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Universal Nutrition Animal Pack 44 : Amazon.in: Toys & Games

Increases in the amount of vitamin b12, d, and k you get per serving as well as added ingredients to support liver health, digestion, natural energy, and focus.


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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Multivitamin Supplement Powder - 44 Servings (Orange) : Amazon.in: Health & Personal Care.


Universal Nutrition Animal Flex - 44 Packs : Amazon.in: Pet Supplies

Animal Flex, like other Animal supplements, is complete and comprehensive. Each pack of Animal Flex consists of several key protective complexes: (1) a potent ...


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2 packs a day for 21 days straight in each container of Animal Cuts thermogenic fat burning supplement. MUSCLE POPPING WATER SHEDDING COMPLEX: Animal Cuts not ...


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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Supplement (44 Pcs) Features

Animal Pak has what you need. You're the kind of primal beast who trains with Animal intensity. You need plenty of the above, plus that little something extra only Animal Pak provides.

  • Multi Vitamin Supplements
  • Capsules Form
  • Suitable For: Non-vegetarian
  • Pack of 1
  • Sports Vitamins & Proteins

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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Supplement (44 Pcs) Specifications

Brand Universal Nutrition
Disclaimer The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.
Flavour Natural
PID 6058548
Product Code HEAUNIVERSAL-ANDUMM316949ABA195D_31323
Product Weight 500
Type Multivitamins

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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Supplement (44 Pcs) Reviews from YouTube

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Multivitamin Supplement 44 Count
Animal Pak By Universal Nutrition Review
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak | Multivitamin Review | The NAK Fitness
Universal Nutrition's ANIMAL PAK Honest Review! | Did I Get Bigger from Multivitamins?
Is there a way to find out which pill is what?
Why does it say not to take if you have arthritis or inflammatory disease
For what it is , it's too expensive and too overhyped ! It isn't so bad , but not really good too .
I know the world famous animal pack , but there definitely better ones ! I also know , the classic cover and gimmik with the pills inside the sachets makes everyone attractive for more .
Price kitna h
anithing that says that has the 5067% of the recomended daily dose i think itrs preety harmfull dude
Is it good for wrestling?
u talk so fucking low i had to go to walmart and my hearing aids so i could watch your vid
Don't say it. Don't say it. Don't say it.Orange Pee Pee
as a non performance sports man you can take one pack at two days best way
Is this something you take in the morning or on the afternoon after a meal? I hear different things it doesnt matter when you take your vitamins as long as you take them around the same time every day
Any multi that has Bcaa is a joke because bcaa supplementing is an absolute joke and SOLEY based on supplement companies making big money on people being dumb enough to buy them.
Is this product a testoron booster
Watch my video about animal flex
Som t muito baixo
Just so you know in my experience cutting them in half is harder to swallow than just leaving them whole. It's the jagged edges that's a problem.
Sound should be louder
Do you know what pill is what?
nice video but audio could be a bit more
Why does it say dont take if you have arthritis and inflammatory disease I have RA but keep under control and I work out
Just to make sure I have to take all 11 tablets right?
I am also old school bodybuilding one pack is fine I also use liver tabs 1985 1990 2000
I came here to see if I should swallow them or chew them I was pretty sure that you chewed them but I wanted to make sure
I'm old school and I take them all at one time
I love this product. I am not an athlete, far from it. I just take one pack per day, instead of the recommended two packs per day. And, all you need is to ingest 15 grams of fat to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D3.
You should be careful when taking this product. Consult your physician before taking Animal Pak. It is not recommended for people with certain health conditions as Diabetes. If this works on your body, remember that everybody has different tolerance to certain products. This is an extremely high amount of vitamins and chemicals that are not specified in the video. That's why professional advice is highly suggested. Just by looking at a review is not enough. Please, take care of your health and be aware of this recommendation.
in canadia land its almostg 100$ for 44 ....
Finally someone addresses the hulk piss
Which pill is vitamin c? Need to know cause i cant take til bedtime, intefers with medicine im taking
as a non sportman i use just 1 pack at 2 days and it works wonders for 180 days of taking a year than 5 months break and go again
My pee is bright yellow. I think thats why the label is bright yellow lol
Once I finished the 44 pack, do I need to stop taking it for a while before I take another 44 pack? Like give myself a break?
Is this product a testerone booster? o.O
Poor review
I buy it at fit expo L.A.. For less. Can't Remmber how much. But save it for the right time. I just open it today. Was thinking waiting check out if get ripped. I may buy other at expo. I think should just made it 2 or 3 tab or cap or chewable. For someone who can't swallow it.
Sir I'm using animal pak. Should I take omega 3 and calcium tablet.
It just expansive piss
Question: The dosage on the can of the amount of each vitamin pill in the Pak is that for 2 packs or 1 pack ?
Daily at what time we should take this?
I don't think animal cutts will work untill you have a lean diet and of course exercise?
hi dear, should i use this as a beginner , i need shredded body , first eant lose belly please please please suggest me product who really effect
1:21 not like a fat burner but like a fat burner wait what
The Orange flavor is the best flavor.I started with the pill paks...The original animal pak comes with 11 pills. Which you're taking 22 pills if you're training.Go with the powder! Two small scoops. Fast, easy and you're good to go.
ok ill take what ive said about the Animal pak powder of having after taste. i consumed it like how i consume my pre work out by putting the scoops in my mouth instead of mixing it in the bottle with water. I taste more orange when I put the powder in my mouth then drinking water with it
didn't like the powdered version. only bought it because vitamin shoppe sold out of the pills version. the powdered version has after taste
can you stack animal pak and animal cuts?
Been using these for about a month, sometimes i have too much energy... but the vitamins make me feel phenomenal, getting really good lifts in and the energy is super useful. i feel my muscles stay consistent and strong.only side effect: alien like colored piss. its actually hilarious and doesnt cause any pain etc.
honest review . also got sent it free to review plus another free product. hmm. I found the product awful actually made me nauseous and sick due to the ridiculous overdose of vitamins which was confirmed by a doctor to actually be overloading my body
Hey I haven't use any animal products before,but I want to try which one is the best you is many help me pls
Yeah Im gonna listen to a guy who weighs 160lb and doesnt even lift. Ok
Animal Paks multi-vits have 11 tablets in each pack
Bro I ordered pills one by mistake I wanted to order the powder one but by mistake got pills .....damn there are so many pills in one pack . Every time I take them feels they gonna stuck in my throat ....
Can you take the animal pak and animal cut at the same time? Or recommend no?
How I use anmial pak 11 tablet pills...? Because I take it in night before gym Soo I feel sleepless and headache..Soo please suggest me how I use it .. because someone say take it in morning or someone say take it before gym...how please guide me proper how I need to use anmial pak 11 pills pack
Please can u help me for this
This is good or bad I am using I am not getting Difference I am so Confuse
Did u say 44 pills /one pill a day lol.2 packets a day (one packet is 11 pills).And anyone who takes then know "we pee "lime yellow/green" (to the scientists yea its b12)
The pill form is not 44 pills it's 44 packs of pills. Each pack contains 11 pills. Serving suggestion if you're a serious bodybuilder two packs per day.
I started both animal cuts and animal pak .. been using the pills though. I have lost 50lbs n did get shredded for the summer. My only concern was why so much vitamin A? I can upload my transformation pics.. I started at 199lbs in October and weigh 148.6lbs as of now . Thanks to universal nutrition

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