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Unived Raw Brewed Coconut Vinegar With Mother Of Vinegar, Rich ...

Unived Raw Brewed Coconut Vinegar With Mother Of Vinegar, Rich in Potassium, B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Non-GMO and healthier than ACV, 500ml : Amazon.in: ...


Unived Unived Raw Coconut Vinegar, 100% Natural & Vegan ...

Unived Unived Raw Coconut Vinegar, 100% Natural & Vegan, 500ml (500 g) · Special Supplements · Shake Form · Suitable For: Vegetarian · Pack of 1.


Unived Unived Raw Brewed Coconut Vinegar with Mother of ...

Buy Unived Unived Raw Brewed Coconut Vinegar with Mother of Vinegar, Unpasteurized, 16oz 500ml (Pack of 2) for Rs. online. Unived Unived Raw Brewed Coconut ...


Voila Coconut Vinegar 500 ML | Helps in weight Loss | Contains ...

Unived Raw Brewed Coconut Vinegar With Mother Of Vinegar, Rich in Potassium, B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Non-GMO and healthier than ACV, 500ml.


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Unived Raw Brewed Coconut ...

Unived Raw Brewed Coconut Vinegar With Mother Of Vinegar, Rich in Potassium, B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Non-GMO and healthier than ACV, 500ml. byUnived.


Unived Raw Coconut Vinegar (500 ml) Features

Unived’s Raw Coconut Vinegar is 100% natural, non-GMO and vegan. It's handmade in wonderfully small batches. We keep the vinegar raw, hence it is alive with natural enzymes and wholesome goodness. Our coconut vinegar contains strands of the Mother Culture which gives it a dusk and cloudy appearance. These strands are comprised of raw enzymes, protein molecules, and gut-friendly bacteria. Coconut vinegar is an overall low calorie health tonic rich in nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It has a sophisticated and pleasing natural flavor.

  • Special Supplements
  • Shake Form
  • Suitable For: Vegetarian
  • Pack of 1
  • Brand name: Unived
  • Mg : 500 ml
  • Shelf life: 720 days
  • Package includes: 1 unived raw brewed coconut vinegar with mother of vinegar, 500 ml
  • Key specs are not available.

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Unived Raw Coconut Vinegar (500 ml) Specifications

Additional Features
Dosage & Direction: As a dietary supplement, take 3 times daily, in the morning, afternoon and evening. Directions: Add 1-2 Tbsp. in 250ml of water. Coconut vinegar can also be used as a good additive, during cooking, and to clean fruits & vegetables.
Brand Unived
Container Type Bottle
Food Preference Veg
Form Shake
Maximum Shelf Life 12 Months
Model Name Unived Raw Coconut Vinegar, 100% Natural & Vegan, 500ml
Model Number 8908002048896
pack_of 1
Quantity 500 g
Serving Size 15 ml
Type Special Supplements
Important Note
Product information provided by the seller on the Website is not exhaustive, please read the label on the physical product carefully for complete information provided by the manufacturer. For additional information, please contact the manufacturer.

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Unived Raw Coconut Vinegar (500 ml) Reviews from YouTube

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Try adding Coconut water in Apple cider vinegar, It will taste better .
what are you talking about lady, the vinegar is from coconut flower, not from coconut leaves.
Any Vineger only for to get sour flavour to food or salad. It's not medicine. Vineger has so many health problems if you use oftenly.
Ahahaha It's not from the leaves. You give them falls information. I suggest to research it more before giving information especially on TV.
If any interested to see how the sap is collected for making this vinegar here you go.. https://youtu.be/EdyH2mwGukw
The sap doesn't comes from the leaves, rather it comes from cutting the stem of the coconut blossoms. The sap is collected similar to maple syrup and rubber in regards to having a collecting container or bucket attached or hanged to where the sap is slowly dripping.
pls be careful from SNAKE OIL SALESMAN!!!
He is a proponent of alternative medicine, and has been criticized by physicians, government officials, and publications, including Popular Science and The New Yorker, for endorsing unproven products and non-scientific advice. The British Medical Journal published a study that found more than half of the recommendations on medical talk series like The Dr. Oz Show had either no evidence or contradicted medical research. Donald Trump's appointment of Oz to the Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition was criticized as an example of choosing pundits over experts
I live with my sister and she loves to be healthy some times I feel that I have to wait for my food to come to me and I ask her to get me some thing for the am she give me some thing old that was not what I asked for so I feel that I'm being controlled when I eat here at my home so is there some that that I can do so I can work things out with my sister?
Coconut vinegar is much much better than apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is too much acidic & can be very bad for your teeth! On the other hand coconut vinegar has no such side effects!
That chick is fine
LOL im from Sri lanka we use that for generations. its made from coconut juice. That girl has no idea....
Hello Dr. OZ i have a question What garcinia cambogia is the best one to use to lose weight?
Message me if you want to get your hands on some Coconut Vinegar from Sri Lanka.
FYI. Coconut vinegar is a fermented sap that can be extracted only from the coconut flowers. The flower nectar is very sweet with a trace of alcohol in it and whitish. When fermentation starts, at first, the liquid tastes bitter and alcohol content is much stronger. 2-3 weeks after, you can have vinegar. It tastes milder than apple cider or cane vinegar. It has slight sweetness in it. We see that it is slightly reddish in color because a powdered kind of red bark is mixed into it. I guess to lessen the acidity of the vinegar.
Where I came from. Coconut vinegar is made naturally by collecting the juice from coconut trees it produces.
I found it at Sprouts and Whole Foods.
It has a bit milder taste that apple cider vinegar.
Dr Berg is the best And he was completely shifted by you..Such an act such a movie such a scam staying far away from it as possible FDA approved
Who’s here for the hottie?
Take vinegar in moderation
Vineger doesn't have any health benefits at all.
Please share How To make coconut vinegar at home
this video is very redundant it's like you rephrase things and there is really nothing that's bad because cholesterol is necessary for the body so that converted to vitamin d by the UV rays so those of you that are using sunscreen you're blocking your body's full potential in making its own nutrients but yeah with the fake voice too I'm not feeling it it doesn't make you sound smarter just saying
Very educating video. I produce coconut sap vinegar in the philippines. May I be permitted to use your video to be part of my video about our products. I will, of course acknowledge you being the author of the video. I wish you well. Thanks.
In SRILANKA..We got Artificial Vineger.(Acitic acid with Water)..Is it good to drink this way..???
Can you drink it
it's very expensive in America but in our place where coconut is abundant it's cheap in philippines. If there is interested 250ml is only 10 dollars. heres my email buenragos31@gmail.com. Excluding the shipment. maybe the shipping is more expensive...
we start our day off with celery juice
Acv but will order this and give a try.🙂
Bro avoid contact of vinegar with any metal. More than half properties gone. Use plastic, glass or wood. Probiotics hate metal. And sour has a reaction with metal
Just got some today, tastes like local/country liquor. Need to weigh the health benefits though!
Like all good red blooded Americans, COFFEE!!
Hloo... im from lndia kerala...i jst need ur nmbr plzzz...
In Philippine raw coconut venigar is white in color and the orange in color is dye with balok a plant dye.
Do you need to be careful drinking it because of acids eroding your teeth, like with ACV?
Are those glass straws and if so where do you get those at
I start my day with alkaline water bottle, diy pressed lemon juice and hydrolyzed collagen. Sometimes I add a hint honey or cayenne 😋 I am so excited to hear you start your day with lemon water too but think coconut vinegar is better. I literally just bought it today because it suggested it is better than acv for skincare which Ive been using as a toner. So I can't wait to try it out and to know coconut vinegar has a lot of vit c helps with the absorption of the powdered hydrolyzed collagen. Can't wait to try. Thanks for video!
how did you feel before you took the coconut vinegar and how do you feel now do you feel better than you did before
It change my life, you have to read it to believe. It's just a proof that nature provides everything the humans need to live a long and healthy life.  I decide to find out about natural medicine and am very happy with the coconut oil. Just take one spoon a day; thanks to it my heart is 100% healthy. https://plus.google.com/b/110991560823025838421/110991560823025838421/posts/gcVasauVVXz
raw malt liquor
have u heard of tuba? its fermented wine made from coconut sap.
I use the coconut vinegar and mix it with a dash of sparkling water. Tastes pretty good. Goes down like a bit of soda.

*coconut oil works as a "sunscreen"/"sun tan lotion" not because it blocks the UVA UVB rayss that well, but because it helps your body eliminate ( **lovy.biz/iuqe** ) the byproducts produced during normal exposure to the sun, whereas if left without coconut oil there is a threshold your body has with sun exposure before you can't eliminate it all on time, so you burn.*
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I"m Cuckoo for Coconut Vinegr
thank you for sharing this beautiful videos Matt :)
Pioneer  lol
Thanks but ill stick with a raw coconut...thanks again
Ive been using coconut secrets for over a year now! LOVE them :)
I would quit the drug immediately and take Dr. Schulze's detox cure program, it costs about 100 dollars for the herbal products. I was once on pharma drugs and went on raw food while on the drugs and it was a disaster. The drugs are the worst of all poisons and that has to go first. Don't do this all by yourself because you need a support system. If you can do a rehab then also bring with you the detox cure by Dr. Schulze to help you with the rehab program, and also go raw vegan as well.
availabe in uk I wonder? convinced a uk raw food world outlet could be the best ever :) :) .. really miss ordering from you - I still have some of that powdered eastern scent that I ordered 6 of.. its so amazing :)
Matt, piqued my curiosity about raw food. At first I was leery of him but I kept listening to what he had to say. I decided that he was honestly sharing a truth. I have been raw for almost 4 weeks, have lost weight, have way more energy and can see myself doing this for a lifetime. Thanks Mr. Matt! :)
Omg Matt you have such beautiful hair! Raw food is clearly working for you :)
agave nectar, the kind that the indians handcraft in mexico is deeeeelicious, nothing related to what its sold as "agave nectar" here, maybe you got the american version of it?
Refrigerate the vinegar after it's opened...yeah, otherwise it very well will give off an odor. The Aminos and nectar don't require the chill.
Did i hear Coconut from the palm tree?
I was once an agave nectar enthusiast, even though it often left me with a gagging after-taste. After reading about some negative attributes of agave nectar, I switched to Coconut Secret coconut nectar. No after-taste whatsoever, and tastes ten times better than agave.
I'm a coconut fan but the coconut vinegar that I have in my cupboard stinks so I rarely use it.
Are you cuckoo for coconuts/
Love all of Coconut Secrets products!
I have the aminos and the sugar. Must get some of the other two :o)
Awesome product! I see your kitchen is completed. Looks great! So how is Vilcabamba? My roots are from Ecuador. An update would be nice for your wonderful fans. :)

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