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Buy Uniquesol Bicycle Bike Wheel Spoke Protector Guard Cassette Freewheel Protection 138mm (54029634UQSL) online at Amazon. Suitable for mountain bikes, road bicycles, folding bike etc. High strength, not easily broken, anti-wear. Keeps the chain from being shifted into th...
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Uniquesol Bicycle Bike Wheel Spoke Protector Guard Cassette Freewheel Protection 138mm (54029634UQSL) Features

  • Suitable for mountain bikes, road bicycles, folding bike etc.
  • High strength, not easily broken, anti-wear.
  • Keeps the chain from being shifted into the spokes when out of adjustment.
  • Made of ABS PVC material,lightweight and durable.
  • Size A:Outer Diameter: Approx.165mm / 6.5inch;Inner Diameter: Approx.37mm / 1.5inch

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Uniquesol Bicycle Bike Wheel Spoke Protector Guard Cassette Freewheel Protection 138mm (54029634UQSL) Reviews from YouTube

Do you Need a Spoke Protector?
Spoke Protector/Guard - Do You Really Need A Dork Disc?
How To Install Cycle Gear Spoke Guard. Gear Cycle Me Spoke Guard kaise Install Kare.
How To Repair Damage Rear Derailleur. Install Derailleur Guard In Cycle Protect from Accident.
Im new to biking, and your video help alot
It's all good until you wreck on the trail and don't realize you have messed something up. $6 of plastic is not enough to ruin my image:)
That's the damage that can occur when the chain comes off accidentally and there is no spoke protector: say we keep it. Maintained or replace it. If that was my bike I won't let it turn old and yellow, ugh.
i recently had one end of a bungee cord come loose and end up in my spokessnapping the cord in half, ended up tangled up in my hub but the dork disc absorbed the blow, no spoke or hub damage and luckily didn't end up mashing up my cassette. (fwiw, bike is a Marin Muir Woods SE)
That's the answer I was looking for
I own a Canyon Endurace AL 6.0 disc. The spoke protector is loose and makes a clicking noise when I ride. I'd like to replace it but I don't have a clue what size it is. Do you know?
I saw a recall for a cannondale 2009 road bike because a spoke protector was not included with the bike. Sounds pretty important to have one?
Wot? I just replaced a broken spoke protector
Giri piratas menuda m de vídeo
Damn, you talk so fast I thought you were speaking with an accent!
my hubs became slightly silent after it was repacked. what was the problem?
I've left mine on. Doing no harm. The people who remove them care about their image
A spoke protector will protect your spokes in the event that the chain comes off the cassette. In my opinion, accepting a little (minimal) extra weight to save a costly repair job on your back wheel is worth it. It would have been more useful to see a video showing how to select the best protector and fit it!
What about the one on the front disks next to the pedal? Mine just snapped off and not sure if I should put a new one.
Mine just snapped and melted when I sprayed WD 40 bike degreaser
hated this plastic thing back then, now its still there , lol
I Think, if not necessary, why all old and new bikes have one? . Good try, but I think there is no need to remove it. Thank you.
The benefit for me in this video is how to unscrew the gears.
For more bike repair videos hit the subscribe button and click the notification bell ► spoke guard should stay! It has a reason why it is there (^_^)
New GT aggressor spoke guard broken and spinning freely ,should I remove it
Wow, if someone comes in with a kickstand you would just take it off without a question and throw away their property? What a dick.
It would be better if it was better looking instead of just clear plastic that will go yellow overtime
My only issue with that chain guard is that the cheap plastic always turns yellow and ends up looking crappy.
My son backed up into a parking spot with my bike on the rack on the back of the car and bent the snot of of my back rim. He bought me a new one but, the guard broke swapping it over. I have only rode a few times since then but as the season is getting ready to kick off soon, I will be picking one up. I am too old to be tumbling over handle bars, then limping back while dragging my beat up, but otherwise nice bicycle back to the car with me. All while bleeding, bruised or otherwise injured. It seems like pretty cheap insurance and they aren’t unsightly and unless you are in the pro racing circuit, I can’t think of a good enough reason to ride without one, at least not for long.
Why aren't they made out of metal ? a bit more robust and have a decent way to be fixed to the spokes , I have a bike here where its just flapping around not good .
This thing just saved me on my first ride of my new bike, in the woods. Apparently the derrailleur bent (the hanger/dropout actually) when shipping, so the chain comes off.
It's there for a valid purpose do not remove it !
Been riding a long amateur MTB racing in the 90's.I sucked.loads of DNF's and no . BUT, doesn't mean I know squat bout bikes, it means I know nothing about winning ;-) Having qualified my 2cents, I'll tell my little tale of woe.a tale of caution for all the "kool kids" .my derailleur got banged up more than few times, and yes, I had removed the "dork disk" because back then I was a misguided weight-weenie (they weight what.1.5 oz?) and it cost me *see mangled spokes in this video* what would have been the ONLY top 3 finish in a decade of bloody knees, aching bones and expensive the good old days of racing out of pocket eh? Flash forward to now.I have one, and will keep one on my pricey new gravel bike lol. I'm old, I don't need to be cool anymore ;-)
Useful video. Thanks for posting.
Ok, anyone know how to put one on, bought a bike and it's missing,
My bike didn't come with a dork disk, but I want one. Can I install one? Are they easy to install?
After reading all posts to date, I have to say, I'm using the cold rainy day to put my spoke protector on my newer bike- which was never installed but came with the bike in a bag with the spacer. The reason is that there are two kinds of people who commented- those who believe in Murphy's Law and those who don't- and if you're not familiar- Murphy's Law says If something Can Go Wrong, It Will. I live by it. It looks dumb, it adds weight and most people don't use the large cog anyway are all opinionsthe only fact in all of these comments is- it "might" help. Good enough for me- thanks RJ, another grand slam.
I'm not one to care about being harassed by my buddies, it's all good fun for them. In the past, I've not really concerned myself about "overshifting" the low gear and the chain coming off. I keep my bikes tuned properly. But now I have a touring bike, and if a chance situation happened out on the road, 50 miles from home, I'd be screwed. Peer pressure has never been my motivation for removing the pie plate anyhow. They have a tendency to break loose and rattle at the worst times, they turn yellow and get hazy as they age, and they are dirt and grime magnets, making my otherwise clean bike look horrible. But on my touring bike, it may just stay.
I'm Looking to actually buy and fit a 'dork disc' for the purpose of helping to protect my rotor from getting contaminated by oil coming off the chain and cassette! an added reason to keep it on especially if you have disc brakes!
Well I already cut part of mine with wire cutters, what now?
Just replaced my rear wheel, rear freewheel, bottom bracket bearing, and front crank set. Adjusted the derailleurs on the stand and then took it out for a spin. For 10 miles everything was smooth as silk. Then I got to steep hill. Thought I could tackle it in a harder gearing ratio than my strength allowed and had to shift onto the largest rear cog quickly (friction shifters). That extra momentum of the chain moving "up" the set of cogs allowed the chain to jump over the large cog and get stuck between the spokes and freewheel! OMG! Luckily I was using a wipperman chain with connex quick link. I was able to separate the chain and pull it through and out of its stuck orientation. BUT, damage had still been done to my new wheel and I just wanted to cry. At least I was able to ride home, but lesson learned. LISTEN TO RJ THE BIKE GUY! That little plastic disk can be worth 100 times it's weight in gold if it only saves you from this kind of hassle one time. You've been warned.
31 Bangladesh
How to make a wooden biggest cycle in the world
Bhi crank set ko without tool se remove karke dikhao
Which single tool I should buy to tight handlebar plz tell me
Simple cycle ke Front Suspension me konsa oil Dale
Bhai kit ka online link do plz
Mera Jyada kharab ho gaya hai tz ka Kaise thik hoga
Bro make a video on how to tight chain of gear cycle
Cycalar free wheel kivabe thi korbo. Noton chara
Hercules cycle chala raha hai uska freewheel kya hai ki halka Pura khatm ho gaya hai
Great informative
Namashkar bhai
Nice brother and thank you for reply my problem on insta
aman chaa
3 view
First view
you are putting a lot of stress on the rear mech .why dont you just change it for a new one .it could make someonw diw if it fails
full support
Bhai gear wali saykal chala kar dikhao
Bhi crank set ko without tool se remove karke dekhao bhi
Please make a video on carrier wali cycle ko modify kar ke carrier ko remove kar ke mtb cycle kaise banaye
Cycle wash ki video banaaiye
How to we update a v brake performance
Bhai crank set ka plastic cover wala video lau please
Excellentneed more videos about gear cycle problems.
Great sharing friend
Bhai disc brake plate bent ko thick kaise kare please replay bro big problem
mast aman chaa

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