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Buy Vega X380 Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic Motorbike Helmet (Small) online at Amazon. Men Half Face S Vega X380 Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic Motorbike Helmet (Small) Colours: Red
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Vega X380 Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic Motorbike Helmet (Small) Features

  • Men
  • Half Face
  • S
Vega X380 Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic Motorbike Helmet (Small) Colours:
  • Red

The lowest Vega X380 Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic Motorbike Helmet (Small) Price in India is ₹4,090 at Amazon.
Buy Vega X380 Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic Motorbike Helmet (Small) online at Amazon.
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Vega X380 Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic Motorbike Helmet (Small) Specifications

Technical Details
Assembly Required No
Brand Vega
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Color Antique Ivory
Colour Red
Included 1 Helmet
Item model number 8554-052
Item Weight 1.5 Kg
Manufacturer Vega Helmets
Manufacturer Part Number 8554-052
Model 8554-052
Product Dimensions 29.5 x 26.7 x 25.7 cm
Safety Rating DOT Certified
Size (S) Small

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Vega X380 Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic Motorbike Helmet (Small) Reviews from YouTube

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Brilliant. These are definitely important information you have provided. Thanks Chris.
Absolutely brilliant, an eyeopener. Thank you very much!
Such a great informative video. Thank you!!!
I have to go trough some pain before I get perfect fit, I'm right at the end of small and at the bottom of I learned to buy small and suffer for some hours, I have a Shoei head, there is NO way I can use a Schubert no matter of size.
Vanity? You mean like holding an unlit pipe and wearing a lab coat during a helmet video?
Very confused that you said Shoei is more of an oval than Arai. My understanding is the Arai Signet-X is the longest oval, and Shoei are medium oval. Maybe you meant the Arai Quantum. That being said, I have seen evidence that Shoei is more oval than HJC.
Very informative
Very useful! Great presentation.
Impressive training Chris ! Thank you so much :) Any plan to franchise your brand ? We need your knowledge widespread in the world and only a team of trained evangelists trained from your school can success this general public security mission ! And I am not kidding. Regards Sebastien
Made a visit to the shop last weekend for a helmet and jacket, Sean looked after me, friendly, professional service and a great atmosphere, purchased an Arai & Belstaff will definitely be returning. The coffee and biscuits went down well.
Good stuff!
Can’t understand how this channel has so few subscribers... in depth with everything they review + presenter is far from annoying
Great vlog, I am living in South Wales, just about to get back on the motorcycle scene after 30 years, is it worth driving all the way to Guildford, could well be.
I certainly would like to visit Surrey just to have a proper helmet fitting done right!
I am in the market for a new helmet and found this video very informative. I am an older rider (45 years on bikes) and wear hearing aids. I find it very difficult to put on/ take off a helmet with my hearing aids now. Any recommendations on how you would handle that in a fitting?
Bought a xxl LS2. Their chart says i should be only a large but large and XL squeezes my head like a melon that i get a massive headache the first 2 seconds. Problem is manufacturers do not really have a universal standard of sizing. They should also print head shape recommendations on the helmet itself.
I wear a large in shoei but an XL In Arai judging by how hard it is to put the large arai on, do they get much easier to put on over time ?
Greetings from Madeira island, thank you for your very nice’s going to be a struggle to buy a new helmet as it’s going to be my first ever, my head is 56 oval shape I think by what you said shoei would be the best fit for me, we in Madeira island don’t have your professionalism in our motorcycle dealerships. Thank you Rui
Extremely well done. Thanks
This should be required watching for new riders. I see a lot of comments online from folks who complain of a forehead hotspot followed by bad recommendations to "modify" the EPS when, in fact, they bought the wrong helmet for their head shape.
If I come down can You measure and determine the shape of my head?
So I'm somewhere between 56-57 but so according to the chart 56 is small and 57 is medium but then s is a smaller shell size so would it be too small or would it be nice and snug?
Question: I have long hair. I'm 57cm and my helmet is a S (55-56cm) it's super snug, but my long hair seems to allow the helmet to move a lot when doing the side to side and up and down typical test fitting movements... what do I do? I know for a fact I could not go down a size, my head would be hurting instantly.
question . Is it normal for the shin strap push trough your adam apple. I am new riding.
Are there any beanies or do rags that we can wear so the helmet can slide in and out easier?
Why not try the XXS?
Guys, how about girls who like to tie up their hair? Does they need to count it in for their measurement? *Sorry for my English*
Mixed women are beautiful.
guys I got a L europe size cross helmet and I wanna buy a new cross helmet from aliexpress but idk about the size, is it the same size as europe or what? :/ i'm confused do I need to get an XL or L?
Lots of guys on youtube say if you are between two sizes then always choose the smaller. At the start of the video you said she was between a XS and 2XS so shouldn't she be trying on a 2XS?
I don't think the cheek pads should be on the corners of her eyes tho. I'd have found a better option.
52and a half that's a big head and she is small
Thats too big for you
Nice video. Shark helmet video wirh girl model like this video please thank you
The color design of the last helmet she tried on looks like it was made just fr her!
More Raisha!!!!!!!!
You can purchase the helmet by clicking here . For the Fun Stuff. The #5 Call in to the Studio 847-957-1656 and leaves a message on what they found wrong in the video gets a free ebook copy of New Age of Biker and Brotherhood. I did something intentionally wrong in the video. What is it?
Ty, because of this video, I just ordered me this helmet.
I just bought a module helmet I have only owned half helmets over the last 50 years I am a big believer in helmets. I had a guy back out of a drive way in 1970 and i hit him. I had on an old leather Italian racing helmet on and I think it saved me. What even my head hit it shaved off the side of that helmet all I had was a big knot on my head and a broken leg my right arm collar bone and three ribs. It totaled my 1941 Harley 45ci Sports solo. We will see how this module helmet works out I paid $68.00 shipped to the door. ( late wife's Youtube I am Ron)
Great Share!! Received mine today and it was exactly as you said!!!
I've always worn a Harley Half Helmet but I am tempted to give this one a try, looks pretty good.
Heading out for a 3,000 mile trip with a buddy in a couple of days. Got one coming now. The led is awesome when running at night.
What's another name for a 1%er with 36?
Thumbs up.... Check Watched video repeatedly to find mistake....Check Called in... Check Left message and what I thought the mistakes might have been.... Check Received signed copy of Bikers and Brotherhood.....about to hold mailman hostage.....close to Check 😂
Ill tell ya living in Virginia you gotta have one an the Willie G 3 in 1 made my wife enjoy hers BUTTT!!! SHE TRASHED HER FIRST 1 over being PISSED at me an being at smoking harley she had no choice to bring Rumble home but for 300.00 later she respects now what could of cost her more not to mention smoking harley is one place I feel near an dear to our liking an maybe yours now black bear harley screwd her over more than one way just to get her 1st harley
Good review. Thanks.
Excellent pick Hollywood 👍👍
Very good and very expensive helmet, I like it 👍👍👍
Captin Video and the Video Ranger lol. Hey Hollywood 👍
I love my ILM helmet. I got the modular with bluetooth. It doesn't have the LED light in back wish it did. It is a little heavy but again it's my first full face and I been riding 35 years. Great review Hollywood Thank you
Wow what a deal! Led light is a awesome idea. Thanks for the info Hollywood 👍🏻
Very cool that after not wearing a helmet for so long that you are willing to give it a try. Alot of dudes that haven't ever worn a helmet would not consider wearing one. I don't always wear one, but I mostly do. Thanks for the in depth review.
::: Waves ::: Gotta admit, that's one good looking helmet, that LED is a great safety feature, too. What impresses me more is the price. Safety at an affordable price. Corporate greed be damned.
Buy a shoei dont play with the cheap stuff
Hey man I'm curious, what are you guys racing in? If you don't answer I'm going to assume Arai. To others I've had the Corsair 5 and X, and if you want a helmet that's great for street and track, that's it.
Always have used top Shoeis and have for over 30 yrs. I have em hanging from the garage wall over the years. Absolutely love the current X14 and have used it for almost 5 yrs now and ready for another soon. Fit, light, ventilation, visibility, aero, ease of cleaning all tops.... Works great from everything I own from sportbikes, Harleys and ADVs.... 👍 I like Arais also, but my square blockhead has always fit in Shoeis better.
Looking for a corsair x. U think theyre worth the cash van? Compared to other helmets. I really like that they're FIM Certified and that they're comfortable. Added plus is the looks. Looks great.
Superbike racer kust got the most expensive helmet in here
Shoes X-Fourteen 🔥
i went to a local shop and they talked me down a size from what i was going to get. they have a lot of experience, go talk to your local retailer they know whats up.
Shark helmets are awesome, frenchies got it right
Any reason you did not talked about modular helmets though they are dot certified?
I am thinking of getting a Bell race star DLX 6 shell sizes you say Van! I have a 57 cm head circumference Sam as you what size do you where?
The AGV pista gpr is an amazing helmet great air flow and the visor system feels the best of any helmet I have ever owned. Always need to ride with ear plugs
Im not taking my sizing advice fm this guy
Great video! Quick question - what kind of Arai helmet (black) is your buddy wearing at the beginning of the video while you are both next to each other on the bikes...
Will the cardo packtalk slim fit on the Arai Corsair x?
SHOEI Helmet Timeless Design
I just bought the Shoei RF 1200. I realized my local bike shop that I was trying to support by buy from their store and not the internet led me to believe the overprice I paid for the RF 1200 was a great helmet instead of telling me about the updated 1400 helmet. After educating myself on the helmets, I wish I would have bought the Bell helmet. It would have been worth the extra money.
Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon didn't make the cut. Wow.
Is it true that the layers of the EPS on the bell squeak and make noise from friction, while wearing?
What's the best helmet for ~500-600$? For track days and everyday use with a "racy look"? ^^
Lollll, I have 2 of these. I have thay agv and that x-14, same colors and all

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