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Understanding Coronavirus (Understanding Life) Book Reviews from YouTube

Understanding the Covid-19 Pandemic and Novel Coronavirus
Coronavirus, Explained | Official Trailer | Netflix
Understanding and living with Covid-19
2019 Novel Coronavirus - EVERYTHING you wanted to know!
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joeseesall - hahaha, yeah it appears to have been planned - hahaha. watched James Corbertt on corbettreport and the veil was dropped
Too fast unlike the other documentaries..fishy..like obviously it is..
COVID-19 The Movie
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Netflix already started making this video just before they released this virus, how convenient. All the major corporations are in on this scam.
You know what's really weird. This pandemic episode came out in November 2019. You know, exactly when this virus was emerging. This is social engineering. This is not about a virus.
Stefan Lanka, Claus Kohnlein, Sam Bailey, Joan Shenton
Like we should trust the government and Bill gates.
Inb4 they remove comments on this video
Event 201 is where all this started. These guys did a simulation before making this all public. Why doesn't anybody bring this up in the news?? It's quite blatant and obvious. Oh by the way it's also in Agenda 2020. How convenient.
I'm sure this is not going to talk about: NIH funding gain of function, infected people being put in nursing homes, counting people who died in motorcycle accidents as covid deaths, adding 1000s of deaths to the tally that were never tested (probable cases), Event 201, the hypocrisy of the government violating their own covid rules. All of which happened early on in the pandemic.
Event 201 is an Event sponsored by Bill & Mel Gates Foundation. In the past 30 years Bill invested so clever that he is still winning with many other companies while loosing with one company. His fortune has grown in billions since he proclaimed the vaxx as the only legitimate cure for the whole world. He told the WHO that there must be at least 70 % of the world population be vaxxed. How many people will survive the vaxx? He believes, he and his friends and puppets at the WHO, UN, Worldbank, EU, ECB, CDC, FDA, and other institutions have outsmarted us... wait and see how quick their bs is coming. People will get very very angry when they realize their loved ones are dying, their houses are sold, the banks took their savings and food is rare.
Other diseases??? A cold flue bronchitis whopping cough namonia are not diseases the are virus caused Illnesses STOP CSLLING THEM DISEAESE .to they create Dis ease ???yes ..they are not diseases.
If possible , then compare COVID-19 with MEV-1 . MEV-1 is fictional virus from the movie CONTAGION , whereas COVID-19 is real virus .
It is just a propagand for vaccin
Please watch Stefan Lanka
Netflix are those political correctness experts in their series? Great joke.😂 Stalin smiles at the grave.
Why not they talk about the Sputnik V?
dope ^^
They know this coz they made it
Bill gates himself made this disease
michael baker is either an accomplished liar or a complete idiot.
REMEMBER, much of this is guidelines from the CDC and WHO. Make sure that you guys check you local/state health department and facility guidelines for recommendations and requirements when taking care of these patients!
Book my appointment for shots.
Well this is the last day of 2020
"In america it shouldn't be that bad" That didnt age well.
I think it needs an update, but overall I like your videos .
ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU SAID FOR 2019 NOT FOR 2019 I KNEW IT THIS IS FOR 2020 just i mean You just Made this For Jan 29. 2020 Really ;-;
Good information. Thanks, please have a look at my son's video and let me know what you think about it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwAV7MDwSck
A good informative video. Thanks from https://youtu.be/Sb3SiUT_nU0
The more information we get based on science the better. We get too much hype from politicians.
Thx Eddie!
Love your channel but update, it’s sadly outdated.
Why is it called Novel ?
Can you update this video doe to pandemic spread and latest news? Thank you so much.
I have seen your video about cpap vs bipap - why is nobody trying to treat covid 19 patients with those methods- and stick to it if it is working? Why is it assumed, only ventilators would be the way to go, if you told there, those non (or less) invasive methods should be tried? Especially as there are not enough ventilators ?
Please make a video on ICU management of coronavirus patient
Can you make an updated video with current stats.
As always thanks for such an informational video Nurse Eddie. It's unfortunate the situation that we're currently dealing with but educating the public about the proper measures to take is key. We will beat this!
Great video #Factforce
You only live once. Be smart to protect you and your family. Listen to the virus expert, buy the best masks.

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