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The lowest Vanguard Alta Plus 203AP Tripod Price in India is ₹9,500 at Amazon.
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Vanguard Alta Plus 203AP Tripod Specifications

Additional Features
Technical Details 3 Leg section, 3-way panhead, Quick-flip Leg Locks, Single Bubble Level, Tilt: ~ -60Deg and ~-30Deg
Diameter of First Upper Leg 20 mm
Maximum Height 1450 mm
Weight 1360 g
General Specifications
Brand Vanguard
Leg Tip Rubber
Load Capacity 2000 g
Material Magnesium
Model Name Alta+ 203AP
Supplied Accessories Carry Case, Tripod
Head Features
Pan Head 3-way
Leg Features
Leg Angles 25°, 50°, 80°
Leg Lock Type Quick-flip Lock
Leg Tip Rubber

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Thanks Weston...Appreciate
I have this tripod
I just bought this for $10 new I am sure it was priced wrong.😀
Is it sliding smooth when recording video ?
I'm confused between Espod 203 AP & espod 203 AGH, can you suggest which of these two tripod would be great for me?
For the first half of the video you made it sound like a great tripod then you changed your mind and started pointing out faults, that's fine unless those faults contradict what you previously said...... "nice smooth pan" - " horrible jittery pan" If i hadn't watched the whole video i wouldn't have known what it was actually like.
great help
May I ask if the head is detachable? Thanks
Thank you so much for this review
Nice review.Should I go for the ball head or stick to this.BecauseI am on a tight budget
How to repair head
this tutorial is very helpful for m brother. thanks lot for upload it. you doing very good work keep it up.
Great review! Well detailed.
can you unscrew the pan head from the tripod so for when i have enough money for an fluid head and then maybe an other tripod
can i use this with nikon d3300?
It would be great if everyone reviewing tripods would do a wind test outdoors. I was disappointed that you didn't do it. I do a lot of outdoor photography in wind, especially low light stuff like light-painting and all. I am confused whether to get a ball-head or a fluid head. I use a cheap pan-tilt and it is very disappointing.
Nice video, you can recommend me a tripod that is stable for video?, Thnxs.
hey great review ...! i have an question at what distance we can spread their legs..? or we can spread as much as distance we want...?
Hey does the central column come. Out and act like a. Monopod?
Great review. Really wanted to know how it worked for shooting video and this demonstrated it all. Cheers
what is the difference between the Vanguard Alta Pro2+ 263CT & Vanguard Alta Pro2+ 264CT ?
Are the amy you would compare it too?
Will my Alta Pro 263AP Pan head fit the Pro 2?
I just bought this tripod to try and upgrade from my Amazon Basics tripod with quick release plate. My big complaint is why did Vanguard design the quick release plate to take several knob turns to actually release the plate?? That is Not quick release. The Alta Pro has quick release shown here . I thought I was getting a better tripod with the 2+, but the Not quick release plate has me regretting. I've been used to the real quick release plate for years and now this. Buyer beware. Don't get me wrong. Thank you Slanted Lens for the review.
Thanks for the video, I have a vanguard PT-170, it was a gift. Do you know what the PT stands for? I can seem to find any info on line. Thanks , Zomei M8 professional overhear tripod with 89.99GB in UK market
I wish you put links up for the specific products; like the camera backpack. I own the aluminum version of this tripod; it's great.
Your name is really J P Morgan????
Is mentioned in the discription that , is every month a giveaway but in my country is not aviable ....
no sandbag hook?
HOLY COW! The 4min mark was also my first reaction when I noticed that feature, Love that Vanguard 264 Carbon
If it doesn't shake with the arm extended it would be a great macro rig! The spud in the side could be used to mount all sort of goodies. External off camera flash arm or, a tablet holder for viewing a larger screen shot , etc.
Hi Jay. An interesting tripod, however, I have zero experience with Vanguard products, so can't speak rto their quality firsthand. However, in my 40 years of photography, using many tripods, I can absolutely recommend the FLM CP26 Travel Tripod! It has super-strong 10x Carbon Fiber legs (with a 26 lb load capacity!) with very well-made twist locks, and a ball head that has several unique features that I've not seen in other tripods...For example, the "Pan" function permits butter-smooth normal panning, but in addition, adds a 15-degree ratchet function that is fantastic for us landscape/panorama photographers! There is also a "Tilt" knob that limits the ball head to only one vertical/up/down plane available. And finally, there is a "lock" function that locks the ball head from panning/turning, so that it can easily be unscrewed and/or mounted solidly. The kit comes with very well-made screw-on metal spikes, and folds up to a compact 15.5" for travel. Quite ingenious and precision design overall, and highly recommended for travel!!  Bottom line: This FLM tripod simply exudes Quality. FLM-Canada supplies the US.  Thank you, and Happy 2018!
hi! I finally bought this awesome tripod but there is a small problem with one of the legs. one of them isn't firm enough how can I adjust the friction of the legs Like Manfrotto tripods?
I have had two copies both faulty out of the box, if I get one more faulty copy I will demand a refund, I am yet to even attach a camera to one, there is chipped paint and slight defects on both copies, I’m skeptical of the quality control.
3.6 LB not equal to 3.6 KG
Really enjoyed the music for this review.  Where is it from?
+The Slanted Lens Will this tripod allow me to get a 90 degree angle so I can point my camera and take video straight down?
3kg for the weight of the tripod are you sure ??
Thanks for this informative review! This tripod is really fascinating! Considering to buy. Would you recommend the 3 section or 4 section legs?
can you pls show a video removing the head
yo i just ordered this tripod (8th JUNE 2017) for about $100.06.Is this amount worth it,And why are you not recommending this HEAD for videography. By the way i bought this for making youtube videos, should i cancel it or not? and i really wanna know the panning experience by you..
hi, very nice review. Can we change the head if we want? like a better ball head or something?
Hi does it still worth its price? Do u advice to change head? Is there any smaller that is as good as this one with same possibilities for macro etc?
Thank you.
After a few years using this tripod (with a Manfrotto 498RC2 head) i can say that it's pretty nice. It's very sturdy and the center column is quite handy. But i have a few complains: it's quite heavy, quite long in the "closed position" and the rubber feet are now stuck, because salty water ruined the screws but that's probably my fault. But the weight and big size when mounted on a backpack are quite annoying. It's not the best for long walks. And yeah i caught my skin a few times... As for the Manfrotto head is quite nice but when using the camera on a vertical position you can't rotate the levers 360 degrees. The camera gets in their way...
10 years after it's first release and it's still a useful tripod to own. Using mine in 2019.
I bought this a couple weeks back in anticipation of taking night photographs of the milky way while on vacation. Worked great. Built real solid and the fit and finish is worth the money. It's not the lightest tripod but if you're going for extreme weight reduction you're going to buy carbon fiber, most probably, anyways. Overall it performed great. I recommend it.
thanks useful
Would you recommend this tripod over the Manfrotto XT190xpro3?
Not high enough
This isn't a review. Its a used car salesman telling you how a tripod works.
haha! Skin caught. Classic. This was super useful just to see it before buying online. Certainly convinced us to spend more or better!
is this good enough for Macro photography ? secondly is the head replaceable and will it carry heavy lenses like Nikkor 600MM on my D810
great vid. i have read many people say the legs stop locking after a few months of use
I bought one of these (legs alone, since I already had a Vanguard ballhead) primarily for macrophotography. I've been very happy with it so far. It's sturdy without being excessively heavy. Given that 80% of my photography is macro, weight isn't an issue in any case. Having recently discovered that there's visible flex in my living room floor causing movement blur. I put this tripod on my macro table along with the subject and light tent. I discovered if I configured the legs like those on the Browning M1917 tripod and used the swinging center column, I could both fit the tripod on the table and achieve a low and stable position with good objective to subject distance. I plan to eventually buy an extra center column and cut it off short to allow a low ballhead position with the legs at their lowest position. I've found this tripod to be of high quality. It's an excellent value for the money.
I plan to use the 180 degree column rotation to take macro pictures of stuff from above, namely 35mm film! It's also useful for any other kind of macro work that requires to be low to the ground, where flowers usually are...
I've had great use out of this tripod and it's still going strong after nearly 4 years. It's sturdy and solid. However it is heavy (2.2 kg without a head) and I now mainly only use it with a gimbal head attached when I'm doing wildlife with my 50-500mm Sigma lens - and believe me it doesn't get to go too far from the car unless I've got a pack mule with me!!! The centre column versatility is also very useful and has allowed me to get my camera right over the subject when I've been doing macros.
I've had the Alta Pro 264AT for a couple of years now (pretty much the same as the one you show here). I like all of the functions, such as the removable post for macro work and I like the lock in plate. By biggest dislike is the fact that it is not acra compatible. So, as it comes with only two plates that means I either have to buy more plates to put on my other gear or keep changing them. As I have more Arca stuff I have now switched the head to an iOptron which is very good but doesn't have the safety lock function. Another thing about the Vanguard SB100 head - the rubber grips are crap - I have lost the one that adjusts the plate tension and have replaced it with rubber bands.Also, when I was trying to remove the ball head it took me quite a while to realise that there are grub screws under the head part (top of post) that need to be released. Man, they hold it well! Having said all that, overall I think it is a bloody good tripod for the money and at this point I think that I would get another and change all my plates to the Vanguard QS39. - Oh, one other thing, the adjustable position on the legs doesn't seem to 'click' in very well anymore.
Does it fit ARCA plates?
@2:12 looks like you "caught skin" in the leg adjustment lever. Looks painful.
I am looking at this tripod for of its best features,imo, that you failed to mention that was you can get the legs to lay nearly flat...will be great that low with a macro lens!

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