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Buy Uniquesol Bike Steel Freehub Cassette Driver Pawl Spring Cycle Hub Spring Fulcrum Base (54048432UQSL) online at Amazon. The hook one with 90 degree hooks pointing away from the wheel need to ;hook; it into the hole Premium Steel Cassette Body Pawl Spring Replacement Su...
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Uniquesol Bike Steel Freehub Cassette Driver Pawl Spring Cycle Hub Spring Fulcrum Base (54048432UQSL) Features

  • The hook one with 90 degree hooks pointing away from the wheel need to ;hook; it into the hole
  • Premium Steel Cassette Body Pawl Spring Replacement
  • Suitable for various cassette hub drivers
  • Cassette Body Type: Pawl Spring
  • Diameter: 26mm/1.02 inch; Thickness: 0.8mm; Color: Silver

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Uniquesol Bike Steel Freehub Cassette Driver Pawl Spring Cycle Hub Spring Fulcrum Base (54048432UQSL) Reviews from YouTube

Braking This Spring = No Drivetrain. How To Maintain Your Shimano Freehub Body.
Bicycle hub rebuild (freewheel type)
6 pawls freehub spring and pawl removal and install back
How to UPGRADE your Bontrager Drive 54t Hub to 108t As well as remove and overhaul freehub body
I am looking for a similar replacement pawl spring, for a 2013 Vision Metron 55 wheel do you know where I could find something like that? Thanks!
Hola saludos de edo Méx disculpa donde puedo comprar un Casette para ese buje
Why is my hub is making this sound dreerrereck dreerrereck
Well explained
what happend if you install three pawls? do you have more precision and less freespace?
i broke my freehub's thread to tighten the cogs. how do i fix this? i cant tighten the cogs now. please answer my question. can i rethread it or buy a new freehub body?
What do you call that spring?
I replaced that tiny spring with a wider one and more powerful, it`s the ring that hold the house keys togetherthey come in different sizesand if you have grease in there the friction will be lowi recommend a wider spring in there2 pawls are not enough.
What's the size of the spring?
Recently had a friend asking me why it clicks,i'll share this vid.
Happens to Btwin 520 back hubs, also if you pedal and don t move, replace the poles, probably broken.
There is a typo in the title, it's supposed to be 'breaking', not "braking".
Sir I Need A Tip From You That I Buyed A Gear Cycle From MEDAKA COMPANY. Actually Its Not From A Good Brand And I regret it But Now I Want To Modify It So Pls Give Me Some Tips. Like Which Gear Shifter To Use, Brakes, Seat, Tiers, Which Gear Compinations to Use, What Gear To Use ( I mean Like 21 Gears, 28 Gears) Pls Reply Fast And Help Me
Good articulate explanation. Although I’m sure a chain lube would work ok, I'd recommend Chris King Ringdrive lube. I got this idea from a tech at I9. RINGDRIVE LUBE 2.0
Roller clutches as Shimano Silent Clutch Hubs (e.g. FH-R080) don't need/use such spring. Pics of freewheels: wondered about this.
What a great video! So well explained, thank you
Light machine oil works best with pawls. With early Hope hubs I had dragging and slipping with the pawls in colder weather because of the heavy grease they used
You mentioned “packing” the freewheel with grease, but you really don’t want to do that. Too much grease on the pawls will not allow them to move and engage properly. This can result in slippage, particularly in cold weather. Sparingly grease the races, but only use oil on the pawls
VERY useful, thank you.
I dessambled one but the springs were damaged. How can I replace them if possible? Thank you
According to the SunTour date code ZI, the hub was made in September 1983. These codes are available on the Velobase website, my go-to for any vintage bicycle component information.
He smashed his left thumbThe stain like dirt in his nail is a blood sayin
very informative. im restoring and making videos on our channel as well.
Thanks for your excellent explanation. I didn’t realise the Pawls worked one or the other. Very helpful video.
Can't thank you enough! Very good video.
Great detail. Very helpful.
Excellent detail in your video. Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed!
What did you used to clean the rust?
Hey I have the same freewheel and added a 34T cog before, but was wondering how you can take off ALL the other cogs? I was able to take off the smallest cog ring, but seems the other cogs are stuck. cannot unscrew the rest of the cogs. wondering if you can show us how to take these cogs off. I can send you pics if required for more insight of my situation. THX!
You did a really, really good job of teaching this. You used good methods and plain English to describe everything necessary to get this accomplished. I can't thank you enough! I just purchased a really nice Schwinn LeTour with this Suntour type of rear freewheel. I didn't really know where to begin, but you laid it all out in an excellent fashion!
I'm not so sure the stampings of another lock ring would be the same as your ring. In other words, the logos would not necessarily be in the same place as someone else's freewheel's logos, at the same torque. I think the important thing is to look at where it is for the individual free hub and return it to the same position. Agree? Thanks for the video. I didn't know which way the locking ring screwed on; clockwise or counter-clockwise. You cleared that up for me.
May tinda kayong spring para sa Koozer XM390?
Sakin nilagyan ko grasa ang soldier naging pipi☺️☺️baklas ulit
Pwede sya sa cole terrain 6pawls
Conyo pare
Sir pag nililinis po ba yan kailangan nilalagyan ng grease?
Ano pong name ng shop niyo sa shopee?
San mo nabili yung freehub body sir?
Bakit sa akin sir lagi naputol? Salamat po
Check out my 2nd channel: Jr's Gasoline Alley where I review R/Cs Cars and DIYs - can't seem to find the Bontrager hub grease online. If I keep the stock hub body, is it absolutly necessary to add grease ? or could i just use my finger to spread the grease that is already on the other pawls? Thank you
hi james what is the difference between stock Shimano free hub and the XD driver?
is it mandatory put the grease? What can happen?
It would seem best to add the 3 pawls to go to 108 PoE from 54 when new so pawl ends have equal engagement, as there must be some ware occurring to the pawls contact points on an all mountain E-bike doing a lot of technical climbs in low gear. Correct?
Why doesn't mine pull off that easy
Will this work for bontrager 148 boost hub that comes with 2019 stache 7
Excellent instruction
The 2022 Trek Fuel EX8 I have comes with a 108 poe hub from the factory. Nice!
double the pawls, does not double the teeth, you still have 54 teeth in the hub and still have 54 clicks per revolution.
Does it need to be specific grease or can I use the same grease i use in my hope hub ?
Ordered the parts. then realised I will need a tool to unmount the 12-speed cassette so I ordered a tool kit. Before using the tool, I first tried to gently pull off the outer ring which comes out of the cassette (which turned out to be the tip of the xd driver, I'm such a noob at this haha) and. pulled the whole thing off all together. All pals perfectly in place. Lucky me. Placed the 3 new pals and springs easily and slided the complete casette with xd driver onto the wheel again. Piece of cake. For sure double as much clicks for every full wheel spin. I'm quite curious if I will also feel any difference. Thanks for the tip
Hack: Wrap a thin piece of string around the pawls to compress them when dropping into the cage
What is the benefit of more teeth engagement?
Dude. This video is gold! Thank you so much! I will be doing this for sure.
Will this work on aeolus pro5?
Do I have to reapply some grease if my I dont change my hub and my bike is new?
Hi, without the upgrade, I would presume the 3 pawls grip onto the hub at the same time (if they are equally divided at least). It seems like adding pawls just adds more noise to you wheel when freewheeling and not really increasing the amount of contact points between the 2.
Ah ha! Life saver Thank you
What's the actually mechanical effect or advantage of doubling the number of pawls? If the ID on the ratchet teeth is about 30mm than each pawl will move a maximum of about 1.5mm (ok 1.72mm) until it catches the ratchet (engages). Given that the number of pawls doesn't change that distance, engagement cant be any quicker. Six points of engagement will certainly be stronger because there will be less stress on the parts but how often do pawls fail from a compressive force? 40 years ago when ratchets had fewer teeth, there was some advantage to more pawls because you could get a tiny 'dead spot' before the pawls engaged but with 30 plus ratchet teeth (54 on the Bontrager) that's not a thing. The noise aside (which sounds great - NGL) is there any way to measure this increased strength or notice any difference? Also what does 108 tooth engagement mean? Each pawl still engages with 54 teeth and you're not doubling the number teeth. 3 and 6 tooth engagement would be more accurate.

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