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Buy Uniquesol Bike Bicycle Cable Adjuster Derailleur Shift Brake Adjust Screw Bolt Golden (54036524UQSL) online at Amazon. Adjustment range form 35mm to 30mm Stable adjustment, easy and convenient to install Both derailleur and brake adjustment screw for frames easy adjus...
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Price at Amazon is ₹624
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Uniquesol Bike Bicycle Cable Adjuster Derailleur Shift Brake Adjust Screw Bolt Golden (54036524UQSL) Features

  • Adjustment range form 35mm to 30mm
  • Stable adjustment, easy and convenient to install
  • Both derailleur and brake adjustment screw for frames easy adjustment without downtube adjuster stops
  • CNC anodizing process, durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Allowing a micro adjustment of the tension for front and rear gear mechanisms on your bicycle

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Uniquesol Bike Bicycle Cable Adjuster Derailleur Shift Brake Adjust Screw Bolt Golden (54036524UQSL) Reviews from YouTube

How to Adjust a Rear Derailleur – Limit Screws & Indexing
How To Install Inline Cable Barrel Adjusters
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like a university professor
awesome thanks
Awesome dude that explains all the necessary information that you need with a calm and easy to understand manner. If you still can't do what you need to make your bike perfect put the spanners down!
Thank you so much for the video. Very detailed and easy to follow.
Great advice. Thanks!
My man! Thank you so much!
The bestest of the best instructional video, should have watched it BEFORE putting a new derailleur on.
Everyone else on YouTube who has ever posted a video about adjusting rear derailleurs should just disable their videos and display a link to this one. There's no point in watching any other - this is hands-down the best! Like some others have said, after blindly fiddling with derailleur adjustments for my whole life, with consistently mediocre results, finally it all makes sense! Thank you Park Tool, and great job Calvin Jones! Now if I could only spell "derailleur" right on the first try.! :)
excellent explanation! greetings from Croatia!
What do I do if I run out of 'clockwise' to turn the barrel adjuster? It seems some of the sprockets want to be tightened in the clockwise way, but I have no more. Do I need to increase slack on the cable?
Very helpful, thanks!
Honestly I appreciate these awesome videos so much it makes me want to buy park tools
Thank you! Recently installed a new derailleur and even the manufacturer video tutorial didn't suffice in installing or adjusting it. This video showed me everything I need to know and then some. Will be my go to guide from now on!
Incredible. I did it because of you!
This video is great, thank you!
This is seriously a great freakin video. Everything explained perfectly. Thank you sir! You are priceless.
Thank you Park Tool! Guess who's a mtb shifting expertyeah me.
easiest thing to do is take your bike to a shop. front and rear derailleurs are a joke
Excellent, detailed and easy to follow along on my phone at the workstand. I particularly like the annotated close-ups so you can more easily understand what's happening mechanically. This tutorial has sorted my bike out after being frustrated for a while - it was all about the B-Screw! Had sorted the L and the H and barrel adjuster and could never get things perfect. Then the part later on about a 5-6mm gap at the B-screw fixed it. The bike had been set up new for a 11-34 gravel cassette, with my 11-28 road cassette the B-screw gap was miles out and indexing just wouldn't sit right. Thank you PARK TOOL, my go-to resource for bike maintenance tutorials.
For more bike repair videos hit the subscribe button and click the notification bell ► they also be used for brake cables? I have an MTB -> Gravel conversion with V-brakes and those break pads tend to wear extremely quickly. I cannot adjust the pads as I'd do it on the MTB break levers but I've to loosen the cable at the break cantilevers and fit them again in a different position. Being able to adjust them using such a cable adjuster would be such a relief!
Thanks RJ! Needed to see this to confirm that I had mine installed in the right direction. Was hoping you’d address it directly but was able to confirm by watching. Much appreciated
Hi RJ the bike guy, my mtb to gravel bike conversion, the FD doesnt have any barrel adjuster. My mechanic just tunes it up by with limiting screws. I suggested to him if we can use inline barrel adjusters like here in this video, he said it doesnt work ot make any singificance. I havent tried it but, is this true? Or would it depend on the brand used? I honestly dpnt get the context as to why he said it doesnt work
Is there a way to install it without replacing the cable?
Thank you!
Super helpful. Thank you!
Yep we're still watching and learning in 2021. Thanks for the great tutorial.
Can a v brake not have barrel adjusters? Im converting my folding into drop bars and the v brake will lose barrel adjusters, I will probably get after market in lines in the future but will a bike work without them?
Is this also working on a RD with no barrel adjuster?
Another great video. Thanks
Which way do I install the adjuster, RJ? All the way closed? Open? Half way? Thanks for the video! You make it look so easy.
You saved my day. I bought a road bike and couldn't find a Spanish explanation of this but yours was so clear. Great video. Thank you.
what are those black thing i think my cable adjuster dont have those what are they called so i can order them
Where can i find those RSX Hoods?
Beautiful! One of my winter projects is to replace my down tube friction shifters with brifters, and this is just the ticket! Thanks!
Hey RJ, great Video as always. I have a question regarding the Barrel adjusters. I am also working on a mtb to gravelbike conversion (fun fact: the object is also a Trek Bike). When i installed cables and housings I experienced exactly this Problem of missing adjustment Options for the FD. I already ordered some Barrel adjusters for shifting cables. I See from the bike in the vid that it also has canti brakes installed. Since my trek had the adjustment screws on the brake levers itself I am now also lacking fine adjustment Options for the brakes. I found out that there are also Barrel adjusters for 5mm Housings (that should be compatible with brake cables I guess) but I have never seen them on any bike ever. Do you have experience with that Barrel adjusters for brake cables? Do they work the same way? How did you adjust the tension of the canti brakes on that bike (adjustment on the clamp?). Cheers Nico
RJ you have always been Bike knowledgable and very unselfish in sharing them to the public. Thank you.
Do you have a video on how a barrel adjuster works? Great videos!
You have an easy to understand video for every situation I come up against. Keep up the great work. I'll keep watching.
Is this a vlog?
You are in Pakistani
Bhai mera backpedaling Ma chain utar raha hai
thanks man! ‍♂️
Bhai meda gear 1 sa second para nahi aaraha hai
How much does shimano acera cost?
Front deraliur keise adjust kare is por ek vdo dale
Axom or nake
Bhai mera bhi same gear h Per jab biggest ring me jata h fir bapis chote rings me nhi aata kya karu plz help
Nicely explained brother. I have schnell metta 29 inch 21 speed. Bought it two months ago but when climbing a flyover or something it's rear gear automatically shifts to higher ones can you tell me what to do. And this "auto shifting" happens really roughly like the gears stuck and the shifts to higher ones. It sometimes even happens on plain road. Is the issue due to excess oiling
Thanks for this
Why dont you buy a direct attachment type derailleur like your previous derailleur
Can i put derailleur on the wheel axis? Without any nut
Cycle cycle 4000 cycle
thankyou bhia miene aapne gears ko ched diya tha or ek bhi gears shift ne ho rhe the pr aapka video dekha or sabhi gears works kr rhe ha
Bhai ji, jab me reverse pedal kar raha hu meri chain neeche wale de-railure se nikal jaa rahi hai. Kaise theek karu?
Yeh dralier kuch dam bharta hai ki nahi ?
Vai ap moja ak help karoga
yaar ajj hi cycle li hain apna whatsapp number do kuch puchna hain please
your whatsapp number?
Which Shimano dreailleur sould I set on my 18 speed gear cycle answer me please
Bro your gear installation process is totally wrong
I can use acera m390 9 speed derailleur in my 7 speed cycle. My derailleur broken install new derailleur. Please answer me.
Baha'i kbhi cycle dohi hai
Ary yaar chain ko barabar se Dal ne ke leay chain ko khol te hai derailleur ko nahi kiasa adme hai re babababa
Cycle gear install gear kit shimano to forward to backward video any cycle ranger cycle double disc brake mtlb cycle Bye-bye yaar video banao
Bolt size
Gear ka price 500 me milta dalmianagar me
Nice video bro

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