Uniquesol Bike Brake Cable Housing Kit MTB Road Bicycle Shifter Repair Tool Orange (54054637UQSL) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Uniquesol Bike Brake Cable Housing Kit MTB Road Bicycle Shifter Repair Tool Orange (54054637UQSL) online at Amazon. Front shift cable- 1.55m, rear shift cable-2.1m, you custom size according to your needs Stainless steel coated cables and PVC housing- very tough, s...
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Uniquesol Bike Brake Cable Housing Kit MTB Road Bicycle Shifter Repair Tool Orange (54054637UQSL) Features

  • Front shift cable- 1.55m, rear shift cable-2.1m, you custom size according to your needs
  • Stainless steel coated cables and PVC housing- very tough, solid, cold & heat resistance and weather resistance
  • 2.5m brake cable housing(OD 5mm), 2m shift cable housing(OD 4mm)
  • Universal Bike Shift/Derailleur & Brake Cable Housing set for mountain, road, folding bicycles
  • Equipped with 4x brake cable end caps, 4x cable end caps, 10x shift cable end caps, 1x o-rings

The lowest Uniquesol Bike Brake Cable Housing Kit MTB Road Bicycle Shifter Repair Tool Orange (54054637UQSL) Price in India is ₹2,011 at Amazon.
Buy Uniquesol Bike Brake Cable Housing Kit MTB Road Bicycle Shifter Repair Tool Orange (54054637UQSL) online at Amazon.
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Uniquesol Bike Brake Cable Housing Kit MTB Road Bicycle Shifter Repair Tool Orange (54054637UQSL) Reviews from YouTube

All in 1 MTB Toolkit
Brake Housing & Cable Installation - Upright Bars
Replacing Shifters/Brake Levers/Cables/Housings On Trek 4300 Mountain Bike
How to change a shift cable on your MTB
Price ⁉️
এটার BDT প্রাইজ কতো?
19 ka chuna laga mujhe 219 may pada
Hahah 238 rupees flipkart me ye 100 me mil raha he 😂😂
Use plz practical
Bro some time it will be loose but no issue right that tool
bro i had a question. this product is very cheap, so i was wondering, is it durable? will it last for long time
ভাই দাম কত
Price kitneka he
Mine tool kit gets lose after some use only any solution?
101 comment wow
For bike
Bhai practically kitna useful hai
Guys plzz mt lena bhot hi bkwas product he 3 hi din me pura shape elenki ka kharb ho jata hai
This product in Flipkart only 133 rs
Price kitna hey
Calvin and Parktool are quite simply top tier! 👏🏻👍🏻
I just received an electra cruiser bike for free and it had a missing brake and needed a little TLC. These videos helped me do my very first project on a bike and now I want to do bike projects 🤣
Very good and funny videos bring a great sense of entertainment!
Very interesting about the different cable housing I didn’t know that until I saw this, Great video by the way many thanks for sharing 😉
Hi there Cable Guise just remember if you're putting your spares kit together always have 2 spare gear cables at home and consider taking 1 cable with you when 20km away from home and yeah those clean looking cable caps if without them a tube of Liquid Nails you put a drop on the tip of the cut cable ultimately the best is leave 25-30cm of cable and loop it up like when you purchased the thing brand-new with the bit of glue on the tip, some people say "What about these spares? What about those spares?" The short answer is always answer a question with a question "Why not bring a spare bike? What if your head falls off?"
Calvin really knows his stuff.
This super great🙏
I have another YT channel, Ranging Rover, which is about the Terra Trike Rover recumbent Trike. They no longer make this model. It will become a classic Recumbent Trike, as there are many of them out there still. There are few videos out that tell us about doing specific maintenance on Trikes, let alone specific models. I too have park tools, because when I added my Bafang Mid drive to my Rover, I needed proper tools. I was a tool maker for the auto industry. I don't mind paying good money for good tools. Now I take these video's for regular bikes and apply the lessons to working on my Rover. My vids are not as professional, in fact, I they are more like a shade tree mechanic than anything as I tend to work on my trike while its sitting in my apartments small living room. But I am covering a lot of the same subjects as these videos do. And my viewers are thankful that someone is finally putting out useful vids for our specific need. Meaning us Recumbent trike riders. And I am thankful for Park Tool and Utah Trikes, both of whom put out great videos for us to learn from.
Please send me a free cable cutter , I had finally saved up to buy one from park tool and somebody nabbed it from me!
Doesn't work
Thanks Park Tool and Calvin Jones for an informative video. Will surely follow the steps on how to install these brake cables properly.
such a good tutorial.. thank you so much!
this even worked on my non flat handlebars! :) Terrific tutorial, very helpful videos. Thank you!
Could we google meet, I am so lost on how to do bike brakes, anyone please, email me at masterdude975@gmail.com, we could do a google meet or video call of some sort.
I've just invented a fantastic way of replacing an internal brake or shift cable. 1. Take the inner cable out, leaving the outer cover in situ. 2. Cut a 2" length of old inner cable and feed it into both the old and new outer cables, forming a single cable. 3. Crimp both outer cables to hold the inner cable in place. 4. Push, (Mainly) and pull the old and new cables through. 5. Once through cut off the damaged end of the new outer cable and feed the new inner cable through. Et Voila! I thank you, I thank you.
I just started riding my MTB 2 weeks ago. I was introduced to Calvin Jones through this channel and he's like PhD in Bicycle Engineering. More of Dr. Calvin please
Thanks now I have to go to store
Thank you. The information is very helpful. Hoping for more tutorials
This is very informative; much better than the $128 that the shop was going to charge to do a tune up. I feel more confidant to do the job now.
Nice and helpfull!
For more bike repair videos hit the subscribe button 🛑 and click the notification bell ► http://bit.ly/SubRJTheBikeGuy
Thank you so much for this guide. Very helpful. Greetings from the Netherlands
finally a real step by step tutorial .
I was wondering how you inserted the shifter cables into the intergrated shifters
Thank you very much, this is most comprehensive and well done. I just miss the part how to insert or remove the cables from the gear lever? Mine has kind of screws that wouldn't open the housing. P.S.: Well, another video suggests just to pull through the loose end. In my case the cable got stuck and the front gear shifter is in an ill position. Can't see the reason as the cable is entirely covered by its housing. I think I should undo the lower end and then try to get the upper part through, if you get me. Sorry for my English, by the way. Good luck!
Thank you brother 🥰🤗🤗🤗
Learned a lot from you. thanks for the vid.
This is replacing old for new. I’m looking for replacing the gear shift cable?
Would u consider making a motorized kit work with this bike. I have it and want to convert it via ebike kit or engine kit. Lmk!!!
It's easy to visualize how to do it but man i keep forgetting where to use those little components attach to the start of the shifters. Thank you for helping me much man
Where do you get your tools? Brands? What do you use for maintenance? I’ll go check out your videos for more info. Keep up the great work!
Was that a 3x9 setup ?
Hi, I stripped the small cover screws and wanted to ask what size are they? Can they be found at a hardware store? I tried ordering some laptop screws but all of the sizes were too small.
RJ, just found the video 10/01/21 and it was so informative, with I have been into YouTube years ago to find it in 2014. Hope you are still making them, I'll look, thanks.
awesome video.....thank you
My Favorite Bike Guy...! Awesome detail..! Thanks RJ..!
How do I remove the lever of one of these I’m struggling can anyone explain
This channel is the best one.
I bought a new bike had a broken shifter and didn't shift at all right
Thanks to your diy video I attempted new shifters myself. I love how you showed us how to troubleshoot adjusting everything
After a lot of research on YT to fix my bike's rear derailleur shifting issue I finally found the issue and solution! Couldn't find a YT video on this matter! I explain it below: 1) The most common type of housing has an inner thin wires tube and an outer plastic covering tube. Apparently after a while because of pressure the outer plastic tube jams and the inner tube wires are exposed that can get crushed by pressure on ferrels! This causes a serious metal-metal fraction between the cable and thin wires of housing, worse than any dirt or rust can do! 2) Loosen the shifter cable and release the cable at the derailleur (watch YT guides) and through all housings to free all housing parts. 3) You have to cleanly cut the exposed thin wires of housing to align it with plastic cover tube. Be careful not to block inner empty hole (where the cable passes) by crushing the wires. You need a sharp wire cutter (or a specialized tool from bike shop!) Then clean up both ends of housing and lube a bit. 4) Insert the cable in all housing parts and through the derailleur cable clamp. Since you lost some housing length, to have the same tension on the cable at a particular gear you need to pull the cable out of derailleur cable clamp a bit compared to what it was before. This needs to be fine tuned to have perfect correspondence between shifter and derailleur for all gear range (watch YT guides). Hope it helps someone.
Hey bro! Can I just say I've been watching you for years and u helped me out once again.. thanks! If it wasn't for you my bike will still be in parts 🤣🤣
MashaAllah Mubarak Baad To you
im turning my mtb into a se if thats possible
how or what can you do to cover the shifting cable? i lost the cover and now i have scratches all over my frame. i hope you get to see this
4 years ago and you were still the best bike youtuber
Perfect as always !
This is exactly what I've been looking for! Everyone else seemed to dance around dealing with the derailer. Nice hacks and tool recommendations.....need me that 3rd hand
Great video. Right to the point. Great explanations. Great video work. Thanks.
I need help When I opened my shifter some little spring thing that looks like a paper clip with 30 circles popped out I don’t know where to put it!
As if it 2021 and am still going back this old video to be reminded how to do something been watching for years
Ive rebuilt engines and this honestly pissed me off the last time I did it to get it right..Second time £30 at the local shop and no stress.
This "how to" is high quality in every way. Thanks 👍🏾 🌳
Great video!! Thanks!!
Absolutely stellar video from both a teaching and video / illustration perspective. Great job!
I tried it on my bike and it just drive me mad
When I change my gears nothing happens I have the thing as tight I can get it
I have the same problem on my bike and I also change my shift cable.
Great tutorial video Thanks

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