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Buy USI Immortal Dering Delux Double End Ball - Red online at Amazon. Other Accessories USI Immortal Dering Delux Double End Ball - Red Colours: Red
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USI Immortal Dering Delux Double End Ball - Red Features

  • Hide leather construction
  • Other Accessories
USI Immortal Dering Delux Double End Ball - Red Colours:
  • Red

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USI Immortal Dering Delux Double End Ball - Red Specifications

Technical Details
Brand USI
Color Red/White
feature Hide leather construction
Manufacturer USI
Model Immortal Dering Delux Double End Ball
Sport other

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USI Immortal Dering Delux Double End Ball - Red Reviews from YouTube

Double-End Bag Tutorial & Advanced Kickboxing Tricks
Double End vs Kangaroo Bag for punching accuracy
Cobra Reflex Bag VS Double End Bag- WHICH ONE IS BETTER?
Thanks for this excellent video, pandemic time and needed to move to something else other than the heavy bag. Thanks so much for making this, very well explained and very technical video. Stay safe and happy.
This bag have nothing to do with the fist... it deals with the pivots of the feet.
If you dont mind. What kind of ropes do use on your double end bag?
I can't believe I waited until after using mine 4 or 5 times to look up a tutorial on how to use it lol. I am hitting mine way too hard!
amazing and inspiring bag work. thx
How do you adjust these balls to put them higher or lower?
Very good, but bag, not hit back!
Some of these have a more elongated shape like an American football does that make it different?Should i just get the round one?
Nice, thanks for posting these tips
2:19 Heavy bags are great with the right understanding. At first I would miss a hook on the bag and almost spin around. Shadow Boxing not only gives you better balance and form, it also teaches you how to miss strikes and not lose balance. Same with these other training tools, you benefit from then all together
I almost bought myself a cobra bag but i think i will go with the double bag instead
Make your own reflex speedball easy and fast!! the double end bag break quickly? I'm buying one plz help
Watch YouTube vid calledHITTING SPEED BAG BLINDFOLDED FASTER THAN FLOYD MAYWEATHER shit bro you have some good ass technique.
I saw thumbnail, i clicked, i retained nothing, put a damn shirt on boyo for the sake of all add girl boxers out there
Great points! You can work on so much ... not to mention the footwork if you have the space around the bag.
Next tutorial: how to get your sharingan
Thank You.
And diagonale
This is probably a ridiculous question but what are the approx length of the cords and the approx height of the mounting points? I ask because I am trying to find a good balance of tension.
I like your puppy dog punches, haha.
Hi Ramsey. Did you change the ropes for your bag? I have the same kind but it doesnt move like that.
Great job! Hope to see you training Atreus in your next video...
Great stuff!! I like that China version, I'll be looking for that one. Thanks again for sharing your sessions and mindset. Blessings to you
What was your main reason of moving to China? To bring mma there?
Where did you get the double end bag from?(thougt i saw it on wish)
Dear Ramsey,Can you pls copy a link to a portable double end bag like this?Thx!
Never thought about a horizontal double end bag, thanks ;^)
Dear Sensei, what are your thoughts on reflex ball please? - the tennis ball attached to your head -
Use 3 at onceHead shotBody shotKicks
love the ducking then striking the bag great stuff
There are lots of great cheap improvised training tools you can use, just about anywhere. One of the best collections of suggestions can be found in Joe Varaday's The Art and Science of Staff Fighting. In my own experience, I've found the hacky-sack as one of the best ways to help develop kicking. If you need a moving target, a tennis ball in a mesh bag on a string will work. Tape on a wall (as long you're careful) will work just fine as a focus target, and recently a heavy object (a wheel of painters tape) slung from an old brown belt has been working great as an actual target for staff work.
I do judo but I didn't compited for years and I'm not in shape.I've been thinking to go into weightlifting to work my maximum and explosive strenght... Do you think its a good idea? do you think?
Please please do a womens self defence techniques on this guys stuff
Wish you could do some sort of tour
Hey mate. New subscriber from Australia here. Enjoying your videos, especially the womens self defense ones. greatly appreciated. Do you have one on what a boxer is looking at when they spar or fight. Is it a general overview or specific areas such as what they want to hit, or are they watching the others gloves. Not after a hand out, just a hand up. Cheers man
Hey coach, what kind of workouts would you recommend for gaining muscle and strength but also becoming more effective as a fighter? Heavy weight training, light weight training, calisthenics, gymnastics, cardio,...?Goes without saying, great video.
this is biest,he has a cobra kai shirt
Love your content! Quality stuff
Super helpful thank you
I improvised my double end bag. I used a small basketball. It is very hard to hit because it is small and it swings faster because of the bounce from the air pressure. Plus maybe I was kinda careless on how I tied it that whenever I punch it I couldn't predict where it was going
Bro did you watch cobra kai strike first strike hard and no mercy
All of them
Love the shirt !
I've filled halfway with water and increase the tension on the buggies, totally different, try that
a mad looking cobra
What do you put the cobra reflex bag on to hold it up?
How does the double end attach to the floor... will a heavy dumbbell work, like say 60 bls and not move around?
Dude Reedy kewlus has you covered, I've been making his stuff it works, check him out on YouTube
Hook the double end bag to a speed bag platform. And it will add more movement to it.
I have both and I'm having the best time of my life
Those are some isnt gloves.... a little too big to use on those tiny double end bags...
VERY informative. I was looking into speed bags and was also going to buy a double-ended bag. Your video raises the question - why don't they make double-end bags with a foam bag like the reflex bag? Then you wouldn't have to worry about air leakage from the bladder and you would have a more solid bag to hit. I WONDER - if there is some sort of foam spray like those cans of foam insulation that you could fill the double-end bag with. I think the spray insulation tends to get hard as it cures but it's not a "rock" hard. And, if you're wearing gloves, so what. Oh, I almost forgot - I ran across a spring loaded speed bag on Amazon. Go buy one and tell us what you think. No one else has evaluated it yet. Im about to order from nazo boxing and ship to Texas. Got a coupon code?
Would this be a good beginner bag? I looking to buy my very first piece of equipment and I think a double end bag would be a good start. Would you recommend me starting with this bag?
This bag does nothing that a traditional shaped double end cant do. Also I went on their page and theyre advertising this just like any double end bag, theyre not saying it does anything that a traditional double isnt really designed for. The speed and timing to hit this bag is same as a double, I dont buy that you have to be more cautious so you can be more accurate. Theres more body on there than a round small double ender. Just my honest take on it from seeing you in action and their own advert online
Would you recommend for conditioning as well?
Have you used the Outslayer 20 Pound Double End Bag? If so, what are your thoughts?
Which you prefer? This tube shape or ball shape?
Just made the purchase! Out of the box, what does it come with? I know with your other double end bag reviews you mention what to purchase with it.
How much weight do I need to anchor the bag?
Im interested in possible purchasing this? How heavy is it? Cost? Where can I get Strong Stiff bungee cords? as I have tight space in NYC Apartment.
Looks nice, I m very happy with my Nazo heavy bag I will buy this speed bag when it comes out.
Spherical shape would be better.
Which I really like ,, get it home boy.
Eyy I love your Shirt
If you had to get this Nazo or the Cleto only, which would you get?
just getting into boxing and looking for a double end bag for home. not a lot of experience with them. would you recommend I get a traditional DE bag or this style from nazo?
Very cool. Is it water proof?
Can you review and compare the gordex double end bag to this one it has a similar style to this double end bag.
What double end bag cables ru using on that, are they the nazo cables that come with the bag or are they title cables/another brand?
Do nazo ship to Melbourne, Australia? Dying to get a heavy bag
Will you eventually post an installation video? I like this bag. My boxing gym has the bladder air ones and they are so challenging. Thank you for posting.

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