country
Hi Paul, is the 9200 wearable by people with wide feet?
can you sell it to me ?
Weird that I have the P-9200 yelow/blue version and I don't have the holes for the runner's loop.
Can you do a price comparison and make best budget shoes video?
Victor sh s80 or s 81, which one is more lightweight?
Dear Paul, i’m planning to buy S81 but i have doubt to decide the size. Usually i wear US 10 or 44 in indonesia measurement. According to you which size that i should choose for this brand? Thank you, Paul.
arc11 review?
Can you review the li ning n9ii,l have difficulty making decisions between n99 and n9ii . thanks~
Hi Paul, Will you be putting out a review for yonex's new astrox 77 soon? Excited to hear your input, Cheers.
My friend switched from wearing Yonex shoes without the toughened material to Victor that has it. His Yonex shoe tore after 1 month. I wear Li-Ning shoes with this feature. Highly recommend. Not every model, of any brand, has this feature so do check before purchasing shoes.
Hi Paul, Very grateful for your reviews! However is it possible to cover the width of these shoes? Or maybe pull out the insole and do a comparison between them? Also show us a view of the inside of the shoe as I understand that Yonex sometimes "visibly" incorporates their foam in some cases and not in others. Hope to hear a response from you! Thanks.
i have the 830, its a very wide shoe, and i didnt quite enjoy it cause of how much space there is inside the foot as i prefer a fit that is a lil bit more snug, but i enjoyed the 9200 so much, i had the 9200 first then i got the 830, and i still go back to the 9200 when it comes to tournaments as it gave me more confidence when moving and i do not feel that 'sluggishness' when wearing the 830, and i felt that because of the width, the shoe felt heavy to me, but overall, i can vouch that its a very durable shoe, the material does feel durable.

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