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Use of Extraterrestrial Resources for Human Space Missions to Moon or Mars (Springer Praxis Books) Book Reviews from YouTube

How NASA Will Protect Astronauts From Space Radiation
NASA's Dragonfly Mission to Titan
How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1
The Journeys of Apollo
I keep thinking they're saying "SCPs"
Ah they went at night time makes sense now.
Can NASA be my new lawyer 💫
Impressive when I hear about what we DON'T Know this day n age
I hope you people enjoy nasa's 50 years of comedy show called space travel
It amazes me how can they make a video clip over 15 minutes and say nothing.
Me: 911 lone star final episode.
Hello, NASA. I was very interested in the use of Hydrogenated Boron Nitride Nanotubes as protection against radiation and as the primary structure of spaceships. What happened with these nanotubes?
NASA’s motto - If you can’t Make it Fake it "No manned spacecraft now exists that can withstand the radiation from the Van Allen belts, through which a craft must traverse to make it to the Moon." -SpaceCast News Service, March 9, 1998 CONCLUSION APOLLO WAS FAKE
The greatest accomplishment in human history has not been duplicated in the last 50 years. Columbus discovered America-- and others immediately followed. Lewis & Clark opened the N.W. Passage-- and others immediately followed. Orville & Wilbur took to the skies-- and others immediately followed. Sure, maybe NASA is broke, but not the Chinese! Lockheed Martin ain't broke and neither is Halliburton, Exxon or BP! Conclusion Apollo was FAKE
Mensonges !!!
Full CGI
Hello NASA Goddard this video is amazing
Polarize the hull plating!
OK if man did go to the moon already, and at that time were somewhat ignorant to the massive radiation, why are the astronauts all dead already from the mission???
Radiation was never a problem before when they went to the moon and back 8 times. Oh but they faked it didnt they.
So they sent dozens of rovers everywhere, but not once collected rad exposure levels? Shouldn't they already have all this data? The only reason nasa is reacting is because SpaceX and China are passing them in the fast lane. Leaving them in the dust.
Come on man it's flat.
I live in the UK and don’t know anyone who speaks like this voiceover.
اكبركذبة في التاريخ الهبوط على القمر
Anyone got some spare zeros lying around? We seem to have ran out while animating the distance to Titan.
Everytime I look at dragonfly, my mind is shocked by how far we have come as humans.
Cassini didn't fall into Saturn. Cassini was plunged/ murdered into Saturn by the engineers at JPL😔😭😭😭
question: if communication is a problem, can't they launch the dragonfly with a relay orbiter? like the Viking program
so its a plan not an actual mission clickbait
Why they gonna only send 1? Make up 20 of them and let's get this place figured out and stop all the guessing. Let's do that...20 dragonflys...something tells me were going to absolutely...positivty with no more doubts...there is life on titan...right now
Would it be possible to convert some of the methane gas in Titan’s atmosphere to fuel?
How was it even possible to mess up the orbit distance around Saturn with the distance to Earth? That just seems like a google search by an intern who didn’t spend more than 5 seconds. And even if you immediately take it, did it never cross your mind that the distance to our moon is just short of 400,000 kilometers? Did it never occur to you that there’s no way in hell that Titan in the outer solar system orbiting saturn cannot be just 3 times the distance of the moon to earth? Or did you not think about that rockets such as the Saturn 5 travel somewhere around 25,000 km/h? It would take only a few days to reach Titan. Absolutely poorly researched and embarrassing to not have noticed while editing and animating.
Wish I could be alive to see this mission Titan
All these worlds are yours except for Europa, Monolith 2001
Un distort the pics please
So show us our Money! Where's all the video and pictures you took , no CGI please , that's why the first missions into the system was cool and awesome , ya lost the way NASA , ya being a infomercial , boring bro's and sisters
This video is awesome! It’s a shame that such huge distances are the reality in this universe! Just “seeing” anything takes time that we aren’t able to experience in ‘human’ terms.
great video. hope dragon fly has a better camera
Jo, I know ads are important.... But every video 30sec? :/ I like your videos 👌
neutron activated gama-ray spectrometer ?
I have the answer you all have been looking for!! God was the creator and the Big Bang was His process ☺️🙏🙌
and whats next pluton , proxima b and further ?
You want to learn more about space? Check out our space products on the kurzgesagt shop – all designed with love and produced with care. Getting something from the kurzgesagt shop is the best way to support us and to keep our videos free for everyone. ►► (Worldwide Shipping Available)
Three years later and we’ve got nothing
Ahhh colonization the most lovely word u can hear
I like how he said said "the first space elevator In the 🤔Solar system 🤔"
one day kids will be asking their parents to take them to visit earth
I would like to elect the kurzgesegt team to remodel the American government to an oligarchy where they can use the populous for their scientific endeavors. I’d blindly do what ever the hell y’all told me with logic like this.
When your parents don't listen to 4 year old kids that develop concepts on going to Mars...
Instead of building one of these, Elon Musk bought the bird app. Yay
Could you please do harvesting lightning
I will try to buy the moon and make a a giant school for genius kid only
someone get this to elon
I can already picture the moon-flag now: much like the japanese flag, but with white and black instead of red and white, respectively.
Velocity 2200
Haha like it
If the moon doesn't spin. Then will they just build on the dark side?
we moved on, now the goal is mars!
"We're good at doing hard things" Sus
Don’t have the $40bn for a moon bases, yet have it to give a loan to a billionaire to buy a social media site so he can post memes….and they wonder why aliens don’t want public contact, this planet is dumb trash.
Imagine the moon belonging to a country
Let's not run before we can walk Nasa. First you need to get men ON the Moon.
Definitely one of the all time achievements of mankind.
Interesting how nothing was said about the Apollo test fire. The real problem is that they elected to pressurize the capsule with 100% oxygen. Thanks thuderf00t!
The "Geminee" Program.. lol.. Come on Mr. Cullen.....
My thoughts to conspiracy theorist is if believe it was fake...why would the USA fake it 5 more times..that wouldn't make sense...Russia who had the most to lose by the USA beating them to moon...they had the technology at the time to prove it was faked and no one was on the moon.
Wow, 46 years later...The legacy lives on!
NASA is the right of all sentient beings.
Will you go back there?in near future!!
Alan L. Bean - Apollo 12 Lunar Module Pilot: ''We did it for all the right reasons. We did come in peace for all mankind.''
I agree AverageArts!
sadly I say we wont go back, no one wants to fail so if NASA cant tell the president that there is a 100% chance we will succeed, it wont happen.
Sad to see some of the parts of the Constellation Program that you, Nasa, cancelled. We NEED to go back to the moon, and mars beyond that! The SLS will not accomplish these things. Very sad. We were all so excited.
It's all lies, they didn't go... (sarcasm)
Must have had some really good battery technology back then! Would love to get my hands on some of those!
Hey everyone, please check out this short film I edited together as a a tribute to the 45th anniversary.   The Apollo 11 Moon Landing, recut to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: Space Odyssey
The single greatest achievement of mankind... thus far.
Gman351 you have the IQ of a toaster or probably less.
Very interesting 
Narrated by Optimus Prime :)

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