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Uranium 2007: Resources, Production and Demand Book Reviews from YouTube

Can the Uranium Sector Meet Increasing Demand? R Vance and I B Lambert 2008
"Uranium Bull Market Won't be the Same as 2007" - Brandon Munro
Uranium Inventories Are Higher Than You Think, says Nuclear Engineer
Uranium Mining in Rohili Rajasthan, Can India become self sufficient in Nuclear fuel production?
Excellent analysis. This was the fundamental situation before Ukraine was added to the mix
Let's go Brandon!
FWIW retail investors weren’t as crazy as they (we) are now either. This is a speculative era the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1920s so if the fundamentals line up the speculation could take the ETFs and mining stocks much higher.
LIACF American Lithium Corp has uranium projects too. Double whammy!
@BABY Invesments can you please ask Brandon or somebody else from the sector about the cost of energy when uranium is over 60. I think that it would impact the cost energy itself. Dont forget that energy is the finish product. So my question is how much would uranium price affect the cost energy and if it affects much is high the price of uranium still sustanaible ? Isn`t the high energy cost one of the bricks of inflation caused by low interests ? How much long people from the sector assume it may last ? Cause i think its still higly correlated with low interest rates .
Antonio, you have some great content on your channel!
Watch from 7th minute.
Uranium was a big pump in 2004 I believe in the environmentally green benefits let's see if there is another run coming
Thanks a lot for all the effort you are bringing into your videos. You are delivering super interesting guests and questions. I love your written summary below your videos and of course the time stamps. Keep it up!
Don't get caught up on the price in its self. Just know it's a lot higher that where it is now. Learn about what the world will need and the way it's going. Thanks Brandon large Bannerman invester here
Waiting for a pullback. Would like to own some of BNNLF. Missed The boat at $0.02
I heard him call for 65 to 75 uranium.
The Uranium spot is going up!
So 50 Next year. If we listen to paladín, encore, global they need 50. They say 50 is enough. That is my éxit strategy. Antonio: 1) when do you want to exit? ( Specifiacally) for example me: 60% at 50, then 10% removed from 60, 10 at 70 10 at 80 and 10%at 90 if we see these prices). 2) when do you think and how much returns realistically can we expect at 50? ( I know you dont have a cristalball, but your opinion). Thank you!
You need to talk less and let the host speak. Please don’t adulterate the session by throwing in your uneducated questions. Plus you deviate away, ask vague questions and don’t have information depth.
Always a pleasure listening to Brandon. Cheers.
We need to re-market nuclear power as “decarbonised” power.
First time seeing this gentleman on your show. Like his perspectives and understanding of the sector! Thanks kind sir!
When the sprott uranium etf will be in the stock exchange markets? Hopefully Sprott will inflate the uranium spot prices like crazy.
Fed’s QE plan hopefully will end with no tapering by 2022 spring. They cannot taper the money injection if they have 1% common sense. By the end of 2021, Uranium price —> $40-50.
Did Jim give any opinion on Energy Fuels (UUUU) seems like the best of both worlds onshoring RE metals and permitted Uranium mines and mills?
Thanks for the interesting interview & perspective!
Chalmers just contracted 4mlb - with 3 utilities going out to 2030, don’t think he’s firing up full production yet - just using up existing ore stockpiles He will only toll mill with CUR going forward
Great content!
Thanks Antonio! Extremely helpful info.
It’s hard not to think about these explorers going to zero at the moment how can there be any shares left to sell after the last month or so
I think the USA is buying up excess U from Japan, to stock up their strategic U reserve. ♻
The truth is that Bear Sterns and Lehman Bros' employees had no fucking clue that they will be packing their shit up until it happened.
What he describes as overfeeding sounded more like underfeeding if l understand what l heard from Justin Huhn.
fwiw it was an IAEA report (from a survey of US and European nuclear utilities about their fuel inventories) that came up with the 16 month figure (compared to typical/recommended inventory stocks of 30 months iirc). honestly no idea what motive the IAEA would have in not reporting that honestly, or what interest the utilities would have in underreporting their inventory levels. It's funny though, because despite being so riled up about the 16 month figure, he is pretty much completely on board with the supply squeeze argument, saying it's only a matter of time before a vigorous contracting cycle gets underway. So I guess we're basically all on the same page, sweet lol (Also maybe I've got this wrong but isn't what he's describing at 18:01 underfeeding not overfeeding, which you asked about - and which literally translates into increased U308 feedstock requirements, right?)
I don’t see the need to be so arrogant and bordering ‘aggressive’ if you are comfortable you have the facts … comes across like a New York yellow cab driver on a break
Your best interview since I’ve been watching. The first interview with him he came off a little more arrogant than I liked and mostly dismissed what he said but he’s clearly one of if not the most knowledgeable guy I’ve listened too. Changed the way I’m thinking about the thesis now, makes so much sense we haven’t seen a higher U price because buyers are definitely not sitting on 1.6 years of inventory. I initially thought the buyers would come in during the first year, year and a half of my holding period but now probably half way thru my second year holding at least. I have less leeway than I thought
I dont understand how this guy can have a total different interpretation of overfeeding than Justin Huhn? Can both be right and did i misiterprete something or is someone wrong here?
Did you reupload this ?
Good to have a bit different perspective than the daily norm.
"Right" "harry" "stupid" "ya know" Sounds like our guest is from New Jersey! Thanks for great info️
Thanks for the video
now i need to find him on twitter
ive been in uranium 3 of the best interviews on uranium n companies to datefor sure watch the whole vid in link.AWESOME INTERVIEW
Follow Dr Gaurav Garg on Facebook - Follow Dr Gaurav Garg on Instagram - turamdih ke bagal me aur do mines h ye banduhurang aur mohuldih
Well done
Super power India ko banane hai
And people are selling on streets shame for india
I have a tasted uraninites but how to sell it easily anyone suggested me safe website or any thing else
भाई गाँव का नाम रोयल है मे गाँव के पास का ही हूँ
ज्यादा खुश होने की जरूरत नही है जादूगोड़ा की हालत देख लो.
Please tell me the research papers releted to extraction of uranium .
Sir we are scared of your lecture.
National fuel complex - Hyderabad
Hello sar uranium corporation of India mining mate si professional knowledge ke bare mein bataiye please exam aa gaya hai
It is Uranian, Thorium and PLUTONIUM, not Potassium.
NFC is at Hyderabad
Is potassium a radio active metal ?
har har modi ghar ghar modi
I am from Jaduguda and the name of my school is Atomic Energy Central School
राजस्थान में यूरेनियम के कितने भण्डार है और सबसे नया कौनसा भण्डार pls sir help me
You didn't mention uranium mines in jadugoda Jharkhand.

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